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  1. Have you ladies heard this singer from the Philippines?
  2. Who got voted off of Dancing with the Stars?
  3. Lipstick Jungle
  4. Who's ready for the 2 hour premier of Gray's Anatomy tonight?
  5. Grey's just finished for me- no spoilers
  6. Today is National Alpaca Day!
  7. Paul Newman died today!
  8. Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters start tonight!!
  9. PC site is gone....
  10. Did everyone remember that Private Practice is on tonight?
  11. Are you kidding me?! Have you read this story?
  12. Fall Funny
  13. The Secret Life of Bees
  14. Have you heard the news about Dancing with the Stars?
  15. Store Closings and Layoffs!
  16. I am listening
  17. Woe is me!!!
  18. Online Tic Tac Toe
  19. 80 & 90s music...
  20. Did you hear on the news about children not getting enough vitamin D?
  21. Lilly and Billy...this is the sweetest story!
  22. All My Children fans....OMG!!!
  23. I'm in a commercial...
  24. Can anyone give me the scoop on . . .
  25. Is anyone else going to watch SNL tonight?
  26. Dead Poet's Society
  27. Seeing Stuart McLean & the Vinyl Cafe live tonight!
  28. Any teens reading the Shadow Children series by Margaret Haddix?
  29. Dancing with the stars (spoiler - don't read if you taped it)
  30. How many days until
  31. Is anyone watching Regis and Kelly this morning?
  32. Grays Anatomy 10/30 *Possible Spoilers*
  33. Calling workin4stamps and iloveflipflops
  34. Bachelorette Fans
  35. Did you hear Dr. Hahn's last day on Greys Anatomy is this Thurs.
  36. Who was sent home on DWTS tonight?`
  37. There is going to be a Sex and the City 2 movie
  38. Heard anything about Cheryl Burke?
  39. Guess what I got today for $1.99
  40. If you like country music . . .
  41. Tv show -Lipstick Jungle
  42. Has anyone seen the play "Wicked"?
  43. Anyone seen Avenue Q???
  44. "in our tiny little redneck town"...
  45. First Christmas joke of the season. . .
  46. I forget ... any other ER fans here?
  47. Going pink!
  48. Sexiest Man Alive
  49. I'm gonna have fun tonight!
  50. America's Next Top Model
  51. Talking about sexy men!!!
  52. Nearest Book
  53. Was Gray's Anatomy on Thanksgiving night?
  54. Did anyone see the moon with Venus and Jupiter tonight?
  55. Speaking of Venus and Jupiter, I bet you
  56. Did anyone see Four Christmases?
  57. My DS played with Jack Black on XBox Live
  58. It was a romantic full moon when Pedro said:
  59. Tom Cruise - Today Show
  60. Peter Falk
  61. A friday funny for you all
  62. Getting to know you - Christmas Edition
  63. To all of my girlfriends
  64. ...for your entertainment...
  65. Waiting patiently for the Rose Parade to come on!
  66. N E one watching the NHL Winter Classic today?
  67. John Travolta's son, Jett, died......
  68. DH and I finally watched The Dark Knight this week.....
  69. Does anyone here watch My Big Redneck Wedding?
  70. The wind here is blowing so hard....
  71. Who watched The Biggest Loser Monday?
  72. Grey's Anatomy...is it new this week?
  73. American Idol - only 5 days away!!
  74. Does this bother you?
  75. Did anyone happen to see the Patrick Swayze interview on B. Walter?
  76. Do any readers have the Kindle E-book
  77. Anyone watching the Golden Globes tonight?
  78. We saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  79. I'm going to see Marley and Me today!
  80. Do Not go see Marley & Me!!!
  81. Any Lost fans out there??
  82. Who watched Grey's?
  83. Who needs Aruba?
  84. Anyone watch the inauguration?
  85. Who watched Greys Anatomy last night WITHOUT crying?
  86. who has super bowl plans &
  87. Illinois governor was impeached today
  88. Did you see where the woman who had octuplets in CA
  89. My mom saw Martha Stewart today
  90. Enjoy the SUPERBOWL!
  91. Jennifer Hudson singing at the Super Bowl!
  92. So what I want to know is
  93. Superbowl commercials: Let's discuss
  94. Can we talk Idol?
  95. Do you believe this work of art?
  96. Spoiler! Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Cast Revealed
  97. American Idol chit chat
  98. So what do you think about this season's LOST?
  99. Has anyone seen The Wrestler?
  100. Anyone watch Oprah today (Monday)?
  101. the taken
  102. If you like the Twilight book series...another good Series
  103. Did anyone watch American Idol last night?
  104. An American Idol spoiler -- do not read if you didn't see the results yet!!!
  105. My pearls
  106. Who's Watching Gray's Anatomy tonight?
  107. Paper, Scissors, Death
  108. Taking Chance on HBO
  109. Who's watching the Oscars tonight?
  110. Gray's Anatomy, repeat today?
  111. Anyone watch Brothers & Sisters last night?
  112. American Idol *** 3/3/09 SPOILERS ***
  113. The Biggest Loser, does anyone watch?
  114. American Idol wild card spoilers...
  115. Who has seen the movie Australia??
  116. It's called menapause
  117. Dancing With the Stars Season Premiere: R U watching?
  118. Gray's Anatomy tonight??
  119. Anyone else watching the new show "Castle?"
  120. Coraline 3D
  121. Guess what happened to me . . .
  122. American Idol is NOT on tonight
  123. What is your birth order?
  124. What did you think of American Idol without giving anything away? LOL
  125. Grab a tissue! If this doesn't make you cry
  126. Leaving to go see "knowing"
  127. Did anyone see Michael J Fox on Oprah today?
  128. Lipstick Jungle has been cancelled
  129. project runway fans
  130. After 15 seasons, ER's last show is tomorrow night
  131. In addition to ER and Lipstick Jungle ending
  132. Anyone else out there teary-eyed watching ER
  133. Anyone watching the Country Music Awards tonight?
  134. Let's put some Carolina Blue in the
  135. What happened to Adam on Idol? My Tivo cut off before he sang
  136. They Were Expendable...
  137. Anyone from Michigan interested in being on the reality show Big Brother 11?
  138. they are filming a movie in right in my friends back yard!
  139. Has everyone seen this lady from Britain's Got Talent?
  140. Who's ready for Disco Night on American Idol tonight?
  141. For those who love the TWILIGHT Series: Watch ET this evening!
  142. Who will be eliminated tonite on AI?
  143. Michael J Fox - Tv program
  144. Who cried their eyes out during Grays Anatomy last night?
  145. Cook Yourself Thin...
  146. Did you see where Dr Oz is getting his own tv show?
  147. Grey's Anatomy Finale
  148. We've talked about the Grey's finale...but what about Private Practice??
  149. Who's watching ... American Idol??????
  150. Dancing With the Stars Season Finale
  151. Who do you think will win American Idol?
  152. Way to go Kris!!!! AI
  153. Did it appear to anyone else Rod Stewart may have been drunk last night on AI?
  154. Anyone a True Blood fan?
  155. Go Red Wings!!!
  156. I went to Rockland last night to see a blues band
  157. Jon or Kate plus 8
  158. Reality T.V. - is it rigged?
  159. Farrah Fawcett passed away this morning.
  160. Oh my goodness....Michael Jackson died today!
  161. I can't believe Billy Mays died!
  162. Saw The Proposal today
  163. Today's Michael Jackson memorial service
  164. Did anyone watch Big Brother last night?
  165. Don't forget Big Brother is on tonight!
  166. I saw this on the msn website
  167. Walter Chronkite dies at 92 years of age.
  168. Kate just bought a condo.
  169. has anyone seen the show American loggers?
  170. Did y'all see that John Hughes died???
  171. It's Elvis Week in Memphis
  172. You just never know. I just read that cocaine
  173. Cute or Scary???
  174. While I was out walking this am
  175. New Movie Question
  176. Went to see Julie and Julia last night
  177. fans of Big brother
  178. Dancing with the Stars fall lineup announced
  179. Project Runway Fans - New Season
  180. Top Chef - Las Vegas - new season - fans
  181. Big Brother 11 fans
  182. noshoesradio.com
  183. 70 years ago the Wizard of Oz came out!
  184. Michael's is making an advertising change
  185. The Morry Show
  186. Senator Ted Kennedy passed away
  187. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying
  188. Make it #19!
  189. Do any of y'all have a PS3??
  190. Did you hear Ellen
  191. Clemson at Georgia Tech!
  192. We got a standing ovation
  193. Is anyone going to watch Dr Oz
  194. Patrick Swayze has passed away at age 57.
  195. Is anyone going to wath the new Jay Leno show
  196. Did you hear that the Dugger's are expecting
  197. B B king is 84 today!
  198. Austrailia
  199. My town was mentioned in this weekend's USA Today
  200. Does anyone collect Buffalo Nickles?
  201. Greys Anatomy is back on tonight !!!
  202. Did anyone watch Mercy?
  203. Cougar Town...
  204. I see that FLASH FORWARD is on again tonight
  205. Amazing Race is on tonight
  206. If you're DVRing The Amazing Race . . .
  207. Has anyone read 'The Hunger Games'?
  208. Anyone else watch the National Parks on PBS?
  209. Did anyone watch the new 'Three Rivers' Hospital show?
  210. my New york City trip is this weekend
  211. Only 73 days left until Christmas!
  212. Something to think on.....
  213. A little humor for today . . .
  214. Spring Awakening - traveling Broadway show
  215. About that knitting convention I attended
  216. About that knitting convention I attended
  217. My brother won a cool prize from Stephen Kings
  218. Just got back from seeing Michael Jackson's This Is It!
  219. are any of you dressing up for Halloween??
  220. Thursday Funny
  221. Have you seen this amazing artist?
  222. Does anyone watch - Are you smarter than a fifth Grader
  223. Does anyone get PBS stations?
  224. You all are not going to believe this....well
  225. Laptop computer of the future
  226. Who likes to watch Dateline Mystery??
  227. OMG Neil Diamond does The Chanukah Song!
  228. Actress Brittany Murphy dies at age 32
  229. Just saw "AVATAR" and loved it!
  230. R Rated movies
  231. The Twilight Zone
  232. New Desparate Housewives and New Brothers & Sisters is on tonight
  233. stupid funny movies
  234. Best Movie of 2009 so far
  235. American Idol comes back next week
  236. Men in skirts????
  237. How did I miss this engagement???
  238. New Survivor staring in February
  239. Does anyone watch the new show "Men of a Certain Age" on TNT?
  240. Can't WAIT for American Idol to start tonight!~!!!
  241. Now's your chance, girls!
  242. The new season of Project Runway is on tonight
  243. Who saw American Idol - Pants on the Ground song?
  244. Tonight's Extreme Home Makeover episode
  245. Wednesday Funny
  246. who is playing the 1/2 timw show at the super bowl??
  247. wow!! the WHO just rocked my world!
  248. It sure was great to see the Saints win!!
  249. Favorite SB commercial?
  250. Ellen Degeneres FINALLY makes it on the American Idol panel