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  1. Prayers are needed - DH passed this evening
  2. update on very sad...and Glinda...
  3. I need your prayers
  4. I need a little good karma
  5. Passport ?
  6. Someone is watching over me . . .
  7. What do I do?
  8. Prayers are needed for my dear friend Robin ...
  9. Prayers for my brother Mitch
  10. please pray for my father in-law and husband
  11. This was sent to me...
  12. Update on Bro' Mitch
  13. please pray l'm so down update
  14. Thank you all so much
  15. Prayers for friends family
  16. Prayers needed for my friend's son
  17. Prayers needed majorly for my grandfather
  18. Update on my friend Sandy's son Travis
  19. We are back from the farm
  20. Please say a prayer for my husband
  21. Update on DH
  22. Update on Grandpa
  23. Update on Chanse
  24. Thank you again!
  25. Update on Paul
  26. Update #2
  27. I could use continued prayers......
  28. I just talked to Michelle ...
  29. Update on Mindy
  30. Cards from the heart
  31. whew finally a break....
  32. Cataract Surgery...
  33. Sympathy cards
  34. My dad is in the hospital :(
  35. Sherri should be close to home by now!
  36. My mom could use some prayers and best
  37. Sherri
  38. Please pray for mjbonoan
  39. Sad news
  40. Mia
  41. Prayers need for sons Friend
  42. Prayers needed for my family
  43. Prayers needed for friends dh
  44. Prayers needed for my friend Robin and myself ...
  45. Did anyone else cry today?
  46. Remember my friend Sandy's son Travis...
  47. Update on Mindy's foot surgery
  48. Prayers for Lesa (Tattoolesa)
  49. Can you spare a few more prayers?
  50. Please pray for 10 year old Zach Conner
  51. I see that Lesa is back home now
  52. I hesitate to post but we could
  53. Update on Robin 9/18/07
  54. My beautiful friend Robin passed away just a few moments ago ...
  55. Robin's memorial service is tomorrow at 2 pm
  56. Support for Sherri/Robin
  57. Sherri, Sherri bo berri...
  58. My friend Judy is losing her battle with Leukemia
  59. has anyone gone for help
  60. No space left
  61. My friend Judy passed away Monday morning 10/1
  62. Please Pray for me...
  63. Keep Lesa (Tattoolesa) in your thoughts and prayers
  64. I just got an email from Joanne (Tojoco). She was rushed to the hospital yesterday
  65. A dear friend
  66. Just having a bad day... (no replies needed just think happy thoughts for me)
  67. In need of some creative dust sprinkled my way!
  68. Please pray for my friend Kelly..
  69. I could use some prayers
  70. my heart is heavy today.
  71. Tonii just called from the hospital.
  72. Please pray for my cousin
  73. Deborah
  74. How about a card shower for Tonii?
  75. Anxiety....
  76. Family conflict
  77. Tragic news in NC
  78. Final Preparation for the Walk!
  79. Please continue to pray for
  80. Family news...
  81. Just got back from the cemetary
  82. please pray for me
  83. Can someone push this black cloud that is hovering over me?
  84. If I could make a request for those serving our country
  85. A Rak Is Posted For A Cancer Patient
  86. Rak for my young friend with Cancer
  87. Somebody think a good thought for me- QUICK!
  88. I Am An Official Nut Case
  89. Prayer request. RE: my brother in the military
  90. Thank you Nancy Anthony
  91. Recieved more Rak cards
  92. Mall shooting in Omaha, Nebraska
  93. Prayers needed!
  94. Prayers answered: thank you friends
  95. Grab your kleenex, you'll need it
  96. Prayers for Astronaut on board International Space Station
  97. Please pray for DH and I
  98. Prayers for a little boy ***Updated Dec 28***
  99. Please say a prayer for me
  100. Update on my SIL Dad +
  101. Have any of you been following this story ...
  102. Prayers for a local boy needed.........
  103. With deepest sympathy...
  104. *Update Please keep me in your thoughts
  105. thanks...
  106. Heaven has a new little angel :(
  107. A neat email I just got...have you seen it?
  108. Please remember my friend Sandy
  109. My visit at the neuro today
  110. pleae pray for my gma
  111. I really need some words of encouragement
  112. 12 year old girl still missing
  113. Add a little extra prayer please
  114. Inspirational guidelines
  115. Thank you for all the prayers. They worked
  116. I'm scared to death...wish it was the day after wednesday.
  117. my cute grandma...
  118. Prayers for Tornado victim
  119. support
  120. Update on surgery
  121. please think of my WHOLE family...
  122. Asking for help for friend that lost everything in Tornado
  123. Myheart is crying for so many of our sisters
  124. a request...
  125. Please pray these pills will be safe for me
  126. A friend of mine called me last night to tell me about a bad school bus accident
  127. Looking for positive vibes
  128. I have re-injured an old neck injury...
  129. I'm going to need your support to force me to properly train this year!
  130. Time for the truth
  131. l am so sorry ladies
  132. Please pray for a stamper whose son has been killed in Iraq
  133. I wish there was some way...
  134. my cute neice...
  135. Teresa (tesschap) have you been walking
  136. Please pray for my sister-in-law & her family
  137. l have good news and bad news Please Pray
  138. Up date on my daughter
  139. Please send me good thoughts today....
  140. I'm much better this morning
  141. Relay for Life
  142. Pray for DS
  143. Hello ladies..
  144. **Urgent Prayer Request**
  145. Help - I have lost all of my bookmarked sites!
  146. sad day...
  147. Hello Ladies l have missed you all sooo much
  148. Rough day at my house- cat passed away
  149. Really sad and horrific news
  150. Just checking in
  151. More now, than ever before....prayer request
  152. For those of you who know dgbearsmom/Judy Ladewig
  153. This Saturday night May 3rd is
  154. A friendly reminder
  155. I have some personal issues going on at home
  156. I am probably going to have to take a pay cut at work
  157. Thank you everyone...
  158. Our realtor told us he is expecting to get a contract on our house in FL very soon
  159. Father-in-law VERY sick :(
  160. Belated Thanks for my Stamptastic Flood Cards!!
  161. After a brief, but painful battle
  162. Sad news in our community ...
  163. my sister is fine
  164. Big HUGE Thank You to Lakeslady Joan!!!
  165. More problems with the sale of the farm
  166. Tomorrow
  167. sad day...but a relief too
  168. Ya-hoo my hb got the job
  169. We are under tornado watch & it's so eery out ...
  170. dh is feeling poorly
  171. Please pray for us
  172. What and how are your goals for 2008 going
  173. My Grandpa is in the hospital
  174. Thank you so much Ethel & Jan ...
  175. Update on my Grandpa
  176. Michigan Shackies or other shackies - NE of you interested in joining our 3-Day team?
  177. prayers for a friend
  178. We Seen 3 homes this weekend
  179. A Time to forgive and move on
  180. my little grandma...
  181. lt has been a TOUGH WEEK
  182. prayers needed
  183. it's with a sad heart that I tell you's
  184. Prayers Needed
  185. Heartfelt Thanks for Prayers
  186. Hello to all!!!
  187. Update for Prayers Needed/Graphic
  188. Micemom prayers update
  189. Micemom diagnosis
  190. Update on me - Good & Bad
  191. Firecracker Heather asked me to update all of you with her latest saga
  192. Hurricane Dolly may be coming our way!
  193. Our bank account has been cleaned out
  194. Please pray for my friend Carolyn and her family
  195. (1)I want to thank you(2)I am so relieved(3)tomorrow is Jacob's last Sun. at church
  196. All the best tomorrow, Sherri at your CT scan
  197. Prayers needed
  198. Only three more days
  199. I am SO sore!
  200. Another loss
  201. We are back home
  202. I got all my money back!!
  203. our little friend jami (aka balletnurse)
  204. Did everyone remember to pray for Sherry this morning?
  205. Sherri Thacker, when do you get your results?
  206. please pray for my dh's Aunt Laura
  207. I called the dr office - CT scan was clear. THANK GOD!! WOO Hoo but ....
  208. Bad week... I've been sick again and Roxzee died!
  209. Update on our business
  210. Update on my mom...
  211. please say a little prayer for me today
  212. Please pray for me
  213. Shackies in Texas and SW Florida
  214. I seem to be doing a lot of praying lately!
  215. Michigan Shackies - 3-Day Walk info
  216. Please pray for this single mom in accident
  217. Please say a prayer for my DH and a family friend *updated*
  218. Off to the 3-Day Walk I go ...
  219. They announced the location of our 2009 3-Day Walk at dinner tonight ...
  220. i Made it!!!!!!!
  221. If you could please pray for us.
  222. My daughter is having brain surgery...
  223. My husband is out of job starting Friday...
  224. Update on Jennifers Brain Surgery and continued prayers request
  225. Carmen needs our good thoughts
  226. OMG My husband got a job! but...
  227. My cousin died early Sunday morning...
  228. Requesting Prayers for Jennifer's Surgery
  229. prayer request: pretty please
  230. Prayers for Jennifer; a couple more, please.
  231. Not feeling so well
  232. Jennifer had a good day yesterday!
  233. Jennifer Update
  234. Day 6 Jennifer Prayer Requests
  235. Los Angeles fires
  236. Prayers for Jennifer; a couple more, please.
  237. Hey Joanie ~ I see Kerry is only $300. from her goal :)
  238. My husbands daughter in law died this morning
  239. Joanie - did you speak with Kerry last night?
  240. Little Bitty Tiny Prayers Needed Please!
  241. ? for those of you with external hard drives ...
  242. can I vent, please?
  243. got this email about Glinda (Dries)
  244. Can I get a hug and some prayers?
  245. Send good wishes to Lesa
  246. Awna's surgery is tomorrow...
  247. Heather (firecracker)'s surgery went good
  248. Prayers needed for my school please
  249. Please keep a good thought for me today
  250. Please send good thoughts to Jean/Micemon