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  1. prayers, healing thoughts, etc needed for MIL
  2. i've been swallowed up by my craft closet!!
  3. Erin K - thanks for the vintage images
  4. I wonder how many trick or treaters we will get.
  5. pea'd my cleaning frenzy!!
  6. My kids are already on a sugar high!
  7. Well I
  8. Well, it's 630pm (1 hour into darkness)
  9. I am making 50 Christmas cards for a friend
  10. Can't sleep after emergency vehicles left neighborhood
  11. Today feels like a Monday to me since we had no school the past 2 days
  12. Halloween Candy -
  13. I need a lesson in how to say no!
  14. Time to change my signature line
  15. Goodbye October...Hello November!
  16. I'm Gonna Crop Friday
  17. Whew!
  18. I'm sooooo Excited... My TAC stuff came today
  19. ISO pumpkin recipes - anything with pumpkin. I just love pumpkin!!
  20. Would anyone like to come chat w me ?
  21. Isn't today Pumpkin Pie Blizzard Day?
  22. We are all invited to a ball... hehe
  23. Has anyone ever played bejewled
  24. They liked the "Bag Lady"
  25. Poor Ladybug (my doggie) has a yeast infection ...
  26. mj/kreativedryve
  27. Ugliest PP (or What Was I Thinking?)
  28. I really love how this card came out ...
  29. Arg! Matey's
  30. Okay, who wants to see the jogging pants?
  31. I posted my altered scroll in the gallery
  32. i have lost it...
  33. # of Postings -
  34. My Santa came, my Santa came --- woo hoo, I am jumping with joy!!
  35. I need some creative ideas please
  36. Woo hoo - I made it to 500 posts
  37. My son's school is having their fall carnival tonite from 5-9 pm
  38. Whaaa... I wanted to make something today but
  39. I'm going to make Nicholas' teacher a dozen of those Pittsburg Steeler cards
  40. How about a dinner poll?
  41. Oh my heck Sherri, you've ruined me forever!
  42. Did you see this update on April Inkyhands?
  43. oh my cuteness!!
  44. Joanne
  45. ww 0 point soup?????????????????
  46. I am back from the fall festival and I think I have frostbite on my toes!! HA HA
  47. I just got a call from my boss and . . .
  48. Stephen is sick!
  49. I brought my beautiful stamped image of Santa with me to the carnival.
  50. I don't normally do this but . . .
  51. All Hail Top Poster Sherri!!
  52. WW Pumpkin Mousse Recipe
  53. Bad hair days....ugh!
  54. Anybody in a local Scrapbook Club?
  55. Hey I told my sister about this new site.
  56. Sherri
  57. Big Bro is watching you
  58. I think I am going to make FarNorth's Pumpkin Chili tonite..
  59. Alli from the UK - where are you hiding?
  60. Good Friday Morning To YOU!
  61. Did u see Dr. Oz on Oprah yesterday? He said to maintain a healthy weight women must
  62. Moving Slow this Morning
  63. Santa came to town yesterday!!!!
  64. I would like to chanllenge you all and myself
  65. Link for Shrinky Dink Plastic
  66. Tried a yummy cake last night
  67. Stephen's fine today, no fever!
  68. Question?
  69. Michaels Scrapbook discovery day...
  70. Today is our baby's 2nd bday. I'm kinda
  71. Question - I don't like to refer to our ds
  72. Who else has a cutterpede paper cutter?
  73. My Santas are in the process of "drying". Their glasses that is.
  74. I think either Julie Gerovac or Julie Lomax said they wished they had a copy
  75. Run to the gallery and check all of my Santa cards. I made 6 different ones!!
  76. I heard the clickety clack of reindeer hooves
  77. Excuse me Ms. Iloveflipflops
  78. just went to the cat room in time
  79. Need advice on address labels for Canadian addresses.
  80. Jan Far North - I did not make your Pumpkin Chili as I was hoping tonite
  81. Ms. Iloveflipflops
  82. More Puppies! More Puppies!
  83. Happy 48th Birthday Linda!!!
  84. Jack Frost must've came last night. There is FROST everywhere.
  85. I'm getting into the Christmas spirit... my radio station is playing ALL CHRISTMAS
  86. If you want to listen to Christmas music on the web, go here:
  87. For the first time ever...I didn't have fun at crop!!
  88. Santa in the gallery
  89. How big and strong is she?
  90. I'm kicking myself for not getting
  91. I may get to go to M's today!
  92. I'm so excited ...I'm heading out to the LSS
  93. Today is my cardmaking
  94. I am an official Stamp Addict!
  95. Double Post oops!
  96. My Crop experience last night....
  97. For those over 40, maybe you can relate to this poem like i can. hee hee
  98. 14 things to do at the store whn your waiting for someone...
  99. Yoo Hoo Tami ~ Teabear! : )
  100. Santa Stamp
  101. Cool day
  102. Im so disappointed...
  103. It's 2 in the morning here & I can't sleep
  104. New's about Firecracker1971 (Heather)
  105. Wake up, wake up ... Its 8 am on Sunday morning :).
  106. Outlet Store Shopping....
  107. CindeeQ - is that you?????
  108. With Thanksgiving being 3 weeks away, looks like my MIL is coming from VA
  109. I've leaned SO much from everyone..here is the ultimate question:
  110. What's on the menu tonight????
  111. Guess who is sitting up
  112. World's Shortest Fairy Tale
  113. I made my first ever jewerly
  114. Honey I'm Home!
  115. Oh I almost forgot
  116. Chris - mydogstinks........
  117. Ok i have a question....
  118. Hello FRom Colorado!...
  119. I need Yahoo Mail help
  120. How is that sick cat?
  121. Important reminder - Christmas is ONLY 48 days away!
  122. Have you seen this Christmas Fudge poem? It cracks me up :)
  123. The Boys...
  124. father christmas paper
  125. It's just another Maniac Monday!!
  126. Question regarding Dinner
  127. what is a girl to do (or get!)...
  128. What dept. of the craft store do you find Liquid Applique??
  129. New Stamps at Ms ...
  130. I just noticed the strangest thing...
  131. Has anyone received their Christmas
  132. Erin K is brilliant!
  133. Had the best weekend!
  134. Man, have I got a headache!
  135. I got leaves from Margo and tags from Sherri today
  136. Mindy Sue, are you here?
  137. Yippeeee!!! (I got the tags from Sherri today.
  138. My pumpkin chili is cooking on the stove as I type this
  139. hooray!!
  140. Still waiting on my TAC New Demo Kit....
  141. Y'all must think I've fallen off the face of the earth
  142. Yummy Yummy Yummy I've got pumpkin in my tummy!
  143. Anybody want to chat?
  144. HUGE Cricut news....
  145. I had very good intentions this morning of walking for 30 minutes today
  146. don't want to ruffle feathers ? bout other
  147. just testing the quote option
  148. i know its late
  149. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Michelle!
  150. No school for the kiddos today due to voting in the schools
  151. Today is Voting Day!!
  152. Beautiful New Tub
  153. Is this the terrible two's?
  154. Back from DD"s physical she had to get to play soccer.
  155. I'm sorry , I know it seems like I have been complaining alot
  156. Do you love it or hate it. A poll
  157. iloveflipflops...should be iloveposting!!
  158. Britney filed for divorce today!!
  159. DD in trouble, date with DH is off.
  160. Getting my TAC discontinued stamp
  161. This month stinks.......
  162. anyone wanna chat before i go do school work????
  163. I just discovered the COOLEST THING!!
  164. Michael's by us is opening in 2 days
  165. what is your new name on ss what was it
  166. Finally Inked Up my Shack Santa
  167. I love my kids but I am glad there is school again today. LOL
  168. sick 1st grader
  169. I'm feeling very old! YIKES!
  170. I was supposed to get my carpet cleaned today....
  171. Wasn't that poll fun?
  172. When do you do the most crafting?
  173. So, it's Nov. 8th and I live in Denver
  174. has anyone tried the Storybook Creator from CM?
  175. Just posted my christmas card in the gallery if you wanna take a look
  176. Can we talk about Weight Watchers?
  177. Santa finally got inked in Ohio
  178. Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away from tomorrow, how are your Christmas cards coming?
  179. Did anyone else get a package from PC?
  180. DD came home from school today with a drivers ed form
  181. Time to change my signature line again
  182. Where would you like to spend Christmas?
  183. Did anyone see Kirstie Alley in her bikini on Oprah on Monday?
  184. Speaking of Oprah, set your tivos next Friday 11/17 ...
  185. Is anyone else besides me watching Dancing w/Stars?
  186. Hey grammastamper
  187. Stamper's "GTKY" poll...
  188. April - Inkyhands I am so glad to see you FINALLY are able to post
  189. Here is my Hot Cocoa Recipe for those who want it or need it
  190. I finally have a moment to chat...
  191. First night alone in new place!
  192. I have an actual rubber stamp that has the hot cocoa mix recipe on it
  193. I can't get that tile video to play!
  194. SSsssssswwwwwaaaaaappppppppp!!!!
  195. Enjoy pomegrantes without the cleaning mess
  196. Insomniac Scrapbooker is on the loose again!
  197. FUNNY: Should I have a child or buy a dog?
  198. Going to be away for the next 36 hours
  199. Altered File Folder
  200. Hot Cocoa images are going out to the following swappers today:
  201. So ... what is on the agenda today?
  202. Linda Shaw - please pm or email me
  203. I will not sit here on my computer all day.....
  204. Envelopes be mailed today to.....
  205. Hey Just Julie!
  206. So I made it out alive .
  207. My Hobby Lobby FINALLY has Basic Gray paper on its shelves
  208. I found these neat glass ornaments at ACMoore for 70 cents each
  209. I'm feeling good..
  210. What's wrong with me?
  211. What is the newest paper called by Basic Gray?
  212. Need computer help
  213. Anyone on right now want to help me?
  214. I posted 2 good Santa cards and 1 not so good pink/purple ornament
  215. Just posted a Santa in my favorite color
  216. I am looking to add an avatar to my name.
  217. All you weight watchers, you need to try these 1 point muffins - they are great!
  218. Hi everyone!
  219. Another Santa in Orchid
  220. How in the heck can I have almost 800 posts?
  221. Julie - Jdpisces - you must be back at work
  222. Am I the only one who gets a complex...
  223. I can't help myself! The veggie dresses are so cute!
  224. Gossip on PC board
  225. Question about Online Auctions
  226. More Veggie Dresses Come Look!
  227. Wanna see my Candy Cane Card?
  228. Another Lockhart Stamp
  229. Julie,Angie,Tami and the rest ofyou chatters
  230. Another no school day here for us.
  231. Do we have mail service today?
  232. Why am I having problems entering the
  233. How I colored in my Santa's glasses with dimensional glaze and ...
  234. Happy Friday, everyone!
  235. I'm baaaack!
  236. Anybody got a few minutes to help me out today?
  237. Going to a crop again tonight
  238. Spartymom--I love your avatar
  239. OK gals I need help with a Christmas gift for my dad.
  240. Erin Has a super freakout!
  241. Are we going to have Friday night happy hour tonite in the chat room?
  242. Tami, how was the stamp store? What did you find?
  243. Never got our 150 bulbs planted but I did get my stamp room
  244. I think the cold front's here!
  245. OMGosh-Traci-this thing is HUGE!
  246. Hi everyone!
  247. OMG - my super surprise box is SUPER
  248. Gift containers for hot cocoa
  249. My eyelids are so heavy, i don't think I can make it to happy hour tonite
  250. where do you get addresses to "shack"?