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  1. Swap (from PC)arrived 6 months after due date
  2. Aww,, Barb needs a group hug!
  3. Enabler Alert!!!
  4. What a stressful weekend......lengthy story
  5. Another squirrel story
  6. I've got my hands full..
  7. Yay!
  8. Boy, is my DD busy this week!
  9. I Just Won A Free Trip
  10. eye twitch
  11. Im scared... do i take the order or not?
  12. I used my Cuttlebug
  13. Did you see this? Freaky
  14. Okay, these are just too cute!
  15. Its AT LEAST 90 degrees out and I am going to walk with my neighbor ...
  16. pray for us please!!!
  17. holy mail day and other musings...
  18. Here's a tip for you!
  19. Victory! (potty training)
  20. ebay buying tips..
  21. My mail was "flood" good today!
  22. Tesschap - how much are you walking now at a time?
  23. Good news about my shoulder...(long story)
  24. update...
  25. I'm not going to be able to get much work done today
  26. It's a lovely day in the neighborhood!!!
  27. Anyone Have Plans for National Scrapbook Day May 5?
  28. Anyone know anything about digital cameras?
  29. I just love this card but I did not make it ...
  30. Jabbering Joanie
  31. would anyone be willing to help me out
  32. clear envie order came today!!
  33. I'm very tempted to sign up to be an SU consultant now that
  34. argh!!!
  35. Where is Jennifer
  36. Gotta love online shopping just ordered a birthday gift
  37. My dermatologist called me back and I have an appt with a gyn surgeon
  38. Benign is the sweetest word!
  39. what's for dinner???
  40. My computer headaches continue...
  41. Life....
  42. How much to charge....
  43. Guess what I found at J's today?
  44. Mindy Sue...did you get the wild weather tonight too??
  45. Update #2
  46. "Hi Miss Sherri"
  47. vintagegirl
  48. joanne/tojoco
  49. can i make a statement??
  50. This is totally unrelated to stamping but has anyone filled out a passport app lately
  51. A message from Cindi
  52. West Coast gals....you have to watch Dancing With The Stars tonight
  53. I wasted my whole night
  54. How do I turn my corner rounder into a scallop maker?
  55. Talked to Tonii today
  56. My "little boy" turns 12 today!!
  57. I'm baaaack!
  58. Glinda (Dreis1) - bunny stamps
  59. hmmm I'm at a loss. what do I tell brian
  60. I think I lost my milk (nursing related)
  61. OT- Gotta Brag on Joshua
  62. Back from the gyn surgeon and he says this birthmark/mole MUST come off
  63. OT- here is my 21 yo DS modeling pics too
  64. Survivor 2 stamps...
  65. Wow 100 yards is a LOT of ribbon... (freebie)
  66. Any one here from the Gatlinburg Area?
  67. Small world
  68. Grrr...I'm a tad upset!
  69. iloveflipflops is gr8!
  70. Sherri---what kind of frosting did you get on the cake???
  71. Soccer season is officially over after tonight ...
  72. Cool News!
  73. Yoo Hoo....Miss Deborah....
  74. I am about to sell some SU sets.
  75. Help! What do I use to cut Chipboard?
  76. Happy Dance
  77. I am eating like I'm pregnant.....
  78. My big boy is now four!
  79. A trip to M's.....
  80. Yoo Hoo, Aselahop
  81. Did you ever hear of this? (baby related)
  82. Someone has probably asked this question but.....
  83. Another WASTED night!
  84. clear envie order and inches swap...
  85. update #3
  86. I FINALLY got my corner punch to make scallops!
  87. Where can I find a clear shoe holder for my punches?
  88. I just realized... (may need help from a special shackie)
  89. LOL!! At the Wheel Game in the Arcade
  90. A confession about Martha Stewart products
  91. Do you ever just sit back and think...
  92. Off to the PO, 21 packages!
  93. Is anyone active at PCMB?
  94. Anyone here know anything about
  95. Has anyone ordered flowers online and if so, from where?
  96. Erin K - do we have a "flood" person?
  97. Fun game... Please play
  98. School will be out for us next month ... when does everyone get out for summer?
  99. End of Year Teacher Gifts -
  100. Erin K and anyone interested...
  101. Hey Angie and other Starbuck's Lovers!
  102. Don't look now but there is a "winobella" just added....
  103. And is Fishafella new too????
  104. serendipity swap received
  105. What I found at Wal-Mart
  106. Since the TAC retired list came out, are you buying any?
  107. I FINALLY posted cards
  108. Paint my room Cool Caribbean
  109. i'm going away...
  110. Keltie
  111. I think my Mother's Day gift is going to be late for my mom
  112. Erin - I just saw Stephen's thank you
  113. Good Morning to you all!
  114. Unexpected Mother's Day Gift
  115. Anyone interested in the Kentucky Derby?
  116. Wow! Just peeked in the gallery and so many
  117. Kim this CD is GREAT
  118. Mother's Day Ideas
  119. A memorial card for my teacher....
  120. I went to Target and got a some baggie fitting pants
  121. Robin's cancer has come back with a vengence and it is killing me inside :(
  122. Can I go home yet?
  123. I have a crop-a-dile now!
  124. I can have one but not both (wwyd?)
  125. Have you seen the new crop-a-dile?
  126. Any poets among us?
  127. Does anyone have depression
  128. Looking for roomate for CKC-Buffalo
  129. what's the name of that pirate set?
  130. wish me well craft fair tomorrow
  131. Yall know I"ll be gone till late monday
  132. How long do I boil corn on the cob
  133. *New pirate set to be released later this month
  134. My Daughter's First Dance!
  135. 1000!!!
  136. Any Realtors out there?
  137. I totally have to share these shoes with you
  138. Final Diagnosis...Arthritis
  139. Faux Stone Floor
  140. Update #.. oh heck I lost count!
  141. I have a confession about doodling ... I have had "assistance"
  142. What plans do you have for today or the weekend?
  143. National Scrapbooking Day - Freebies
  144. Sherri...I have a question about chickens
  145. SuziQ - where are you? (Hey that rhymes!)
  146. My 10-year old DD had a horrible migraine last nite :-(
  147. I need dessert help please!
  148. SU Spiral Punch -- HELP!!!
  149. Poll--what do you like about...
  150. I'm back from my craft fair!
  151. Now I can download the newsletter...
  152. We're under a tornado watch and I won 2 things on eBay
  153. Have you seen the Shack Gallery today???
  154. My daughter hit a HOME RUN!!
  155. Ethel - Speaking of Bon Jovi
  156. Do you ever have one of those days.....
  157. Let's talk about guilty pleasures, shall we?
  158. Colored Pencil classes - one may be near you!
  159. i cant believe it...
  160. hi everyone!! (a rather long update!)
  161. FREE Stamps
  162. Didn't get any sleep, but we're still OK.........
  163. What are you having for dinner tonight?
  164. can someone tell me the ratio
  165. Floral ATC swap received
  166. I was shacked by Moosemama, she sent me...
  167. I was shacked by Spredbirds...
  168. off to work...
  169. Doggie Puzzle
  170. I was shacked by Kreative Dryve!!!
  171. Cleaning out my stamp sets
  172. Again I want to thank you ladies.......
  173. I'm off sick from work today
  174. How is Firecracker/Heather?
  175. sorting question
  176. hey suggy...
  177. Cool Storage for Embellishments
  178. cross your fingers, I think we've turned the corner!
  179. Has anyone head - Justjohanna design team
  180. Thank you Sherri T
  181. Any one have their tragus pierced?
  182. Hey Vintagegal! (Possible enabler, Sorry!)
  183. Spin off Kim's thread on piercings:
  184. omg! closing tonight!!
  185. dial up...
  186. Do we have any Shackies in
  187. I'm home, holy cow there is a lot of mail!
  188. Thank you Sherri
  189. Altered Paint Cans question
  190. I really really need a hug
  191. yow-za..I'm making 60 mini books by Sat.
  192. Pazzles or Wishblade...
  193. I have to send a graduation card to an old school friend's son
  194. To those who have kids have graduated from high school or others who know this answer
  195. 2 more HOME RUNS!!!
  196. How could I have stamped without this?
  197. A Canine (warning) another poisonous substance
  198. Needed Inexpensive Gift Ideas
  199. I WON THE PSX HIBISCUS - NO-BUY from Ebay for the rest of May
  200. Here is the new justjohanna DT
  201. Look what this girl did with some old jeans and a few cards :). Genius!!
  202. Shuggy....Angie.....how did it go?
  203. Another fun and fluffy poll: Favorite stamp store purchases
  204. I'm back among the living...
  205. I was pick to review rubber stamping for fun
  206. Kindergartners say the "cutest" things!!
  207. Speaking of kindergartners ... I can tell I am making a difference
  208. Have you seen the new Fixafella yet? OMG :)
  209. I have a nature story to share with you all.
  210. Mother's Day Story
  211. Why does health insurance stink sometimes? LOL
  212. Tomorrow all the 5th graders are going on their 2 night camping trip
  213. Yoo Hoo Tattoolesa
  214. So Very SU! Set....does anybody have this?
  215. Oh Stacy....
  216. Hmmm. Tomorrow is Wednesday -
  217. Vintagegal Ethel-Is the flooding
  218. Bingo!!
  219. Picture of faux stone floor
  220. Does our gallery ROCK or what?
  221. Did you know about this? (enabler)
  222. I really miss you guys <sniff>
  223. This is what my vacation was like:
  224. Odd question!
  225. Things are going good....and too good!
  226. enabler alert: Circle scalloped punches (mega)
  227. Martha's on TODAY SHOW
  228. Hey stinkydog what are your plans today?
  229. I'm such an enabler, but this time its silver jewelry
  230. Sherri - wanted to check to
  231. How much can one child take?
  232. Check out this "Stellabella......"
  233. Dreams...
  234. I'm back!!
  235. There is justice in America, after all!
  236. Anyone know of Stamp Stores in/near Washington D.C.
  237. The Big Count Down
  238. NBA playoffs
  239. Ok, Stampers, I have a question for you...
  240. For Loobylou- Geocaching lesson
  241. We Are Getting A Little Kitty
  242. an update on moving...
  243. my crazy ups day (not invloving stamps :()
  244. Completely OT -- DS's campaign posters
  245. Gerbera Daisy Avatars.....
  246. dry tshirt contest ?'s
  247. attn stampcrazyjulie
  248. I'll be glad when this week is over!!
  249. Erin - Ahoy Matey.
  250. Agggggggrrrrrrrrggggggg