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  1. men really are twits...
  2. Emily has decided to volunteer at the humane society.
  3. You will NOT believe what they are doing to our Michaels
  4. Checked out our third high school today
  5. Check out these "cakes"
  6. I was reading sherri's post about fave donuts..
  7. I'm back online . . .
  8. I have already heard Christmas Music!
  9. Craft Fair Bummers
  10. I can't wait until wednesday!
  11. Nestibilities for Dummies Book - is there such a thing!
  12. df is on his way home with Chineses food
  13. Anyone else have election day off school tomorrow?
  14. Enabler Alert...Art Declassified Sale
  15. My LSS is closing and look what I bought for $10
  16. Check in here if you voted today (Tuesday, 11/4)
  17. Quick Update....I miss you gals!
  18. Am I crazy?
  19. I'm getting excited - Chelsea (Spredbirds) is coming in 2 days!!
  20. cooking help needed
  21. DD/Kerry is training hard~
  22. new! election day supper plan
  23. snowmen heading to the craft fair
  24. Hoping to find 2 more players for my "Ribbon Central" Swap
  25. Christmas Cards! (need help lol)
  26. House computer bit the dust...
  27. Election coverage: Are you watching it?
  28. Its snowing is Hythe!
  29. Non-US Shackies -- did you follow our Presidential elections?
  30. Nicholas is home today with a tummy ache and sore throat
  31. One reason why I'm happy to be a US citizen
  32. I got a new job!!!!! :)
  33. Chelsea will be here this time tomorrow!!!
  34. Any TAC members know how much a new TAC catty is to get shipped?
  35. Anyone heard from....
  36. kids say the cutiest things
  37. I've been scammed! Everyone should know about this "company"!
  38. hi!!!
  39. So Cal Girls SI Party and Warehouse Sale
  40. OMG have you seen this video?
  41. Michael's Coupon for Friday/Saturday???
  42. How I'm feeling now...
  43. Post Your Wedding Picture Here
  44. THIS video will make you smile!
  45. Chelsea is down in the basement and I am up here. LOL
  46. I got Birthdaycards :-)
  47. Airline Prices to Shackapalooza
  48. Best breast cancer ad ever
  49. jazzypurple853//Shelley...
  50. Wanna free Desktop Wallpaper
  51. what do you use for skincare?
  52. where's thanh?
  53. Missing.............
  54. Happy Saturday everyone!!!!!!!!!
  55. Sherry...I LOVE your new avatar.
  56. Pictures of our day with Chelsea
  57. Rain, Rain GO AWAY!
  58. Distress Stickles
  59. I officially have these awesome colored pencils
  60. OMG - cupcake shoes ... Am I too old for some?
  61. Ok...so you all heard about my...
  62. report: day 1 of craft fair
  63. Just had dinner at Texas Roadhouse for DH's daughter's birthday
  64. my top 2 best selling funny signs today
  65. Volunteering at the Cabarrus Pet Society went well for the first day
  66. WinCo??
  67. Hi Ho Hi Ho ... Its off to Hollister we go ...
  68. craft fair day 2
  69. calling Shadoob, yoo hoo
  70. Yoo Hoo! Midweststamper!
  71. Here's how to put a link in your post.
  72. What's on your Holiday Wish List?
  73. sorry e1 ............
  74. speaking of crock pots..
  75. The Concord Christmas parade is less than 2 weeks away
  76. toot toot!
  77. Who else is doing the happy dance because they don't have to work tomorrow???
  78. Want to hear what I just got today???
  79. Live near Archivers??
  80. Monkey Love/Patty How Did DD's Surgery Go?
  81. Michael's coupon
  82. what's your favourite perfume ?
  83. I have been wanting to organize my clear stamps
  84. Anyone listen to Sissel?
  85. A little good news for me
  86. Did you see where Michael's is going to be OPEN
  87. My toes are frozen (hee hee)
  88. Michael's 50% off coupon - 4 days only!!
  89. Can I have your opinion on this non-craft related issue?
  90. Plans are underway for grand-daughters graduation party June 12, 2009
  91. So ... with Christmas being so close, have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
  92. Poll: Do you like eggnog?
  93. I just have to get this off my chest!
  94. Want to read a funny story?
  95. Speaking of making Christmas gifts...
  96. Awna, good luck on your surgery tomorrow!
  97. Has anyone ordered from OhMyCrafts before?
  98. My trip to M's was worth the trip!!!
  99. "Our Glinda" is in hospital...
  100. where is flying flower?
  101. thank you & update :)
  102. For anyone who is ...
  103. Our decorated lounge pic
  104. Ugh. Snow.
  105. Anyone have an update for the last 3 weeks?
  106. just dropping in to say HI!
  107. Saw our first snake of the season today
  108. Roflmao at my attempt today to make ..
  109. Soccer tornament was cancelled due to rain
  110. Week 2 of volunteering at the pet society
  111. If you have a moment to send some "good
  112. Going through my Christmas list, it appears I am giving alot of gift cards
  113. Today's Funny!
  114. Need Suggestions/Ideas
  115. Black Friday poll
  116. Who wants to chat???
  117. Guess where I am right now??
  118. Calling IMBlessed5
  119. Some of the online Michael's coupons say "reproductions not accepted"
  120. It sure is quiet here in my house.
  121. How did you choose your online name?
  122. did anyone not in the chatroom last night notice we set a new record?
  123. At the holiday season...
  124. Guess what I'm doing today!?!
  125. Anyone have their Christmas tree up yet?
  126. Christmas music anyone?
  127. Dear Santa ... I have been a good girl this year
  128. Poop Poems Anyone?
  129. I just ate an entire 16oz Blizzard
  130. Is anyone else C-O-L-D?
  131. Do you have "theme" Christmas trees?
  132. Snow FLURRIES!
  133. I had a great Birthday!!!
  134. Look at my new shoes!!
  135. I checked out the new Joann's...
  136. Bad haircut!
  137. To make up for the bad haircut, I shopped!
  138. Teens ... ya gotta love 'em!!!
  139. a costco run
  140. ssshh... sure is quiet in here..
  141. I could not believe my eyes...
  142. While some of you have been seeing snow falling lately . . .
  143. Its 18 degrees - are we in Alaska? LOL
  144. Anyone need a 40% off Michael's coupon?
  145. Coldplay Concert was AWESOME!!!!!
  146. Has anyone been to a Fractured Prune donut shop?
  147. yoohooo Sherri, I need an update
  148. For all you Brad Pitt fans . . .
  149. Update for Tami 11/14-11/18 and anyone else who missed the happenings at the Shack :)
  150. Urghhh... Waiting on an electrian b/c one
  151. Well guess what i did again...
  152. Has anyone heard how Dreis1 is? Is she out of the hospital?
  153. New Purse!
  154. Was anyone able to see the space station tonight??
  155. To the English Shackies and Maybe Sarah
  156. Look out my first batch ....
  157. What was #1 fashion trend in the 80's?
  158. Got this in an email today - don't know how true it is but a warning ...
  159. in resonse to Vickis 80"s fashion question...
  160. I feel real hurt and need a shackie hug...
  161. Looks like Dec 11th is the date to have our holidays cards mailed overseas from US
  162. Christmas Cards...how many are you making?
  163. I am so excited about 2 things ... are you ready girls?
  164. When are you buying your turkey for Thanksgiving?
  165. Sherri - your ticker count down is scary!
  166. $20.83...
  167. My wedding photo
  168. I'm nervous about roasting the bird!
  169. We elfed ourself!!!
  170. yup, I elfed too!
  171. wow this is incredible!
  172. Thanksgiving day disaters, or any holiday for that matter!
  173. December birthdays....... gentle posting reminder
  174. Jan Far North, here is the Martha Stewart snow I bought at ACMoore
  175. My Thanksgiving Day will now consist of me and my son only
  176. Traci/workin4stamps
  177. I have offically started my Christmas shopping!
  178. Nicholas' team WON their soccer tornament today
  179. Update for Jan 11/19-11/22 and anyone else who missed the happenings at the Shack :)
  180. Concord Christmas Parade photos here
  181. Another place to sell my cards
  182. I still have a headache from shopping
  183. Ornament Exchange at Work
  184. Did you notice the Stamp shack is decked out for Christmas??
  185. Sending cards across the big ponds
  186. Am I the only wierd?
  187. Check out this "folding" projects website
  188. Finally got a teaching job!
  189. We just saw Twilight -- and I LOVED IT!
  190. ROFLMAO at ...
  191. How do I remove thumbnails from my post?
  192. DD has managed to "lose" her purse!!
  193. I have a big pot of tortilla soup cooking on the stove.
  194. Great mail day today!
  195. New cell phone- need advise!
  196. post office story...
  197. Help please!!
  198. Thanksgiving Wishes
  199. I'm back! Did you miss me?
  200. Crisis averted--New oven is here!!!
  201. Sherry -- you are the best!
  202. We are back from SC!!!!
  203. If Santa was bringing you stamps...
  204. The other day...
  205. Christmas decoration RUIN!
  206. Look! Extreme MOOSE cuteness!
  207. computer woes
  208. Advice: ceramic flat irons for hair?
  209. Back when my computer was out for a few days ...
  210. So what's on the agenda today?
  211. Thank yous to: Cheryl (shadoob) and Tami (teabear)
  212. Gallery Reminder
  213. Rosetta Stone
  214. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  215. North Pole Radio
  216. How do you PM multiple people at once?
  217. phone issues...
  218. I saw/experienced the nicest thing just a little while ago
  219. I've got a neck "ache" from making gift boxes ...
  220. flowers
  221. What Am I Still Doing Up?
  222. Happy "turkey" day to all....
  223. Yo! DH will be home, ALL DAY, today!
  224. Thankful Thread
  225. need a little turkey help
  226. Just a quick check in!
  227. Has anyone else got some stamping done today?
  228. Michael's T'giving Sale
  229. Just got back from Black Friday shopping!
  230. This is why I DO NOT go out shopping on Black Friday
  231. I misplaced a gift somewhere in my house
  232. Hello Ladies I have been MIA
  233. funny Thanksgiving dinner story
  234. we found a lost child today
  235. we put up Jordan's pink princess christmas tree...
  236. PC Mag....new editor-in-chief???
  237. amazon coupon codes? Christmas shopping
  238. Christmas cards for soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center
  239. Let's post our Christmas trees on this thread so we can see how pretty they all are
  240. Who wants to chat???
  241. Gingerbread House!
  242. My little girl is 18 today!
  243. My Christmas cards are written out and stamped!
  244. The Sothern MO curse is alive!!!
  245. Check your credit cards regularly during this holiday season!
  246. 'Tis the Season to be bakin'
  247. If it was 5 degrees colder, we would be getting snowed in ... LOL
  248. I'm stamping today--
  249. Shopping is Hard Work!
  250. Tattoolesa is Famous!!!!