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  1. I called the Potawatomi Inn today about Palooza '10
  2. The Shackapalooza '10 deposit was made this week!
  3. Update on Shackapalooza 2010!
  4. Shackapalooza '10 now has its own sub-forum...
  5. projects for palooza
  6. We still have room for a few more people at Shackapalooza 2010!
  7. Any interest in a Copic class at Shackapalooza?
  8. POLL: For those attending Shackapalooza ONLY
  9. palooza here we come!!
  10. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!
  11. Shackapalooza is only 2 months away!!!
  12. Last call for rooms at Shackapalooza!
  13. Palooza '10, what I'm bringing with me thread...
  14. What about a Fall Shackapaloosa NOVEMBER 4-7th ?????
  15. I am bringing a friend to Shackapalooza!!
  16. Outlet Mall for those interested...
  17. Anyone for Smores @ paloosa?
  18. Shackapalooza Fall November 4-7th is booked at the Potawatomi Inn in Indiana
  19. what I'm doing at Palooza...
  20. what are you bringing to palooza?
  21. Palooza question
  22. What time are you all getting to the Inn??
  23. Final Headcount for Palooza & Snacks
  24. who's coming?
  25. utah girls
  26. My car is packed.........
  27. Sitting at my desk... wishing I was in Indiana...
  28. Palooza 2010 picture
  29. Palooza 2010 picture...with names
  30. a few more pictures.
  31. Only 3 of the 6 rooms are taken for the Fall Palooza coming up
  32. Fall Palooza is near!!
  33. I'm packing for fall Palooza today!!
  34. Fall Palooza!
  35. Not going to Palooza Pity Party Challenge!
  36. Hey Paloozers, how about an update?
  37. Fall Palooza Pic