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  1. Somebody shoot me, please! Or lock me in a room!!!!
  2. Is anyone here attending CHA in Chicago?
  3. It's official....I am NOT going to MOA....
  4. Are there any SF Bay Area Shackies attending the Original Rubber Stamp Convention...
  5. Dee Gruenig to appear at Sunday Interanational's
  6. Art Fest
  7. Inspirations Needle Craft Show!
  8. Calling shackies from Maryland and surrounding environs!
  9. "croppin" cruise leaving from Galveston TX
  10. shop hoppin around the bay
  11. Just for fun: Retreat places in Wisconsin
  12. Oct.20-21st/Ft. Wayne Ind. Conv.
  13. Arts de Mer Cruise ~ March 2008
  14. I want to go on this cruise!
  15. I'm going to go Thursday and look at a place for a get together.
  16. Stamp/Paper Festival Ft. Wayne
  17. CK Convention in Kansas City!
  18. The Original Rubber Stamp Conv.- Nov. 10 & 11
  19. Omaha, Nebraska Girls . . .
  20. All you shackies out west
  21. So Cal Gals - it's showtime!
  22. CK Convention in St. Louis
  23. CHA Anaheim and GYSE
  24. Does anyone wanna come to Montana??
  25. Pics from Halifax
  26. Calling All Shackies in 26 Mile Area--Michigan
  27. Is it too early to start talking about the TAC seminar?
  28. Local Crop
  29. Great Lakes Mega Meet...
  30. Shackapalooza sign in thread...
  31. Any Michigan Shackies interested in a crop??
  32. So Cal Girls Rubber Stamp Show Report
  33. So Cal Girls Stamp Show Loot
  34. March 8th & 9th...the next rubber stamp show in CA
  35. My Creative Classroom-grand opening
  36. A freind is organizing a crop expo
  37. CHA anyone?
  38. Anybody in Phoenix area going?
  39. CHA Sneak Previews
  40. CHA Sneak Peek Pictures
  41. Calling all Michigan Stampers
  42. Raven's Nest Art retreat
  43. Are there any SU demos that are going to Regionals in Milwaukee???
  44. West Springfield, MA Heirloom Rubber Stamp and Paper Arts Festival
  45. sherri...Heirloom shows
  46. Alberta Stampers Unite! Convention Alert!
  47. Michigan stampers March 14 meet up
  48. Anyone near Allentown, PA?
  49. Sherri, you're so funny!
  50. do any of you have any old SU reinkers you no longer want
  51. Nova Scotia stamping day....
  52. 12 Hour Crop; Ottawa ON
  53. Springfield Stamp convention
  54. Michigan & Near-by michigan Shackies...U goin' to the Mega Meet?
  55. I'll be home & on the Shack......hopefully, you'll be sending pictures!
  56. Sale
  57. I purchased my plane ticket!
  58. Shackapaloosa tattoo!
  59. Is there any interest in a Stamp Shack StampFest 2008?
  60. There's already talk about a Shackapoolza 2009 in late April of next year
  61. Anyone from around the Minnesota area going to the Rubber Stamp Expo?
  62. shackapaloosa '09...
  63. Any shackies going to...
  64. My Mom had a great idea...
  65. Greenville, SC convention
  66. Okay who's going to do it?
  67. Paloosa '09... I'm so sorry!!! Please read if you were planning on going!!
  68. I think we need MORE gatherings
  69. new TAC book available in June
  70. ATTN: TAC angels
  71. hey, Mass stampin convention girls..
  72. Question for those who have attended stamp convention in the past ...
  73. West Mass. convention gals...
  74. Will they sell Nestabilities at the Springfield Stamp Show?
  75. west mass convention shackies..
  76. Hey Chris.....how are the deposits coming along for next year's event??
  77. Who's going to MOA this year?
  78. In less than 24 hours ....
  79. My check list is all checked off ...
  80. Pssst ...
  81. I'm home and tired but I had a ton of fun ...
  82. Back for more stamps???
  83. it's 7:15 Sunday night & I'm just getting home
  84. I'm home too!
  85. Bye Bye, Sherri!!!
  86. Awna!!!
  87. my loot from the mass stamp convention
  88. pics from mass stamp convention
  89. My "recap" of a fabulous weekend ...
  90. only 1 week to go!
  91. MY stuff from the W. Springfield Stamp Convention
  92. Anyone going to Pittsburgh or York, PA?
  93. Michigan Shackies going to Scrapbook Tree on Friday
  94. Stampaway in Cincinnati
  95. Maryland StampScrapArtTour
  96. So who is going to MOA this year??
  97. Hello from Great American Scrapbook Convention!
  98. Got my ticket for the Novi stamp show!
  99. Shackapalooza QUESTION
  100. Pampered Stamper Retreat In Montana
  101. Anyone going to Adventures in Stamping in Ohio?
  102. I'm off to MOA today
  103. ANOTHER Shackapalooza QUESTION!!!!
  104. Flying to Shackapalooza???
  105. A few poll questions about expo shows...
  106. Sale event over at...
  107. Design Team Search
  108. went to a scrapbook expo today--photo added
  109. Upcoming Stamping/Scrapbook Convention
  110. Anyone going to the Copic Certification class on Jan 23rd?
  111. Shackapalooza Flights
  112. Copic Certification Anyone?
  113. Who is going to a stamp expo this year?
  114. Change of Venue: The Original Rubber Stamp Convention--Feb. 21
  115. Zindorf is coming to Savannah...and I am going
  116. Winterfest 2009 at Two Peas in a Bucket
  117. Will I see anyone at Expos in Philly, PA or Allentown, PA?
  118. Digesting from Philly expo, now off to Allentown
  119. Stamps stores in New Orleans?
  120. Any Interested in a West Coast Palooza?
  121. MI/OH/Toledo area, etc gals...
  122. MN Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Expo
  123. StampAway Convention... Cinncinatti OH
  124. unbeknown to you USA/Canadian Ladies
  125. shackapalooza '10??
  126. NE1 going to Great Lakes Mega Meet?
  127. calling stinkydog..........
  128. Who is serious about going to Shackapalooza next year?
  129. Are there any expos around PA in June or July?
  130. West Coast Palooza Update
  131. I had a couple of pm's from people who didn't get to register yet for Shackapalooza..
  132. stamp expo coming to vegas
  133. Going to Novi Stamp Convention this August??
  134. Pittsburgh, PA stamp expo next weekend!
  135. SU Convention?
  136. The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad expo
  137. I saw Lucy04kitties today!
  138. Anyone going to Scrapfest at MOA this year?
  139. Would anyone like to buy my spot in Markie's Mom's stampin' retreat?
  140. Stampaway USA...anyone else going?
  141. New Stamp Store in Central Illinois
  142. Tons...I mean tons of CHA photos
  143. CHA Craft Super Show
  144. East Coast get together???
  145. Scrapbook Expo SLC UT 9/11-9/12
  146. Free offer to attend Markie's Mom's retreat - NE one interested?
  147. I get to spend Friday night & Saturday with Joanie and Lesa :)
  148. I am meeting Traci and Michelle in Cincinnati for Stampin Up's annual
  149. Stamping Around Vermont ...
  150. Service dog show was a bust
  151. Great recap of the Stamping Around VT weekend
  152. Who is going to York PA expo?
  153. Stamping conventions in Montana?
  154. Tim Holtz's next cruise
  155. Heirloom Stamp Show
  156. RSC Virtual Convention Now On!
  157. Holiday Sampler online today
  158. Anyone interested in a Shack Cruise ...
  159. Stamp Convention coming to Massachusetts
  160. Club Scrap...
  161. West Springfield Convention Gals!!!
  162. Hotel Information for W. Springfield Convention
  163. Will I see anyone at the Allentown PA expo next weekend?
  164. A local opportunity
  165. Stamp Convention - Ocean City, MD
  166. Akron Expo THIS WEEKEND!
  167. Palooza Blues....
  168. 2010 Palooza memories
  169. 2010 Weekend memories NOT being at Palooza
  170. west Springfield stamp show gals..
  171. Shackapalooza 2011
  172. Great American Scrapbook Convention
  173. Winston-Salem stamp convention July 17 - 18th
  174. Heirloom's W Springfield Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival June 5 & 6, 2010
  175. ? for those attending W springfield stamp show
  176. We are HERE!!!!
  177. How was the Springfield show today?
  178. West Springfield Gals are heading home.....and home!
  179. Home again Home again, Jiggity Jog
  180. Video of convention June 2010
  181. Joanie!!!
  182. Stamp convention in Winston-Salem is next week
  183. My bags are packed...I'm ready to go
  184. I am Crashing the NC Party!!!
  185. stamper's alley, nc
  186. WOW- What a nice day
  187. MD, VA, DC, PA, NC friends...GET TOGETHER
  188. utah-palooza
  189. Kirsty and I are going to a stamp/scrap retreat together!
  190. Stampaway usa, Aug. 14th, Cincinnati, OH...
  191. VA Beach this weekend
  192. Would someone be able to confirm Shackapalooza Dates for me?
  193. Anyone going to the Beacon Resort?
  194. not quite home
  195. January 2011 CHA
  196. Heirloom's Lawrenceville Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival ~ Feb 5 & 6, 2011
  197. Double Checking 2011 Spring Palooza Attendees
  198. Louiville CK show
  199. No Fooling-great new stamping happenings begin today
  200. mass heirloom stamp show 2011
  201. Springfield Convention Presale tickets
  202. To Spring Palooza Shackies
  203. Win a Trip to Scrapfest 2011
  204. Kitchen Sink packed
  205. Back from the Retreat
  206. Heirloom Locations is very interesting.
  207. Mass heirloom show , headcount wanted
  208. There was a tornado in Springfield just now!
  209. Mass heirloom show - how is it?
  210. a few pics fromn the Mass heirloom show.
  211. My loot from the Heirloom Show
  212. More Heirloom Show Pics
  213. Spring Palooza 2012
  214. Northern Ohio gals...
  215. UTAH....here we come!!!
  216. Weather in Utah?
  217. utah palooza '12
  218. Stamp Convention W. Springfield Mass
  219. Going for my Copic Certification
  220. Attention mass heirloom show girls..
  221. West Springfield Girl.....there's a motel problem!!!
  222. One more day till Copic Cert Class & A SB Expo Convention this weekend!
  223. Springfield is only a month away!
  224. list of supplies for paper flowers
  225. mass heorloom show...so close!!
  226. Springfield class needs a student....
  227. Coupons for Sweet Stamps for W. Springfield
  228. Question for Cindi...
  229. First wkend in June is jinxed!
  230. Springfield, here we come!
  231. The Eagle has landed
  232. West Springfield party is over....wahhhhhhhhhh
  233. paper flower kits I made for thr girls
  234. mass heirloom show pics
  235. Stampaway USA
  236. This Saturday I will be working at the Winston-Salem
  237. Are there dates for Utah Palooza 2013 yet?
  238. Who is going to the Mass. Stamp Convention?????? Lisa? Tracy? Joanie? Dee? Lori?
  239. Heirloom Show 2014
  240. New thought for the 2014 convention.....
  241. Stamp Shack Palzooa's this year?
  242. Stampin up leadership...orlando