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  1. Heather/Keltie
  2. Chat????
  3. The wedding I attended on 8/16/08
  4. Im backkkkkkkkkkkk xxxx
  5. Creating At Work
  6. California here I come!
  7. Another reason not to leave children in car unattended
  8. I am going to go broke with everything the kids need to go back to school
  9. I'm back....
  10. What sites do you use when booking flights online?
  11. Please think of me today and tomorrow!!
  12. Scavanger Hunt - Montana Resident
  13. I feel so sad today!
  14. I'm finally slowing down
  15. Projects complete *check*
  16. East Coast Palooza?
  17. Can you believe its almost been a whole year since my dear friend Robin passed away?
  18. An exciting day for my DH
  19. I'm so glad we don't neglect our son (Warning: a LONG vent)
  20. I'm back from my spa day
  21. Fabric delima
  22. *whine* I can't find a dress for the wedding!
  23. I'm home....with a slight headache....
  24. Who's up for a pet-peeve post?
  25. Well, what about a West Coast Shackapoolosa then?
  26. Ok, what do you think of this dress? (ebay)
  27. It's pathetic when you go to a Joann's superstore
  28. Does anyone have a Whirpool wall unit oven?
  29. I made it through both open houses today
  30. Who has hummingbirds?
  31. a funny thing...please play along!
  32. Halloween and Christmas questions
  33. A chuckle for Thursday...
  34. Tropical Storm Faye
  35. Any quilters here?
  36. what a shopping and mail day!
  37. Want to see who I babysat today?
  38. Scrapbooking. How long do you usually wait before you start a new layout or album?
  39. Had my hair colored again tonight...
  40. I need advice ladies...regarding flaker on another site...
  41. It's time for everyone to have a good laugh at stinkydog again...
  42. Hoo-ray!
  43. Guess what I broke today?
  44. Back from my lunch date with Lorraine and Robin's mom
  45. I am a WINNER.
  46. The first of many high school football games start tonight
  47. Jan (logcabincreations) How are you holding up?
  48. Oh, Ethel! What's the scoop on the damage?
  49. Erin, are you staying afloat in Jacksonville?
  50. I guess it's official....
  51. With our temps in the low 70's this morning, I decided it was time to ...
  52. Have we discussed handmade Christmas gifts yet for the upcoming holidays?
  53. i need help, quick!!
  54. How clean must one's house be for a sleep over for 8-year olds?!
  55. I'm baaack, and need an update:)
  56. Primitive witch owl
  57. journals
  58. Ok lets get honest for a minute...
  59. I just talked to Erin K about the hurricane
  60. Tjhank you Sherri!!!
  61. Sherry
  62. I wonder if Becky (inkisallover) will tell us about the pool tournament in Las Vegas?
  63. I'm going to a big birthday bash this afternoon
  64. Anyone need a 40% Michael's coupon? Its good till Aug 30th ...
  65. Who's ready for school to start tomorrow?
  66. ATCs I just finished
  67. I needed someone to hit me upside the head today!!!
  68. Look at my owl I made all with punches
  69. The arguments are already starting with my 2 teens ...
  70. check out what I did today...
  71. Wanna see the loot I won from Memory Box?
  72. In my "stash" of "supplies" bought but never used ...
  73. Calling Jan/logcabincreations
  74. Something is wrong with me! :)
  75. Wow!! This is my 500th post!
  76. NEWS FLASH! I found a dress!
  77. How is this even possible??
  78. WARNING: Grouply *Don't join this*
  79. I'm in a stamping slump.
  80. Retail Therapy
  81. Do you want to see what I made at my lss yesterday?
  82. My prickly moment today lol
  83. huge fire...
  84. This is what DH is going buying me for my birthday
  85. Are you still feeling the effects of Fay?
  86. I have one, i have one
  87. The kids had a good first day of school yesterday
  88. Tell me what you think....
  89. I met a friend at Dunkin Donuts and I did not get my normal hot cocoa
  90. Zuchinni gone wild
  91. My apologies to Margo
  92. Is anyone in St Louis?
  93. Has anyone starting decorating for fall?
  94. I've been an ATC making "fool" the past 3 days ...
  95. Have you seen this purse with the magnetic easy change covers?
  96. Would anyone be willing to buy me
  97. It's finally raining here....WOOHOO!!!
  98. Computer help please!
  99. Lots of flooded streets in and around Charlotte and I have been awake since 2 am
  100. A request - angel roll call
  101. Fun Day Planned for Today- So NOT!!!
  102. Funny Anagrams
  103. If you are a home-based business demo do you ever "swap" with others?
  104. Hello Darlene710...
  105. i'm all alone tonight...
  106. oh am i the happiest girl in all the land?
  107. ipod touch anyone?
  108. Looks like school is back in for today ... WOO HOO
  109. I had a dream about all of us
  110. Big Shot question (not stamping related)
  111. Blast from past...kinda..
  112. Oh Yeah Baby!
  113. I re-injured my knee again!
  114. Traci/workinforstamps!
  115. about to hit a milestone...
  116. Off to visit my 91 year old girlfriend
  117. For Jan (logcabincreations) and anyone else who might be curious....
  118. USMC Boot Camp Week 1
  119. This is "nuts"
  120. Let's have a little fun this afternoon
  121. Still no word from the dr on my CT scan. Its been a week ...
  122. I'm starting to feel depressed over job hunting
  123. Good to be home
  124. Attack of the EVIL sock monkeys
  125. is there a place for.....
  126. :-(
  127. Pics of my craft room
  128. Michigan stampers- we went to the State Fair
  129. Labor Day Weekend plans!
  130. So busy at work today....phone wont stop ringing lol
  131. Pics from my vacation to Napa and
  132. If you don't scrapbook, then what do you do with your pictures?
  133. We are on our way out the door
  134. Acer Laptops?
  135. Can anyone meet me in the chat room to cheer me up?
  136. Has anyone made a book thong to give to anyone?
  137. Check this OWL out
  138. This was a fun project!!
  139. I've been awake since 3 AM
  140. DH decided to go to Winston Salem to watch the UVA football game with his brother
  141. i have a plea...
  142. What an amazing mail day from so many wonderful Shackie friends!
  143. My 42 cent North Pole template is here
  144. Ok, who noticed I am getting closer to 15,000
  145. Come Chat!!!!
  146. Hey, I went past 10,000 and didn't even notice!!!!
  147. I finally finished the Wedding Album
  148. we're back!!
  149. I got soo mad today
  150. Made another pincushion :)
  151. chatty sherri contest...
  152. Hooray for Sherry!!!
  153. come to the chat room and join me...
  154. Anyone have experience with nose bleeds?
  155. game I had to share
  156. Update for Amy and any others who missed Thurs-Sunday :)
  157. happy labor day!!
  158. Guess what I heard today . . .
  159. Glad I found/read Sherri's update!
  160. Playing with purples
  161. Howdy....I need some help...I have a postal question
  162. Don't get too jealous - Ellie & Michelle are coming over to my house to stamp
  163. PIF CTMH stamp set
  164. Back from our camping trip
  165. First day of school
  166. Hey Sherri/flipflops . . .
  167. First Day of School Pics
  168. Guess what I am doing today at work?
  169. Gone with the Wind Playbill
  170. Sue. frankiesue
  171. Ellie & Michelle left a little bit ago...
  172. I'm employed
  173. Does anyone have any of the new Nesties?
  174. chat?
  175. charity...
  176. I get the pleasure of bra shopping today
  177. Someone wanted Boot Camp Card Instructions
  178. New (to me) Pringles - YUM!
  179. No time to post when one has dead trees to move ... ha
  180. Hit with a computer virus
  181. U.S. Presidential Election Question
  182. Snake in the house!
  183. I am about to hit 14,000 post
  184. English Post service is so ....
  185. Playing Hookey today
  186. A very rainy day
  187. I Boo,d myself lol
  188. My mammogram is over and they did the new digital kind
  189. I really think age 45 is the age where I am falling apart, literally!!
  190. Sherri, look you're at 14,999!
  191. For those of you who are wondering where she is, I tied Sherri up in her basement....
  192. Slow day at work, but got lots done...
  193. I just have to ask ... whose avatar is that in Inkisallover?
  194. You know you stamp too much when...
  195. Have you checked out Tattoolesa's new website called Little Life Preservers?
  196. Rain Rain Rain ......
  197. For everyone's DH or SA...
  198. Im not the only BOO BOO on here lol
  199. Jordan's 7th grade science teacher
  200. Speaking of Boo.....
  201. Update on Computer virus
  202. First college catastrophy
  203. Since the Republic of Georgia has been in the news...
  204. Proud Mama report:
  205. Where can I get keys made?
  206. Update on my arm - all is good and I am back to stamping ..
  207. What would you do??
  208. Wedding news
  209. oh my birthday goodness!! ***updated***
  210. only 4.5 hours
  211. The kids have school today - yep, on a Saturday!!
  212. This brings a whole new meaning to the term "inchies"
  213. Hugs for Miss Erin K.....
  214. Summer Reading List
  215. I'm Home.............
  216. If you like to decorate cakes.....this just might tickle your funny bone
  217. What is your personality.....
  218. I found the "Caramel Apple" Kisses
  219. message from Mrs Fence
  220. Tim Holtz on QVC
  221. Craft room pics in gallery ..
  222. What are your plans for the day...
  223. I went ahead and gave my hairdresser the rooster recipe box
  224. Here's a Michael's coupon for ya
  225. halloween M&M's
  226. ahhh, the sounds of sunday are back
  227. I think I have decided to get off these headache meds
  228. Simple request for all Shackies
  229. speaking of the bday list
  230. Fall is in the air...
  231. Quote for the Day
  232. How was your weekend?
  233. I'm sooooo excited!
  234. I hope y'all don't mind my silly-ness
  235. Paypal Question
  236. Cutting cherry tomatoes is
  237. how is YOUR eyesight?
  238. I hate Mosquitoes
  239. More thank yous for the birthday cards--
  240. wild bird pics
  241. I spent the day at the ER with a friend
  242. To celebrate Michael's opening their 1000th store,
  243. I must share that we are all sleeping in a little later now that ...
  244. Who is ready for some new fall tv shows to come on?
  245. Going shopping for a new dress today
  246. whew..I have been a busy girl today!
  247. I'm sorry birthday girls
  248. Need a little advice....
  249. funny story
  250. I did told you about my work right??