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  1. Went Shopping Today!!
  2. I am having fun finding "old fart" sayings online and putting them in my sis's cards.
  3. I found one serious "sister" birthday poem that I am using
  4. New cards
  5. Dont miss her! chelsey';s in the chat
  6. I think I just earned a bunch of Grammie brownie points!
  7. ? How to mail a single card from US to Canada
  8. Guess where we're going on vacation this year?!
  9. awesome day!!
  10. new avatar
  11. Home alone again
  12. Ok, you guys made me do it!
  13. Uh Erin?? What gives??
  14. hey ladies I need help in the chat room from
  15. projects from today
  16. Cindi inspired me to moisturize
  17. Pics of Shuggy & Stampcrazyjulie's Stamptastic Meet Up!
  18. Another Project from our meet up....
  19. I prettied up
  20. When you need a reason to make a card
  21. Good Morning Friends...
  22. I'm back...did ya miss me?!
  23. I called about the cat!
  24. I think this post puts me at 3,000 ... wow am I chatty or what?????
  25. Today's agenda?
  26. Happy Sunday Y'all
  27. I can't get motivated!
  28. Update on my pee cat and a question..
  29. While Shuggy & I were meeting up.....
  30. Hi honey, I'm NOT home
  31. Question about pain relievers.....
  32. Just Sunday Morning....
  33. I thought I'd post this here, too, about this week's Hobby Lobby ad....
  34. Jourdans first day...
  35. OK.....I just have to ask!!!
  36. ? on saving paperwork-HELP!!
  37. I just won "so very" on ebay
  38. New poster
  39. Great buys at Wal-Mart!
  40. Its such a beautiful day here in the Carolinas that I am going to take advantage
  41. Who likes to rent new release DVDs?
  42. does joann's ship to canada?
  43. message to Inkyhands
  44. I don't know if I like my very punny set!
  45. Can anyone chat tonite during the football game?
  46. Big Game Today!
  47. Doing more organizing in my scrap room...
  48. great ribbon find
  49. Terrible news. My Dahle trimmer broke!
  50. this is reall sad...
  51. Yoo hoo, Cub Scout moms!
  52. What's for dinner?
  53. Bella craze...get your fix!
  54. Click on this link to see REALLY CUTE Bella card samples ...
  55. Do you think we could fill another Bella Swap??
  56. I'm sick and tired! LOL
  57. Just Julie-SD Chargers
  58. Bellaholics Anonymous...SWAP#2
  59. Wow! I didn't realize how much 100 yds of ribbon was!
  60. It might be fixed!
  61. Would anyone besides Thanh join such a swap?
  62. I have a Canadian question...
  63. Important qUESTION!!???
  64. In case anyone was wondering
  65. Erin ~ how are you feeling? :D
  66. Two Openings!!!
  67. ~Suzi~
  68. I'm thinking I'm turning into a techie!!
  69. Do you all like me?
  70. Guess what everybody...????
  71. Beaglelover is checking in!!!
  72. what do i do??
  73. Snow day!
  74. Skiing...yippeee
  75. Tech. problems with my computer! LOL!
  76. I think I woke up in Alaska!
  77. Hey girlie girls...wanna win a few mags?
  78. I have to apolizes to everyone here at the shack
  79. Can you help??
  80. Who sold me the pink squeeze?
  81. Great News! I've been chosen to be on a Design Team
  82. Prayers needed
  83. Card Shower
  84. Funny video
  85. Prayers needed!
  86. Flood Swap...
  87. SAB swap
  88. Woven Heart Gift Holder Instrucions
  89. I've been hired to teach cardmaking & scrapbooking classes!
  90. I'm searching for a website that has webisodes of
  91. Prism Paper samples arrived today.
  92. I have a question about the Shack address list being in wordperfect ...
  93. Remember when we all learned how to type in a circle ????
  94. Where do you like to buy curtains?
  95. Over a foot of snow today!
  96. Is the Target mailbox...
  97. I must apologize to everyone!!
  98. Tomorrow I go to volunteer at the high school .. my first time!
  99. I did it! I did it!!
  100. Is EZ Mount always gross sticky?
  101. This is a Stamp Room what am!
  102. I Am Sick of Snow!
  103. Uh oh...did I goof up? Re: Stamping Bella
  104. Come chat with an Aussie stamper
  105. Oh happy day
  106. what a morning!
  107. The end of the world??
  108. Who's in Kentucky? Look at this news report...
  109. I taught my first class today
  110. I am working at least double hrs, for the next 2 weeks!
  111. I was volunteering at the high school this morning and I see I sure missed a whole
  112. I received my FREE Prism card stock
  113. I'm back...but out of it!
  114. Free LightFast Prismacolors
  115. The Bellas have arrived
  116. 30 below zero tonight!!!
  117. What should I do tonite??
  118. lets play a game!
  119. Okay - who's watching AI tonight?
  120. Time Outs starting in full force
  121. Inspiration here!
  122. Hey Just Julie
  123. Any Joan Jett fans?
  124. is this normal?
  125. carbon monoxide...
  126. Okay, tell me if I'm CRAZY ...
  127. I have to buy a coat and gloves! lol!
  128. Just Julie you remined me of something!! LOL
  129. My kids are so excited !! They are calling for ice, snow flurries and sleet tomorrow
  130. I think the high schoolers gave me a horrible sore throat...
  131. hey sherri, come and chat?
  132. Egads! Scary happenings last night!
  133. brrrr...
  134. I have buy winter clothes before they're out of stock!
  135. Really Good News!!!
  136. Avatar Explination, please...
  137. Question for JBgreendawn
  138. im sick
  139. I'm going to try Erin's challenge
  140. Where oh where has my Jennifer gone?
  141. Birgit - so glad to see you here!!!!
  142. DD and i both went to the eye dr today and we both need glasses
  143. The grocery stores are crazy with everyone panicking that we may get ice tonite..
  144. Advise for a out of control teenage
  145. It's been a busy Wednesday..
  146. Have I ever shared my Corn Chowder recipe with you all?
  147. oh sherri....
  148. I was a bad girl!
  149. Holy bad breath batman!!
  150. LOL...This is too cute!
  151. apologies are in order...
  152. fantastic mail day and shopping day!!!
  153. primitivecountrybug/Birgit
  154. Sherry Did I Tell.....
  155. So far, so good ... still have power and no snow yet ...
  156. Hey Hbpuppy!
  157. I woke up this morn, looked at the clock
  158. I can hear it sleeting outside but school is OPEN.
  159. My red washer & dryer come today ...
  160. American Idol Last Night
  161. "Dang it Dan"
  162. For those who have front loading washers - HELP!
  163. Let's see if this link works
  164. just to let you all know im doing much better
  165. Who was looking for a sample of an altered clipboard?
  166. Cuttlebug Dies?
  167. This is kinda fun!
  168. A sneak peek at one of my layouts
  169. Used Cricut to make a glitzy Birthday card
  170. Oh! Cute!
  171. Someone pick a number
  172. My first in the gallery
  173. Laughs at The Shack!
  174. Anyone know if the Ellison emb. temps will
  175. Looking for the Target Mailboxes.....
  176. Its here, its here!! My red washer & dryer are here!!
  177. Here's the fantastic duo now :)
  178. Butterscotch/Chocolate Peanut clusters
  179. Just Julie, did you change your name to Lost Luggage?
  180. You can wear black if you would like...
  181. You'll need tissues for Oprah...
  182. Swanie78 & Gaerria
  183. Selling all your stuff is fun.
  184. I am having WILD cravings for comfort food!!
  185. We are heading out tomorrow after exams are over for our LONG TRIP
  186. Hi Everyone!
  187. Ok yall are killing me with those chicks
  188. Can I go over 200?
  189. no snow in Connecticut yet...but
  190. Feeling like CRAP!
  191. I have jury duty!
  192. Nashville Star
  193. Never in my life did I think I'd see such a thing...
  194. Medical Exams
  195. Did you watch Grays Anatomy last night and did you cry thru the whole thing?
  196. a chick for the country bug!
  197. Grrr...whyd I agree to this!?!
  198. Yuck!!! We finally got snow here in Ohio
  199. Just need to share one of the lights of my life...
  200. I was wondering
  201. fonts for you cat and dog lovers
  202. anyone still looking for prismacolors?
  203. My replacement part for my trimmer is here!
  204. HbPuppy and Lost Luggage!
  205. Please come chat in the chat room with me
  206. I need help with a country song...
  207. mindy...
  208. Swanie78....Love your signature-
  209. Should I go Blonde again?
  210. Made it through the week in one piece!
  211. My first post to the gallery!!
  212. Misplaced icons...
  213. Ok Ladies...Who is gonna help me??
  214. Mini at home spa night
  215. Another "what would you do?" question
  216. Did this site just CRASH?
  217. Missing Margo....
  218. My First Bella Card
  219. I'm freekin out!!
  220. Speaking of Ghosts
  221. Going to an ATC swap today
  222. dessert POLL
  223. Hi everyone
  224. Does anyone ever check out Keisha Campbells blog?
  225. Hello from the Hobe Sound library! HA
  226. We had some portraits taken last month....
  227. The Ring Is Coming Off!
  228. Bella stamps??
  229. Remember the rubber stamp in the microwave thing?
  230. Another Bella question
  231. Do all the GA fans know about this site?
  232. Where are you Erin K??
  233. Just downloaded somemore...
  234. Am I the only one who's never shopped at.....
  235. just lost luggage julie...
  236. IMPORTANT Queen of the WEEK!
  237. Please please tell me now..is there something I should now?
  238. Do not put your finger on a hot soldering iron.
  239. Where is Erin K?? Very unusual....
  240. anyone seen alli lately?
  241. when did i pass 1000????
  242. Lazy Sunday, time to post some more cards
  243. It's National Hugging day
  244. Hi Everyone.....I am done being treasurer!!
  245. Repeat Question - I know its been said
  246. So whats on the angenda for all of you today?
  247. mahodgman - Mary ~~ YOO HOO!
  248. come out, come out, wherever you are!
  249. WooHoo Bears!!!
  250. today I finally bit the bullet