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  1. Having a sort-of "me" day....
  2. { Smile For Today! } X-Rated Cartoon
  3. Are you behind in sending out Flood Swap cards??
  4. Back from meeting Sally and Jan
  5. Seeing Your Cards in Person
  6. Freaky thing happened... (totally OT)
  7. I just came across this website for card sketches. I may do some tonight...
  8. Howdy... ladies...
  9. Busy day!
  10. making my first ever steel cut oats now
  11. I made a whole scrapbook today
  12. Does anyone still need scalloped punches?
  13. House Mouse in my back yard!?
  14. i didn't make friends at the post office today...
  15. So Nicholas goes to a bowling party this afternoon for 2 hours.
  16. Question about Bananas....
  17. Your favorite song right now is........
  18. Pat
  19. I got my hair colored yesterday
  20. Dyslexia...
  21. I to a 7 hour crop yesterday...
  22. An informal stamp poll
  23. A beautiful day.
  24. We are becoming regulars at urgent care
  25. Enabler Alert... new stamps..
  26. where can i find...
  27. what do i do?
  28. Girls, Can I have your garage sale help please?
  29. I saw this on someone's blog - if you want to send cards to the families from VA Tech
  30. Sherri & other Chicken Lovers.....
  31. Hi everyone!
  32. Here's what made me laugh today...
  33. I think I need to do this challange
  34. Looking for tiny calendars
  35. buying blinds...
  36. i feel sick over thiss
  37. What is Saran Wrap?
  38. I want to doodle like Kerry ...
  39. how do you store small ink "Spots"?
  40. Another enabler alert
  41. A little Canadian humor
  42. Oooh My! Have you seen what I've seen?
  43. Chels - bubblegum girl
  44. Have you see Mr. Barky Vonsnauzer?
  45. Do you Cheer for any Professional Sports Teams?
  46. I think I might get in trouble tonight at work.
  47. DH is not better
  48. I'm back, just in case you missed me.
  49. When is that FL meet that Joanne is coming for?
  50. cool shopping
  51. cute buckets...
  52. Update on Joshua
  53. Textured Primas - I made my own ...
  54. The funeral was beautiful
  55. Look at my new cards
  56. Flood thanks!
  57. Got Purple??
  58. Enabler Alert....
  59. Giga or Mega?? Scalloped Oval or Circle?
  60. You won't believe where I found Colorbok and Foofala
  61. Who sings this country song...
  62. Sneak Peak for y'all an altered recipe box (Feedback please)
  63. Teabear....when do you go to the hospital?....
  64. Pic of Martha Stewart Craft stuff..
  65. I need to share the stupid thing I did tonight
  66. I am really digging these flip-flops . . .
  67. My trip to Michael's
  68. Depressive Week
  69. the Today show
  70. picking out paint
  71. Annette...
  72. My survivor pic
  73. I finally got to play with my Cuttlebug!
  74. Moosemama~ I have a question for you~
  75. stickles question
  76. How cool is this?
  77. OHMYHECK, what have I done??
  78. Does anyone have "ribbon" stamps?
  79. Surgery Tomorrow
  80. Just finished making 20 thank you cards
  81. Sherry's 3X3 Swap -received!
  82. Jennier (Fief14) Image Swap Received!
  83. It's a rainy, stormy day, here in Nebraska, and I'm lovin' it
  84. So Cal Girls Pirate Party at Sunday International
  85. ooooohhh Ethel!
  86. flipflops4sherri
  87. I'm gonna have to laugh...
  88. I got a Cuttlebug for 1/2 off!!!!!!!!!
  89. To see the actual new SU colors, click here at this website
  90. Can you belive my computer crashed, AGAIN!!!
  91. someone make me a card...
  92. I just changed my American Idol vote!
  93. Help! I need free virus protection!
  94. Pretty Cool Display your art purse
  95. Please Help:Does anyone know the name of the website
  96. anyone looking for prisma markers?
  97. Where is Toao (Mary)?
  98. Its been ages since I have hosted a swap so please help my memory
  99. I am going to have lunch with my godchild today at her school. She's 8.
  100. Fluff Poll: How much would you pay for ONE stamp?
  101. My doggie gets neutered tomorrow!
  102. Has the template for the dry shirt
  103. help with circle text
  104. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
  105. It's ANZAC day
  106. Fancy Pants stamps?
  107. Update on Joshua- Not good- Needs lots of Prayers again
  108. Good morning!!
  109. I came, I saw, I said "meh"
  110. Revenge of the Divorced
  111. Icky weather here in Texas!
  112. Shackies are the Greatest!
  113. today is a big day...
  114. Something's gotta give!
  115. Wanna see my stamp room with new memoboard?
  116. Just checking in.. also some cool news!
  117. My impression of Martha scrapbook "stuff" at Michael's ...
  118. Is anyone calling Tami's mom later today?
  119. More on Martha stuff ---
  120. Angie, the postal gods are against you!!
  121. It's pool season!
  122. Boy was it hot here in the Carolinas today ...
  123. It's here, it's here!
  124. I'm done
  125. Jennifer, you haven't mentioned it lately but how are your dd's wedding plans coming
  126. Has anyone heard from Kelly?
  127. Tesschap - what is the latest with maybe going to MOA?
  128. Wanna see my pages I got done for Shuggy's Circle Journal?
  129. Get ready to be insulted...
  130. How mean am I?
  131. Soccer season is just about over for Emily and I am soooo ready!!
  132. Did anyone else see the retired SU list for Australia is out already?
  133. Mary Jayne
  134. prisma markers...
  135. Out the door
  136. The old "my dog ate my homework" thing
  137. Does anyone have the Cross stamp in this card?
  138. would someone offer to bid on this 4 me?
  139. Checking in...
  140. Christie are u bidding on those markers?
  141. Bubblegumgirl, I won the markers
  142. did you ever notice
  143. Where's my free magazine?
  144. I don't think Lincoln will be having his surgery today afterall
  145. ugh...
  146. Big day has arrived
  147. USPS small global priority envies
  148. Last MOPS of the year
  149. I just got back from the dermatologist... I had a head to toe check
  150. I may have to kill Stephen...
  151. If you have me in your email address book......
  152. Tami - are you still at your mom's or are you at home ?
  153. I talked to my friend Robin today and she finished her radiation on her brain
  154. Got my garden spot all ready to plant
  155. Question for all my shack friends with dogs.....
  156. Sherri - iloveflipflops -- did you get my message?
  157. Handles with suction cups for your acrylic blocks
  158. Traci..
  159. I just started a new RAK swap for Robin
  160. Does anyone know of any "horse" sayings?
  161. Strange phone call. (Swanie it involves you)
  162. Check out my no horsing around card in the gallery
  163. I am planning to post
  164. Saw the surgeon today...
  165. Well, I had an icky EGD done today!
  166. Retail Therapy is Sooooo Goood!
  167. Joanns
  168. Calling all New Englanders!
  169. i'm so sad...
  170. for those ailing (sore throats and such...)
  171. Poor dh
  172. since health seems to be a topic today...
  173. I seem to have most of the ailments everyone else here has
  174. I am going cropping tonight!!
  175. I get to help 5th graders tie-dye tshirts this morning ...
  176. I'm sick, Brian's even staying home
  177. It's raining cats and dogs here...
  178. Happy Friday!
  179. Now that many of us have or have seen the scalloped punches
  180. I've missed out on so much!
  181. Another health topic, Electro Shock Therapy
  182. observations...
  183. camping-80's theme
  184. Does anyone have guinea pigs ?
  185. Can I Have a Birthday Every Month?
  186. Envelopes for 3x3 cards
  187. I'm no Idol....
  188. On the road again....
  189. I have contacted a New Disease
  190. my cute mom...
  191. Question for GSMon935
  192. hostess & swapper praise!
  193. I need some gentle hugs
  194. Billy Joel Review
  195. Anyone in Vancouver...
  196. I love garage/yard sales! : )
  197. I have to share this...
  198. well, it's done.
  199. weekend
  200. poem mother
  201. Michigan, Ohio, Indiana ladies... and anyone else close by
  202. who can help me - Paper Lunchbox
  203. Snow, snow go away...
  204. Do not panic if you don't see me for a few days ....
  205. My three little kittens...
  206. Life at my house....
  207. I got Emily off to drivers ed so now I am off to my lss
  208. okay ladies...I really need your help!!!!
  209. I met Beth (Canadian eh)!!
  210. I have been away for several days the last two weeks
  211. My LSS had LOTS of the scallop punches in stock ...
  212. I hesitate to share... but I should... enabler
  213. Oh my gosh, its not even May 1st yet and I got my very first birthday card
  214. These are the new clear Hero Arts stamps I bought today
  215. I'm home sick today and I already had 2 visitors.
  216. I printed out the tshirt template and I am tshirt challenged LOL
  217. Don't laugh but I think someone needs to make a "mega giga" punch
  218. My god-daughter's dance recital is tonight ...
  219. Poll - How many punches do you own or do you want?
  220. To those of you who have taught classes at your LSS, are you asked or do you ask them
  221. postscript to: Go to first new post Cardmaking Can Be MURDER!!! Read the scoop...
  222. Strange Squirrel Story (kinda long)
  223. Apparently I'm being a real jerk
  224. Which ink pads do you prefer?
  225. Ouch! Emergency Dentist Visit Today!
  226. I just signed up for AC Moore coupons!
  227. Talk to you later girls!
  228. Congratulations To Me!!!!
  229. I am missing my godchild's performance tonight ... boo hoo hoo
  230. OH MY GOSH! I'm embarassed
  231. I am thinking of doing a virtual swap ...
  232. We are high tech...
  233. I have been in a doodling kind of mood tonight ....
  234. Hutchink your avatar
  235. Thank you to moon-beam 23
  236. What's the most time you've ever spent on ONE card?
  237. u know those lil bags you rub on vellum to print/ stamps on it?
  238. googlie eyed atc
  239. Do I have vertigo?
  240. I found this time capsule thing online. I think I may do one for my sis who turns 40
  241. the chicken who did it...
  242. Does anyone keep up with multiple boards?
  243. Look at my blackberry bushes are in full bloom
  244. Back from Vacation
  245. DH is bugging me to take a MAJOR vacation to
  246. I finally ate real food tonight! YIPEE
  247. Sherri
  248. Does anyone have Birgit's (primitivecountrybug) email addy???
  249. Do you...
  250. Also, do you...