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  1. Cheap airline tickets...
  2. I found a great dress yesterday!
  3. hi ho hi ho...off to work I go...
  4. I got the gray washed out of my hair today
  5. I am at work and SUPER busy, but all I want to do is...
  6. IKEA coming to Denver!
  7. Home Depot was a madhouse!!!!
  8. I made a baby with Brad Pitt
  9. Its 9/11/01 ... where were you 7 years ago today?
  10. Today is only Thurs, wish it was a Friday!
  11. Ike heading close to home
  12. Is is just me or...
  13. I have great news to share with my Shackie sistas!!!!
  14. 4 more posts to go...
  15. Thank you JP!!!!!!LAKESLADY!!!!!
  16. Birthday card Thanks to
  17. All boarded up and ready for Ike!
  18. My dress & shoes for the wedding
  19. Oh Erin....Queen of the Vinyl.... :)
  20. Friday...5am....
  21. If anyone wants to keep up with my local news.....
  22. In the Charlotte Observer today, they say some gas stations
  23. I think the Shack server is based in Texas
  24. Heading to Seattle this wknd... Amuse Stamps Store!!! lol
  25. Just curious......
  26. My boss just told me he's cutting me back to two days
  27. An off the wall question. . .
  28. Nascar race fans .. the new drag strip opened this week and we can hear the cars
  29. I just got a photo of Tim Holtz sent to my cell phone from Chelsea
  30. The soap opera that is my life
  31. Just checkin in!
  32. christie
  33. We have our first soccer game of the season today at 2 pm
  34. I've been chatty today BECAUSE...
  35. Christie just called and they are okay!!!!!
  36. How do you spell b-a-c-o-n???....LOL
  37. Who is living in Los Angeles??
  38. My thought are for you.
  39. Is anyone else having problems running out of gas?
  40. PARTY! This is my 5,000th post! PARTY!!!
  41. "Oh, my aching feet!" Report from MOA Scrapfest
  42. Things continuing to go great on sale of house as far as we know
  43. It's back!
  44. check out these vintage images
  45. rain rain go away...
  46. Hurricane Ike: People who ignored evacuation orders
  47. Don't panic if you don't see me here - my computer has a virus
  48. Missed U All & Happy 2 B Back!
  49. Comments in the Gallery
  50. Ike hit here this morning!
  51. Just got home OK from MOA
  52. leaving...on a jet plane...
  53. My computer seems to be working better
  54. Possible job interview on Friday
  55. People can be so dumb
  56. How do you slow down when you know you can't slow down?
  57. Who wants to hear the coolest thing??
  58. Oct. paper crafts mag
  59. Well...I have been on here long enough...
  60. Emily & I went to college night tonight...
  61. Yikes! Corey had to drop a class!
  62. We are dropping off my computer today
  63. Here is a gigle for the day...
  64. OMG! I just spent the last 1/2 hour
  65. A question about college for all who have been there with their kids
  66. Where is ThreeFriends91-Cathy
  67. I sewed up a cute little hand bag
  68. the big x word
  69. Today I'm going .......
  70. Is anybody watching THE BIGGEST LOSER this season?
  71. My soon-to-be 14 yo son is going to apply for a job.....
  72. Expensive day at Dentist....or soon to be...
  73. When Family treats you like crap
  74. Michelle (Emmcee) came over today and we stamped and shopped at Hobby Lobby
  75. I just called Cathy / threefriends91
  76. I guess it just wasn't meant to be ... the contract fell through
  77. Birthday card thanks to....
  78. Gifts I made
  79. Do companies vacuum before they clean your carpet??
  80. I'm leaving on a bus trip
  81. Teresa......T-minus eight days until the 3-day walk!
  82. I sure hope I get my computer back today
  83. Hi from Williamsburg!
  84. some hubbies buy their wives chocoaltes or flowers I got ....
  85. I got my allergy report back from the dr when they drew my blood
  86. Have you bought a pumpkin yet?
  87. Speaking of Ike and all that...
  88. Remember that ingrown armpit hair I thought I had?
  89. Speaking of the dermatologist... she is highly recommending Emily be put on
  90. To cure my can't sell our house blues, I went shopping for new clothes
  91. Have you ever been invited to a baby shower
  92. Oh How cute!
  93. I survived hurricane Ike!!!!!!!!
  94. Check out my new Hair color
  95. home from vegas...
  96. I woke up at 2:30 AM with a pounding headache
  97. Pictures from Hurricane Ike
  98. New Appliances
  99. Here's the word on the missing October Paper Crafts Magazine
  100. Tell me what you think!
  101. I changed my avatar to reflect my sister's cupcake cookie jar
  102. Alone and the doorbell rings at 3:30 AM...(Pretty long)
  103. Canadian Postage
  104. I was "blinging" in the shower this morning...lol
  105. Off to the blanket marathon!
  106. Would you wear this? (latest loom knit project)
  107. We're back! We made 7 blankets for the troops -- I have pictures!
  108. My son went to his first job interview this afternoon
  109. Calling all COMPUTER specialists!!!
  110. Just in case my computer won't start again tomorrow.....
  111. I felt like my day got away from me yesterday (more headache related)
  112. Going to the Puayllup Fair
  113. Look at these stunning pictures from Hurricane Ike
  114. Computer Update Update!!!
  115. Who wants to give me an update?
  116. Fun afternoon!
  117. 99 more posts to go
  118. Happy 1st Day of FaLL
  119. Its been 1 year ago today that my wonderful friend Robin passed away.
  120. Hello from Lancaster...
  121. please indulge my bragging
  122. Thanks Lesa & Amy
  123. Just got off the phone with Amy at Peebles Dept. Store
  124. Since it's fall...
  125. Remember how my son applied for a job at Hyvee Grocery Store?
  126. Picked up Tim's Distressed Inks from QVC
  127. are you doing any craft fairs this year?
  128. Went to a Concert last night
  129. Going to the allergy dr today
  130. Cindi --my favorite radio station was talking about...
  131. Tonii called me too but I was at the dr office so I had it on silent
  132. Back from the allergy dr. My headaches are not due to allergies
  133. Had a BAD day on Monday...
  134. Sometimes, my son truly cracks me up.......
  135. A little too much excitement in my part of the country
  136. My first day at Peebles Dept. Store...
  137. Emily's soccer coach asked her if she wanted to work the concession stand at the boys
  138. Wow! Craft fair bonus location!
  139. Does anyone remember the t.v. show called Thirty Something?
  140. Back from the bus trip to NYC!
  141. YIKES!! I just received an e-mail from QVC that
  142. PIF~ For Halloween (since I'm in a panic)
  143. And I thought I had a bad day! Long story
  144. Check out the Halloween things I made
  145. How is the gas situation by you? As in - gas for your car
  146. We're BACK!!!
  147. Free museum admission on Saturday 9/27
  148. Yikes...my nursing books cost
  149. done with work...
  150. I've been working on my Christmas stamping projects today
  151. Scrapbook Lounge Fans
  152. Who has an External Hard Drive??
  153. The gas shortage continues in the Queen City
  154. Patty, are you ready to head to the Carolinas?
  155. Have you missed me???
  156. Gas shortage critical in Atlanta, GA
  157. Bad news....I think my computer crashed!
  158. i'm going in...
  159. I lucked out ... football game was cancelled tonight due to rain
  160. How it is with me-long version
  161. Pesc or anyone else who speaks French ...
  162. Flyingflower -- Margo -- call me!
  163. FUNNY Names Questionnaire
  164. ever had a really bad day?
  165. Do you know what today is????
  166. Has anyone heard from Threefriends91 lately?
  167. Anyone have a shack update for last week?
  168. Cops outside my door at 4 a.m.........
  169. I wonder how Teresa is doing with her 3 day breast cancer walk
  170. I just called Ellie on her cell phone to see if Patty had arrived in town yet
  171. I just got this email from ACMoore if anyone needs coupons for this week
  172. Saturday night chat????
  173. what is a moon tan??
  174. On our news they said the coast of Maine has their first hurricane watch or warning
  175. Remember My Alleged Parking Lot Accident?
  176. Right Brain vs Left Brain Creativity Test
  177. Has anyone been in touch with Micemom/Jean Simon????
  178. Snow-It's here!
  179. Isn't this cute?
  180. My Shackie Meet Up
  181. Has anyone tried the new kisses?
  182. argh!!!
  183. Update on me Micemom
  184. Alcohol ink & glittery embossing powder disaster!
  185. very strange weather here right now
  186. This does seem pretty "right"
  187. new baby!
  188. DisneyLAND at Christmas...what can you tell me?
  189. It is 3:27 AM and I can't sleep.
  190. Have you seen these Scrabble tile necklaces?
  191. Got called in to work Peebles 10-5 today
  192. We cut down 2 huge trees this weekend...
  193. Update on the Woman in Accident
  194. calling you Nova Scotia ladies
  195. craft fair crafts
  196. Major email problems!
  197. Question for TAC ladies
  198. Weekend 9/26-9/29 update for Teresa and any others who need an update LOL
  199. for those who asked about my rag wreaths
  200. I found my new volunteering niche!!
  201. Its 4 am and I am wide awake and ready to go stamp shopping!! LOL
  202. Much cooler weather is headed our way ... WOO HOO
  203. Yippee Skippee! We're Back !!!
  204. So what did ya do while u couldn't get
  205. template, bandwith question...
  206. Pumpkin Pie Blizzards...
  207. I think my hummingbirds (and I have had lots this summer) have gone south to Hondurus
  208. Is there a way to check to see if you signed up for Bingo?
  209. Sites and Sounds after a hurricane
  210. 31 Days of PIF's Starts Now!!
  211. credit crunch tips n recipes....
  212. Stamping day at my house tomorrow ... all are invited :)
  213. America's Got Talent....not a spoiler....
  214. Bummed!!!
  215. Fun Shopping Day
  216. Thanks for Sympathy Cards for my Brother
  217. My turn to PIF (pay it forward)
  218. Work from Home Jobs
  219. Big Lots Find for ribbon storage
  220. do we still have a button that says
  221. Going Scrapbooking for the weekend
  222. I'm offically part of the working world again.........
  223. Yep. It's definitely October!
  224. What's your favorite hot Tea?
  225. Have you used sticky face paper yet?
  226. We had fun stamping today in Concord ...
  227. I had a first interview this afternoon!
  228. RAK/PIF I almost forgot to post my
  229. Craft Fair weekend....
  230. Ohhh... Sherri, updating queen...
  231. Ruffles Fully Loaded potato chips
  232. stupid economy!
  233. I got this catalog in the mail today
  234. Here is my Santa gift card I copied
  235. Stupid Insurance company
  236. I am THINKING about ditching my Dining Room
  237. 1st week of nursing school is done & I am exhausted
  238. I won some Hanna Stamps blog candy
  239. Okay, if you're wondering why Cathi is on
  240. Do you know who Tesla is?
  241. Look how cute this is!
  242. i snuck away...
  243. Back from my craft fair
  244. Busy, busy WCMD Day
  245. AC Moore has a 55% off coupon this week
  246. Want to see pictures of a cute baby moose?
  247. Does anyone have a link to a Michael's coupon for this week?
  248. I'm heading to the moosehead lake region today
  249. Who uses a clothes line???
  250. Maine fall foliage pics