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  1. My name is Sherry and I am an addict
  2. Hurray for NOT being "politically correct!"
  3. Enabler alert! ACM coupons
  4. BIG Cricut Rebate- Joanns Nov. 24-26
  5. Watch out for Monday mornings!
  6. If you are on a diet like me, what about Thanksgiving?
  7. Have you guys been updating your wish lists?
  8. mail day
  9. You Folks are THE BEST!!
  10. Just posted a "Twins" card
  11. I got the job~!!!!!
  12. Have ya'll heard of Fred Water??
  13. FREE Paper!
  14. Jennifer !
  15. Early wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to y'all
  16. Chat anyone?
  17. Trying something out!
  18. Is anyone else's mall opening at midnight Thanksgiving night for early shoppers?
  19. En francais??
  20. Gone to the Dogs.....
  21. Does anyone have a gravy recipe that I can use for a back up
  22. No dog for the Gentry's...
  23. Mail....
  24. DH is home from hospital! Thank you for healing thoughts & prayers : )
  25. Guess what I spent the last 5 hours doing??
  26. HL has their clear ornaments 50% off so I got 4 clear balls
  27. I made my clear ball ornament with the strips of paper.
  28. Archiver's is coming our way!
  29. On the Forums page, it says we are close to 10,000 posts. WOW!
  30. To all my wonderful Stamp-Shack friends!
  31. iloveflipflops
  32. grammastamper
  33. I HAD to have an eggnog shake from Steak & Shake today
  34. iloveflipflops!
  35. Erin K is in the chat room
  36. YYYYAAAAYYYY!!!! I got the Wii!!
  37. I had my feelings hurt tonight.
  38. I think they all forgot me.. (PCMB)
  39. Well Chris, this should cheer you up..
  40. We should celebrate ... we surpassed 10,000 posts.
  41. Great Cards in the Gallery
  42. I think we need a pre-thanksgiving poll
  43. 5 day weekend starts tomorrow
  44. I posted pics of the Christmas trees
  45. My no sew blankets....
  46. Sorry for whining.
  47. We may see a snowflake or two in the Carolinas today
  48. TOAO - Mary
  49. My no sew fleece blanket
  50. Its sleeting in Charlotte .. we are only 25 miles north of Charlotte
  51. My house is just about in tip top shape for "grandma" to come on Thanksgiving...
  52. Kitty update!!!
  53. I'm getting ready to bake a pecan pie
  54. Is it just me or is there a difference between...
  55. Yippie!!!!!!
  56. Erin K--- what did you decide to do about Thanksgiving?
  57. Just in case you thought you were on track with your Christmas cards...
  58. Birthday Thank you's
  59. Call me crazy but I am really thinking the swap board will be up and running Dec 1st.
  60. J's stamps on sale
  61. Holy Cow! I made sooo much money at that Yard Sale thing.
  62. Did you notice we got new smilies?
  63. holy cow!! the new icons
  64. Guess What?
  65. Chelsey, I just want to say have a great first day at your new job tomorrow!!
  66. Do I HAVE to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year?
  67. In case you are wondering, never did get any sleet or snowflakes come my way
  68. I don't think very many friends saw my Thanksgiving Wish so I'm posting it again.
  69. I posted my snowman Christmas tree photo in our gallery here but added 5 more photos
  70. My first attempt at the rolled paper ornament thingy
  71. Does anyone have a dog or cat with allergies? Like bad enough they need a weekly shot
  72. My Thanksgiving Wish for All of You!
  73. Traci, how did your pecan pie come out?
  74. Something to do with all your friends
  75. Is anyone else having Shack issues tonight??
  76. My Kitty is BACK!!!
  77. Back from vacation & I can't catch up!
  78. Just got home from beckys Workshop
  79. Look at my Joanns Haul!
  80. I'm all alone at the Shack!
  81. Did your DH always support you in swapping?
  82. We had snow flurries last night in FL..
  83. Flipflops, What is the Snowball Thing Dec 9th?
  84. Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Turkey Day!
  85. News about Tori and school
  86. Update on the pecan pie.....
  87. OK I guess I need to clean my craft room today
  88. My Oh My! :0 I am in need of a nap.
  89. I am so thankful for this site! I started a note on the PCMB board saying I was not
  90. Leaving till Monday night
  91. I need some advice....
  92. Does anyone know where I can find a Post it note pad template?
  93. This is so fun... make your own addcast
  94. A great big thanks to all of you for making me feel good :)
  95. I finally broke down and did it......
  96. annoying home party company people!!!
  97. Do we want llamas for Christmas?
  98. Rachael Ray
  99. Do you have any stamping tools that you love but for whatever reason you seem to
  100. My Gourmet Cocoa arrived today! MMMM
  101. A special moment that I want to share with you.
  102. Yippee Skippy! My justjohanna stamps just arrived!
  103. Happy Turkey Day! This is really cute
  104. Oh Deer Deer!
  105. I survived the first day!
  106. I cooked a turkey breast today for a test
  107. Today is day #2 of temps not getting above 40 and this Florida gal is not
  108. Sherri - if you didn't already know your hot chocolate mix was a hit...
  109. Friday's Michael's Ad
  110. Shackies! How are we going to get Sherri
  111. Woes of a mother
  112. I love the new Prismacolor Premier Lightfast colored pencils but . . .
  113. Stopped by the LSS tonight....
  114. Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!
  115. Saw this on another website re: Joanns sales this weekend
  116. Computer help
  117. Tojoco (Joanne)
  118. Who's rerady for leftovers??
  119. What are these bars under myname
  120. So we have bars now and..
  121. I found this cute avatar.
  122. So did everyone have a great Turkey Day today?
  123. A. C. Moore's Ad
  124. Wah! I don't want to work in the craziness tomorrow!
  125. I kind of liked
  126. Grey's Anatomy Question
  127. I just posted a shack shuffle
  128. Clipped my M's coupons...
  129. my thanksgiving holiday and the best boyfriend ever!!
  130. altered cd swap images
  131. It says that I am the only one online.....
  132. Let me just say . . .
  133. To those of you who work in retail today - may you have a wonderful
  134. A bad start to today!
  135. I TRIED to go shopping today.
  136. Ho Ho Ho!
  137. Went to Js for some Glue This Morning
  138. Its hard to believe its so crazy at the stores when it is so quiet
  139. I missed all the sales...
  140. Thanks Traci and Joanne
  141. Found out something COOL about my 10 yr old!
  142. Posted my Christmas cards......
  143. Guess what DH made me today?
  144. Have I ever shared my website ribbon site I recently found?
  145. Who has done some or all of their Christmas shopping online?
  146. Did you see this Elmo listed on Ebay? There is no way I would pay this amount...
  147. A VERY scary thing happened this morning!
  148. Great Thriftstore find.......
  149. When did the triangles change???
  150. Don't know if you caught the evening news tonite with a mall in North Carolina
  151. My DH showed me a Great Dane for sale in the paper today
  152. TAC came out with a few new sets of stamps and I had to get 2 of them
  153. Introducing Jackson Lucas Ferguson
  154. Canada question.....
  155. One day soon...I was gonna QUIT being LAZY!
  156. Happy Birthday, Joni! (11/25)
  157. Oh ERIN... "Stamp in Color" book *read this*
  158. I need an opinion
  159. Have I ever shared my Crockpot Spaghetti Sauce recipe with ya'll?
  160. DH and my girls just left
  161. Looking for a banana bread recipe!
  162. speaking of shopping online, check out the printer I ordered!
  163. Shack the Halls Contest
  164. Has anyone else's Michael's moved their mags around???
  165. This is what I am making for tomorrow
  166. It's saturday night and
  167. ideas for 10-year old DD's Christmas craft party
  168. Looking for tiny holly leaf paper punch
  169. Question regarding antibiotics
  170. If you did research before buying a digital camera....
  171. I'm making my Christmas list!
  172. Chat anyone???
  173. Sherri and other GA fans
  174. I dont know who was looking for the postit cover
  175. craft warehouse
  176. G'd my Shck the halls entry
  177. Alright...Im feeling ...
  178. My men are sick...yuck!
  179. 3 days of entertaining down, 1 more to go ...
  180. Cindi....please forgive me!
  181. Snow in Western Washington!
  182. I am listening to Christmas music from Denmark this morning
  183. April Inkyhands, I just want to say have a super time tonite
  184. I'm in a slump...
  185. Music Sheets for download
  186. I am totally SICK of decorating!
  187. This was a new poll for me
  188. went for a woods ride looking for moose...
  189. How much should I charge?
  190. My two sons are playing music together
  191. Christmas lights
  192. It's official, it's the Christmas season!!
  193. Hey watch this funny video
  194. Weekend Woes!
  195. Thoughts on Swap Forum
  196. a special thanks to Sherri!
  197. This has been the LONGEST weekend of my entire life (all 43 years! HA HA HA)
  198. What is the Snowball Bash on Dec 9
  199. Alright then....let's CHAT!
  200. Does anyone know where I can order pandora charms online?
  201. Posted Hunter's card he made
  202. We had a great time!!
  203. I am having a heck of a time making my Christmas cards!
  204. Sherry! It's almost LINCOLN Day!
  205. 5 day break is over.
  206. Need your pricing advice... please!
  207. After his 4 day weekend DH finally goes back to work today!
  208. My first Christmas card arrived !!
  209. Lesa S. Got your cards today too.
  210. Santa arrived early at my house.
  211. Anyone else have this?
  212. Ribbon Stamps (make your own faux ribbon)
  213. I just received the nicest telephone call.
  214. Have you seen the new line from My Mind's Eye?
  215. Thank you Sherri!
  216. Need some help finding something
  217. Looking for the Cadillac of paper cutters
  218. O.K. girls, get the cheese out......
  219. Thank You Toao!
  220. We all need to share our wish lists. What are you asking Santa for this year?
  221. I took my godchild to BuildABear for her 8th birthday today
  222. Guess What??
  223. how much Christmas music do you listen to?
  224. I edited my signature
  225. Sherry - What time do you pick up your adorable puppy tomorrow?
  226. So Erin K- what's the verdict?
  227. Christmas cards posted in the gallery.
  228. Need pet advice
  229. Check this out....too cute
  230. O.K. am I the only one
  231. I must find these moose stamps.
  232. Cutest mini purses made from mesh tags
  233. Ethan eats "solids" now
  234. Another day of high's in the 60's!!
  235. Yeah! My "e" offer was accepted
  236. Sherry - question about that wonderful cutter
  237. Sherry, it is getting close......
  238. Tori has pneumonia.
  239. I "paid it forward" today. (randomly)
  240. My firstborn just became a teenager Today!
  241. ISO: SU snowflake spot inspiration sheets
  242. Went to my dr today for a physical. They did not tell me to "fast" before I went
  243. craft-a-latte
  244. Punch Sets
  245. hey, Sherri
  246. i have a dilema...
  247. How much glitter can one card stand?
  248. Check-in...How far are you with your Christmas cards?
  249. Sherri, info about your Christmas Moose stamps
  250. New cat name poll......