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  1. Merry Christmas!!!
  2. Cindi, where are you? I need your advice!!
  3. Its 65 degrees here and I have capris on and flipflops of course...
  4. Goodbye everyone!
  5. Who can give me the low down on Ipods
  6. What's for Chrsitmas Dinner?
  7. Big news!!!
  8. I went to see Marley & Me today
  9. I have an ear ache in my left ear
  10. PLEASE enable me with good deals!
  11. Computer question...
  12. Glinda/dreis1, very sad news
  13. Our Nicholas is going to his first "real" wrestling event tonight
  14. I'm joining Sherri on the injured list
  15. I'm joining Sherri & Ethel's injured list
  16. I got me some stamps!!
  17. I think I'm going to make this a yearly tradition!
  18. Were you stressed out this December?
  19. I think I'm going to Florida in March
  20. Cute cute Valentine's Day Treat
  21. Emily decided blondes "should not" have more fun
  22. What are the odds...
  23. The Christmas cards are absolutely stunning!
  24. has anyone heard from patty(monkey love)?
  25. Did you miss me today? Our family Christmas get together is FINALLY over
  26. Thank U Shackie Friends for the Wonderful Christmas Cards!
  27. Can U give me some Las Vegas Travel / Shopping Tips???
  28. photo help please
  29. What crafty goodies did you get for Christmas?
  30. I restored my computer yestrday
  31. Update for Thanh Vo 12/22-12/28 and anyone else who missed the happenings
  32. My Ds had his first wrestling match and
  33. Well this is just backwards!
  34. Help..
  35. I think I broke my washer!
  36. I think Reba misses Corey?
  37. Wanna know what I did today with Momma In Law Thacker today?
  38. Showing Off My Christmas Cuties
  39. My name is Joanne and I am a Chocoholic!
  40. why am I having such a hard time spending my Christmas money??
  41. Is customer service lacking these days?
  42. Ideas/solutions please
  43. We bought a new washer
  44. Momma In Law Thacker is cutting into my Stamp Shack time ...
  45. i bought a new car today...
  46. I passed 10K posts without even noticing!
  47. Oh Secret Sister....
  48. caramels anyone?
  49. Guess where I'm off to tomorrow~~~~~
  50. Hello...my name is Paula and I need help with an obession with
  51. Valentine Banner made using Cricut
  52. Happy New Year, Sarah, Debbie, and all of our Australian and New Zealand Shackies!
  53. We were watching the news last night and they are predicting a wintery mix
  54. 40 Tips for a Better Life in 2009
  55. We had a nice day at Disneyland
  56. back from the glitterpot and what a lot I got.......
  57. I think the lady at Dillard's made my blood pressure go sky high today!!!
  58. I did something REALLY stupid!!
  59. whats everyone doing on this new years eve??
  60. ok, I know I have a twisted sence of humour
  61. HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!
  62. Good news...and bad...about my computer!!!
  63. This man helped me get through college
  64. Yipeee!!!!!!!!!
  65. Thanks so much to the Shack Hosts!
  66. I love Christmas but also glad to see it end!
  67. df is doing laundry like you wouldn't believe!!
  68. I'm back! Updates on my trip and my Gran
  69. DS is going back to college tomorrow and I'm feeling sad!
  70. Update for Toao 12/26-1/2 and anyone else who missed the happenings
  71. go utes!!!
  72. This time it's official....
  73. My husband has submitted his 'preference' list of where he wants to be stationed next
  74. Hey Sherri and others who have snow or will have snow...
  75. I am protesting chores and errands today
  76. Who wants to hear something cool???
  77. My 2 scrapbooking friends are coming over today to STAMP!
  78. Attended my first ever class today ...
  79. So, remember the media card stuck in my computer?
  80. Whoo Hoo! I'm BACK!!!
  81. Serious problem with PDF files!
  82. I finally got a converter box...
  83. An idea: Let's see if we can support this stamping soldier
  84. yoo hoo Directmailscrapper, nancy
  85. don't you just love monday morning's???
  86. Between my body aches, the dogs waking me up at 3 to eat and DH snoring
  87. I feel bad writing this but,
  88. Patty oh Patty ... why did you not sleep in this morning
  89. Pic of me on vacation
  90. It's here!! And questions!
  91. Shopping Today!
  92. Ok...who is Wii savvy?
  93. My new avatar
  94. When was the last time you cleaned out your ribbon, brads, eyelets .... etc???
  95. pampered chef help please...........
  96. Hey all you sewers and quilters
  97. Enabler Alert -- all rubbernecker stamps on sale!
  98. Almost all the laundry is done!!!
  99. We don't even know if we're moving to Colorado Springs, but.....
  100. Hey Chistie
  101. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Here's another house!
  102. oh happy day!!!
  103. I'm so stressed right now...
  104. Is anyone else having problems with the Shack today?
  105. Valentine Treat Pail
  106. I'm closing in on 17,000 posts ... woo hoo!!
  107. jewelry making
  108. Phew! I think I have too much stuff!
  109. What is so special about Project 365?
  110. Warning: This is quite long. I am extremely angry at HP!
  111. They are supposed to deliver my pedestal tomorrow
  112. Cake baking...
  113. How did you know what you wanted to do with your life?
  114. sorry if you got a weird email from me......
  115. Quick recipe for supper?
  116. Can someone please explain Facebook to me?
  117. HI, JUst wanted to say Goodbye
  118. OMG Cindi is past Sherri in posts...(by 5)
  119. New Computer Recommendations Please!
  120. NE1 awake???? Just got a major jolt here....
  121. You have GOT to see this....
  122. I'm in over my head!!!!! Credit cards!! Ugh!!!!
  123. Any Fun Plans for the Weekend?
  124. It's so quiet at my house today ...
  125. I had some Christmas money from my MIL so I went to my LSS
  126. ...and I'm off...
  127. Stop right there and listen...
  128. Surgery is over, I'm doing great!
  129. Cell phone questions......
  130. So I shipped my HP notebook off to the HP Repair Center today
  131. Computer problems
  132. A reminder for the Blog Your Heart Out Forum
  133. WooHoo
  134. has anyone had a nightmare that made your spouse wake up?
  135. Pesc - you and your family were in my dream last night!
  136. Anyone ever play with Fondant?
  137. Sherri, you need this for your next birthday!
  138. What is a "card jacket?"
  139. A Shackie Avatar fashion show
  140. Photos from Viva Las Vegas Rubber Stamp Store...
  141. 100% increase in thick envelopes
  142. An after the holidays funny from a friend:
  143. wide awake...
  144. My Birthday purchase..
  145. Have you ordered from Inky Antics???
  146. What's for dinner?
  147. Woot Woot! I can post in the gallery again!
  148. In honor of Teresa buying more Riley stamps,
  149. I taught my first card class today
  150. So who's all on facebook/myspace??
  151. CSI Miami anyone?
  152. American Idol starts tonight!
  153. I'm glad I'm not in North or South Dakota
  154. drats, I just posted a card in the gallery
  155. my turn to ask, who has ordered from lasting impressions
  156. Facebook Question
  157. Anyone watching American Idol?
  158. Good wednesday morning.
  159. My sewing machine died... but I made a card
  160. does anybody doodle?
  161. general organization question
  162. help! does anyone know where the thread about
  163. Need Ideas!!!! (very important)
  164. My Gran celebrated her 93rd Birthday today!
  165. Dinner with a Shackie ...........
  166. A night to play!!!
  167. Guess who I chatted with in Facebook today ...
  168. For a free bottle of Suave shampoo 1/14/09 ONLY
  169. I went back to work today!
  170. Its going to be 5 degrees here on Saturday morning ...
  171. School Cancelled for us tomorrow due
  172. Thank you Frankiesue
  173. Our schools were just cancelled for tomorrow
  174. Just got back from mentoring at the high school
  175. Any plans for MLK day?
  176. New Postings Page
  177. Help! I've been blog hopping! They are all trying to enable me!
  178. Remember the ice storm last month??
  179. new name for here and facebook!
  180. here's a little funny
  181. doin the happy stamp dance today!
  182. It is 6 degrees here at 6:30 am and I have to
  183. A real honest to goodness 18 yo pregnancy and she did not know
  184. Attn: Lipstick Jungle fans
  185. Another exciting *twist* in my moving saga
  186. Merritt has a BIG day today!
  187. ok, I admit it...
  188. ISO: New Bible...
  189. I'm going to an "after prom party" workshop today
  190. I must, I must confess-the No Buy
  191. 9 degrees right now. Suzi and Angie are warmer than us!!
  192. I think I'm going to Texas in June
  193. We're going house hunting with Drew & Katie this morning ...
  194. Christie ... are you too frozen to get on the Stamp Shack?
  195. Anybody use Pandora radio on your computer?
  196. I got a new sewing machine
  197. AHHH facebook issues!!
  198. It is snowing-finally!
  199. The weather here is absolutely crazy!
  200. Cathi/cecescraps
  201. Where is ctinyjoy (Cheri)?
  203. I am being a bad girl...
  204. When does Shadoob come back?
  205. This is somewhat "bothering" me, lately (Warning: political vent)....
  206. Absence alert: On vacation for three weeks
  207. Hey...Did yall forget all about me??!!??
  208. Bought a new tv.......
  209. Let's talk about Valentine's
  210. Finished Stephen's Quilt
  211. Raise your hand if you quilt
  212. I saw something very odd today
  213. Anyone want some snow?
  214. Repeat Comments
  215. anyone heard anything from Scrappinnuts?
  216. Was there a recent change in postal rates?
  217. Okay, so My hubby made me a cocktail and
  218. Update for Shadoob 1/9-1/20 and anyone else who missed the happenings
  219. Its snowing, its snowing but its too dark to see it. LOL
  220. submitting cards, question
  221. The job market stinks
  222. Tax help....Im freaking out!
  223. chat anyone?
  224. It snowed like the dickins in Memphis today!
  225. Computer Problems
  226. card suggestions wanted
  227. Is anyone else having trouble with blogger today?
  228. The snow has melted and we are back in school today
  229. What is up with coupons?
  230. What is it with Joanne and computers?????
  231. You have gotta see this!
  232. If you find money.......
  233. spartymom---Have you been back to check on the deer??
  234. Anyone seen this new pasta diet?
  235. I have a question about the RAK
  236. Cheryl, Jet-lag and a new friend...
  237. Exciting News! (for me anyway)
  238. So much for dieting...
  239. Thank you
  240. teabear/Tami
  241. THIS is my 9000th POST!!!
  242. So....who would like to go deep sea fishing with my family?
  243. want to join me?
  244. Did you hear about this??
  245. W-2 question**Updated**
  246. See Y'all Sunday nite!
  247. NE1 have Joanns or Michaels store coupon?
  248. My day in a nutshell LOL
  249. My bags are packed...
  250. My paper crimper is missing...