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  1. What I received for my birthday
  2. One More Work Day Before Convention
  3. I'm overwhelmed!!
  4. I made Lola a friend
  5. It amazes me how mail all the way from the UK (England)
  6. One mans loss is definately anothers gain lol
  7. Went to Sams to get Grandma Thacker's birthday cake
  8. Anyone up for chat?
  9. ISO: Tupperware.......................
  10. any one fancy a chat??
  11. software question...
  12. Need help /advice please
  13. I have more problems with glasses!
  14. Drank too much last night and going to concert tonight!
  15. My New Job
  16. Its been a long day with Grandma Thacker here ...
  17. Put your thinking caps on ... my hairdresser is getting married in October
  18. Help!!! I need a card idea for DH's grand-daughter going off to college
  19. Does anyone wear these Pandora beaded bracelets?
  20. Would your mom know what a BFF is?
  21. Ok, who can come have a chat with my tomato plant?
  22. Its almost 6 am and since I am up, why not make
  23. It was my 22nd Anniversary yesterday!
  24. Only 150 days till Christmas (according to my blog counter) LOL
  25. My excess postage was not returned!
  26. Heading out on another vacation Mon. morning!
  27. Survived the going away to college party with the ex-wife there!! LOL
  28. Look what I did this afternoon! :)
  29. Bummer! the meet up with Emmcee
  30. Vacation Dilema
  31. A new Lola
  32. Holy smokes...check out our sky tonight!
  33. Oops!!
  34. *******1,000th Post!!*******
  35. coupons
  36. I got this for only $4!!
  37. Saw "Mama Mia!" yesterday
  38. I am thinking about making a year long calendar using my bind it all
  39. Hey Erin! Someone would like to meet you....
  40. All the dolls, and reflections on what I learned
  41. Octopus Shirt
  42. Telephone....
  43. Do not laugh at my first bind it all project I finished
  44. And ... here is the scrapbook page that I have fretted over ...
  45. Birthday THANKS!
  46. My bags are finally all packed!
  47. Grandma Thacker returns from the slot machines today!!
  48. Hey, I just now saw the Shop button...
  49. I'm SOOOO happy right now
  50. Stamp Shop Question...
  51. What to do with $100?
  52. Finally got my new glasses!!
  53. The cupcake experiment
  54. Is it rude for me to go to bed while Marie is still going non-stop?
  55. Traci, Mary H, Shuggy and Shuggy's cute mom just called me
  56. wow!
  57. I'm back from vacation!!!
  58. How's you day going?
  59. I don't expect to be here Fri or Sat
  60. Margo (flyingflower) and her family are coming to visit me
  61. Somebody please make me laugh today
  62. My scrapbook page #2 for Josh's surprise going away to college party
  63. Michelle (Emmcee) how was Maine?
  64. hope for lost mail...
  65. VBS Video
  66. Exciting!!!
  67. I just talked to Traci at convention
  68. i just talked to heather (firecracker)...
  69. I'm new here and wanted to say Hi
  70. California Girls or anyone else...need help (urgent)
  71. Best time
  72. There was a break in at my work
  73. Getting ready o leave
  74. Hello from Utah!!!
  75. Cheryl's back...
  76. How do you keep your private messages below 200?
  77. the story of the day...
  78. another fun day...
  79. Do you think this dress is ok?
  80. Thanks for all the warm welcomes
  81. Kelly...nursing school question
  82. Women over forty
  83. Does your state have no sales tax for a few days before school starts
  84. Been MIA for a while, but am back now
  85. So, here I am......with two hours left to go at work
  86. Bye, Bye, Brighton..Purse
  87. Home Improvement "Fix"
  88. New things at work
  89. is the new posts button broken?
  90. AHHGGGG! I'm out of vacuum cleaner bags
  91. All ready for camping
  92. Guess where I am at 5:15 AM?
  93. Confusion about Birthday List
  94. I so lov my hubby...
  95. Remember when the arcade left and I said...
  96. I am on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N next week!!!
  97. Exclusive SU Convention Report from Traci
  98. I think I have the worst headache I have ever had ..
  99. When does the SU catty come out?
  100. Woo Hoo for me! I did it!
  101. We are having dinner with Heather in about an hour...
  102. Stinnette Bed & Breakfast is operating to full capacity
  103. At the Stampin Up Convention, they had a singing group there called Tonic Solfa
  104. What does a stamper pack for a week at the beach?
  105. I love TAX FREE shopping days! Woo-hoo!
  106. We're going to Seattle for vacation on Monday!
  107. Off, off and away..........
  108. It's a miracle....my hotel room wireless works...so I'm posting a few pics....
  109. Do you remember me being very sick for the last 3 weeks?
  110. Has anyone ever heard of TONIC SoL FA ???
  111. Surprise party #2 is over and I survived it too ...
  112. Look what I made for my niece's birthday
  113. Bingo Question (help!!)
  114. For those of us who could not attend the Stampin Up Convention, someone was nice
  115. IPOD Help NEEDED ASAP!!!
  116. Loss of my daughter in law
  117. When one can't sleep at 4 am, this is what i found
  118. My latest project
  119. I had to get a new phone today...and it's not the one I wanted!
  120. Hi I'm home
  121. advice needed: Bi-polar disorders
  122. It's midnight, I'm hungry and I'm watching Iron Chef.
  123. I hate snakes!!!!
  124. Jan Logcabincreations - how was the big party?
  125. Finally, my kitchen is ready
  126. Good Morning all
  127. Hobby Lobby has their Copic markers on sale this week 30% off
  128. School starts 3 weeks from today!!
  129. US Passport vs US passport card?
  130. I am going to try and get in to see the dr on Wed before I leave for Cincy
  131. Look at what I got today...
  132. how not to start your monday...
  133. Free Film Developing
  134. having a crafty break
  135. The new swap board is looking great!!
  136. me and my cute mom
  137. I broke the computer at the post office!
  138. Off to see my niece and nephew today!
  139. At longgggggggggg Last...
  140. Leaving for Vacation
  141. I sewed more
  142. I got to visit MY version of Disneyland
  143. I feel as if I've carried a baby for eleven months
  144. Sad Day!
  145. Oh No .... I have a headache ...
  146. i'm off (slowly!!!)
  147. We kicked butt!
  148. Vacation Planning... coming up fast
  149. P--ed off.....Not ready to talk yet ..
  150. Home from Utah
  151. Hit and Run!
  152. What do you do all day?(so true)
  153. Arcadia is home!
  154. Just chillin till Traci gets here and I have at least 5 more hours!! LOL
  155. Busy day today
  156. My discussion with the GPS with like this (ahem, more like a screaming match)
  157. Finished my neighbors birthday gift
  158. Feeling Chatty- head to the chat room!
  159. Who bought the Bic Markers?
  160. Off to pick up the new BIG screen TV
  161. Still in Cincy. The stamp convention is over, I have a killer headache and Traci is
  162. fresh blueberry pie is in the oven
  163. Back from fun Seattle!
  164. Share your most memorable Olympic moments (*Feel Good* thread)
  165. The mind is a wonderful thing!!!
  166. I'm back!!!!!
  167. I am back from Cincinnati, and I am well rested!!!
  168. CK Media Tour Pics
  169. More sewing *Introducing Happy* *and pin book*
  170. Need an easy way to keep track of books read...
  171. How I spent my beach vacation :-(
  172. Pictures from Vacation
  173. Updates for CeCeScraps, Christie and Nancy and whoever else missed during 7/28-8/10
  174. I'm back from Cincinnati myself ...
  175. Anyone reading the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer?
  176. England or Bust!!!
  177. Who's got their Stampin Up order ready to place today?
  178. When does school start for your kids or even, for you?
  179. Has anyone thought about their Christmas shopping yet?
  180. ugh!
  181. I forgot to tell you all about my almost speeding ticket I "thought" I was gonna get
  182. open house - poor turn out, good leads
  183. Terry's doll. *Spoiler Terry, if you don't want to see*
  184. All this talk about the Outer Banks
  185. 2 power naps in 3 days ...
  186. Oh Mylanta! Someone stole one of my display cards at the lss!
  187. New - Cute Monkey Face Peppermint Patty Holder
  188. oh heather (firecracker)
  189. back on top form and feeling dandy again
  190. Has anyone had an ingrown hair in their armpit?
  191. Handmade Christmas gifts!
  192. Just got back from Em's high school and making a change to her schedule ...
  193. Is the shack slow right now
  194. my confession kept from you all ....
  195. Job interview
  196. shipping question
  197. chat anyone?
  198. Anyone ever feel like running away!
  199. I must know more about this 2 year old snickers bar...
  200. Post Job Interview
  201. I am a bad and sad gal...
  202. Who uses coupons??
  203. A question about SS swaps here???
  204. I'm going to play at Michelle (Emmcee)'s today
  205. I'm going to be gone for a couple of days...
  206. I am back from Michelle (Emmcee's) and we had a great time ..
  207. Rushing out the door to Am Idol Live concert
  208. Went to the LSS last night after work!
  209. Did you know the USPS is considering doing away with Saturday delivery??
  210. Free Scrap n Art ezine..
  211. i'm supposed to be doing homework...
  212. I haven't touched a stamp or a marker in 2 weeks
  213. To say my sister is obsessed with candy corn at Halloween
  214. The UPS man was just here and brought
  215. I opened the store!
  216. hey suz....(and other font lovers...)
  217. Where is everyone?????
  218. Where do you get kids furniture??
  219. Job Interview; revisited
  220. I have a fever and sore throat
  221. gingerbread...
  222. Ellie is on a cruise. Does anyone know when she is due home?
  223. My avatar picture...
  224. I have a great post office
  225. hey cindy (gsmom)...
  226. I'm really annoyed!
  227. Just got back from ACMoore, Michael's and my LSS
  228. HELP!!! I found these rooster recipe cards at ACMoore but I need 3 more packs!!!
  229. a few wedding pictures...
  230. Weekly update for those of you may have missed anything at the Shack
  231. Mail delivery could stop either Wed. or Saturday
  232. laundry soap
  233. Heureka, I found the forum!
  234. Those in FL, are you holding onto your flip flops?
  235. ATC sleeves...finally found them!!!
  236. My husband just clogged up my kitchen sink!!!
  237. what's for dinner?
  238. fear of spiders...don't look!
  239. How much is your local sales tax?
  240. Finally changed my pic to a recent one...
  241. Would you leave your car running if you were going into a store?
  242. AC Moore's coupons
  243. would you leave your kids alone in the car ?
  244. It's Monday for sure...
  245. Florida Girls, hope you have your rain boots on!!!
  246. Awesome Mail Day!
  247. Hows this for strange?
  248. My nephew's 16th birthday is coming up soon
  249. After one day of school...they are now closed for 2 days
  250. Finally got my re-scheduled appt for my CT scan