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  1. American Idol
  2. Did anyone see the "Valentine's Day" movie this weekend?
  3. YooHoo Joanie---update
  4. Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
  5. Percy Jackson
  6. The new dancing with the stars line up
  7. Anyone going to see Alice in Wonderland on Friday?
  8. My cousin gets his first novel published
  9. **Corey Haim**
  10. Ree Drummond and Reese Witherspoon!!!
  11. Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution??
  12. Anyone watch Dynasty in the 80's - John Forsythe (Blake Carrington) died
  13. little chocolatiers
  14. Anyone stamping today?
  15. Loved Iron Man 2!
  16. Did anyone see the season finale of Desparate Housewives last night?
  17. Bon Jovi again tonight!!
  18. What did you think of American Idol last night?
  19. So I'm busy at my stamp table, talking to Ellie
  20. Barn Quilts
  21. A nice little moment
  22. Did you guys see the size of that sink hole in Guatemala? Good lord!
  23. i'm invited to a 70s bash - needing advice...
  24. The new season of Top Chef begins tonight
  25. Is anyone watching "The Bachelorette?"
  26. Project Runway fans - New Season July 29
  27. Big Brother fans - new Season - here's an article regarding it
  28. Toy Story 3 in 3D
  29. Has anyone else been watching "Persons Unknown" on Monday nights?
  30. Anyone Watching Big Brother?
  31. I saw the movie "INCEPTION"--Wonderful!
  32. Cesar Millan LIVE
  33. Has anyone seen the HBO movie TEMPLE GRANDIN?
  34. Ever hear of Alex Beard?
  35. Is anyone watching Oprah today?
  36. Any Shackies love to read?
  37. 2 disturbing items on the news this am...
  38. Anyone an Ace of Cake fan ? Only one more seaon left - show cancelled
  39. Anyone a Top Chef Fan - Top Chef Allstars starts tonight
  40. New iphone application
  41. A cooking show that I watched - showed this store called Stuffed cupcakes
  42. Another cupcake place to check out
  43. Bellshill....Isabel...
  44. Happy Winter Solstice
  45. http://fauxfire.com/
  46. Saw Trans Siberian Orchestra last night!
  47. Just came home from food shopping
  48. Who's watching IDOL???
  49. What a wonderful surprise i had this afternoon!!!!!
  50. I'm on TV!
  51. More (real life) dumb humor...
  52. I think I made a mistake
  53. Are you watching T!M today?
  54. Has anyone been watching Oprah the past two day?
  55. Tonight the new season of top Chef Masters is on.
  56. Thank you Lesa and Joanie.....
  57. Dr Oz show
  58. anyone own an ahh bra??
  59. A MEMO for my Gardens of Time playing Shackies
  60. Is anyone watching the TODAY Show today?
  61. I got a new car....Kind of a long story
  62. Anyone watching the Casey Anthony trial?
  63. Big Brother fans - New Season Starts tomorrow Night!
  64. Big Brother Fans - what do you think of last nights eposide?
  65. Do you do jig saw puzzles?
  66. The new season of Project Runway starts this Thursday - 7/28/11
  67. Season 2 of Just Desserts - starts August 24th
  68. Top Chef fans - Emeril is going to be a judge
  69. Guess what I did today!!!
  70. Trivia Q
  71. Sarah or Kirsty
  72. Where have I been???
  73. On I91 on my way to Michael's late this morning
  74. Where do you buy your envelopes?
  75. Did you watch Dancing with the Stars???
  76. Project Runway fans - Allstars will be starting January 5 -2012
  77. Idol anyone?
  78. Did anyone watch American Idol last night?
  79. FRUSTRATED!!!!!! Facebook/phone problems
  80. Don't know where this belongs , but..
  81. The Avengers was AWESOME!!
  82. Our Home Page
  83. Any knitters in here? How about crocheters???
  84. Anyone watch Big brother? the new season starts tonight
  85. any project runway fans?
  86. Any Top chef masters - fans? The new season start 7/25
  87. What a great day I had yesterday!!!
  88. Matthew Perry's new show Go On
  89. Hello Dee
  90. Anyone a fan of the Amazing Race ? New Season starts tonight
  91. Let's get some chatter going on our site....
  92. A little good news
  93. Project Runway fans - new season starts tonight
  94. A follow up to Paula's post....
  95. Any movie oldie favs?
  96. I guess we can call this news....
  97. Jodi Arias
  98. Anyone watching Big Brother? - Last night was the first eposide
  99. Good News in Connecticut!!
  100. Did you ever hear of this?
  101. The new season of Prject Runway starts tonight - 7/19
  102. This was a great week
  103. Here's a question I never saw on here...
  104. You learn something every day!!!
  105. Peace at last!!!
  106. Project Runway season 3 of All-stars starts tonight
  107. Words with friends game
  108. I have always loved glitter