Mystery Challenge 4

Mystery Challenge #4

Technique Challenge - Lemon Juice

Please join the Creative Team in giving Vicki / IMBlessed5 a round of applause as our fourth guest artist! We thank her for making this very special challenge presentation just for you!

I would like to challenge everyone to do the "Lemon Juice" technique! The aged/distressed look used to be all the rage. I don't know if it really still is, but this is a neat technique that not many people are aware of. Besides, it's very quick and easy!

Supplies: lemon juice, white or ivory cardstock, a heat gun, stamps and ink.

Instructions: Cut your cardstock to the size you need for the image you'll be stamping. Dip your finger in the lemon juice and rub it on the cardstock. The amount of coverage is up to you. Cover the whole thing, just a few streaks here and there, or just around the edges. There is no right or wrong!

Next, heat the cardstock with your heat gun holding it just a couple inches away. This will take quite a bit longer than if you were embossing. The heat needs to first dry the lemon juice, and then begin to "burn" it (turn it brown). The awesome thing about this technique is it makes your stamp room smell good, LOL! If my piece of cardstock is small, I use a pair of needle-nose pliers to hold it by the corner so I don't burn my inky pinkies! Just keep heating it until it looks as dark as you want it. If you just want to age around the edges, then that's where you'll aim your heat gun. The longer you heat it of course, the darker it will be. Your cardstock will warp a little but that just goes with the distressed look.

Once you achieve the look you want, stamp your image on top, color it, and complete your card. It's that simple!


Challenge Dates: July 18th - August 10th

When you post your card in the gallery remember to place it in the Creative Team category and please begin your title with MC4 or use the keyword MC4. Each member who posts in this manner will be placed into a random drawing for selection as this month's Featured Stamp Artist for the Mystery Challenge. If you have any questions or comments please post them in the Creative Team Forum.

I hope you all have fun! - Vicki