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  1. Blender Pen information
  2. Having trouble with watercoloring
  3. I have never thought to watercolor with my markers
  4. Prismacolor pencil users - a question I have.
  5. Prisamacolor Video Tutorial
  6. I'm so happy! I just got gamsol mineral spirits!
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  13. Used my Prismacolor pencils for the first time today
  14. prismacolor brand makes a huge difference
  15. Prismacolor, Prismacolor, Prismacolor...
  16. Hey, Erin....will you share your Gamsol Info Sheet.....
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  19. Gamsol or Turpenoid????
  20. Okay...prismacolours and gamsol...
  21. No gamsol nearby... need advice...
  22. Great Prismacolor Tutorial
  23. Prisma, SU Pencils, or SU Watercolor wonders
  24. What type of paper do I use with Prismacolor Premier Pencils
  25. cool colored pencil tutorial
  26. Tips for Tombow Markers?
  27. Brian's copic/prismacolor vs. waterbased assesment
  28. marker update
  29. Gamsol replacement colorless blender
  30. Didn't Someone Post that Prisma Markers are on Sale at Ms?
  31. Another Prisma & Gamsol Gallery
  32. colored pencil ACCESSORY SET at M's
  33. When you color the House Mouse images...
  34. What is your favorite Prismacolor pencil?
  35. How do you color images?
  36. Card using watercolours uploaded in gallery
  37. Prismacolor Markers
  38. Thanks Sherry!!!
  39. Aggghhh
  40. Ok girls ... this is a brand new forum ...
  41. Are Copic Markers the Latest and Greatest?
  42. I bought my first prismacolor pencils today
  43. Tomorrow is my Prismacolor Pencil Class with Terry Medaris
  44. What Prisma colors should I get?
  45. ErinK - Torn Technique
  46. heat advisory for prismas
  47. Good price or not?
  48. If you enjoy making your own backgrounds...
  49. Prismacolor addicts...
  50. Must read colored pencil tutorial
  51. I would love to know how YOU use...
  52. I have an idea...
  53. Coloring Thomas Kinkade Images
  54. GOt some prismacolor pencils!!!
  55. New way to use Twinkling H2O's
  56. How do I erase Prisma pencil marks?
  57. AI Ornaments
  58. Watercolors: application technique
  59. If you use Prisma color pencils, do you use Gamsol?
  60. How did you learn to color with pencils?
  61. Prismacolor versus Faber-Castell
  62. help with house mouse
  63. Went to Michael's today....
  64. Prismas colors
  65. Prismacolor markers vs copic
  66. Copics are making me Crazy!
  67. Markers are great -- but markers WITH pencils are better!
  68. My opinion of Copics and other markers -- if you care
  69. Do you use tortillions?? Wanna make your own?
  70. Nancy (directmailscrapper)
  71. What is your fave tri-color combo?
  72. how do you sharpen your Prismas
  73. has anyone tried a sukura glaze pen with ink Tintz?
  74. blown away by Odorless mineral spirits
  75. Do you remember this blog about Copics?
  76. IF I were to buy only 5 Copic markers, which colors should i buy?
  77. Ok, sell me on the Copic markers ...
  78. A neat Copics Coloring Tutorial
  79. Some COPIC Information
  80. storage question
  81. markers
  82. Have you seen these 2 prismacolor colorings on utube?
  83. Wich marker do you use for....
  84. Sorry another question bout the prismacollors
  85. Best color pencils
  86. New coloring tutorial uploaded
  87. Coloring help!
  88. I was at HL today and picked up 2 Prismacolor markers ...
  89. has anyone checked out club scraps
  90. Poll--Do you use misters with ink?
  91. Came across this blog and she does scenes so beautifully. Check it out ...
  92. Coloring transparencies with alcohol ink
  93. I tried the Copic Water color technique
  94. Cuttlebug ink embossing tutorial
  95. Advice about Copics
  96. Copic vs. Prismacolor markers - follow-up to Robin's post
  97. Look at the way this kinkade image was colored
  98. Color survey...
  99. Gamsol Lovers...
  100. Another Terry Medaris Class
  101. How do I store Stazon pads??
  102. how do you color skin tones?
  103. Color Pencil Technique
  104. Prismacolor Pencils
  105. Here's a nice tutorial on watercoloring with markers
  106. Watercoloring class
  107. This is probably the "dumbest" question I have ever asked on here .. LOL
  108. I took the plunge. Gulp!!
  109. Have any of you ever tried this coloring tool
  110. Got alot done today with my Copics and Trias
  111. Terry Medaris Prisma Colored Pencil Class
  112. searching for SU colour codes
  113. watercolor markers - suggestions please
  114. my report on pearlessence paints
  115. New Pearlescent Watercolours - Enabler
  116. yoo-hoo Teresa..Tesschap
  117. Do you have the 5 new Stickles colors?
  118. I have a question about prisma markers & copics
  119. Prismacolor Colorless blender PENCIL
  120. Copic skin tone question.
  121. Copic question
  122. I took Erins idea and made a card
  123. stampin'pastels (chalks) question
  124. Check out this blog for coloring techniques!
  125. Copic Marker lovers -- check this out!
  126. Copic Enabling
  127. Copic color chart
  128. Target Sale - Bic Colored Markers!
  129. Take a wild guess!
  130. I am LOVING my Copic Markers
  131. Do you have the BIC MARK-ITS???
  132. Can anyone help with mineral spirits
  133. I bought my first Copic pen!
  134. Ok, Ok, Ok, why are you all talking about Bic Markers?
  135. Why I prefer Copic SKETCH markers to Ciao markers
  136. Favorite Ink?
  137. Glitter Pen opinions?
  138. Blender pen refills
  139. I bought this Copic DVD . . .
  140. question about twinklets glitter markers
  141. ideas/advice on how to do this card different?
  142. Must try if not already...derwent .....
  143. whats the best ink to use with Copic & prisma markers?
  144. Copic Markers..Which to use?
  145. Coloring Images...
  146. Coloring Poll:
  147. Stickles are my friends...
  148. Guess how many Stickles I have...
  149. I LOVE my bic markers!!!!
  150. I made a card using Debbie's coloring tutorial
  151. How'd she do this???
  152. Copic lovers - which ones do you prefer?
  153. reinker question, help!
  154. Aqua pen question
  155. Using Easter Egg dye kit Crayons
  156. who has waterfall stickles??
  157. Anyone heard of this product: It's called Smooch
  158. Would you like to see what I did in class today?
  159. where do i buy gamasol??
  160. Copic Markers
  161. Back from my Copic marker class and I love them even more now!!
  162. If you watch this you tube video,
  163. New copic challenge site with great samples
  164. Copic Marker Question
  165. Help me remember the name of these colors...
  166. Glimmer Mist Question!
  167. Guidance needed
  168. watercoloring with re-inkers
  169. I got my chalks out and I was wondering if there
  170. Fantastix by Tsukineko - instructions ?
  171. Copic Certified ...
  172. great video colored pencils
  173. Best Inks/Papers for Copics
  174. I found these interesting Copic marker you tube tutorials.
  175. Ever see a coloring/glitter technique that uses dryer sheets?
  176. I just ordered my very first Copics
  177. Question from a Copic neanderthal...
  178. Check out this pretty cool Copic Marker Storage
  179. Let's discuss in colors coming in 2010
  180. Michelle Zindorf Brayer Workshops
  181. Did you know you can mix equal parts of flour and salt to make frosting on a card?
  182. Has anyone taken the Copic Certification Class with
  183. Did you know Bic Markers make extra fine tips!!!
  184. Qusetion about copic markers
  185. Airbrush advice-DH's occasionally know best
  186. I tried GSmoms copic skin coloring tutorial
  187. Thanks to GSMom385 for enabling me to get the Copic airbrush kit
  188. Copics on Stamps..
  189. Hey - I coloured some images!
  190. i just don't get copics!
  191. Hey Copic Owners.....
  192. Missing body parts!
  193. Want to save on using your Stickles?
  194. who has used sparkly fluff????
  195. With all this talk about alcohol inks, have you tried "blasting" them?
  196. Ink Pads
  197. Ever heard of Zentangle?
  198. Having fun with Sweetpea Images
  199. Coloring a snowman with white craft ink ...
  200. Copic ladies - I learned something new for me anyways
  201. prismacolor marker lovers (like me!)
  202. New technique (to me) but not sure where to post this
  203. Coloring on the go... what do you bring/use??
  204. What is the difference between Ciao and Sketch Copics
  205. Copic paper question...
  206. I came across this book listed on Ebay - Coloring Techniques for Card Making
  207. I just signed up for colored pencil and watercolor classes with a special teacher
  208. PennyBlack Hedgehogs- Copic tutorial
  209. glossy accents... help!
  210. How to make your own Baker's Twine ...
  211. has anyone tried the magicals from lindy's stamp gang?
  212. home made Washi tape
  213. This is a great blog with great Copic coloring tips ...
  214. copic is doing a give away
  215. used dryer sheet flowers
  216. made some more flowers..
  217. to the ladies that correctly guess my mystery flowers
  218. For those who are challenged with copic markers doing hair and faces
  219. My Distress Markers Arrived...YAY!
  220. If u use copics,
  221. Stickles
  222. New Distress Marker Video on Ranger Blog
  223. How much embellishments are enough???
  224. some ways to use your gellatos
  225. OK, Here's my issue with making cards....
  226. New Wink of Stella Brush of glitter
  227. Question for Crafty74
  228. great examples of Lindys sprays