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  1. Guess what I got in the mail today????
  2. I made it through surgery! *update 11 Jan
  3. I started packing today!
  4. My Dad had a heart attack today
  5. Computer Problems!
  6. A warm ya up soup recipe
  7. Funny story
  8. Went to Wally World today and stocked up on thread ...
  9. THUNDER in January!!!
  10. There is something about international mail! (Thanks Sarah)
  11. lost my job today
  12. Digital scrapbookers question
  13. Guess what I did today?
  14. Help quick-Creative Xpress question
  15. HGTV Dream Home Giveaway
  16. Recipe RAK needed...
  17. Woo Hoo!! Way to go Packers & Brett Favre
  18. Went to Hollister again- MUST VENT!!!
  19. Great Shopping Day!
  20. RAK's needed..please read
  21. Can I just say....
  22. I'm so glad I made a Scrapbook for my parent's 50th
  23. lakeslady - Signature Pic
  24. Anyone Read Debbie Macomber?
  25. 1000 Posts
  26. According to my "ticker" counter down there I have a week to go
  27. I don't have a "ticker...."
  28. How to share a link
  29. Laptop Grief - Well, sort of...
  30. To all of those in my swaps
  31. I'm just about all packed!
  32. Shhhhhh!! Don't tell anyone but I heard on our local news we could have SNOW
  33. I will be volunteering most of this week at the high school ...
  34. weird phone call...***merged
  35. Joke for today...
  36. I wanted to apologize...
  37. Do you think Cindi was grumpy this
  38. hey, what is this?
  39. Who thinks I am crazy?
  40. I gotta know...
  41. Member for a year again
  42. My3D's I love your cute new avatar ...
  43. Thank You (RE: Bday Cards)
  44. Tomorrow could be "the day"!
  45. We are expected to ONLY get 1/10" of a inch of snow
  46. Sherri-Oh Sherri
  47. CONGRATS Sherri
  48. a poll for everyone
  49. A New Home
  50. Question of the Week~ 17 Jan
  51. Joke for the day
  52. Aren't I chatty today?
  53. Are you bored?
  54. Snow Storm *merged*
  55. My 3,000th post....
  56. So, I am sitting here..
  57. update on the "interview"...
  58. Just have to say!!!
  59. The first month of the new year is half over already!
  60. I was thinking again...
  61. Snow in Lexington, NC
  62. freezing....
  63. Today is Girls day for me!
  64. Today's Inquiry (poll)-17 Jan
  65. happy dancin'
  66. Having to work STINKS!!!
  67. I feel like selling stuff
  68. "Blurf" and "Scrubbie"
  69. Giddy with excitement!
  70. GREAT Shopping Day Today!!!
  71. Pictures of our big snow
  72. Crepitate. Meaning and story...
  73. Shackies coming to Michigan tomorrow-Are you all packed & ready to go?
  74. Cleaning out my stamps
  75. 24-hour dessert poll (this will reveal something about your personality)
  76. THIS marks my 1000th post! Squeee
  77. I am so burned out! TGIF! (I really mean it!)
  78. I got a job - I got a job -
  79. Your personality: Results for the Dessert Poll posted yesterday
  80. Stupid Question - How do I wear these shoes?
  81. Went shopping at LSS last night
  82. Here's a question for you all...
  83. men...
  84. Need some GOOD VIBES sent my way...
  85. Here I sit at 5:50 am waiting for the big snowfall to head our way
  86. What in the world are we thinking?
  87. Michigan shackies meet up last night...
  88. I was BAD!!!!!!
  89. crock pot question...
  90. Its snowing, its snowing!!!
  91. Michigan Shackies!!! DID U SEE THE SNOW?
  92. Janome Sew Mini review
  93. Hollister observation.....
  94. There are a family of 3 alpacas in the paper for sale today
  95. New computer desk
  96. 10 Silly Questions Poll.............for all!
  97. US Gals ~ What Will You Buy with $800 or $1600?
  98. Penguin Cartoon
  99. I'm taking an online class right now to learn how to create web pages!
  100. Do the kids have school off today for Martin Luther King Day?
  101. DH just left for his long trek to FL (11 hours)
  102. greetings from Cancun!
  103. Hi!!!
  104. I made cards all morning...........
  105. Chelsea/spredbirds
  106. huge snowstorm...
  107. Bunco Tonight (Monday)
  108. It's a snowday!
  109. Another good snowfall...9 inches...
  110. Had to change my Avatar...
  111. Am I am the ONLY one who thinks its great to get things cleaned ...
  112. Is it green in here sometimes??
  113. piles of snow...
  114. Want to see today's cupcakes?
  115. Erin, bakers, and/or sugar free'ers...
  116. what's wrong with this picture???
  117. Wild ride...
  118. Finally hit 1000 posts...
  119. Gawd, I am such a nerd!
  120. American Idol Chat
  121. I'm back!!
  122. a few cancun pics
  123. Going on holiday
  124. I think my carpal tunnel is back in my left hand ...
  125. My Tastefully Simple party rocked!!
  126. Anyboday awake at this hour? Chat anyone?
  127. Thursday Poll
  128. DH is headed back tomorrow from FL
  129. Back Home in MN
  130. Today is my.......
  131. The Krispy Kreme donuts are calling me ...
  132. Are there any West Lafayette, Indiana Shackies?
  133. Guess how our new employee is doing?
  134. I'm off to Indianapolis, IN for DD swim meet
  135. I had my picture taken with a monkey
  136. We are going to look at a house on Sunday
  137. Happy Australia Day, Mate
  138. I have been trying to keep in touch with Robin's husband Jeff
  139. So off we went to Hobby Lobby ... I had 4 40% coupons and I was determined
  140. Where's Pam/smileycollector???
  141. I am going on vacation!
  142. You got to see this if you ever stay at hotels
  143. I want to make pretty cards again!!!
  144. Come see the new me!
  145. Vicki - IAMBLESSED5
  146. Hello from the San Francisco Bay Area!!!
  147. Whats for dinner?
  148. I fell once again, this time coming out of target
  149. My best friend Amy is flying in tomorrow from Wisconsin...
  150. A little chuckle for the evening:
  151. logcabincreations...Jan
  152. 20 years later and 30 miles away from my high school
  153. We went and seen the house
  154. I had the pleasure of meeting...
  155. how nice to have the challenge winners pics on the homepage!
  156. threefriends91
  157. Please wish me luck!
  158. what do you do at a super bowl party..
  159. Do ya miss me ???
  160. Cold Cold Cold
  161. I'm getting CLOSE!!!
  162. Card Club at my LSS
  163. Having a bad day
  164. what is everyone making for Super bowl munchies???
  165. Could someone help me learn how to post a poll?
  166. I will be at the police station tomorrow . . .
  167. Last night I had insomnia so as I laid in bed, I thought of the Shackies
  168. The Church we are looking to buy
  169. Another snow day!
  170. Adobe Software Help
  171. Question 4 anyone w/child w/ IEP??
  172. l went to my first craft class
  173. Hi Ho, Hi Ho...
  174. Do you know that I have not cried once since my grandma passed away?
  175. My computer is crashing
  176. Give the cat a bath....
  177. I'm feeling very "tender" today and
  178. Uh Oh!!!
  179. Can anyone possibly go to Sonic more than us in 24 hours? LOL
  180. Keith Urban/Carrie Underwood Concert
  181. My Best Friend Arrives Tomorrow!!!!
  182. Tissue Box Cover project
  183. how do I clean my scanner?
  184. I need a color printer. Any suggestions?
  185. I will be heading south in about an hour ...
  186. Snow day for me!!
  187. Stamping stores in Minnesota??
  188. Not working tomorrow!
  189. Time to check in at THE SHACK at hotel....
  190. I wonder if Sherri made it to Florida ok??
  191. I went to the funnest home party tonight
  192. Happy Groundhog Day!!
  193. Remembering Lori Adelaars (Who Moi) from PCMB
  194. Where is Sweetpea?
  195. does anyone need michaels coupons?
  196. no crop for me today.
  197. Can anyone explain to me how Paypal works?
  198. Prank phone calls...
  199. My son took 2nd in wrestling divisionals....
  200. If they named an embelishment after me it would be...
  201. about to upload to the gallery??? Wait!
  202. Does Anyone Else Hate Football?
  203. today's snow pictures...
  204. I'm lying out in the sun by my pool while being at the
  205. Do any of you have a Kodak EasyShare Z885???
  206. What are some of your current favorite songs?
  207. thanks, sherri...
  208. Woohoo! my 5000th post!
  209. superbowl 1/2time show
  210. who else is stamping while superbowl is on?
  211. If you have children, what are their ages?
  212. My flood cards are donefor next month
  213. Had another busy day in Florida
  214. do you know what no-see-ums are??
  215. I'm Back!!!!!!!
  216. PreSchool WOW!!!!
  217. Play date anyone?
  218. Another one of those interesting questionnaires
  219. I don't care what the calendar says, its MONDAY!
  220. It's offical..........
  221. With the new computer comes hard work
  222. I am home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  223. Was there Voting in your State today?
  224. We are under a severe tornado warning -- again!
  225. Becky P. in East Tennessee
  226. A play date
  227. Those who had bad weather last night, please check in with us
  228. I've put off the laundry long enough ...
  229. Anyone know what brand of thongs are most comfortable?
  230. I made a Cancun mini book
  231. Re: my message board name.
  232. Devastation surrounds us!
  233. Because I am happy to be alive after last night's fiasco . . .
  234. Being nosey about the Thong...
  235. My girl scout cookies just arrived
  236. 5,000 posts...right here....right now~~~~
  237. Spooning slush out of your dish????
  238. Oh I just realized that..........
  239. I'm an Official SU Demonstrator!
  240. Can I complain? lol
  241. I'm ready for tonight's card workshop, finally.
  242. Pics of the flood...(water kind, not cards...)
  243. Im about ready to rip my ears off my head
  244. sherri...
  245. Nice. I think Im getting jipped by another SU demo
  246. On the positive side: I'm learning how to Knit!
  247. What interesting things have you bought while waiting for a prescription at Walgreens
  248. Post office visit and venting
  249. I think I want to learn how to quilt ...
  250. With CHA this weekend... I saw a sneak peek at new Basic Grey papers and WOW!!!!