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  1. yoo hoo Just Julie....
  2. Creative evening in the Stamp Shack gallery
  3. I need some creative pizza sayings to go with my new pizza shoe
  4. I am down 3 lbs this morning. WOO HOO
  5. Our 150 bulbs are planted and it only took us an hour
  6. I just can't get motivated today.
  7. How do you cook your turkey?
  8. PC Maq- December, page 104
  9. I finally spent my shack $ from Haunted Shack night
  10. Are yopu gals planning to be in the chat room tonight?
  11. Finally a pic of "Kitty"
  12. Sad, (or maybe good?) news, earthboundsugaromlet, aka "the expirement" is almost dead
  13. Went Crazy Last Night!
  14. Pens or Pencils??
  15. Veggie Shoe sayings for iloveflipflops
  16. huge sale
  17. Happy Birthday, Mary Courtney!
  18. happy sunday!!
  19. Who else is font challenged? Meaning you know nothing about fonts
  20. Archivers....
  21. Sherri Rocks!
  22. Last night I met someone...
  23. I have compiled my own list of everyone who are on the address list
  24. Having thanksgiving dinner tonight.
  25. Where did the morning go??
  26. flyingflower's feeling fragile
  27. How I spent MY morning
  28. Suzi_f is AWESOME!!! She taught me how to use fonts and I think I am going
  29. Am I the only one who does not have any prismacolor pencils?
  30. I am on the hunt for a moose or a flip flop font
  31. Who wants to see what I spent the weekend doing?
  32. Sherri, did you see my post about the moose font?
  33. Ok its offical , I not suppose to get any crafting done
  34. I cleaned my craft room soooo nice
  35. Erin (and anyone else who wants to give me advice)
  36. Check out these adorable flip flop letters. I must have them!!!
  37. Hey Sherri
  38. OMG - check out these moose ones too
  39. A RIOT of colour! (So says my husband!)
  40. I downloaded the flip flop font
  41. Honey's im HOME!
  42. Hey Becky B
  43. Time to change my avatar...
  44. Post here if you would like a copy of the birthday list
  45. Mary Courtney
  46. On the address list, the following birthdays are not on the calendar
  47. Lost again on WW
  48. Have you started your Christmas shopping?
  49. Happy Monday!
  50. Christmas Poll - Warm Climate vs. Cold
  51. Stamp Convention Jan. 2007 in Riverside, CA
  52. Shuggy and Moosetracks...
  53. not sure where to post
  54. Back from the stamp store ...
  55. Kids finally got their first report cards of the year
  56. How would I go about finding.......
  57. I'm some kind of sick
  58. 62 users online right now!
  59. I am frantically working on a few veggie cards
  60. 15 Hours No Power and Still Counting
  61. Are you all ready to look at some veggie cards?
  62. I'm on a roll tonite ... added 2 more cards to the gallery
  63. I am curious....
  64. Shera, Happy Birthday!!!
  65. Any PCMB members here?
  66. Tami, check out my birthday cake shoe in the gallery
  67. Who else is "knot challenged?"
  68. Hey is there a connection .. I am (was) font challenged and knot challenged
  69. Traci and Sherri-you guys are AWESOME!!
  70. Whew...Long day!
  71. i need a little help w/ a quote
  72. Happy Birthday StampinShera!
  73. Who is else is not getting anything done at home because you are on the Shack
  74. The cat saga continues
  75. I think I will get a custom rubber stamp that reads:
  76. I am so freaked out
  77. Mulitasking today...or you can call this post...
  78. Fever's gone still feel super run down
  79. Shoe collectors? Tami...did you say
  80. Who is going to be around when i post my 1,000 post?
  81. Some November holidays I bet you didn't know
  82. Need some help????
  83. I have been cleaning for 5 hours straight .. of course, I managed to check
  84. hip hip horay!!!
  85. Does size matter?
  86. My final exam is in one hour.
  87. It's been over 2 months since........
  88. Those with children...
  89. I really like Splitcoast but...
  90. Pub Calls - nothing to do with beer!
  91. I passed, I passed!
  92. Update: Regarding my missing swap
  93. Hey Firecracker...
  94. Would anyone be willing to be in a swap I host?
  95. Holy cow I'm not ready for this. (Christmas related)
  96. Kitty update and request for name ideas
  97. I Got an order for 40 Christmas Cards!
  98. Happy Birthday Terry/Msesq !!
  99. After all that cleaning I did yesterday, I stuck myself in my stamp room last night
  100. GrammaStamper - were you able to sleep last night with all the excitement
  101. Here's a picture of JackLukeMaterTater
  102. SAlutations this wedenesday morning!!
  103. Sherri....We are loving your Hot Cocoa!!
  104. Just like popping in for coffee and a "hi neighbour!"
  105. What am I going to do for 3 days?
  106. Good morning ALL!
  107. Etiquette question......help please
  108. I feel bad... Poor Ethan
  109. I've just made my first $80 for Mall of America Trip
  110. Great News My Swap was found!
  111. I'm so confused..
  112. I remember now why I HATE long division....
  113. Did anyone see.....
  114. I'm so excitied!!
  115. Question for all the Utah Girls!
  116. "Can we talk?"
  117. Just wanted to say...
  118. My Thank-you's for today!
  119. Who is around right now that I can email this address list to make sure
  120. Joanne-Tojoco I need your professional input
  121. good night everyone!!
  122. I think I am going to restrict myself to the shack to certain hours
  123. Chat?
  124. Can someone email me with "Dancing" results?
  125. 47 Members online right now!!
  126. Squeezed in some crafting today
  127. Our family suffered a loss today
  128. Hey iloveflipflops!
  129. Suggestions for alcohol inks? Enable me!
  130. My stamping area is clean!
  131. Its 4:30 and who can sleep with this terrible storm we are having?
  132. Happy Birthday, Kenzlane!
  133. Do they put a cone on the heads of female dogs?
  134. I am so disappointed :(
  135. Good Morning, Ladies
  136. Awsome Bones Episode Last Night
  137. Who is Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner Next Week?
  138. Lisa - KULAKID please check in!
  139. Looking for Janet (Jarie)
  140. How much would you spend on concert tickets?
  141. Immediate Prayer Needed
  142. Waiting...waiting....
  143. Day AFTER Thanksgiving Poll
  144. The FLIES are driving me bananas!
  145. Another fave recipe of mine is Creamed Turkey
  146. Hoping to see SANTA today!
  147. I'm going to do it!
  148. Christmas Tag swap- Beaglelover
  149. Kulakid! I'm SO HAPPY to see you online!
  150. Do any of you adopt families for the holidays?
  151. Does anyopne have a yummy easy apptizer the would like to share?
  152. Errrr Brian's work is eating my emails
  153. Jennifer! Any word on 'Bella yet?
  154. 'Bella Update
  155. Who was into monkey themed things?
  156. Christie003D
  157. When will the Santa stamps be mailed???
  158. Christmas Card Check Holder
  159. I was thinking about the wish list
  160. Erin K!
  161. Gallery Comment Poll
  162. Artist Trading Cards and your convention poll
  163. I know I ask a lot of questions...
  164. I'm getting really nervous
  165. I got a CRICUT today!
  166. How does this happen...
  167. I got my veggies in today, did you? Check them out in the gallery
  168. My big girl is home with me now.
  169. I just recieved lots of goodies!!
  170. provo craft product recall
  171. Happy Birthday Christie!!
  172. New Prismacolor Premier Lightfast Colored Pencils
  173. My party is done it was good AND bad
  174. I just sold my first cards!
  175. I Won!
  176. Jennifer, just checking to see how Bella did last night?
  177. Oprah to be on the set in L.A. today with Grays Anatomy crew
  178. Good Morning Everyone!!
  179. DS' 2nd grade teacher called me yesterday ...
  180. Alli-Snail mail question for you
  181. Dec 13th is the date to mail before the holidays to Canada
  182. Santa Has Arrived!
  183. Check out my new avatar.. and I have a question
  184. Does anyone download music... legally?
  185. My friend wants me to make a few cards to show her my work
  186. Good Morning...
  187. new stamp
  188. Do you speak any forign languages?
  189. Have you noticed a lot of people here are going pro?
  190. We're on a boil water advisory...eeewww
  191. It's the annual hunt...
  192. Eyelet Silent Setting tool....
  193. BC gals and surrounding area people...
  194. I see 59 users online . . .
  195. Was I a bad girl? (kinda long)
  196. Gender confused cat !?
  197. SU Hodgepodge Hardware Set
  198. Only 37 shopping days until Christmas ...
  199. Happy Saturday, y'all
  200. Cute free smileys at this website
  201. Check out this cute gingerbread card ... the gingerbread stamp is a $1 M's stamp
  202. i need trimmer help
  203. Wow! Want to hear all the stuff I got at the sale??
  204. i would like an intrest in your prayers...
  205. My mastercard commercial: New craft room
  206. I made a no sew blanket today
  207. "Happy Feet" is a MUST see.
  208. Just got back from J's and got some great deals~
  209. Anyone want to chat?
  210. AHHH...Help me choose!
  211. I couldn't do it! I broke down & bought some more.....
  212. Well I have two movies that are NOT must see's
  213. Twenty minutes til chaos!
  214. All cereal lovers - have you tried Honey Bunches of Oats with Cinnamon Clusters?
  215. Hobby Lobby has all their sheets of paper 50% off this week
  216. Christmas music
  217. I might put up my snowman Christmas tree today ...
  218. My kitty's not home :(
  219. Look at this cute Christmas ornament someone made out of ...
  220. I may have to run to my one and only scrapbook store today and get some
  221. Did anyone get a Wii (or a PS3 for that matter?)
  222. Do you think I can avoid cleaning all day
  223. Creative Team A and Creative Team B
  224. I'm in an Ebay fighting war . . .
  225. Weight Loss for this week
  226. This is a cute gift idea if you like Deal or No Deal ...
  227. This is what i finally decided for my Santa Christmas cards
  228. Suzi_f and anyone else interested in the clear curled paper ornament!
  229. OMG Personalized M&Ms!
  230. My snowman Christmas tree is up!!
  231. Please help select our holiday card photo
  232. vent:ds spilled a huge thing of laundry soap
  233. I just got an order for some Santa Christmas cards from my ....
  234. 2007 my "baby sister" turns the big 4-0!!
  235. The Trees are up!
  236. I just won the Base Camp Cricut Font!
  237. Happy Birthday Jan & Shirley!
  238. My Weekend....
  239. Got my mom's Christmas cards all done
  240. In light of the approaching Holiday season...
  241. Chris - Mydogstinks2 I saw these 2 signatures and thought you would love them
  242. I think I know why my Christmas cards are not done yet.
  243. Personalized M&M Advertisement
  244. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAN & Shirley!
  245. Is today my big card day?
  246. Still No Kitty
  247. Pet Avatars! I'm lovin' 'em all!
  248. Happy Birthday....
  249. Uh oh. I just got called down to the principals office...literally!
  250. Well Yippeee Skippy!!