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  1. Wanna see a photo of my maps I am so proud of?
  2. You guys exhaust me!
  3. Kumihimo braiding
  4. 50% off coupon AC Moore tomorrow ONLY
  5. Kodak Moment and No Kodak!
  6. Fun Stamping Surprise
  7. I just came across this website for free watermark imaging
  8. I'm baaaaack!
  9. Inspiration for the week
  10. Muffins with Mom
  11. DD woke me up at 7 am to ask me if she could go to the beach with her BOYFRIEND
  12. Friday funny - Long Hair
  13. Heading out to meet Chelsea (spredbirds)
  14. Funny video, hopefully it's not Brian later today
  15. Don't reward your employees, just punish them less (Brian's not laid off)
  16. Spam or not Spam game...
  17. Is it just me....or
  18. My friend Shara is having her baby RIGHT NOW
  19. Cuttlebug storage...
  20. Its been over 1 full year since we had our house up for sale and we JUST NOW GOT AN
  21. UPDATE on Terry Medaris classes and info from Terry
  22. This is *lucky* Friday, the 13th for me!
  23. Neat Poem to Send With Unsigned Card
  24. Shuggy I see you are back from the dr, what did they find?
  25. Halloween cards..
  26. for all moose lovers & sarah
  27. Check out my new storage case.
  28. With all the heartache I read about....
  29. Has anybody bought Kits from Story Tellers Club?
  30. about SU neutral watercolour crayons
  31. I think we need an extra navigation bar!
  32. What's this I see?????
  33. I will be out of Town
  34. Cards Magazine
  35. i'm the queen!
  36. Check out my new storage case.
  37. Map Stuff
  38. I am heading out early tomorrow morning to go to the Winston-Salem stamp/
  39. Sherri You Caught Me
  40. Critter Pictures
  41. I got the call. Mom and baby are fine!
  42. On today's Peruvian Menu we have . . .
  43. What am I still doing up?!
  44. Shuggy and Tesschap and anyone else!
  45. YAY - Evan's flight has landed . . .
  46. Wow, just call me Chatty Cathy!
  47. Heading out the door...
  48. Shh, it's a secret
  49. DH & I are nuts!
  50. amazon.com deal
  51. ten cards from a 12x12
  52. Back from the rubber stamp/scrapbook garage sale
  53. Adventures in Stamping-Akron Ohio next weekend
  54. there are like 6 of us here today...
  55. Mother and Child SU Retired Stamp Set
  56. It's me!
  57. This is how I'm feelin today.
  58. I know I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but have y'all
  59. Holy Bat Smoke Batman!
  60. Scary ordeal today!
  61. My personal review on the Winston-Salem rubberstamp/scrapbook convention today ...
  62. I'm Baaack!
  63. Please tell me you have done something similar to this. I am just sick about it!!
  64. Arcade rocks
  65. I finally got to go to Joannes!!!
  66. Went to a funeral today, had a funny conversation
  67. I don't know about the Arcade
  68. I just added a glittery flip flop to the gallery
  69. This is what the glue pad looks like
  70. Teabear - I received your Challenge
  71. I want to try the double sided Duck tape
  72. Have you seen this stamps? I found these at ACMoore
  73. just discovered Alcohol Inks today
  74. I saw LOTS of giga and mega scallop ovals and circles at the show today
  75. Well I saw the Beatles tonight LIVE
  76. Who else needs to say away from the arcade for awhile?!
  77. It's after 3 a.m. and I'm still awake!
  78. Who else can relate to this poem? LOL
  79. So far I am NOT impressed with this glue pad ...
  80. East Coast girls....and anyone else that dealt with that storm..
  81. Yogi Bear Barton Lake, IN
  82. Contest: on Pagemaps
  83. Cardmaking Can Be MURDER!!! Read the scoop...
  84. Sherry takes the cake on this story. I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes ..
  85. clear envelope order...last call
  86. Here is our only male rooster among all these chickens
  87. Chat Anyone?
  88. Noreaster storm
  89. Frustrated!
  90. My hands are killing me...
  91. Will i ever run out of eggs? LOL
  92. Amazing Race watchers?
  93. A little humor...LOL
  94. you gotta be kidding me...flood (and envelope info)
  95. We lost power for about 6 hours today!
  96. I just got my official "card order". WOO HOO.
  97. Just when I think winter is over, I have to drag our coats out again ...
  98. Federal holiday today
  99. Waahh! :(
  100. How cute is this?
  101. I am going to get this glue pad to work if it kills me ...
  102. It was horrible you guys
  103. Do you think it's okay to play in the arcade while I'm at work??
  104. I'm out of pink paper!
  105. flood update...unfortunatley not the shack flood!!
  106. I may be MIA for a while...
  107. Ever since I had my internet here..
  108. Walmart did a price match with Mikes Ad
  109. did you see who was back!
  110. Virginia Tech Shooting -
  111. I need a group hug from my Shackee friends!!!
  112. How much are our handmade cards worth?
  113. I got this update from Heather S (Firecracker) this morning:
  114. Freedom at last!
  115. cool mail
  116. Mystery Image Swap
  117. Swap Praise Card Candy
  118. help! I need a Joans coupon!
  119. To keep my mind off things today, I went on a cleaning spree ...
  120. WOWIE! I ordered the 75-piece Grab Bag from Lasting Impressions
  121. A good day
  122. Ok, I dragged Nicholas with me to HL looking for a 5x5 album for Angie's swap
  123. Can somebody provide the link to the Converter "recipe's"?
  124. AC MOORE_JOANN"S coupons
  125. HUGE enabler alert!!! joanns and prismacolor pencils
  126. I've just changed my name to Cinderella!
  127. PrismaColor Pencil tutorial?
  128. what the heck color is this?
  129. I just posted a picture of my Grab Bag rubber in the Gallery
  130. Where is Swanie (Kelly) ?
  131. My latest findings on the glue pad - DO NOT BUY IT.
  132. code red at school
  133. Good Tuesday morning, ladies.
  134. Please keep my school family in your thoughts...
  135. Stamping with old and new friends!
  136. What is the packing tape technique with glitter?
  137. Addicted & Distracted!
  138. Mary Kay makeover
  139. Look at this neato thingie
  140. Jennifer how's the stampboard coming?
  141. For those of us who ordered the . . .
  142. Well I'm a dork!
  143. Even when bad things happen, good things also come out of it
  144. I am done with glitter ....
  145. Is anyone else glued to the news about the shooting yesterday?
  146. i've come to a conclusion...
  147. I now have a stream going thru my backyard
  148. I just held the tiniest cutest baby...
  149. Got my hands on the new $1 stamps at Michael's
  150. Here are the four other pics of some of the new $1 stamps from M's
  151. Scoring in the Darts Game
  152. My Blake Avatar
  153. No mystery for my flight
  154. Does anyone store their punches in one of those shoe bags behind a door?
  155. I wanna be like Julie Jdpisces ... I have a new avatar too
  156. I feel the need for a good cry
  157. Best Washer in the Whole World!
  158. I love NEW York...UGGGHHHHH!!!
  159. Ok - I'm a dummy. How do I make the arcade games work?
  160. Dr. Phil advise
  161. Enabler Alert!
  162. Erin K - it sprinkled yesterday!
  163. Please watch what you are feeding your pets
  164. Good Morning on Wednesday!
  165. There are so many new and old people here...
  166. We haven't heard from a ton of people in a while...who's heard from....
  167. Bassett puppies...
  168. Whaa, No Time To Play!
  169. YA!! Robin came out of hiding!!!
  170. I'm so excited ... I got one of those clear shoe thingys for my punches
  171. Mother's Day gifts ordered thanks to Sherri
  172. Does it bother anyone else
  173. Picked up my check from the Garage Sale...
  174. I want to show someone the cute "thing" I altered for Erin
  175. Enabler Alert. WalMart....are you ready for this?
  176. Babysitter.. how much to pay and it's a boy
  177. Have you seen the new Outlines Collage stamps?
  178. My 2 new circle scallop punches came today
  179. Oh my gosh..the Arcade
  180. Where is Shuggy when I need her? To those who are in her circle journal swap ...
  181. Is this a new Cuttlebug embossing folder?
  182. Money making ventures...
  183. OK....just had to share... we rubber stamp and collage at work!
  184. great! now my OTHER cat is injured
  185. Tesschap
  186. cute card from barb
  187. envelope order (for real this time!)
  188. A high school 30 minutes away from me had a shooting today ...
  189. Does anyone have a coupon code for Addicted to Rubber Stamps by chance?
  190. Yippee, I just got my Giga & Mega scalloped punches
  191. holy cow you guys... just read this... (re my friend's baby)
  192. Thank you for the cute birthday cards!
  193. Vacation Day!
  194. My 1000 Post!
  195. My friend Robin will start radiation on her brain next week ...
  196. Going to volunteer again this morning in kindergarten ...
  197. If I had one of these "babies" my family would never see me again
  198. Oh Cananda!!!
  199. So, Sherri!
  200. Wanna C my almost finished card for my mil?
  201. Sherri
  202. Punches
  203. I think I'll start a Shackie....
  204. SCRAPPIN NUTS!!!! Your toooo sweet!
  205. Go check your dog and cat food for something called Melamine
  206. Hey Linzy...
  207. I'm pooped! I just taught 2 seminars on the new postal rates and regulations
  208. Target's Clear Hanging Shoe Bag
  209. I have a Cuttlebug hiding in my trunk
  210. I was lucky enough and got the new clear Hero Arts stamps today
  211. Do you use certain scissors to cut your ribbon with?
  212. I had to say goodbye to my cat...
  213. I posted a new card
  214. Here's pictures of my new clear "punch" holder
  215. i made a very hard decision today. (lengthy)
  216. My mom sent me this today ...
  217. Ok I have been stamping for 5 years now and I just now find out ....
  218. Back on-line
  219. 5 New Cards in the Gallery
  220. Free Samples at these sites!
  221. Globetrotter day at school
  222. How do we know who is left in Survivor?
  223. Back to the social security office I go this morning
  224. My 'Vacation' Day - sorry its soooooo long!
  225. VT mourning day
  226. Organization Question --
  227. DH is on his way home from FL so he should be here around 7 tonight.
  228. you guys don't even know...
  229. 79 Hello cards in PC Idol Challenge
  230. It has now been confirmed . . .
  231. My doggie is thief........
  232. I'm back from the Dr and I'm fine...
  233. Ethel...
  234. I have issues withthe Sonic game!!!
  235. Bomb Threat called into Local Wally-world
  236. back from work and talking to my boss about my decision.
  237. How do you like my new
  238. Meeting fellow Shackies Saturday - can't wait!!
  239. Scissor Tips by Rubber Stamper- Sherri this is for U
  240. My baby now has glasses
  241. I've been away all week...
  242. bubblegumgirl
  243. an update from heather aka firecracker
  244. Heather (firecracker)
  245. Tomorrow
  246. Ants
  247. Good Saturday Morning! Going to meet Firefly( Sally) & Far North ( Jan) Today
  248. Speaking of stamping conventions...
  249. Where's the arcade?
  250. Is there an eBay name list?