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  1. DH is turning into my Father
  2. Thank you Lidia!!
  3. whats everyone doing for thge 4th of July
  4. I ALMOST ran out of my Duck adhesive ...
  5. Plans for today--Wednesday?
  6. Another Sea World trip is already in the works!
  7. Stinky dog is on a no buy...
  8. Things sure are quiet around here
  9. Gotta love the iPhone, I can get on the shack
  10. Went to M's
  11. Evening jobs
  12. really girly question... about an OB visit, don't click if that's gonna gross you out
  13. countrycowgirl/Donna
  14. here i sit at 230am...
  15. I won!!
  16. 80's Ladies-- any bang confessions?
  17. Gift Basket Ideas
  18. Locked my keys in trunk this morning!
  19. I must be sick. I want to organize my craft room!
  20. I signed up for 2 classes by Lockhart!
  21. Rain rain go away ...
  22. 80's hair confessions
  23. look at these pressed flower cards
  24. Has anyone heard from Kim Spartymom?
  25. a great vacation
  26. A Close Call...
  27. Happy 4th of July!!!
  28. 18 new Penguin Memory Box stamps are out
  29. Who would like some images?
  30. Organizing Help #1: How do you store all of your ink pads?
  31. Organizing Help #2: What do you do with all of your swap cards?
  32. Let's share some of our funny stamping stories
  33. Look at my cute new bike!!!
  34. A beautiful evening
  35. More thunderstorms so no fireworks for us ...
  36. DH wants to move back and I refuse!!
  37. Can someone tell me if it looks like I'm logged onto the SS
  38. Does anyone watch that show called Clean House?
  39. Hungover from 4th of July
  40. The organizing continues... and I commit...
  41. Blankie is home!
  42. Attention for mailing to me!!
  43. whats everyone doing tonight?
  44. Sunny Sunday...
  45. What you find when you organize -- Part 1
  46. What you find when you organize Part 2
  47. The realtor is showing the house today at 2:00 pm
  48. Anyone going to Novi?
  49. Oh no!! Emily wants to bring 2 friends back with us
  50. We got a free lunch today because Gerry found something in her soup
  51. the deck is done!!
  52. No-see-ums or chiggers?? Which are worse?
  53. Look what cute things I made!
  54. Apple tree at new house = need recipes!
  55. I'm in love ... With the newest Amuse stamps
  56. We are on the road back to the Carolinas
  57. Thank You Nancy (directmailscrapper)!!
  58. Back from vacation, more birthday and Flood thanks!
  59. monkey lovers...
  60. Hey Sherri/Iloveflipflops
  61. Artyfarty - Thank You for my Birthday Card
  62. T-minus 24 hours...and then, we're leaving for Chicago!!! Woo-hoo!
  63. just a quick hello
  64. NC furniture question
  65. Birthday Card Thanks - Nancy - Directmailscrapper
  66. We got the ole dreaded lawyer bill today ...
  67. oh sherri...
  68. I posted SOME of my workspace photos in the Gallery
  69. We got 2 1/2" of rain today in like 30 minutes....
  70. date night with DH and friends
  71. NE1 seen Pam (smileycollector)
  72. Papercrafts Site is Changing/Moving! Might see migration to here!
  73. Has anyone tried the pizza you buy at Sams that you take and bake?
  74. I hate my computer!!
  75. Hello from Atlanta, Georgia!
  76. Help!
  77. Phew nearly but not quite ...
  78. I've been remiss!
  79. I feel disoriented (in a good way)
  80. a good day...
  81. I am currently in the chat room but you can't tell that i am
  82. Hey Sue-- Artyfarty!
  83. I am in a great mood!
  84. the baby quilts we made (jami, DONT look!)
  85. Thursady night 10:00 eastern time..me & Tracey are in chat
  86. i can't believe it!
  87. Birthday Card Thanks - CCStampin12 - Joanie
  88. Update not good news
  89. I can't believe the price of gas in Atlanta!
  90. Oh, bless her heart...
  91. Should I go back & buy them?
  92. Odd tips
  93. Odd tips
  94. Something or someone is eating my blackberries ...
  95. Owl lovers - Did you see the owl sandals on the View yesterday?
  96. I have a very sociable DS!
  97. Guys, I am EXHAUSTED!
  98. Ellie & I are off to the stamp store in Matthews today
  99. We're dog-sitting this weekend
  100. Loobyloo...Sarah
  101. You guys have a good day!
  102. Wow- Check the calendar for July Birthdays.
  103. Just made a homemade blackberry cobbler
  104. Update on the homefront..
  105. guess what 4 women can do in one day...
  106. We're home from Georgia Tech Orientation
  107. I am less than 50 posts away from reaching 14,000 posts ....
  108. yucky bats...
  109. What is everyone planning to do on Monday while the Shack is done for 24 hours??!
  110. If you are looking for something to do on Monday
  111. Come chat! I'm heading in there now
  112. old magazines
  113. Shackie updates- save this website now!
  114. Important reminder for tomorrow when the Shack is down...
  115. I'm posting from the road
  116. Did everyone else know this but me????
  117. Designer Purse Lovers (or, those who can appreciate a really nice purse)
  118. I hate my spinner card
  119. yoo hoo Stinky dog
  120. Look at this cake
  121. How We Shower...Women vs. Men
  122. do you sometimes wonder...
  123. wow
  124. I need Micemom's address (Jean Simon)
  125. Thanks Sherry!!!!
  126. so much for...
  127. Who will summarize for me?????
  128. Discount Hotel Sites
  129. Maxiesmom I thought of YOU today while shopping at our favorite, Hollister!!
  130. Incoming friend request question ...
  131. gasp!
  132. what's for dinner?
  133. irish christine....now I know why!!!!
  134. Do you ever do this?
  135. Thanks, Nancy (Directmailstamper)
  136. Hey Nancy!!
  137. Moose lovers -- enabler alert!
  138. Oh Nancy (directmailstamper)
  139. I met Suzi IRL
  140. California, Here I Come!!!!!
  141. Blackberry pancakes are not as good as chocolate chip pancakes
  142. Did you see where the fish Tilapia could be bad for you?
  143. I added an album of a few photos
  144. Prayers needed for a friend and her family
  145. Where oh where did the birthday calendar go?
  146. Can you believe this?
  147. Anybody??
  148. I have banana-cinnamon chip
  149. pet owners with extra fur.. how do you cope?!
  150. My life during the last three weeks! Whew....
  151. I had my first spa pedicure today, and it was heaven!
  152. Sherri & I are going to see
  153. Design Team call at CropStop
  154. Ellie & I are going to play at Michelle (Emmcee's) today
  155. I have a huge apology and confession...
  156. How is your summer going?
  157. I have a request regarding addresses...PLS READ:)
  158. I'll be signing off in about a half hour
  159. Elton John
  160. I got cabinets for my craftroom!!!
  161. Less than 2 days before we leave for vacation
  162. Dark Beloved Cloud Music for Art exchange
  163. Question about Fruit
  164. I get my car back today!!!!!!!
  165. I could scream! I could really scream!!!!
  166. If there were only 5 things, you could have with you .. what would you choose?
  167. Just had to share....
  168. Has anyone tried this type of Christmas ornament?
  169. Stressed out....
  170. I just had the best lunch ... wanna know what it was?
  171. My soon to be 85 year old MIL got her drivers license
  172. Countrycowgirl.........I need her address
  173. Did you know?
  174. Online schools...
  175. I am going to an all day crop tomorrow!
  176. Check out more goodies from CHA
  177. Free Fonts
  178. LOOK at this awesome T shirt I just bought
  179. Did yall see the news at Splitcoast Stampers?
  180. You won't believe this but....
  181. button bracelets
  182. CHA Makes Me Crabby!
  183. What is everyone doing this weekend
  184. What does one give to someone going off to college?
  185. Look how I spent my afternoon - Yum!
  186. What predictions do you see in stamps to come?
  187. My guys and my gal...
  188. On the look out for
  189. boo hoo!!!
  190. Anyone need a Michaels' coupon?
  191. I'm back to work tomorrow
  192. Who knows how to back up a computer?
  193. CHA Pictures
  194. The Board seems a little quite
  195. My Camp Cupcake Party today at my LSS was a hit...
  196. My annual exam is tomorrow at 9 am
  197. The temp is suppose to hit 105 degrees tomorrow!
  198. design team rant...
  199. Has anyone heard from Pam Smileycollector?
  200. I read somewhere that Hobby Lobby is now selling ...
  201. Congrats Jennifer (Fief14)!
  202. Birthday Thank Yous
  203. Tropical Storm Warning
  204. I'm so excited, I just can't hide it ....
  205. Do you know I thought I had 1,000's of coasters
  206. I actually started my back to school shopping yesterday
  207. I just can't believe this!
  208. My Bind It All was $36, not $41 like I first reported
  209. What are you cooking for dinner tonight?
  210. Loobylou - how was your first day back to teaching
  211. My lima bean side dish was good but too dry
  212. Me and Cindi and possibly Mrs. Fence are
  213. Here's an off-beat question for ya...........
  214. I won the copic wallet at my LSS
  215. What?! No update from the California gals?
  216. Since its going to be 99 degrees again here today, I hope to play with my new
  217. have a good day...
  218. When is Joanie due home from CA? Is it today?
  219. OT: Awesome day yesterday!
  220. OT: Bad day today (at work)
  221. My newest snowman stamp
  222. I've never cleaned so much in all my life as i did today
  223. Joanie - here is your update for the week ...
  224. Hobby Lobby and Bind-It-All
  225. I'm baking a cake - a French Vanilla cake
  226. I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow!
  227. Enabler Alert - at Walgreens!!!
  228. I'm in the chatroom (at the beach)
  229. Anybody have an extra bed bath and beyond coupon?
  230. Home front update...I think we are doomed..
  231. Artyfarty's post about the house made me remember this...
  232. I am back.. sort of
  233. Summer Vacation Plans?
  234. Woo Hoo--
  235. Help updating
  236. Here's the French Vanilla cake Emily made
  237. I think we're having breakfast for dinner tonight ..
  238. Who asked about books on tape?
  239. Tonight I lost my debit card!
  240. I need everyones help.......
  241. I have been asked to do a scrapbook page and I hope I can do it ...
  242. Who has been to a NFL football game??
  243. I'm so ticked!!
  244. Need a new way to make a salad
  245. Erin Erin attention Erin .. Clothes for Lola ... look here!!
  246. I want to see THESE in my back yard
  247. Back to school stuff
  248. Arondock templete at the beach
  249. With my MIL coming to visit on Saturday, here is my menu for the week
  250. DH ordered me a new car, and it came in yeserday....