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  1. Good morning to all who are starting their diet with me today and those who aren't :)
  2. Post your weight loss to date here if you are losing weight...
  3. Slimming Stamp Sistas - day #3 for me :)
  4. CURVES - anyone else belong?
  5. have you tried any new foods lately?
  6. Found this website with 1 point foods
  7. Online tracking for weight loss
  8. Honk Honk Honk...
  9. I can't believe I'm doing this...
  10. Need help adding my weight ticker...
  11. overwhelmed!
  12. Do you the forest or the trees?
  13. Well ladies...
  14. I'm with ya'll
  15. could someone please share with me how you got your
  16. Ok I am joining
  17. I'm exposing myself to you!
  18. Ok Ok ... am I the only one without a weight ticker?
  19. Is there anyone going to the actual WW meetings?
  20. Let's discuss salad dressings ... this is always so hard
  21. If you are a Slimming Stampa Sista wanna be like myself, do not buy the
  22. I know I am dieting when I reach for --- instead of ---
  23. How's the diet/exercise going?
  24. I want you all to know this....
  25. Tomorrow is my week 1 weigh in and I just know I didn't do good.
  26. Update on WW meeting last night
  27. workout at Curves
  28. Check out this website http://hungry-girl.com/
  29. Today was my weigh in day.....
  30. test
  31. I think my ticker worked!!!
  32. Gap Jeans-
  33. Lisa G - re: your ticker
  34. Yippee Skippy! Today was my weigh in day!
  35. Didn't lose anything this week.
  36. Have you checked out Zafu.com?
  37. What's up.. not loosing weight, but getting smaller..
  38. Slimming Stamp sistas...don't forget to exercise!
  39. I just had a veggie burger for lunch from Backyard Grill
  40. All you slimming stamp sistas ... what diet if any are you doing?
  41. Any have a WW meeting today?>
  42. I'm officially joining the bandwagon.
  43. OK...I am going to try this one too!
  44. Little Slimming Secret.......
  45. slimming pills
  46. New WW changes
  47. Weighed in today.....
  48. I can't change my ticker....help, Please!
  49. Traci - Workin4stamps! Your Talapia recipe...
  50. I started doing pilates, again, yesterday
  51. Sherri-
  52. Just weighed it...
  53. Looking for a WW slider thingy...
  54. Gained 1 pound this week
  55. New WW program
  56. Ok, its 4 pm and I am STARVING!!
  57. Today was weigh in day for me!!!
  58. Mini goals?
  59. Do you get flex points??
  60. To those who are doing WW, how do you spread your points out over the day?
  61. Level with me Sherri...
  62. Weigh in time!!!
  63. 3 cheers for Wishbone Salad Spritzers!!
  64. Bring on the Recipes!!!
  65. How's the weight loss going sistas?
  66. I have a question about ww points
  67. WW weigh in
  68. flipflops4sherri
  69. Weigh in Today! I have officially passed the 25 lb mark!!
  70. So how did the diet go yesterday??
  71. Who is scared to weigh-in this week?
  72. I gained a pound.
  73. Desperation!
  74. While at Target today, I bought a new WW magazine
  75. I weighed in and worked out today! :)
  76. Sherri--- thanks for the recipes!!
  77. I have also found this awesome WW recipe website....
  78. Is there a difference between
  79. Sherri's diet tip
  80. It's Friday....anybody else weighing in today?
  81. New Trader Joe's recommendation
  82. There is a Trader Joe's only 72 miles from my house!!!
  83. Becky Buckshaw???
  84. What I had for lunch today.....
  85. I created a swap to help get us motivated...
  86. Come on all you Slimming Sistas wanna-be's - who is going to commit to walking for 30
  87. Ok ladies ... today is day 1 of our exercising ...
  88. I am thinking I may try this ....
  89. i have been moving so much today, I may not be able to move tomorrow. HA
  90. Recipe Categories!
  91. Has anyone tried the WW english muffins? They are only 1 point each
  92. Another great WW food find is the Lemon Cakes...
  93. Day 2 - Move to lose ladies .... Let's go!!!
  94. Wonderful WW week
  95. Thought I would share my tested tip
  96. It's not as hard as I thought....
  97. Weight Watchers Food Diary - Attachment
  98. Instead of eating chocolate, I organized my stamp room today. HA
  99. Does anyone get WW magazines?
  100. How many points are in 1 candy kiss?
  101. Another handy dandy WW site with the points for all foods
  102. JOY!!!! I lost 3.2 lbs this week!!
  103. Day 3 of moving!!!!!
  104. For those of us who just started dieting this week, I want to hear how much total
  105. Yummy dessert at Olive Garden
  106. I feel like a new woman....
  107. Ok confession time ladies ... who did NOT exercise today?
  108. Day 4 - Are we gonna move? yes we are :)
  109. What day do you weigh in each week? And why?
  110. My scale is going down, down, down ...
  111. On my walk this morning, I was listening to my fm sattelite radio
  112. If you want to lose weight, get a puppy!!!
  113. Gosh its almost dinner time and I only have 8 points left to eat!!
  114. The scale is finally going down!!
  115. Had to give up!!!
  116. Did we move to lose today ladies????
  117. I am making a 8 point dinner tonite ladies ...
  118. Finally bought scale today......
  119. They say almonds are good for a diet ..
  120. This website has LOTS of restaurants on it with their points for WW
  121. Went grocery shopping today and was a good girl
  122. I've been avoiding this forum 'cause I didn't want undo pressure
  123. Ahem, ladies?!
  124. Just weighed in...
  125. Thursday=weigh in day for me!!
  126. Good news for my mom!
  127. The "Liver Cleanse" is over...........
  128. Its been a few weeks now for some of us who are dieting ... how is it going?
  129. You guys are inspiring me....
  130. Weighed in last Night
  131. Do you know where to buy..........
  132. Anyone watch the Oprah epsiode with Bob Greene?
  133. I've been a slacker
  134. Have you seen these cute diet related stamps?
  135. Got more inspiration tonight......
  136. even more inspiration.....
  137. just posted a yummy dessert
  138. I finally did it!
  139. To those who are dieting, how is it going?
  140. Down 4.8 more pounds this week
  141. Traci - which high fiber cereal are you eating?
  142. Chocolate Flavored Tea at Trader Joe's
  143. I got my high fiber ceral...
  144. Started my diet!
  145. I went back to Curves
  146. I am gaining but I can breathe
  147. weekly weigh in - only .6 lbs gone this week.
  148. dedicated
  149. A Little Giggle for Dieters!!!!
  150. I feel so depressed!
  151. Anyone eat Lean Cuisines?
  152. Target has WW snack cakes on sale
  153. I think it's time I did this again
  154. weight update!!! great news
  155. hey so here is MY weight update!
  156. How could this be possible???
  157. Winter Time exercise ideas?
  158. I need a boost...
  159. WW weigh in update
  160. The scale moved today!
  161. Weekly Weigh In Report!
  162. Recipe help needed...
  163. Sherry, Bless your BIG OLE
  164. I'm OFF to make SOUP!
  165. Bad Day
  166. This diet is O-V-E-R! (for awhile anyways)
  167. Diet Coke Cupcakes
  168. Fat Tuesday Challenge
  169. Fat (Skinny) Tuesday Recipe Challenge
  170. Jumping on the WW Bandwagon!
  171. Thursday's Oprah is about weight loss....
  172. Thursday weigh in report
  173. exercise ball
  174. You should be so proud of me!
  175. Who is still hanging in with us on the Slimming Sistas???
  176. weekly weigh in report
  177. Finally broke through the plateau!
  178. Whoopdie Doodles!
  179. I'm mad at myself!!!(kinda long)
  180. I lost enough weight to buy stamps!!
  181. New here and ready to lose with you
  182. OK.....
  183. Here is a diet ya'll should check out
  184. There oughta be a law.....
  185. Question about new diet drink....
  186. I started my diet today!
  187. On my first three days, I've lost.....
  188. one week down....
  189. Cinnamon Pills for Assistance in Weight Loss
  190. Weight loss website
  191. My weight loss so far
  192. DH and I started NutriSystem on Monday
  193. Nutrisystem Update -- 1 week
  194. Can we discuss plus sizes? I am headed in that direction IF I don't do something FAST
  195. I started my Diet AGAIN....
  196. Curves misses me..
  197. Weightloss? What's that?
  198. Week 3 on NutriSystem
  199. I went to Curves
  200. Guess What Everybody!!!!!!
  201. Well.....I am very pleased with myself!!!
  202. New Workout!
  203. Gym vs Curves
  204. Nutrisystem Update -- a week after vacation
  205. started a new diet Monday
  206. Lap-Band Here I come!
  207. Back on the wagon
  208. Weight Loss with photo.
  209. Erin - how is your weight loss doing?
  210. down 15 pounds
  211. STupid exercise... but I did it!
  212. Its November 1st (ok, almost November 2nd)
  213. Its that time of year again when I am starting my D-I-E-T (let's not say the word!)
  214. When I do WW, I find I have to plan out my menus for the days ahead ...
  215. Day 1 - 10 WW here we go!! *merged*
  216. For those trying to get weight off-cookbooks
  217. WW QUESTION-help
  218. help!!!
  219. Confession Time..
  220. Don't look now ... Edy's Ice cream has come out with PUMPKIN flavor
  221. Dh and I both had our first weigh in last night
  222. Here is the way I make myself go to the gym..
  223. I am loving these pudding cups!
  224. WW~ How is everyone doing?
  225. FitFLops for Flipflops
  226. Anyone still counting WW points?
  227. So, who's making wt loss a resolution?
  228. While at the Mall today, I passed Victoria's Secret
  229. Weight loss for the New Year
  230. Why is walking on a treadmill so boring?
  231. Look great in 2008 - sign in here !!!
  232. Day 3 into the new year - time to check in ...
  233. Monthly exercise tracker?
  234. It's Day 6.......anyone want to check in?
  235. Exercise Tracker for January 08
  236. Free sample of South Beach Living Granola Clusters
  237. Did you know......(maybe TMI)
  238. How's the diet and exercise going, girls?
  239. So-time to check in again...
  240. Everybody who wants to exercise should read this!
  241. It's the end of January! How is everyone doing with
  242. I may not be able to walk tomorrow!
  243. Going from one gym to another.......
  244. I made the commitment...
  245. As you may know.......
  246. Time to change my diet
  247. I am able to wear my wedding rings again ... LOL
  248. Guess what I have been up to?
  249. starting a new diet!
  250. You know you've made a good start to a diet when...