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  1. here's a little funny
  2. Fainted at the Renaissance Fair
  3. Ginormous Sale at Freckle Friends
  4. Pat Creates - I see you are a junior member now
  5. Oh, NO! I broke my Sizzix!
  6. Is it Fall already?
  7. Anyone have PSE7 Premier something....
  8. I know Sherri's address by heart. What does this mean?
  9. Are we really the Top 15 Stamping site out of 50?
  10. I wonder if Pam (Smileycollector) had her surgery on Friday
  11. Emily wants a Facebook. What should I do?
  12. i love calls from shackies out of the blue!!!
  13. After being in Raleigh the majority of the week
  14. I just totalled up my SU Wish List!
  15. Wanna see some sneak peaks from CHA?
  16. I have to share another layout.
  17. It doesn't look like we're selling our house in FL anytime soon
  18. Pam Smileycollector emailed me
  19. Greetings from Thanh
  20. pictures
  21. honeys, I'm home
  22. Diaper cake *lots of pics*
  23. Winter Wonderland!
  24. What to do..
  25. Again, just wanted to say Goodbye!
  26. Whooo whoo!!!!
  27. Can you believe I don't own any red stickles!
  28. Hey all you knitters..............
  29. Say it isn't so Paris Hilton has her own craft line.
  30. Has anyone tried edamame?
  31. Sorry I haven't been around much lately...
  32. I think im READY...
  33. It's officially official!
  34. I had a not so good sleep last night
  35. I got to thinking about when my hand started to go numb
  36. I need help with a contest
  37. Attn: To whoever........:)
  38. I posted a tough card in the Gallery
  39. must be the week for medical issues:
  40. Keurig - K- Cups Anyone? RAK
  41. What's new in your world?
  42. Today's funny: Why men are happier than women...
  43. American Idol Tonight
  44. Great day in Nursing School!
  45. I think a skunk has moved into our yard -- I sure hope he/she leaves soon!!
  46. going to a concert :)
  47. I go to the dr today at 10:45 then off to play at Michelle's
  48. woohooo!!
  49. facebook...
  50. Thanks Chris...I needed that (RAK)
  51. Looking for Jan/Far North
  52. goodbye!!
  53. Stressed and upset---LAYOFFS!
  54. A scary reason to NOT use facebook!
  55. For those of you familiar with my Study Abroad/Shanghai saga . . .
  56. Tracey & I just got a chemical bath at moores!
  57. US Senate bill to limit salaries
  58. Ever had an eye twitch that just wouldn't go away!
  59. I recieved a Wonderful RAK
  60. What have I been up to? Not stamping. LOL
  61. toots for me!
  62. Emily has sociology this semester
  63. Cartoon Funny
  64. Congratulations to inkinupstamps/Jennifer W.
  65. I'm going to England in late April!
  66. Flip flop project enabler...cute
  67. So who is submitting some cards to magazines this month?
  68. has anyone tried the tastefully simple
  69. Update on Jacob (my son in the Marines) *long*
  70. The burning question of the day ...
  71. 2 brand new 50 inch flat screen tvs
  72. funny weather.......its snowing...
  73. Stamp Shack HOSTS/ Wish Fairy- ATTENTION
  74. having problems responding in fields
  75. Why it's important to be a Shack-PLUS member!
  76. You will NEVER believe this: I don't have a Valentine sentiment!
  77. Facebook update
  78. Snowed in..........London's at a standstill
  79. Today is Groundhog Day
  80. Bingo starts today and
  81. I get to mentor at Nicholas' school today and tomorrow from 9-11
  82. May I add TMJ Specialist to my Stamp Shack Secretary resume? LOL
  83. So what is everyone doing this evening?
  84. Am I being paranoid or does this seem fishy to you? *UPDATED again 2/16*
  85. have you ever wanted.....?
  86. Can the Cricut cut fabric?
  87. Its snowing, its snowing ... but it only lasted 2 whole minutes!!
  88. Free Breakfast at Denny's!
  89. Co-Worker Died at Work Last Week
  90. Sherri, Sherri, bo berri
  91. Look at this cute cupcake card holder
  92. Question for those w teenagers? Twilight the series
  93. Thanks Sherri
  94. I think I've bust a gut from laughing
  95. I'm offering a RAK to anyone that likes to
  96. WHY must you make me BEG!??
  97. mark the calender..df took me out!
  98. A little "Brag" about Merritt!
  99. Get Me Some Cheese Because I Am Going to Whine!
  100. Snow snow snow....
  101. The snow has just about all melted
  102. Cindi...woodworking question
  103. My Grandpa died today suddenly, the funeral is on my birthday
  104. God bless my coworkers, but.......
  105. If you think you're cold, be glad you're not here . . .
  106. Going to Washington DC in March ** Request in OP **
  107. Goosebumps all over again over the US Airway plane in the Hudson River
  108. Book Recommendations for you...
  109. Can anyone tell me in 10 steps or less how to get my photos off my computer
  110. hey Joane (tojoco)
  111. I'll be gone most of tomorrow
  112. anyone subscribe to this magazine:
  113. Are you wearing red today??
  114. Quote of the day!
  115. OMGoodness!! Its raining...really raining! Whoohoo!
  116. Saw the first Robin of the year!!!
  117. I leave for Michigan in an hour
  118. I've developed an online addiction...
  119. What I did today....
  120. Does this tick anyone else off????
  121. Job Interview
  122. Questions about blogging
  123. Good Saturday Morning!
  124. Nine words women use (and you know this is true)
  125. Is anyone here a golfer?
  126. Can you believe it's been a whole year?
  127. Do ya'll remember this time last year...
  128. My Nelli is growing up!
  129. you you ever try to "get rid" of your DH
  130. Shuggy is due home today from her cruise, here is what you missed. We were chatty!!!!
  131. Are all our Australia girls ok?
  132. i'm home!!!
  133. Ziggy the woodworking kitty!
  134. Don't panic if you don't see me for a few days ...
  135. laptop woes...
  136. The kids survived the weekend ...
  137. It's only 7:45 and I'm ready for bed!
  138. has anyone tried fried cheese cake??
  139. Is most everyone having warmer weather this week coming up?
  140. red hat help needed
  141. What other hobbies do you have?
  142. The Grammy Awards...
  143. I wonder how Joanne (Tojoco)'s job interview is going ...
  144. Who remembers Lois Sacks from PCMB?
  145. NE1 else's kids out of school today??
  146. Michelle (Emmcee) are you ready for your first day on the new job tomorrow?
  147. While walking today, I thought of this question for all of you:
  148. I think the kids have forgiven me ...
  149. Who remembers Moon Pies?
  150. Back home and getting in the swing of things
  151. Nancy A's new "baby"
  152. Anyone heard from Donna/countrycowgirl lately?
  153. Where do I find when my membership fee is due?
  154. I'm probably not renewing my membership here.
  155. I'm trying to re-connect with a long lost friend
  156. BOTH DH and I need surgery
  157. Please help me to renew...?!
  158. microderm abrasion..love it or hate it?
  159. i'm spoiled...
  160. I can't sleep...
  161. 4 more days to go ....
  162. Excited....but nervous!
  163. Ginger Ale and keyboards don't mix!
  164. Had My Job Interview Today
  165. Finding Renewal date?
  166. World's scariest license plate :)
  167. Another Book Recommendation
  168. Nancy~Directmailscrapper~ Rak'd me!
  169. I may have just got myself fired!!!
  170. How many ways to describe shortcomings can you think of?
  171. Help -- I have a stinky garbage disposal!
  172. Tori's Snowman!
  173. Snow day! We're expecting 4 - 7 inches
  174. The weekend is almost here...
  175. oh... I almost forgot!!!
  176. Guess where I had a job interview at!
  177. We all know how much I love owls!!!
  178. Unbelievable Service~~~
  179. I have had a TOUGH week! But I'm surviving!
  180. Any big plans for Valentine's day?
  181. I Didn't Get the Job
  182. Getting taxes done--ARGH! Gotta vent
  183. Happy valentines Day to all my Shack family!
  184. Hey Traci (workin4stamps)...
  185. Today is our anniversary
  186. Friday the 13th was sucky for me
  187. Greetings from Cancun, Mexico!
  188. holidays in winter
  189. DH got me some new Just Johanna stamps for Valentine's Day!!
  190. My 13 y.o. son made me a valentine card
  191. Woo Hoo! I made 3,000 posts!
  192. my paper trimmer broke!
  193. Today I'm feeling DOWN!!!
  194. I just made a small pitcher of wine spritzer
  195. President's Day--who has the day off?
  196. Does Hobby Lobby carry the Big Shot?
  197. Curly, or straight hair? *pic*
  198. What a fab day I have had...
  199. Back from stamping the day away with Ellie today!
  200. Am I the only one who does NOT love my scor-it?
  201. IKEA opens in Charlotte on Wednesday
  202. It's official.
  203. I got a new papertrimmer!
  204. TOAO - Mary
  205. UGH! Taxes!
  206. I may be offline for a few days due to
  207. Can someone tell me why
  208. If you were my Pinata Alcohol inks.....
  209. I got the job at the zoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  210. 16 pairs of size 28 x 30 jeans
  211. Our computer crashed tonight ...
  212. check out the cardboard carnival...
  213. For those of you who still have snow...
  214. I need a hug today...
  215. what are you doing today?
  216. I have a stup*d question lol
  217. I feel so guilty....
  218. Hi all
  219. We are having the loudest thunderstorm right now
  220. How old do you think you should be to start swapping?
  221. Sparkly Signature Line
  222. hey Suzi!
  223. What you up to today? (Feb. 19th)
  224. So, I reconnected with an old friend through Facebook......
  225. I'm scared of facebook!
  226. Pulled a muscle yesterday! Ouch!
  227. Did you ever trade stuff in school
  228. We're going to put our son in charge of our itinerary when we go to DC in two weeks
  229. Any know anything about Playlist.com
  230. I just checked my credit score and report
  231. This is my 10,001st post
  232. I'm going to Cheddar's tonight for my birthday!
  233. What is Facebook?
  234. I thought I would help stimulate the economy today
  235. Sherri -- Croc question
  236. It's 85* in our house!
  237. Does anyone know how I can look up a cell phone number
  238. Baby Kitty....
  239. David Foster....what an amazing man~
  240. question for you...
  241. RAK from lakeslady
  242. Generosity is so ever present
  243. I have decided I do want my hubby to come back
  244. Just changed my avatar
  245. Still no internet access!!
  246. We are three months away from moving to Florida
  247. Christie - how was your first day at the zoo?
  248. I hope this 'quality' in my son doesn't ever change
  249. Cupcake lovers
  250. I've been RAK by Debbie 1of2 shoes