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  1. Call me stupid, naive....whatever....but
  2. Wanna see my hummingbird?
  3. I'm so proud of me!!!!
  4. Spring is in the air...
  5. computer question
  6. Where is everyone? This is my 12,000 post!!!
  7. Old Man Winter is back in the Carolinas ... I hope my garden survives!!
  8. I'm thinking I want a new car ...
  9. we're back
  10. travel plans in June - Wichita and Chicago
  11. Hey Sherri...
  12. Twitter anyone?
  13. for the cupcake and bird lovers...
  14. I recently noticed
  15. My love/hate relationship with Spring cleaning
  16. Since I made my new signature.....
  17. my cute mom...
  18. Please put cards in to a category in the gallery
  19. She'll be apples? Kia Ora
  20. fiskars scalloped punch
  21. I want to go to California just to check out this awesome store :)
  22. UH OH! What did I do?
  23. Silly Sandals
  24. Is it fashionable to have different sized placemats??
  25. Unemployment insurance question
  26. Ethel - vintagegal
  27. what's for dinner?
  28. For those of you that travel with your laptops.....
  29. Price matching thread....again.....
  30. Hi Y'all! Long time no talkie!!
  31. We have a lurker who...
  32. I-Pod Shuffle question
  33. I'm a bit bummed
  34. The latest SKINNY...literally....
  35. I want this house!
  36. My birthday came a month early - look what my DH bought me today!!
  37. Serious Matter..........
  38. Anyone else feel the earthquke this morning?
  39. If you went to an all-girls Catholic school
  40. Its hard to believe we only have 7 weeks of school left ...
  41. For those of you who love Thomas Kincade
  42. Tim Holtz says hi
  43. Went to LSS
  44. We're back, we're back, we're back!!!
  45. Have you tried the FlipSides
  46. What to do with old scraps of ribbon?
  47. 3 weeks AFTER Scrap & Stamp hit the newstands, I get my complimentary issue
  48. Needed a pep talk this morning but Shack was down!
  49. Bath and Body Works returns?
  50. Went to the orthodontist today to get Nicholas' expander checked
  51. OH WOW I missed you guys so much!
  52. What's your latest gas prices you are paying?
  53. Guess what I am bringing to Ellie's for lunch tomorrow
  54. high iq society??
  55. Missing all of you
  56. Bare Minerals makeup??
  57. Wide Width Shoes
  58. relay for life auction at Curves
  59. school...
  60. Did you know
  61. Parents who have teenager drivers
  62. Today is Earth Day!
  63. What do you do.......everyday, not just for Earth Day?
  64. Had a nice day with Ellie. We stamped and stamped and then ate lunch :)
  65. Sarah I'm all freaked out!
  66. To the gals in the chat room last night, I was telling them how Emily's soccer team
  67. Anyone have a discount code to OTC?
  68. I have the creepy crawlies
  69. Please try to empty your Private message boxes
  70. I'm back............
  71. OK, Who's ordered from OTC before?
  72. Ok, change of plans, Anyone have a discount code for Addicted to Scrapbooking?
  73. I'm depressed for 3 reasons ....
  74. Another "Bet you lived in Washington" thread with pics
  75. Can I please share about one more exciting day at work with you?
  76. I wonder how Erin is doing with her gift card holders
  77. printer cartridge free to good home
  78. Rubber stamp stores or quilt shops in....?
  79. How is Aunt Joyce doing
  80. Has anyone seen the latest TAC newsletter?
  81. Burnt pot, can it be cleaned?
  82. I got a great report today from the dermatologist ...
  83. So ... how many scissors does one person need in her stamp room?
  84. Swanie78 & Flipflops!!! Some people just know how to make you SMILE!
  85. I talked to a fellow Shackie on the phone today
  86. Wasting Time....GRRRRRR!
  87. worst chore...
  88. Working on swaps at work today...
  89. Holy Cow!!!! 900 posts!
  90. Mother's Day gift for my mom using a sheet of acrylic and rub-ons, etc.
  91. For those on the no spending rule in April, are "we" continuing it in May?
  92. ck media...
  93. Is anyone watching 'Lost' right now??...no spoilers
  94. Today is Friday
  95. Have you seen the new $5 bill?
  96. Does anyone know if the Stampin Up Sticky Strip can be bought
  97. computer problems...
  98. International Postage question
  99. Enabler: 50% Store Closing Sale (online)
  100. Reasons I don't like the heat.....
  101. New TV
  102. Let's all give a big shout out and welcome back Sherry G!!!
  103. 3Darlings(Michelle)
  104. How to make a pocket book out of a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper
  105. It's Saturday morning and
  106. One thing I learned last week when the Shack was down...
  107. ugh...
  108. help with fonts!!!
  109. Got rear-ended today...
  110. Awsome Scores at the Swap Meet
  111. Feedback on a Nissan
  112. Such yummy food in our house today!!
  113. We are traveling...
  114. Going to the mall today with Emily and I am dreading it!! LOL
  115. What are you planning to eat for diner??
  116. yoo hoo Tracey
  117. Sherry welcome back
  118. Funny story -- now I have a "job"!
  119. Mother's Day Gifts
  120. We're sisters and we can discuss ANYTHING right?
  121. I do have jury duty tomorrow...
  122. I read this on another site I belong to...passing it on to y'all
  123. We're under a tornado warning ...
  124. Why O Why does HL have to always put paper on sale!!!!
  125. I won't be around much this week
  126. I need a hug
  127. We have only one more soccer game left of Emily's season ...
  128. A message from Jan (logcabincreations).....
  129. Have I mentioned lately how I HATE HATE school projects???
  130. Anyone read books by Janet Evanovich?
  131. Time
  132. The day has finally come
  133. Cupcake finds on Etsy
  134. I'm dreading it but I must shop for new bras ...
  135. Positive thread: name three things that made you smile, today
  136. Just have to share my excitement ... I got an order today for some cards
  137. Happy Hump day!!!
  138. We're back!!!
  139. smack my hand someone.....
  140. Postage Increase
  141. While reading Ethel's thread....
  142. For those still experiencing winter here is a rose!
  143. It's my 14th wedding anniversary today
  144. Funny coincidence
  145. How was your day??
  146. So do you want to read my English assignment?
  147. I fixed my Dahle and now all is good.
  148. Soccer season is over with Em and we continue on with Nicholas ...
  149. A foot of snow forcasted for Western Nebraska tomorrow night
  150. I'm going to Mexico in 4 days!!!
  151. Ellie & Patty - safe travels on your trip to IN today
  152. Apparently, I am not as young as I used to be ...
  153. Happy 26th Wedding Anniversary, Directmailscrapper/Nancy!
  154. Best story of sportsmanship I've read in a L-O-N-G time. *Must read!!*
  155. It was 13 years ago that I was in labor with Nicholas
  156. We are going to be chatty this weekend while the Palooza is going on right ladies?
  157. Sherry....
  158. Sherri motivated me...
  159. Who wants to help me plan a baby shower???
  160. My son gets kissed at Disney!!
  161. Need Hair help (kinda)
  162. Good gawd! Some people are crazy!
  163. Only 6 posts away from *2000*
  164. Going to the chapel...back in 1961
  165. i hate the dentist.
  166. DH is making me do yard work with him today ... why oh why did I not go to Palooza?
  167. Cell phone ringtones - RAZR V3m phone
  168. 63 more posts to go til I hit 1000!
  169. Did you know that the Melissa Frances paper collection has one called Sheri ...
  170. Wow!!! 1,000 posts!
  171. Shackapaloosa gals - we need an update ....
  172. Wow Arkansas Tornadoes
  173. I'm going to power down . . .
  174. So far everything is AOK in Tennessee
  175. Dental Woes!!!! I'm steaming.....
  176. Saturday Plans for those of us still at home?
  177. Me-hi-co - here I come!
  178. Tantalize
  179. Tojoco-Joanne
  180. I'll never watch the Kentucky Derby again...
  181. Did you noticed it??
  182. I didn't know dance recitals could last so long!!!
  183. 9 Miles Later
  184. Does Hobby lobby take competitors coupons?
  185. You won't believe what just happened to me!!!!
  186. someone give me the details of the MA stamping event
  187. Kudos to Mahodgman!
  188. Just got my Hedgehog ATC swap!!!
  189. Happy Cinco De Mayo!!
  190. I need a little help....
  191. Yoohoo Jan....when do you leave for the cruise?
  192. Birth control pill costs ....
  193. A certain individual has a birthday this week and I have not seen her on here ...
  194. I was forced to shop on eBay again...
  195. Sears Vinyl Siding????
  196. I need a good laugh
  197. My husband asked "the question".
  198. Who here at the Shack works for an attorney?
  199. Great Truths
  200. The Mom Test
  201. Ahhh. I got a new computer today!
  202. Shackapaloosa Girls are the sweetest!
  203. Cindi gave me the courage to try out
  204. Navigation Bar Change
  205. I talked to Tonii (Caboverde1) today
  206. Recipe for the Lemon Cake I'm making for Mother's Day
  207. Anyone have a nose ring?
  208. I had to miss my stamp shopping day yesterday with Ellie & Patty
  209. Do you have a hard time asking people for money they owe you?
  210. So here's a question
  211. Arcade withdrawals...
  212. I am calling Erin tomorrow to tell her we all wish her a happy b-day
  213. I'm Back! It was horrible yall.
  214. Need help with my new computer RE blog viewing
  215. Ice Cream Girl's Night Out
  216. Altering Mini Composition Books (questions)
  217. Has anyone ever listened to a timeshare "spiel" to get a free vacation?
  218. We're under a tornado watch ...
  219. DH called from store to find out the difference between plain salt and iodized salt..
  220. Yeah - we are back up!!
  221. It's Friday, yeah!
  222. I will be MIA this weekend
  223. The BEST thing about being back in Chicago...
  224. *faint* I'm not positive, but.....
  225. And update to my "whine" post
  226. It was a great day today stamping with Ellie & Patty
  227. Do any of you have an Art Car Parade in your city??
  228. Ok...where are my Photog Shackies?
  229. google error
  230. Look what i found
  231. I crashed really hard today (sugar-related)
  232. Had our first corn on the cob of the season and boy was it good!!
  233. Another Tornado Watch
  234. Bonds of Friendship Poem to ALL SHACKIES ...
  235. Had my first Dim Sum today!
  236. The most wonderful local bookstore in my neck of the woods
  237. We made it thru the first round of tornado warnings!
  238. Wanna see my lemon cake?
  239. Happy Mothers day Ladies
  240. My Anniversary treat to hubby lol...
  241. Finally got my signature to work!
  242. Need Computer Help, FAST!
  243. wheres my post gone
  244. I must appologise to..
  245. How was your Mother's Day?
  246. I'm done...I think Im going back to CA tomorrow
  247. Going to the dr this morning for my headaches
  248. It sure has been quiet around here lately
  249. I think I might want to sell some stuff on the Shack...
  250. I'm heading to Boston for business on Sunday