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  1. Its almost midnight and I gotta get off here ...
  2. If I use paypal on a Canadian site...
  3. I'm starting to get a little giddy
  4. Prismacolors?
  5. Not even 29 and already having 'senior moments'...
  6. Got my feelings hurt at work...
  7. Grandma Okichick Thanks You!
  8. Just got back from volunteering in kindergarten
  9. ok gals I need support here, big time!
  10. We are even sicker today
  11. The saga continues with my new gas dryer ... UGH!
  12. Im back!!
  13. Update on Ladybug, her allergies and the nocturnal doings around here
  14. I just got off the phone from talking to Christie003d!
  15. I can't wait
  16. A story: "The Preacher's Donkey "
  17. Last Call For Bingo!!!! And Bingo Info!!!! Look!!!
  18. ok good news.....
  19. I'm so excited - I am going to Ellie's tomorrow and we are going to open
  20. Taught my little gym class today
  21. Guess what my little 2 yo darling did this
  22. I have an important question - will we ever do housework again?
  23. Poll: What are you cooking for dinner tonight?
  24. I'm in love.... with this cardstock
  25. I'm going to be a Lady of Leisure, again!
  26. YOO HOO Debbie - 1of2shoes
  27. January is over in one day
  28. my bellas came today...
  29. Once upon a time there was the Circut
  30. Any Michael Jackson fans?
  31. Huge Thank you to Linzy!
  32. Who can fill me in on What About Brian the tv show last night?
  33. Anyone here have Yahoo....
  34. I'm Going to the RACHEL RAY show on Thursday!
  35. I have a cat . . .
  36. scrapbook help needed...
  37. new smileys!!
  38. Are you ready for some football?
  39. I taught myself a new typing technique that's loads of fun.
  40. We are expecting to get 1-2" of snow and ice tomorrow
  41. LOL - Funny of the day with Steve Irwin
  42. Taxes
  43. I did it
  44. i'm off
  45. Tomorrow is the Day!!
  46. Too busy to be crafty this week!
  47. I posted a couple of cards!!!
  48. My daughter got the card! Update.
  49. Ouch. I think I over-did it.
  50. Kitchenaid
  51. I got free paper too!!
  52. HONEYS IM HOME! CHA was amazing...
  53. This is what I made at Ellie's today ...
  54. Ellie & I had so much fun stamping today ...
  55. Well I feel like a bad mommy now
  56. Question about JoAnn's Coupons......
  57. Alright I'm outty.
  58. I just posted 2 more Bella birthday cards
  59. Erin K
  60. Just upload a birthday card ....
  61. Watch this funny clip!
  62. will this card pass for "Blue's Clue's"
  63. I've been missing gallery posts....
  64. Oh Sherri & Kelly...
  65. Thanks every one;
  66. Go away winter!!
  67. Great News on Shack page
  68. Uh Oh..Sherri
  69. Is there a TAC rep here right now?
  70. Hey, Hey ... I just noticed we can now hold up to 100 PM messages in our inbox
  71. My turn for advice from you all...
  72. Oh My Heck Fred could have died and I'm still freeking out!!
  73. For those who have bought cuttlebugs online,
  74. Have u gotten the March issue of Papercrafts yet?
  75. Please keep this family in your prayers
  76. Why do I not bookmark these things!!
  77. Recieved my First February Queen for a Week Package
  78. Sorry I've been MIA
  79. Its snowing, Its snowing, Its snowing ... woo hoo its snowing!!!
  80. I just noticed
  81. Here I am in the snow ...
  82. No more work for me!
  83. I'm in the money! I'm in the money!
  84. Hey Barb...
  85. Enab ler Alert
  86. Canadian Coin saving gals who are in the money!
  87. You know you're a stampaholic when....
  88. Well let the spending begin!
  89. More snow photos from Concord
  90. Just ordered my first Bella's!!!
  91. Ok all I need help.....
  92. Great Customer Service
  93. Another snowman photo - Florida style !!
  94. I am going to have many, many, many stamps for sale ...
  95. Okay...I'm out of the not buying anything for
  96. Interesting facts
  97. Ten Guidelines From God
  98. Guess what came in the mail?!
  99. I was very tempted to spend $$ today
  100. Where did the Stamp Shack Lady threads get moved to?
  101. What's for Dinner?
  102. The snow has stopped but another rain/ice storm is headed our way tonight
  103. Sherri it's February 1st
  104. POLL: What do you do with all of the cards you get from Swaps?
  105. We all had such a great day today playing in the snow but now I am in a bad mood ...
  106. Bingo WORDS AND INFO!!!
  107. Thanks Swanie!
  108. Not buying in February Kick Off
  109. The Michael's in Mooresville has Cuttlebugs in their store RIGHT NOW
  110. Look what I made for my hubby
  111. Vintagegal - Ethel...did you see my post
  112. I'm under a Tornado watch!
  113. Big thank you Stampcrazyjulie
  114. sad tonight
  115. Roads are all clear this morning, school is in and Amy is coming today
  116. Thank you Nancy (Directmailscrapper)
  117. Lori Adelaars Tribute
  118. Joanne and FL girls RE our meet
  119. Stupid Friday Poll!
  120. Happy Ground hog day!!
  121. Well I"m off
  122. It's 3 degree's out in WI
  123. Far North-Jan
  124. cardinal flying into window
  125. Would someone be interested in....
  126. Flip Flops and coldy snowy weather?
  127. Paper crafts mag..
  128. Bingo Words For Feb 2
  129. A Repeat of Our Tribute to Lori Adelaars
  130. I am orbiting cyberspace at record speed...
  131. gallery posting
  132. I got a cutterbug die thingie
  133. Dance Time OUt
  134. Remember that card Lori did...
  135. They threw me a suprise party!
  136. I posted 3 of Lori's cards in the gallery.
  137. Prismacolor Pencils -- Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!
  138. Where is the Poll?
  139. One Week
  140. The Prismacolor Pencil Portfolio -- Again!
  141. Guys you have to read this
  142. Anyone missing the shoutbox yet?
  143. So here I was thinking today was the day
  144. What are your strange school day memories?
  145. Went to a crop and met Lance from Rusty Pickle
  146. I got the job !!!
  147. Ouch! Sicissor Fingers!
  148. BRRR Im freezing.......
  149. Nancy A
  150. Thanh -- Thanks!
  151. I broke down and bought a cuddly stud!
  152. Lincoln Update
  153. Today's Sports Question!
  154. For those watching the Super Bowl tomorrow . . .
  155. Bored Today
  156. We saw Lion King (the musical) today!
  157. I actually have a date you guys!
  158. Need help finding the right chair
  159. So what are all you ladies up to tonight....
  160. Fudge! Fudge! Fudge! Fudge!
  161. Happy Dance
  162. SNL fans..good opening tonight
  163. Ok good Sunday Morning to all of you~
  164. Michael's Prismacolor Pencil Portfolios are all gone!
  165. My mommy got me stamps
  166. Well I am back from MSU!
  167. We are back from Myrtle Beach!!
  168. Cricut recall
  169. Our SuperBowl menu in case you're interested ...
  170. I am pulling my hair out!
  171. everyone better watch out!!! ;-)
  172. They had a scrapbook store in Myrtle Beach so of course I had to go ...
  173. No school Monday!
  174. I just posted 2 new cards in the gallery using my new paper
  175. Prince Rocks!
  176. Raining at the Super Bowl
  177. Anti-superbowl???
  178. Yippppeeeeee! The Colts Won!!!!!!
  179. I need an update...
  180. Thanh no buy Feb thanks
  181. Thank you, thank you, thank you
  182. Let the date countdown begin.......
  183. Check out 2 more cards I made with my new dog dies with the Cuttlebug
  184. Erin, you are soooooooo funny!
  185. Does anyone need the Joann's 50% off coupon for a Cuttlebug die?
  186. Cuttlebug Question! (need immediate answer)
  187. Has anyone been to Joannes this week?
  188. HUGE News!!!
  189. Finally got some white cardstock that meets my standards
  190. OMG I am a stinkin' wreck!
  191. Did I ever tell you about Brian's board...
  192. Sherri flip flops
  193. I can't craft anymore today :-(
  194. Weather Report!
  195. Have you seen "The Slice"
  196. bingo...tonii
  197. Portable heater for the craft room
  198. Instant e-mail notification...
  199. I own a critterbutt
  200. ok do you all think I need to get this cuttle bug, butt, stud thingie......
  201. I need some honest, not afraid to say what you think advice...
  202. Ok I have a question about paper
  203. cuttlebug tip
  204. Bingo Words and INFO! Feb 5, 2007
  205. 1 question before I drive 35 miles to get this thing...
  206. incredible stamp cleaner and enabler alert
  207. What will Amy & I do today?
  208. What is Bella doing to all of us?????
  209. Another snow day~
  210. I can't remember who I bought a stamp from
  211. Ohmyheck, get out your March Papercrafts Magazine!!
  212. All of my Stampin Up stamps have been listed ..
  213. DH has strep!
  214. New rule! If you feel sick, keep your sick germ hands off my baby!
  215. QVC is crafts all day
  216. update on my house and moving...
  217. Date details.....
  218. aggggh..what am I doing wrong?
  219. I did a lot
  220. A successful week for me!
  221. Joann's was an evil place today
  222. Can you use Cuttlebug embossing dies in the Revolution
  223. hi honey, I'm home!!!!
  224. Bingo WORDS 2-6-07!!!
  225. Cuddlebug Question?
  226. No recall on Cricut
  227. whats the new shout feature???
  228. American Idols fans: are you happy the auditions are over?
  229. The Police and an ambulance just left my house
  230. DH is hooked on "Deal or No Deal"
  231. Questions on Gamsol & "Embossing Buddy"
  232. Thanh great buys today
  233. 4 kinda hunky firemen and one old guy from the gas company...
  234. Old, but simply REMARKABLE to watch!!
  235. Gallery Comments
  236. Sherri or other NC gals.. Oh and FL girls too
  237. How do I order Just Johanna??
  238. Here's a Valentine quote for ya!!!!
  239. Whoopie! We're going to Universal Studios
  240. What do you think about someone selling one of your card creations
  241. Amy just left to go back to WI ...
  242. I went to Bigs Lots today
  243. Amy & I got matching shirts ....
  244. Unable to get on site!!!!!!
  245. I Missed you all
  246. We're back, we're back, we're back!
  247. I'm addicted to Project Runway!
  248. We had almost 2 inches of snow - no school!
  249. Flood thank you
  250. Is there anyone who would like to be RAK'd with cuttlebug folder images?