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  1. Happy hoppers
  2. white cardstock
  3. Jarie! You're here!
  4. Final Disposition... (jennifer especially read this)
  5. erin...
  6. Apologies
  7. To those who have Jammybella, what sentiment do you put with her?
  8. Do you think Reba is spoiled?
  9. Erin K
  10. pix of invitation progress
  11. Daytona, Fl..anyone live near this city?
  12. ccstampin12
  13. Do you want to see my Post-It Note Tote?
  14. New Set of Michaels $1 Clear Stamps?
  15. You Ladies.........
  16. SHERRY, I messed up the MP3 Player
  17. Sorry bout floodin the gallery
  18. In other news: my crop-a-dile BROKE!
  19. puppy update...
  20. My soldier friend in Afghanistan...
  21. Posted some retired SU sets for sale.
  22. Please welcome Jodie!!!
  23. Fred thanks Auntie Ellie!
  24. Today is a HOLIDAY for me! Yippppeeee!
  25. Happy Easter Shack friends..
  26. You'll never guess what I"m doin today
  27. Its a sad day in Charlotte today. 2 police officers were killed a few days
  28. I am missing . . .
  29. What are your Easter plans and are YOU cooking?
  30. Total freakout great deal at Costoc... and I went nuts
  31. Guess what I got in the mail today?
  32. I am about to boil 54 eggs for tomorrow
  33. Tough figuring out what the EB should bring my 10-year old!
  34. School's out ... we are officially on Spring Break!!
  35. Have you made a card like this before? I want to try it :)
  36. We need some country music added to the MP3 player ...
  37. I've been shacked!
  38. If you are not using your $1 clear stamps from Michael's, you need to check out my
  39. I can't get on my computer...
  40. This is my last card using the clear $1 stamps from Michael's. This is my favorite...
  41. hostess & swapper praise
  42. Lost card
  43. WOW! I've been busy
  44. broken Crop-o-dile
  45. Thanks Directmailscrapper-Nancy
  46. Calling all Mums...can you help??
  47. New tutorial
  48. I got my new punches today! (and a WARNING)
  49. Ever see a Xyron fly???
  50. Do you know about
  51. Getting REALLY BUMMED again
  52. Not getting your feet wet but
  53. tojoco thanks you for My Wish
  54. What do you do from getting burned out from papercrafting?
  55. Oh Sherri, how are the chickens?
  56. Did you know...
  57. Sherri, a couple of facts for you.
  58. See if you can guess...
  59. Another see if you can guess....
  60. Has anyone read Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult?
  61. My first day of spring break, its 5 am and where do I sit?
  62. Heat gun trouble
  63. another shot at this scrapbook thing.
  64. Something must be wrong with me!
  65. Easter colour...
  66. Cooper is cute and all but come on...
  67. This fact will raise your eyebrows.
  68. I just love this photo on yahoo this morning
  69. In of some prayers
  70. I was over at Yahoo reading a few things...
  71. This just grinds me...
  72. What a Surprise this a.m.
  73. Yoo-hooo! Mary!!!!! (toao)
  74. New CB folders
  75. attention ladies!!
  76. Gonna Miss Me?
  77. Ethel - How's your day going?
  78. I have a dilemma!
  79. GrammaStamper
  80. Do you scan or photograph your cards?
  81. What type of glue or adhesive to you use?
  82. Ouch...huh???
  83. a 3x3 baby card
  84. The good the bad and the ugly...
  85. Check out the new Bella just released ... Pmsabella LOL :)
  86. Have I ever shared my Tortilla Soup recipe?
  87. Are you cooking something special for tomorrow?
  88. New tutorial...dying Easter eggs...
  89. Was my post removed?
  90. Hi From the MP3 Fairy
  91. Yoo Hoo MP3 Fairy! Here's my request... : )
  92. Went to AC Moore and got some of these stamps
  93. Hey MP3 Fairy
  94. Oh the SA kit arrived today
  95. another card order
  96. More than you ever need to know about Prismacolor Markers
  97. Hey Sherri, This is for You
  98. Happy Easter, everybody!
  99. Do you tell THE secret?
  100. Skipping Church.. I feel bad
  101. Laundry Day Blues!!!
  102. Is everyone ready for Survivor to start on Tuesday?
  103. Thanks for the comments on my Calla Lily card
  104. I am NOT doing egg hunts EVER again!!
  105. What do you use to score your cards?
  106. In need of prayers
  107. ooops! I did a boo boo!
  108. 3x3 Envys, anyone know where to buy?
  109. Wow! The gallery is running hot
  110. Guess what DS and I are addicted to now?
  111. MyRnAbs, (this is so funny)
  112. Bord name info please
  113. How was your easter? I'm glad to be back among the living!
  114. What do they eat in Peru?
  115. As y'all have heard, we woke up to snow on Saturday
  116. So who is responsible for people emailing me egg recipes?
  117. Mp3 fairy?
  118. Feelin' kinda giddy!!
  119. How can anyone eat such a cute little guinea pig? This is Max
  120. Jan - Far North - I just read in our paper that we were 3 degrees colder
  121. DH is asking for your advice!
  122. Prayers for Joshua please-LONG
  123. Canadians: does mail get delivered today?
  124. You asked for it - here is my new flip flop tote.
  125. Does anyone have a recipe for Split Pea with Ham soup?
  126. I quit. :(
  127. What is wrong with this picture?
  128. I'm outta here
  129. I just made these 2 cards while talking to Erin on the phone
  130. Sherri - have you lost a chicken?
  131. Do you have any ???'s for "Ask Inky"??? Please...
  132. Serri- this is just for you!
  133. Crummy news for me...
  134. I made 2 cards AFTER talking to Sherri
  135. Bummer for me
  136. Joshua Update
  137. convection ovens...
  138. Don't look now but I added 2 more cards to the gallery using my Green Thumb sets...
  139. I need some really great children's books!
  140. Amazing delivery!
  141. holy mail day!!
  142. Look at what the kiddies and DH made :)
  143. DH says Norfolk, Virginia drivers are just as crazy as
  144. I am too rigid, accounting vs artistry...kind of long
  145. DH was going over the Mastercard statement and he said ....
  146. Oh mp3 fairy!
  147. What do I see? Flowers coming out of a boot????
  148. Thank you Barb
  149. Ethel has inspired me :)
  150. Did I miss the memo? Where has Tonii been?
  151. Who wants to see more Mabel pics?
  152. My Digital Posters
  153. Her name is Clementine.
  154. What a NIGHT!!
  155. Board name info..
  156. Thanks Y'all for your good support! Today is a new day..
  157. Is There a good LSS
  158. Computer...it is official... the computer died!!
  159. My flood has begun!
  160. Well more drama.. You CAN be on a DT AND a TAC demo...
  161. Sad news for animal lovers (esp cat lovers)
  162. Got 2 things in the mail today,
  163. Look...... they put poop in the paper
  164. Awesome customer service at JC Pennys
  165. From the World of Celebrity TV
  166. 12 week check up
  167. Tonight for dinner I fixed Sarah (LoobyLou)'s Impossible Quiche
  168. We have friends here for a few days which is why I have been absent today ...
  169. Some Rhode Island Reds for Ms. Flipflops
  170. envelope order
  171. For those who wear Croc shoes - especially Sherri
  172. watermark question
  173. FYI... I'll be out of town for the rest of the week
  174. Does anyone use Simple Green to clean their stamps?
  175. stamping/scrapbook stores in Hong Kong???
  176. I am up early to go to the Social Security Office...
  177. More than you ever wanted to know on the Rainbow flip flop LOL
  178. Yipeeee!
  179. Laundry Day Blues Update!!!!
  180. Must see gallery on markers
  181. Happy Birthday Stephen!
  182. You have to see this woman's storage!
  183. Rampage
  184. Crop in style-tray chic organizer
  185. I am happy to announce that DH has....
  186. Need a laugh :)
  187. Awesome Deal!
  188. More on my TAC delima...
  189. need cruisabella...
  190. Hello Everybody...Long time no "SEE"!!!
  191. Can we talk about gall bladders??
  192. I posted tons
  193. ugh.
  194. I have an addiction.
  195. Cuttlebug owners: I need your input....
  196. more organizing thingies...
  197. I might have to jump off a bridge...
  198. M's Updates papercrafting section
  199. DH is in the dog house ... or should I say chicken coop LOL
  200. I have scheduled Emily to get her wisdom teeth out June 12th...
  201. How come no one is talking about American Idol last night?
  202. I have all these awesome recipes I printed off and DH wants just plain old
  203. I found some of the Martha Stewart Designs!
  204. Enabler!!
  205. My grandkids
  206. So sad. One of my son's classmates lost her house in a fire....
  207. Have you ever sat down, looked at a map and figured where we all live?
  208. kreativedryve...
  209. can't sleep...
  210. Heard back from We-R-Memory Keepers on Crop-o-dile
  211. Erin you are making me spend my money lol
  212. Weird pet event, warning included
  213. Yeah, we have school today.
  214. Ikea
  215. More Thank You's
  216. um... what's wrong with this picture??
  217. Mental Health Days
  218. Is anyone else having a problem with editing a post?
  219. map ctate/province/country check in...
  220. I'm home
  221. Little boxes with red X's
  222. Sherry -- Creative Team -- can you reopen?
  223. ERIN - Prisma Marker advice needed TODAY
  224. Try this for a quick chuckle today!
  225. Sherry - this was discussed in the chat room the other day
  226. Lucy's tail is broke
  227. So....You're looking for those Scalloped Punches.....
  228. Sherry - this is just a thought - what about doing away with the creative challenge
  229. check it out, my card is the "Featured Card"
  230. PC April/May issue question...
  231. So, I stopped at my Michael's on my lunch break today.....
  232. Teabear
  233. We Had A New Baby!!!
  234. ENABLER! AMAZING DEAL on the Bay for Prismamarkers
  235. Life is good!
  236. Another ebay success!
  237. Enabling...Cricut deal at Michael's!
  238. I think I"m going to faint... :(
  239. Good luck with your layoffs, I hope your fireings go real well...
  240. Can I show you what DS made?
  241. We all went and got passport photos taken today!
  242. Stay off the roads - Ms. Emily is behind the wheel with Charlie
  243. **ALERT** Please read
  244. back from hospital...
  245. Terry Medaris class has been scheduled!
  246. Wanna see a photo of Ms Emily driving?
  247. It was GREAT
  248. mp3 thingie?
  249. Someone has requested a photo of Emily and her boyfriend
  250. tomorrow I'm gonna have a funny game