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  1. Yeaahh!! We won!!
  2. Made some cupcakes
  3. Did you see the news about WI Dells???
  4. Thank you for Birthday Cards
  5. I-70 and I-35?
  6. An ole Mom needs some reassurance!
  7. Found something yucky in my broccoli!!!
  8. finally a break in our weather!!!
  9. Last day of school for our kids is today ...
  10. look what i almost stepped on...
  11. I have all of my unmounted stamps I bought this weekend now on EZMount
  12. We were robbed
  13. Look at this
  14. Our little house is on the web now....
  15. I need everyone's fingers and toes crossed please.
  16. Errrrrrrrr
  17. Today I just about bawled my eyes out watching ALL of the middle school teachers
  18. Joanne, I just gotta ask this question ... what exactly is "real" pizza?
  19. For those who have been wondering how Lesa is doing ...
  20. Want to see a gorgeous home?
  21. My AC Moore's is closing July 15
  22. I'm just not too bright
  23. Pictures when we were young...
  24. Ethel - vintagegal
  25. Say a prayer for me today ~ Final exams
  26. My first "real" day of summer with no school and here I sit at 5 am .. LOL
  27. How is this card made?
  28. Where is Marieke?
  29. Day 1 of no school ... Its 2 pm and I have not stamped a single thing
  30. update on my son (so far)
  31. With all this outbreak of e-coli on tomatoes, I'm glad
  32. We actually 2 tornadoes hit our area on Saturday night
  33. Ms. Joanne (tojoco)....how did the interview go?
  34. I have a question for the Utah girls.
  35. Those with teenagers .. what is a reasonable hour that kids should go home by?
  36. The owls are now on the website at Pink Cat Studios
  37. How do you feel about
  38. LOL - Wish me luck!
  39. Look at this cute little fella!!!!
  40. Baby Shower advice
  41. Why you need to keep a notepad and pen on the bedside table
  42. Ever heard of KidMo?
  43. What is on the menu tonight?
  44. I came a "toad strangler" here earlier.
  45. Here we go again...
  46. Cell phone advice needed
  47. What did your dinner do tonight? (long...sorry)
  48. Here is my centerpiece
  49. Tell me what you think!
  50. my DH is gone all weekend...
  51. There has been a shooting a mile from my house
  52. recipes added as requested
  53. US Girls: Remember to fly your flag tomorrow
  54. GardenPro's i have a question
  55. Looky what I just got from Staples for my new prismacolor markers i got from Barb
  56. can I toot my own horn??
  57. It was definitely Friday, the 13th yesterday around here!
  58. Today WOULD'VE been the graduation party for Charlies' grand-daughter
  59. And I have not heard anything more from my penpal who is in the states from Australia
  60. Sherri- Flip Flops
  61. Gone for the weekend
  62. Wish me luck!
  63. I got stamps today from Sunday International that I know I did not order
  64. I am scared to death! *merged with update*
  65. Have you ever had Cold Stone Creamery at a wedding reception? *merged with update*
  66. I have had the most wonderful mail day
  67. Sherri....bananaflops!
  68. UGH! I think I'm coming down with a cold....
  69. I made sort of Play-doh
  70. Fathersday
  71. Where do you get your avatars?
  72. Emily's 16th birthday is in 2 weeks and I have no plans ...
  73. Sherri/iloveflipflops
  74. MI gals...
  75. Look what I made
  76. And look what I did!
  77. Finished my first book on my Summer Reading List
  78. MI Scrapbook Tree stampers
  79. Does anyone have any "seeds" to start a money tree in my backyard? LOL
  80. I have been making my July Christmas cards
  81. fathers day gift I made
  82. Shackless for a whole week! YIKES!
  83. hey stinky...
  84. We're leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow
  85. Going to play at Ellie's today ...
  86. I'm officially a high school mom.
  87. What kind of animal print is this?
  88. **** Good News X 2 ****
  89. I am so sleepy!
  90. 3 Little Dreams is looking for their first design team!
  91. Online courses...
  92. Finally, I am sorting my ATC's
  93. I never thought I would see the day (and I actually missed it as I was at Ellie's)
  94. Mydogstinks Chris ... what is your avatar photo?
  95. Our gas prices are actually going D-O-W-N. How about yours?
  96. what are you doing today??
  97. My pen pal from Australia just called. She is in a hospital in Miami ...
  98. Took me two years to learn that..
  99. I'm going "no mail", "offline" and all those other terms
  100. cranberry slushie...
  101. Cleaning is for the birds ...
  102. Does anyone use Facebook?
  103. Has anyone tried the new Fitflops?
  104. What have you done out of desparation????
  105. Okay, here's my "desparate" moment....
  106. weird things...like things that go bump in the night...
  107. Lots and lots of blackberries ready to be picked ...
  108. Did I tell you girls???
  109. I really do come from the Land Down Under!
  110. just to make you laugh...
  111. Going to meet friends at IHOP for breakfast
  112. Grade 8 Grad Dance
  113. Sad story for Western North Carolina
  114. Job interview on friday
  115. Weird story
  116. Only 10 more days........
  117. Southern California Gals.....
  119. Today is our ANNIVERSARY!!!
  120. Sharing a birthday w/my big sis!
  121. new Home update...
  122. Who wants to hear something funny?
  123. another su order and cleaning...
  124. I think my boss is trying to poison me...lol...just kidding....but
  125. What does your crop provide??
  126. I love this 2nd card in this gallery but she cut her cuttlebug folder
  127. IPod Users....I need help!
  128. I know for sure I'm getting old now...
  129. Sherri/Iloveflipflops
  130. I'm going to a Candy Crop at my lss tonight
  131. Okay Sherri/Iloveflipflops take a look at this . . .
  132. Has anyone ever bought bows the are pre-made?
  133. I made butter today!
  134. Remember AGES ago me talking about wanting certain stuffed reindeer?
  135. Hello, my name is Nancy and I'm a shopaholic..
  136. Let's talk about potato chips......
  137. where is Carmen?
  138. How do you put fun flock on?
  139. Margo will be here in about .....
  140. My new Rileys have shipped already
  141. We're thinking of making a trip down to FL around the 4th of July
  142. We have Emily's 16th birthday this week and I am thinking its going to be all week
  143. No idea how to post a poll, but. . .
  144. I have been a hard working girl today!!!
  145. Speaking of dog kennels, DH had this idea today
  146. Has anyone seen this awesome cupcake punch?
  147. Took my nephew shopping today- to Hollister!!
  148. Does anyone know . . .
  149. Memory Box Penguin lovers ... new Summer 08 stamps
  150. threefriends91 / Cathy
  151. Remember our stolen grill?
  152. I'm back!
  153. Day 1 of Sweet 16 "week" for Ms Emily is in full swing
  154. I almost forgot ... my Pink Cat Studio owl stamps came today
  155. Pampered Chef stuff
  156. I posted the first card I've made in a MONTH!
  157. I think stamping costs more than scrapping
  158. Funny story about George Carlin
  159. Thanks Threefriends91/Cathy
  160. Summer classes for men
  161. Amy, are you going to tell us about your vacation??
  162. oh elzebell fans..
  163. joann's dollar stamps...
  164. Now, I'm DEPRESSED!!
  165. 2000th Post Giveaway
  166. I'm headed to Orlando for work 7/14-7/18 ...
  167. today I got all my prisma markers
  168. post office trip...
  169. I'm back, bet you didn't even know
  170. I forgot to tell you all about my $1 ice cream cone yesterday
  171. Day 2 of the 16th birthday week was not as busy but I am still tired ...
  172. Tojoco - you are almost at 5,000 posts
  173. Hooray for Joanne!
  174. Joanne or anybody - New Jersey/NYC question
  175. When one can't sleep, its fun to look at the Shack gallery!!
  176. RedBox DVD Rental...
  177. Wow Imblessed Vicky
  178. You've got to see this stunning card my sister made for Emily
  179. Day 3 of Emily's 16th birthday bash ...
  180. Just got back from LSS
  181. The Winner of my 2000 Post Contest is...
  182. Does anyone know the cost of a typical letter
  183. Where is Sherry our fearless leader?
  184. funny kid story:
  185. Bridal Shower present?
  186. I sure hope I can find some time to stamp today ...
  187. Went to the Gym today!
  188. I am thinking about getting a Toyota Prius ...
  189. Does NE1 dislike taking the car in for service as much as I do??
  190. My computer is giving me FITS!!!
  191. Hey Sherri, wanna see some cute llamas?
  192. I took a vacation day for tomorrow (Friday)
  193. Birthday cards....
  194. We were at the DMV office at 8:30 for Emily to take her drivers test
  195. I saw someone with a mullet today!
  196. do you remember when....
  197. My Hobby Lobby stinks!!!
  198. Still no new Riley moose stamps ...
  199. internet is down...
  200. check out this fabric!!
  201. okay, fine!
  202. s/o Shuggy's thread about the Internet
  203. coffee drinkers???
  204. more owl fabric...
  205. Back from the DMV a 2nd time ...
  206. Is this website an ebay rival?
  207. Its past 11 pm and I am still up ... why!??!?!
  208. i know you are jealous...
  209. Concert Tickets to see Coldplay
  210. The kids got their report cards in the mail today
  211. Back from holiday and ready to play
  212. Look what a great stuf i've bought.
  213. We are having our first batch of fresh squash from our garden
  214. I'm going to follow Heather's lead and offer a stamp for reaching 5,000 posts!
  215. Wanna see my pretty blackberries?
  216. We had a neighborhood wide yard sale
  217. Back from a super awesome trip
  218. You'll never guess where I'm going for dinner tomorrow.
  219. yummy lunch...
  220. We heard on the news the other day gas could be $7 a gallon
  221. yay!! we are back on!!
  222. enabler alert...
  223. Riley is making footprints in the snow on this card
  224. My Paula Deen buffet critique
  225. Erin re: your blankie ...
  226. And we have a winner!
  227. Went on a date tonight with DH!
  228. Going back to the DMV this morning and will be there when they open at 8 am
  229. WHOO HOO....Today's the day!!!!!
  230. How do I get UPS or FEDEX to pick up Ethan's blankie
  231. Not feeling very cheery
  232. Emily is already out and about driving by herself LOL
  233. I should be packing and I am making get well cards ...
  234. Teresa-tesschap
  235. if you could return to school...
  236. Kind of a bittersweet day
  237. Went to Nascar Race on Sunday!!! (in NH)
  238. Just got my hair done on Saturday!
  239. I can not fall in sleep.
  240. More of what I bought at the convention
  241. We had a passing shower come over us and it really cooled things off!!!
  242. I think I have salmonella poisoning!
  243. Joanie, I am thinking everyone made it safe & sound last night
  244. Joanne, How are you feeling this morning??
  245. Happy Canada Day, my friends.
  246. My strange dream last night
  247. Kind of a personal question.
  248. Getting ready to drive 650 miles south tomorrow
  249. TAC's new announcement re: hostess benefits!
  250. Today's cupcakes