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  1. Opinions please....
  2. have you ever made a dud?
  3. is this missing something?
  4. snowman revised...
  5. ideas or suggestions needed
  6. new christmas card
  7. The end of Just Julie?
  8. Whacha think of this??
  9. Digital cameras...
  10. good enough to submit?
  11. Look at my Bella card please
  12. Sherri on this mouth issue... (or anyone)
  13. Run to the gallery. 6 new Bella cards just posted and I love each one of them!!
  14. Help me with this card, please
  15. Possible swap card * opinion please!!!!
  16. Posted Christmas cards
  17. Is this card too busy?
  18. My 2007 Valentine
  19. Do you like it with or without the spoon
  20. Baby invite prototype.
  21. made a few cards tonight
  22. Unused Stamp Challenge
  23. HELP!!!! I am in a card Swap and I need opinions!
  24. Opinions, please...
  25. here is my first and second...
  26. I posted my first Bella cards too!
  27. Father/Daughter Dance
  28. How would you write in this card?
  29. Does this need something?
  30. trying to color
  31. I did Kerry's sketch 12.
  32. i made some cards last night
  33. "Box" Party
  34. Made my nieces birthday card , tell me what you think?
  35. simple & elegant or needs something?
  36. heart tree
  37. Is this okay to send to BIL
  38. new cards...bellas and 3x3
  39. a few more cards...
  40. new bella card
  41. I made another square card and need input
  42. another bella, what else!!
  43. Hmmm do I need a saying on the
  44. Cards posted in gallery
  45. Kerry's sketch #17.
  46. Here's the "Fish Card" for my class
  47. birth announcement
  48. What does this need?
  49. lots of baby cards in the gallery today!
  50. Snow card posted
  51. I made a card I HAVE to show off
  52. For Sherri's friend Robin
  53. Need help with a card.
  54. I've posted 3 cards into the Gallery.
  55. Card needs (something)
  56. Domino help...
  57. Can you look at these for me?
  58. So what do you think about these for the Card Candy Swap?
  59. Easter Bunny Parade
  60. Want to try an easy SORTA SWAP?
  61. need your opinion for mil's card
  62. Do you think my crab needs eyelashes?
  63. it's been waaaay too long...
  64. To knot or not to knot
  65. Well I hope I don't go to jail...
  66. Do ya like my hamtastic cards??
  67. Just posted a card
  68. Possibly the best card I have ever made...
  69. Posted a card
  70. tadaaa
  71. Help, my picture is stuck to the glass!!!
  72. The whole story.. (Boy with hose)
  73. craft fair
  74. Need opinions of this card
  75. I guess I've finally made a card that truly $uck$
  76. Would this work as a sympathy card?
  77. Opinions on photographed vs. scanned card
  78. Have you ever thought if we exchanged more stamped images with each other we may
  79. Is it too early to do a Halloween or Snowman image swap?
  80. Ethel's CJ
  81. This is thank you for the girl who took care of my cat
  82. Need help with what to charge
  83. is this ok??
  84. Are u ready to see Card #1 that I am submitting for the Magnolia DT?
  85. Girls: I need your help!
  86. Christmas colors
  87. If you had to go back to being a pioneer
  88. My sis's 40th birthday is coming up in September
  89. Need your opinions
  90. Take 2
  91. How about a different color?
  92. Final posting for opinions
  93. I posted a journal/scrapbook
  94. Silly Question
  95. I need help with this one!
  96. Is this good for Tonii's humor swap?
  97. Just for Fun Poll.....
  98. Which Christmas tag do you like best?
  99. Here is my frosty snowman tag in blue
  100. When you think of winter, what colors come to mind?
  101. What colour is Spring?
  102. I Need Your Creativity Please
  103. Craft Fair Idea - Opinions Needed
  104. Christmas is ONLY 101 days away ... what holiday gifts are you making?
  105. I just whipped up another mini 3x3 card tote holder
  106. Can You Stand One More Craft Fair Post?
  107. What do y'all think??
  108. Organized I'm Not!
  109. I am thinking of taking an acrylic album class
  110. Another storage question
  111. Yet another question
  112. I made these gift tags for my best friend Amy
  113. Tell me what you think
  114. These Magnolia stamps I got this month are truly challenging for me ...
  115. where in america can i buy these online??
  116. Look! Is that a mermaid in the gallery?
  117. paper woes! I need your opinions.
  118. While in the chat room today, I was multi-tasking and I wanted to make a tote ...
  119. Opinions on Pricing......
  120. Ok I decided to put my cute coaster calendar in this ...
  121. I wanna build cute scenes with my stamps like Erin does ...
  122. Etsy shops?
  123. Are we talking about simply made cards???
  124. I am so into "simple" cards!
  125. Looking for opinions please!
  126. What do y'all think?
  127. I need to make a wedding shower card..tonight!
  128. What now??
  129. Don't look now ... but there are some new moose in the gallery
  130. DreamKuts - love it or hate it?
  131. Basic Grey has new paper out called Two Scoops. LOVE IT!!
  132. Did you know Elzybell loves big cupcakes?
  133. looking for quotes...
  134. Need help with a retirement card
  135. Bellas Poll
  136. Any idea? I need to do another one...
  137. Got my latest stamps from Lockhart Stamps ...
  138. would this sentiment offend you?
  139. I need a cute way to wrap a jar of jelly
  140. are SNOWMAN images only for Christmas cards?
  141. My paper trees
  142. Hey Wishfairy, can we have a Shack Snowman?
  143. Bind-It-All Book
  144. I have a Cricut for 3 days...
  145. Copic markers
  146. Poll: How would you feel if your Christmas card came back to you as something new??
  147. favorite companies
  148. Tell me what you think
  149. Is this owl ATC missing anything?
  150. Where do you Buy Elzybells stamps from
  151. please give me feedback on these cards
  152. How can i get a cornerpunch from SU??
  153. instead of the lizard card
  154. My findings (so far) with my new Copic markers
  155. I started on my altered rolodex cards for Angie's swap
  156. Cuttlebug vs. Revolution
  157. Label maker
  158. Chinese New Year Card
  159. Poll: Your opinion on chipboard
  160. What does this card need?
  161. How do you
  162. Need opinon on this card
  163. What is the difrent and wich do you choose??
  164. Cuttlebug circles
  165. Is my "mojo" back?
  166. What do you think about my flip flop buttons I made?
  167. This cupcake button is for the one and only Erin
  168. Questions about nestablities ........
  169. Ok I know you all have been sitting here waiting on me to alter these awesome MM jars
  170. Life is short, Eat Cupcakes
  171. Shaker card!
  172. What is wrong with me?
  173. Can i please get some help on these stamps from Atrs
  174. Can y'all please review these 2 stamps at ATRS
  175. Its my turn ... I need your reviews on the following for ATRS please
  176. hee hee it looks like Y'all are having an
  177. While watching AI, I started my flip flop ATC's
  178. Do not laugh at me ... do you think Riley is a boy or girl moose?
  179. For those of you who THINK Riley the Moose is a boy, think again!!! LOL
  180. Riley the Moose flying through storm clouds ...
  181. I made an Easter card using the SU round tab punch
  182. Would you buy or use this??
  183. Please check out my first pic in the gallery!!
  184. Does anyone remember the color Marvelous Magenta by SU?
  185. I need help with the Sale-A-Bration flyer ....
  186. Don't forget TAC is offering double goodies right now
  187. I need a "substitute" for Peppermint Patties
  188. This has nothing to do with stamping but i need some other Shackies ideas on this
  189. Do the cuttlekids work in the cuttlebug??
  190. opions needed from ALL shackies...please
  191. I managed to squeeze in 1 card before my company gets here
  192. My Elvis stamp has arrived and this is what i came up with
  193. Quick card i made
  194. opinions about this card.
  195. My revised graduation card using a charm
  196. Is this considered a "critter" for my Critter ATC swap?
  197. Finally i make something
  198. Rosies Roadshow
  199. Papertray Ink shipping fees to Canada?
  200. My monkeys are in the gallery if you wanna take a looksy
  201. Is this summer enough??
  202. I am now addicted to these tri-fold cards
  203. I am working on my "sky" ATC's while watching AI
  204. I made 2 more Riley cards but decided he needed some clothes on ..
  205. I need to ask your opinion on yet ANOTHER ATC swap I am doing
  206. I finished this money tree for my godchild.
  207. Flip-Flop ATC
  208. I made this mothers day card for my sis - tell me if you like the inside greeting
  209. I've just made this thankyou card
  210. A Question about the Gallery
  211. River City Stamps
  212. Help--need info on tri colour stamp pads
  213. Just posted some new pics..
  214. Does anyone have a Fiskars Portable Rotary Trimmer?
  215. I am playing with my one and only sunflower stamp - how you like my ATC?
  216. ? about organizing stamps into CD cases
  217. Paper storage ???
  218. I need your opinion a project I"m working on
  219. Is my paisley ATC too boring? Can you tell the owls are paisley? LOL
  220. Just playing with my owls ...
  221. Remember my poll a few days ago...........
  222. Where do you buy
  223. For Sherri's Sassy Stripes
  224. opinion/suggestions please
  225. graduation Thank you gifts!
  226. I'm in love with my latest Christmas card creation
  227. Color Combo Opinions Please
  228. Someone haves a papertagger/Kajinker??
  229. I posted some cards in the gallery
  230. Need your opinion!
  231. Here is a Christmas card using ALL Amuse stamps
  232. Christmas card #2 using all Amuse stamps and snow
  233. A Sticky Question. . .
  234. Should I buy Justright stamper??
  235. What do you think of this Christmas Tag??
  236. opinions please! hostess gift
  237. Opinions please ... how do you like my Christmas movie ATC?
  238. I didn't make this but I want your opinions...
  239. I got asked to do a card making class
  240. Opinions on this craft desk please!
  241. Orange ATC - with or without ribbon
  242. If you are on the fence about the Martha Stewart drippy goo punch,
  243. What do you think of my card candy?
  244. Honest opinion pleasa...
  245. Stamp-a-stack vs card class
  246. Advent calendar- people with teens read please!
  247. I made 2 different monkey ATC's this morning
  248. Stationary boxes for gifts
  249. I need help!
  250. Cricut