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  1. Only 42 days until Spring ....
  2. Mickey Mouse has arrived in Lexington, NC
  3. Comments on Lipstick Jungle
  4. WooHoo! Having a Great Day so far!
  5. Here's why my DS had to take my car to school today
  6. Does Creative Express have pretty fast shipping?
  7. Ack! Off 3 days & 7 pgs of posts to catch up on!
  8. Off on vacation
  9. Major eek, or I should say itch, factor!!!
  10. How about another little questionnaire?
  11. Erin and other cupcake lovers
  12. A useful computer tip
  13. question about taxes...
  14. Back from vacation- keep that airplane away from me!
  15. Emmcee........
  16. Sale a Bration swap
  17. Another great video with Tim Holz
  18. Anyone wanna play a game with me???
  19. Altered Target Mailboxes
  20. Just got back from shopping at everyone's favorite store ...
  21. Did any of you have pen pals when you were younger or do now?
  22. dumb question!
  23. Cindi, about saving notes...
  24. Walk down memory lane...
  25. What another snow day?
  26. Question about stampin up markers...need your opinon:)
  27. Time to Clean!
  28. Postal Rates increasing in May...
  29. Oh Happy Day!
  30. passports...
  31. Have you seen Tim Holtz new viedo/ products
  32. My Demo Kit Has Shipped
  33. Can anyone cheer me up in the chat room?
  34. I knew I was in trouble when...
  35. Need a HUGE favor- vote for my friends son PLEASE!!
  36. Thanks for card and now I'm feeling
  37. New Job!!
  38. A small whine and advice needed....
  39. Cookies anyone??
  40. Thanks Joanne/Tojoco
  41. ATC swap please help
  42. vacation help...
  43. travel poll
  44. What do you do to relax?
  45. I have exceeded 4000 posts!!!
  46. I learned something new today
  47. Yay Starbucks to the rescue
  48. Sarah - Loobylou
  49. Valentine's Day is over, time to get new avatars ...
  50. Anyone watch LOST last night?
  51. Looky what I found in the Target $1 spot ...
  52. Also found these jars by Making Memories for $10.50
  53. a few random photos and a fairy princess wand...
  54. I am home...
  55. What is your favorite breakfast cereal?
  56. I am B-O-R-E-D!! (at work)
  57. Calling all gardeners ....
  58. I must STEP AWAY from the girl scout cookies ...
  59. Cupcakelovers
  60. Very Heart-Warming Song and Video by soldier
  61. Girls Night Out
  62. I have another new avatar ...
  63. Is it difficult to create a blog?
  64. What are you afraid of??
  65. Any advice for my friend...
  66. we are covered in ice!!
  67. Loved ones serving overseas poll
  68. Good Morning!
  69. Run, do not walk, to your nearest Target for these awesome cupcake pj's
  70. Nascar Fans...the Daytona 500 has begun
  71. If you happen to be watching the Daytona 500 . . .
  72. Game time...
  73. I'm worried about Lisa Guyon**Updated**
  74. Lookie What I Did Today
  75. If you could pick actors to play you and your DH in a movie who would they be?
  76. Have you ever done this?
  77. Tornado Update_Just wanted to let all know I am ok
  78. Message from Victorianrose
  79. Look I got a new hair cut
  80. Look at my pretty roses!!
  81. Why am I so Insecure?
  82. found an amazing card by Who Moi, LOri
  83. Belated stuff about Vegas
  84. how do you store your magazines?
  85. Our very own Joanie (ccstampin12) is a star!
  86. Stamped Easter basket tutorial "easy"
  87. Cute Boots
  88. Lunar Eclipse Reminder
  89. Grape Nut lovers there is a great new cereal out ...
  90. Finally got out the Flood cards today..
  91. My Valentine's present (youre going to be jealous!) lol
  92. Wanted: Boo-Berries!
  93. Maggie is missing! ****UPDATE***GOOD NEWS
  94. 3900 Saturdays - Read this for something to think about ...
  95. Another inspiring story like Sherri's............
  96. I need some advice re: buying new luggage
  97. A fender bender...
  98. Free Vintage Image Site
  99. What are your weekend plans?
  100. Well. I'm planning on being 'blue' again on Mon.
  101. Someone else's turn...
  102. For all you middle-aged women out there
  103. Ctinyjoy/Cheri
  104. I want hair like scrappinuts (Terry H.)
  105. I'm sooooo EXCITED!!
  106. still trying to figure out our vacation...
  107. Check out this leprechaun made out of punches. Isn't he cute?
  108. happy international dog biscut day...
  109. So which stamps are you ordering from Addicted to Rubber Stamps
  110. holy guacamole...
  111. Pay It Forward . . .
  112. ISO St. Patrick's Day image
  113. OMG.. something new on my account here
  114. Scrapsong:D
  115. The latest on the donkeys, alpacas, any farm animals
  116. A few pictures from our trip to Paris
  117. I'm clearly having a stroke....
  118. Just curious-how many of us work full time??
  119. From Sydney Australia to Reno Nevada
  120. Jury Duty today!
  121. NE1 going to the Heirloom show in Indianapolis?
  122. OT:What do you know about Probate?
  123. Off to Florida tomorrow!
  124. How great is that just a week off.
  125. Soccer season is in full swing starting tonight .. let the fun begin!!!
  126. Sugar Nellie
  127. Have you ever picked up your phone and heard a voice from the past?
  128. Well, It's time for me to pack up all of my papercrafting supplies!
  129. Make your own custom card protectors.
  130. I've got to get my hands on this cupcake paper ... it is soooo cute!!
  131. Mickey Mouse paper!!!
  132. SU Party Tonight
  133. i got something new to play with
  134. Card Club Class Tonight!
  135. Thanks Scrapsoon for Blog Candy
  136. I'm going to Disney World
  137. Ya Hoo Barb will be home on Friday
  138. I think Ellie & I should head to the mountains of NC today
  139. start your day with a smile...and you might feel smarter too!!
  140. Spring is in the air!
  141. Craft Bag Poll
  142. Amuse Stamps at my LSS soon!
  143. Just wondering how is your daily Prayers for the Whole Stamp Shack going
  144. Yeah, I'm leading my 2nd card workshop
  145. It feels like spring!
  146. Going to meet a friend for lunch at Red Lobster today
  147. With this chatter about Spring being on it's
  148. I picked up some mail...
  149. Wanna know what I'm doing this weekend?
  150. Who would like to chat on the phone?
  151. Been trying to fix my computer....
  152. Witch song is it now for you??
  153. Anyone own an Apple computer?
  154. Sherri/iloveflipflops
  155. Who lives near Ontario or can help with something for Barb?
  156. I had a fender bender late this afternoon in my van :(
  157. I need cardmaking packing help!
  158. I haven't been online for 2 days!!
  159. My computer is a lot faster now!!
  160. I know we are all stamp collectors here, but
  161. Emmcee, Michelle - how is your new hair? Are you now a blond bombshell? LOL
  162. Happy Leap Day! What are you doing today?
  163. To those in Canada, can you use a Mastercard or a Visa as a charge card
  164. Found a way to get caught up on my shack posts....
  165. I'm irritated
  166. Can't trust those fairy tales..
  167. vacation...
  168. Isn't today Sadie Hawkins Day???
  169. Michelle (Emmcee) and Ellie are coming to stamp with me tomorrow
  170. Hello from Purdue University
  171. America's Most Wanted
  172. Sherri/flipflops
  173. What are you doing Saturday?
  174. I have finally learned how to upload PHOTOS
  175. We are home from Disney!
  176. Michelle (Emmcee) and Ellie just left....
  177. Hello
  178. I'm back!
  179. funerals...
  180. Because all big butts look the same from a certain angle
  181. We'll be leaving Indiana in the morning!
  182. So, moving isn't going as planned for this weekend...
  183. Pics of our craft show spread...
  184. DH told me this morning that I must stamp more often with friends
  185. Shuggy and Erin have cost me money today
  186. Signs of Spring in the Carolinas
  187. Update on Indianapolis Heirloom show
  188. I met two Shackies yesterday!
  189. Try this game and donate food at the same time!
  190. I had a play date with fellow shackies
  191. Did anyone place their order with SU yet for the new spring catty stamps?
  192. Our realtor called today to tell us the sherrif had been out to our house today
  193. Ewww! Yuckkie!!!
  194. mjbonoan. Has anyone heard from her?
  195. I am going to try a new place out this morning and get a haircut
  196. What do you call this??
  197. Do I look younger with bangs????
  198. I'm reading the book "A complaint free world"
  199. How much is gasoline costing by you?
  200. Hugs to all of you
  201. Yoohooo.... Cupcake Lovers...
  202. Going back in to get more bangs cut ...
  203. I took the day off work today so I could stay home and work on my taxes.....
  204. I'm planning a trip to Disney World! Any advice?
  205. MerryMimi.....Love your avatar
  206. Anyone want to chat? I have a few minutes!
  207. Back from our trip o Disney...
  208. The wind is really whipping at our house tonight and the rain is coming down hard!!
  209. Here it is ladies! Let me show you Terry's beautiful hair
  210. Good morning everyone
  211. Dinner guests. Please advise
  212. Jan~Far North....Thank you
  213. I've made a BIG decision...
  214. Dirty Monitor?
  215. Can you list a few cute little ideas to make someones day.
  216. My Advisor at the Ford dealer is officially getting on my nerves
  217. I cannot find the Birthday List thread...
  218. I wonder....how many of us "texts" here
  219. DS just brought me a Caramel Java Chiller
  220. Guess who is back?
  221. You've been tagged!
  222. Those in the US, we change our clocks FORWARD this weekend ...
  223. I'm off to NYC for the day!
  224. Please vote for DH's friend-He's a firefighter!
  225. Woo Hoo! I finally reached a milestone post
  226. I must find some of this Basic Grey cupcake paper
  227. Its a beautiful day in the Carolinas today
  228. Pastor's Business Card
  229. OMG What will we do with all this SNOW!
  230. It's SPRING on Cape Cod!!!!1
  231. look what I made today
  232. costco...
  233. puppy chow...
  234. The Wish Fairy rocks! We have a new category!!
  235. Directmailstamper...i found a store for you
  236. How many women with PMS does it take to change a light bulb???
  237. Tornado watch for us
  238. Can you beleive that Houston is under a winter weather advisory!
  239. My bellas are scheduled to be delivered today
  240. The Melting Pot
  241. Check in again if you're experiencing bad weather!
  242. I forgot to tell you about my nose on Tues and my pinky toe today ...
  243. Shhhhh!! I decided to keep the gray around my ears ...
  244. Finally...We're Moving!
  245. Wanna see a white Collierville, TN?
  246. Snowing a little in WNC
  247. The sun is shining and the snow is almost all gone!
  248. Furniture to put together.....
  249. Craziest Thing!
  250. My furniture SAGA.....