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  1. Christie - how was day #2 at the zoo?
  2. The kids and I are going to Sonic tonight at 8 pm
  3. here's a little funny..
  4. Happy Paczki day!
  5. Has anyone seen the Martha Stewart picket fence punch?
  6. Did you take advantage of IHOP's "Free Pancakes" Day, yesterday?
  7. oh stinky dog..
  8. Day Three at the Zoo
  9. Yikes! I accidentally washed DD's Ipod in the laundry!
  10. Joanne/Tojoco
  11. Enabler Cutting mat at Tues. Morning.
  12. My stomach is in KNOTS!!!
  13. Need advice from dog owners
  14. Altered bra's....
  15. Emily's soccer season is off to a not so great start UPDATE!!!
  16. FYI: Back it up girls :)
  17. Hawaii for me!
  18. Free! Free! Free! (Longaberger)
  19. Been MIA
  20. I won blog candy from..........
  21. I swear I have stepped into the Twilight Zone.......***UPDATE***
  22. My Pinata Alcohol Inks stopped being shy!!
  23. whats everyone doing tonight?
  24. We're expecting 5-8" of pretty white snow ...
  25. Facebook strikes again!! LOL
  26. can't type, but i'm here
  27. Does anyone live near Minneapolis?
  28. I made my first afghan!!
  29. need a new trimmer
  30. Big Day Today~ House Sell Related
  31. Snow, snow, go away!!!!!
  32. My Mr Frosty
  33. We had Bomb A block from our house
  34. OMG! I miss you all so much
  35. Artyfarty/Sue!!!!!!!!!!!!
  36. silly question....
  37. Daylight Savings Time????
  38. Gee, I got a job interview already....
  39. How fast can you type?
  40. Check out this cute bunny box for Easter!!!
  41. I know I said I wouldn't bore you...
  42. wanna see my new cast?
  43. We have to make up yesterday's snow day
  44. Mine isn't as pretty as Erin's LOL
  45. Check your backups!!!
  46. Procedure schld this Friday (3/6)
  47. Who says you can't stamp one handed????
  48. not to be outdone...
  49. still waiting for the modem
  50. What do I do........
  51. Nine more posts....
  52. DH has scheduled his surgery for April 6th
  53. What are your Thursday plans?
  54. Prayer request
  55. We are back online!
  56. So bummed...
  57. McDonald's Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfait
  58. Do I smack hubby now or kiss him later lol ....
  59. i love you guys
  60. how tacky is this?
  61. ugh I keep changing my mind!
  62. Thanks Chris
  63. Exciting Classes at LSS tomorrow
  64. Day One: Washington DC trip
  65. Nancy and Ethel meet!
  66. I'm leaving!
  67. The kids have a make up snow day TODAY
  68. My surprise from Michelle was ...
  69. I've taken a giant leap...........
  70. Just stopped my neighbors bike from being stolen
  71. Remember Viki's Magazine Scam?
  72. OMG! I just had to call 911!
  73. lia sophia jewlery, have you heard of it?
  74. I'm back home, now! Whew! Glad to be able to sleep in my own bed!
  75. DH has either the flu or food poisoning.
  76. Hubby and I have the day off today
  77. I got a letter from IDES today
  78. Ouchhhhhhhh
  79. Postage Increase May 11 - .44 cents
  80. Lakeside Singers meet tonight
  81. is threefriends91 addy
  82. I got a job today....
  83. Springtime at the SHACK!!!
  84. Yippee Skippee~ Merritt has been accepted at Baylor!!
  85. My basement FLOODED!!!
  86. so you know how Ive been sewing more than stamping?
  87. Thank goodness I am finally home!!!
  88. Maybe did too much but it felt sooooo good
  89. My get up and go, got up and went!!!!
  90. I made a skirt
  91. How should I feel about this?--LONG UPDATE ADDED to string!
  92. How are you doing on your 2009 Goals??
  93. If you had the means....would you.....
  94. free dinner from Kashi
  95. I have to go to work at noon and it is sleeting
  96. I think I'm sick!
  97. Picture of my new little niece!!
  98. Mjbonoan - I see in your "ticker" you are down 42.6 pounds
  99. Our very own Tattoolesa is in a Utube video by James House
  100. Hello from Southern Alabama!
  101. Dog makes friends with duck video! Too cute!!!
  102. On a lighter note.....missing underwear and socks (may be TMI for some)
  103. Do you have any stamp or stamp sets that you don't think you can never part with?
  104. I am back 100% healthwise anyway :)
  105. Nec and Magnolia lol ...
  106. Who got the Michael's coupon?
  107. hey! I see Shadoob is home!!
  108. Happy St. Patricks Day - Do you wear green today?
  109. Ugh! Make this go away already!!
  110. First time out in practically 2 weeks
  111. Have you seen this cute Easter bunny border MS punch?
  112. Another St. Patty's Day poll
  113. Sorry Angie
  114. Yellow or White-- help me pick!!
  115. New England ladies...tell me about your weather
  116. I've missed you all
  117. I want a dog!
  118. I think I'm on
  119. Tracey & I went to a craft night last night
  120. cupcake lovers, another way to "dress" them up
  121. ISO: Stamp Stores in Florida
  122. Our local Big Brothers/Big Sisters program
  123. why can't I get a break?
  124. I have been searching high and low for the newest
  125. I have my first bridal party of the spring
  126. Happy 1st Day of Spring to everybody!!
  127. Wanna see a funny card I made for Christie?
  128. what are you doing today?
  129. I am very disgusted with my mail lady right now ...
  130. Don't forget free ice cream at Rita's today
  131. does anyone have one of those large inflatable
  132. Why don't we all twitter?
  133. Cheryl (Shadoob)
  134. If a genie in a bottle granted you ONE crafting wish,
  135. what are you up to today?
  136. funny story about yesterday
  137. Dogs will do anything for a treat .. this is funny! Watch it.
  138. Sunday is Mother's Day in the UK
  139. me as a little...
  140. I spent 12 hours yesterday finishing up my taxes.....
  141. Hi, I'm back from sunny Florida. Does Secretary Sherri have an update for me?
  142. My notes for Joanne while she was gone
  143. My Bingo numbers via DS!
  144. Birthday card thank yous
  145. So...it's 6:45 in the morning here......
  146. Michael's Rewards?!
  147. Postage reminder (USA) Envelopes more than 1/4 inch thick
  148. New Postage Chart (USA) Effective May 11, 2009
  149. With Easter being 3 weeks ago, lets do a poll
  150. Nicholas still has his long hair but I made him an appt
  151. Are you cutting back because of the economy?
  152. I got a dog today!
  153. Hi Cheryl/shadoob!!!!!
  154. Who out there had a law enforcement connection?
  155. Its 11:10 pm, why am I still up you may be asking ???
  156. Speaking of acne ....
  157. Look at my hand - it looks great
  158. Volcano continues to errupt
  159. So sorry e1 ....
  160. Growth...
  161. We went to meet the new surgeon that is taking over for my old surgeon who quit
  162. has anyone eatnen at a Beef o Gradys?
  163. Picked out Patrick's Graduation Party
  164. Merritt left at 5:45am for the Grand Caymen
  165. I'm so organized, I can't find anything!
  166. Met Nancy/directmailscrapper today in Minnesota!
  167. it Weds night at 11:30 ..chat??
  168. How often do you go thru your paper?
  169. Which Shackies live in Indianapolis
  170. The latest in my paper trimmer drama
  171. Got 6 of my new bingo numbers from a fortune cookie
  172. I need to decorate chipboard numbers ...
  173. Guess who I get to babysit on saturday!!!!!!!!
  174. I know its Spring here when I see these starting to bloom
  175. Dunkin Donuts ... what could be better?
  176. How many of you don't know what this is?
  177. stinkydog has fun with telemarketers...
  178. I had a fun birthday party last night!
  179. Should I stay here, go do something productive
  180. Wilbur Update
  181. I think I am 'done' with stamping **UPDATE in OP**
  182. Just wondering if anyone has had trouble ordering
  183. Anyone watching the tribute??
  184. Nicholas before and after haircut
  185. Scrapbooking with a friend
  186. National "Do not call registry"
  187. guess what today was?
  188. What are you doing on this Saturday?
  189. The latest with our house in FL for sale
  190. anyone good with interest rates? School help, lol!
  191. Remember when Lori A would say she was going into her lab to experiment???
  192. Homemade dew drops
  193. Callng Teresa/tesschap
  194. Homemade fuzzy felt dots
  195. guess what I just pulled out of my oven?
  196. I made a yummy cupcake photo holder...
  197. Cathy / threefriends91 just called me
  198. erin...your post got me wondering...
  199. We saw the prettiest rainbow tonight
  200. asst postage stamps ~ free to good homes
  201. Is it April already???
  202. Michael's 50% off coupon week of 3/29-4/4
  203. Plans for your Sunday afternoon?
  204. Ironic craft room injury bulletin!
  205. I'm tickled pink!
  206. The environment...
  207. For those of you who have had shoulder surgery
  208. Erin, I see lots of cards in the gallery from you today
  209. NO enabling Erin.
  210. Those SMILIES I downloaded..........
  211. This is the "contraption" Charlie will be wearing
  212. March was not my month :-(
  213. 2 days until Disney
  214. My day is off to a sad start
  215. the difference between my 44th b-day and my24th b-day??
  216. Do not eat Pistachios!!
  217. For those who do Easter baskets, have you started
  218. For those with college kids or who are going to college
  219. I'm finally on Facebook
  220. Make sure your virus protection is updated
  221. Oh my Gosh. thank you ladies
  222. Some good news!
  223. Emily's soccer game last night
  224. More encoraging news about our house in FL
  225. Don't trust me to bake!!
  226. Any April Fool's Jokes played on anyone?
  227. Wow, A brand new spray that stretches paper.
  228. Hey everyone
  229. Limeyscrapper
  230. Sometimes I scare myself...
  231. Is the shack slow for anyone else this afternoon?
  232. Emily's soccer coach's wife went into labor tonight at our game
  233. DH is ready for his rotator cuff surgery tomorrow ...
  234. Did you guys see Kim Hughes quit Cornish Heritage Farms
  235. Wanna see DH's last meal before his surgery?
  236. Working today
  237. Its 10 am and we are home!!
  238. A tale of two quilts. (need help)
  239. Stuck at work till midnight :(
  240. I need to whine...
  241. Back to work today
  242. Something funny...interesting...
  243. Pics of home we're renting in Florida
  244. spa sale questions
  245. Obama's Hope for Homeowners saved my House!
  246. i give up already...
  247. Who gave me this cold n sore throat?
  248. Who knows Excel??
  249. Let's see how many punches you own?
  250. Its so quiet here today on this Saturday afternoon