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  1. Gray's Anatomy?
  2. Stephanie Plum is back!
  3. American Idol Fans
  4. Chris Ashworth (Sergei on The Wire)...
  5. Brothers and Sisters fans
  6. I did it! I hit 2500 posts.
  7. Has anyone seen this movie yet "The Bucket List?"
  8. Dog owners, mark your calendars!
  9. Ok, let's discuss round 1 of American Idol ...
  10. Any Project Runway fans??
  11. I watched AI for the first time tonight
  12. Without A Trace 10pm EST Tonight...
  13. The weatherman just said we might get snow on Saturday!!
  14. Eli Manning looks very impressive in that COLD weather!
  15. Did yall see that Heath Ledger died??
  16. Who else likes the song Spirit in the Sky?
  17. Tomorrow is going to be the...
  18. Anyone see Atonement?
  19. Top Gun
  20. This was news to me!!
  21. A unique act
  22. and he's only 4.
  23. What'd ya think about American Idol last night?
  24. I can't wait to see this movie!
  25. For those who know who President Hinckley is......
  26. Go New York Giants!
  27. who is going to watch lipstick jungle?
  28. eli stone
  29. Hi did you new this guy.
  30. Survivor starts tonight!!
  31. We lost power last night right
  32. Attention all Brothers and Sisters fans
  33. Andrew McCarthy fans .. here he is ....
  34. Here's a fun little quiz for Friday p.m.
  35. The Writer's Strike
  36. Roy Scheider died
  37. Men in Trees returns Feb 27th!
  38. Westminster Kennel Club dog show
  39. Big Brother starts tonight!!!
  40. American Idol is in Hollywood tonight ...
  41. Anyone a JERICHO fan?
  42. Did anyone see David Cassidy on Oprah yesterday?
  43. We took DS to his first rock concert last night
  44. The U S Postal System is C-R-A-Z-Y!!
  45. How did you like Lipstick Jungle tonight?
  46. Celebrity Apprentice !
  47. American Idol scam (already!)
  48. Lunar eclipse this week
  49. Big Brother 9 fans
  50. Possible 2008 Dancing with the Stars celebrities
  51. Dancing with the Stars starts March 17th with this lineup:
  52. American Idol
  53. What do you think of an AI Finale chat party?
  54. American Idol - can we talk about the girls last night?
  55. American Idol results
  56. Lipstick Jungle - are you still loving it?
  57. Does anyone read/subscribe to People magazine?
  58. Woo-hoo! The Police and Elvis Costello
  59. Sarah/loobylou
  60. Anyone watching Valerie Bertinelli/Oprah?
  61. American idol guys 2/26
  62. You know you're addicted when...
  63. Idol chit chat ...
  64. New Indiana Jones movie
  65. Hey Sherri & Cindi...check this out!
  66. Who's watching Oprah's Big Give reality show tonight ??
  67. any Jeff Healy fans out there??
  68. American Idol contestant's previous life . . .
  69. 80's night for American Idol
  70. New Amsterdam
  71. 80's night on American Idol: Girl's night
  72. Erin, how did your dinner party go last night?
  73. We have 15 people coming Saturday night for DH's birthday
  74. American Idol Top 12!
  75. ok so who went home on Idol tonight?
  76. The Celebrity Apprentice SPOILER - DO NOT READ this tells who got voted off
  77. A Saturday morning giggle
  78. a funny video...
  79. American Idol Fans
  80. Numb3rs people??
  81. We are in the chat room listening to Elvis
  82. American Idol Chat for 3/11 (Spoilers)
  83. Big Brother
  84. Who likes to watch "Diners, Drive-ins & Dives"?
  85. Have you heard about this movie?
  86. Would you believe that I bought myself a Hannah Montana CD today?
  87. Lipstick Jungle - Did you see this week is the season finale?
  88. Who's going to watch Dancing with the Stars tonight?
  89. Crud! I am missing Dancing with the Stars!
  90. Simon was on Oprah yesterday
  91. No LOST fans here!?
  92. Dancing with the Stars: Ladies' night
  93. American Idol fans..who will go home tonight?
  94. Reminder - Lipstick Jungle's Finale is on tonight ...
  95. Dreadful British weather
  96. Lipstick Jungle . . .
  97. only 20 miles from me and only 20 miles from Sherri
  98. Oh Sherri Where Art Thou??
  99. American Idol 3/25/08
  100. AI little David performance
  101. Rocker David
  102. Still no luck seeing George Clooney today ...
  103. Celebrity Apprentice !
  104. American Idol 4/1/08 is going to be Dolly Parton songs tonight
  105. Anyone watch Martha Stewart....
  106. General Hospital stars in Michigan!
  108. The movie Bridges of Madison County
  109. Memphis Tigers Rock!
  110. Do we have any Elvis fans here?
  111. Went to a Jazz Fest this weekend
  112. Dirty Dancing...........and all 80's movies
  113. High School Reunion
  114. American Idol 4/8/08 what did you think ?
  115. American Idol Fans, HELP!
  116. AI results show april 10..
  117. Idol: who do you think will be in the final three?
  118. Desperate Housewives
  119. did anyone watch rachael ray today??
  120. Anyone watching Couples Biggest Loser? The finale is on tonight.
  121. Deadliest Catch is back!
  122. Did I just dream this or
  123. American Idol 4/15/08 Mariah Carey songs tonight
  124. Anyone else watching the CMT awards?
  125. A powerful video l got from Gina K designs
  126. Speaking of country music, I love this song by Trace Atkins but it makes me cry ...
  127. GA and LOST
  128. I hit 5,000
  129. Brothers and Sisters
  130. Brad Paisley was AWESOME Sat. Night
  131. To IPOD or not to IPOD?
  132. Ok, I just have to ask...
  133. Bill Clinton is coming to Lexington
  134. AI 4/22...anyone want to discuss yet
  135. They are coming back
  136. AI results April 23...
  137. So, Who's ready for Gray's Anatomy tonight?
  138. Anyone a fan of Moonlight? New episode tomorrow!
  139. Oh Lidia or anyone else - What did you think of last nights Moonlight?
  140. NE1 watch Battlestar Galactica?? Please, no spoilers here.
  141. Cheri/ctinyjoy - Riptide in Daytona Beach!
  142. So how is everybody's favorite basketball team doing in the Play offs?
  143. Hillary Clinton is coming to Concord today
  144. Funky Chicken
  145. Carrier (the PBS series about life on the USS Nimitz)
  146. DWTS' Shannon Elizabeth and Carol Burnett
  147. OMG! DWTS Spoilers.... Christian dela Fuente
  148. Who's ready for American Idol 4/29/08?
  149. Atonement: the movie
  150. Ghost Hunters....do you watch this show?
  151. Who's ready to see Addison make a guest appearance on Greys Anatomy 2night?
  152. Take the Greys Anatomy quiz and see which character you are most like ...
  153. Take a look at the world clock
  154. No surprise on American Idol last night!!
  155. Who watches Survivor????
  156. Look at this giant sinkhole!
  157. OMG! The Duggars are at it again!
  158. Can someone give me a recap of Greys Anatomy?
  159. Go, Speed Racer! Go, Speed Racer, Go!
  160. Can someone explain last night's ending of Bros & Sisters to me?
  161. Did you see us on Ellen?
  162. American Idol genre
  163. Let's discuss..Bachelor London Calling Finale
  164. Here it is. Finally. The day I've been waiting for!
  165. Blues Clues Question
  166. David Cook blows the house down!
  167. A few pictures from the Police concert last night
  168. I just watched David Cook
  169. Sherri and others: if you like to read Janet Evanovich . . .
  170. Has anyone downloaded AI music from iTunes?
  171. I watched the movie "Untraceable" last night...
  172. Saw Iron Man last night-loved it!
  173. What's Up with Desperate Housewives
  174. We're down to the final week of American Idol ...
  175. I just watched Legends of the Fall for the first time
  176. DH insists that David A is going to win.....
  177. Can you pass this Smart Marketing test?
  178. Do you know who Steven Curtis Chapman is?
  179. REMINDER - Greys Anatomy Season Finale is 2 hours tonight
  180. *SPOILERS* Grey's Anatomy....Let's discuss
  181. New Indiana Jones movie...
  182. Can You Duet?
  183. Julianne Hough from DWTS
  184. Help They cut the end of CSI-NY final!!
  185. Just finished my FIRST book on my summer
  186. Nobody's talking about Lost??
  187. Sex and The City fans..
  188. Men in Trees fans ... did you hear this show is being cancelled???
  189. What would you think about a 4 day school week?
  190. Red Wings fans..
  191. Lipstick Jungle Fans
  192. Who watched Men In Trees last night?
  193. Kung Fu Panda
  194. DO NOT...I repeat....DO NOT...
  195. Sherri T, I'm so disappointed in you!
  196. Tim Russert Died
  197. Janet Evonavich...
  198. You've got to check out these babies!
  199. Feerless Fourteen..Janet Evanovich
  200. Suggestions please
  201. I can see the city fireworks
  202. We went to see WALL-E today
  203. Bon Jovi concert last night!!
  204. pics from our ride on Sunday
  205. Let's discuss book trades here ....
  206. Big Brother Fans!
  207. cell phone info
  208. Finished Fearless Fourteen
  209. BB10 Fans
  210. hellboy 2 (ellie...there's glitter involved here!)
  211. Dark Knight...need opinions..
  212. Just got back from Mama Mia!
  213. The next Dancing with the Stars cast rumors are out!
  214. USA Groverment Auctions
  215. batman...
  216. Anybody read Sue Grafton?
  217. Pass it on books
  218. Who is watching the Olympics opening ceremony?
  219. So far- my favorite Olympic commercial
  220. Olympics women's swimming
  221. Women's gymnastics
  222. Mens 4x100 relay - Swimming
  223. The Story of a Sign
  224. going to vegas...
  225. So, how about that Michael Phelps, huh?
  226. China's Womens gymnast - Age??
  227. Shrek the Musical
  228. Have to say all 4 books from Twilight saga are a must read!
  229. USA ladies indoor volleyball team
  230. I have a bingo ?
  231. Can we talk about Olympic diving
  232. Mary Higgins Clark
  233. How about that US Men's Volleyball team, huh?
  234. Dancing With the Stars *new cast announced*
  235. Big Brother 10 Spoiler -- 8/31/08
  236. Prison Break fans....New Season begins tonight
  237. Tv show - The locator
  238. cooking shows...
  239. Rascall Flatts concert this weekend!
  240. Can we talke Yo Gabba Gabba!
  241. Erin's Hurricane Coverage Rant
  242. Train engineer might have been "texting"
  243. Ahoy Mateys....it's talk like a pirate day....aarrrggg
  244. The Andy Griffith Show - One of my most
  245. Martha's New Show
  246. Waiting very patiently for my Favorite TV shows to premiere
  247. Papercrafting fair on QVC
  248. Dancing with the Stars
  249. Oh my heck! That Cloris Leachman!
  250. Who watched HEROES?