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  1. Watch this video on the latest internet threat
  2. I have decided to twitter
  3. Has anyone tried the new Orange Creme candy kisses? UPDATED WITH PHOTO LAST MESSAGE
  4. I just got back from the theater
  5. Erin K - I know you are under strict
  6. Go MSU Spartans!!!
  7. I have been working on tshirts for Charlie's arm
  8. Just wondering how many of us have snow in Spring?
  9. I do believe Nicholas is becoming a "man" ...
  10. Will you all still love me if I don't grow a garden this year
  11. Cindi and I went shopping, and look what she found...
  12. I HIGHLY recommend the Orange Creme candy kisses
  13. We are going to freeze at Emily's soccer game tonight
  14. We are back from Disney
  15. any website builders here?
  16. Allthatscraps.com
  17. Easter Moose Clip art
  18. Cassie's Growing!! (finally lol)
  19. Is this cute or what???
  20. Who likes white rice and butter?
  21. Enabling Alert! Rubbernecker sale
  22. Easter wishes to all
  23. Easter bunny surprise...
  24. Those with curly hair - do you use anything to straighten it
  25. "My baby" wants to play football in 8th grade
  26. Who has free unlimited texting on their cell phone?
  27. wow, spring has sprung in Maine!
  28. Help me make a choice
  29. holy freek out!! I could not get back into the shack!!
  30. Feels like I ate too much...
  31. New Basic Grey
  32. going on a little trip.
  33. Smileycollector is the BEST!!
  34. What is e1 doing today?...
  35. Spring break for us next week ...
  36. Is Joanne ok??
  37. Stephen Turns Four
  38. Fabric and patterned / designer paper
  39. Just got invited to Easter dinner at DH's dd's
  40. I met Terry Scrappinuts today!
  41. Happy News
  42. Happy Easter
  43. My hummingbirds have returned for the season
  44. my big news!
  45. I'm so proud of me
  46. If Nancy A is in anyone's swaps coming up,
  47. I think Patrick has finally made a decision re: his college choice!!
  48. And down I went on my hand that just had surgery. Can you say OUCH?
  49. I made it back
  50. I only want what is best
  51. Design Runner Dilema...
  52. I had to get up at 3am today!
  53. Stampin' Up! Convention
  54. you've got to hear this!
  55. Tax Day - Some resturants offering specials
  56. I'm never going to be a top poster, but
  57. Does anyone else's kids HATE to shop?
  58. DH has two weeks left in Nebraska....
  59. Taxes are done!! (whew!..cutting it close)
  60. I'm going on vacation
  61. Who will go home tonight from IDOL????
  62. OMG I am turning 50!
  63. I am House Hunting again !!!
  64. Notes for Scrappinnuts 4/9 - 4/15
  65. My sister went to the saddest memorial yesterday
  66. I'm thinking about getting my nose pierced...
  67. update on Dad
  68. tomorrow will be in the 60's here!!
  69. Funny Story - Too old to Scrapbook???
  70. Look what Jacob and I saw last night!
  71. good news/bad news update
  72. Do you recognize me with my new glasses?
  73. Jennifer/Thimbles my card designer!
  74. How's this for last minute --
  75. Sewing.....
  76. I'm going MIA for a few days...
  77. A love story...
  78. Have you ever seen jumping rope like this?
  79. checking in from Darwin
  80. Patrick has PROM tonite!!
  81. I'm looking for a stamp set
  82. I met Jessica/love4kids99
  83. I sold a scrapbook today!!
  84. preparing for ink-a-palooza..
  85. Help!
  86. Wicked Tonight *UPDATED*
  87. NBA Basketball Playoffs
  88. Anyone know anything about law or lawyers?
  89. Happy Earth Day!
  90. CK Fonts and scrapNfonts closing!!! - Freebies!!
  91. Advice needed on dog kennels
  92. House Mouse Thank you
  93. I'm not having a very good day today.....
  94. does anyone at Palooza want to hear me and Cheryl sing?
  95. Notes for Sarah 4/17/09 - 4/22/09
  96. I threw my back out earlier today!!!
  97. IAP-where to start?
  98. yay! finally a busy day at work!!
  99. welp, an infection has arrived...
  100. toot!
  101. Want to see what I did today?
  102. What a night I've had!!!
  103. Cow Spotted at Palooza!!!
  104. Remember Me?
  105. Guess who got to meet at Archiver's today?
  106. oh, CCstampin-Joanie
  107. I met Sherri and Traci this morning......
  108. A few holiday pics from Darwin
  109. Went shopping yesterday...
  110. Just how many animals am I supposed to feed???!!!!
  111. Vera Bradley fans
  112. speaking of animals....
  113. Things that go bump in the night!!!
  114. Do any of you use white strips?
  115. Patrick has a JOB!!
  116. Hmmm, am I related to StinkyCheese and Mydogstinks? You decide ...
  117. My town's public works guy must think I'm nuts!
  118. Truly bummed
  119. hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work....
  120. See you Sunday Night!!
  121. Bingo Help
  122. Car Good News/Bad News
  123. Nicholas got sent to the assistant principal's office
  124. Springfield Mass stamp show..who's going?
  125. Just got back from a concert!!!!!!!!!
  126. I been busy lol
  127. Happy Birthday to our Nicholas!
  128. I'm off to work at my lss today
  129. I added a new ticker to count down when school gets out
  130. Uh oh ... New Riley stamps coming out May 4th
  131. Hi All....I'm having a great time here
  132. 10,000th Post!!! Whoo Hoo!
  133. Test Your Geography IQ! :>
  134. I haven't stamped a single thing since I came back from Shackapaloosa
  135. I had a geiser in my kitchen today.
  136. What's on your agenda today....
  137. Tech Support
  138. Hot Water Heater Story....funny~
  139. Aloha!
  140. What's on the menu for dinner tonight?
  141. Free Dinner Tonight
  142. what do you order at Mcdonalds?
  143. I'm in need of crafting ideas
  144. Someone backed into my truck this morning!
  145. Bingo Observation
  146. Happy Nurses Day to Shuggy and the other Nurses here!
  147. Summer plans??
  148. Message for you ALL from...........
  149. Tornadoes appear to be all around us ...
  150. Sherri - Look a chocolate flip flop
  151. Sherri - How about a FlipFLop Straw and a coaster
  152. Post pals.......careful this will bring tears!!
  153. Happy early Mothers Day all
  154. spa night at home
  155. Rain Rain go away.....
  156. Happy mothers day
  157. Postage stamps are going up
  158. share your fave potato salad recipe
  159. Soccer season is over for Emily
  160. I did a mani & pedi ona 94 year old lady today
  161. Today I doodled!
  162. happy mother's day...
  163. So PROUD of my sister!!!!
  164. What are your favorite Nestabilities at the moment?
  165. The hubby and I just got back from a nice walk
  166. I'm close to 20,000 post!
  167. I'm home and ready to start crafting again..
  168. Good Monday Morning Everyone!
  169. My First ATC
  170. Brrr~! I am home~
  171. Here is where I am "trapped" for the next few days
  172. Both kids are keeping me hopping!!!
  173. Do they just automatically take out kids wisdom teeth now?
  174. Ellie & I had a "stamp" play date today
  175. I have good news ..
  176. LasVegasStamps
  177. If you are married, what do you do for your anniversary?
  178. I'm taking a basic Copic marker class on Saturday
  179. Tonii is BACK on the circuit!
  180. My 11,000th post
  181. Cindi~ Whoo HOO!
  182. sat on the side of the road today for almost 2 hours...
  183. Yahoo Mail Issues
  184. American Idol Tour
  185. Nicholas' football meeting was today with the coaches and parents
  186. Sherri you are sooooo funny!!!
  187. A really, really, REALLY stupid question
  188. I took vacation days today and tomorrow so I could work on my landscaping..........
  189. I decided to try herbs this year in my mini garden
  190. I'm going to a new crop tomorrow...
  191. No Internet since Sunday!
  192. Who took my "little boy" and gave me a mature Nicholas? LOL
  193. flowers and tomatoes...
  194. I laughed OUT LOUD at this
  195. Well I'm Moved
  196. Notes for Joanne 5/5 - 5/13 (whew, this seems long!)
  197. So, what does everyone think about American Idol???
  198. Biggest Loser...did anyone watch the finale???
  199. Any good stamping stores in Chicago?
  200. I got a salami in the mail...
  201. Stamps from Viva Las Vegas
  202. Rose growers..............
  203. Sherri -- Can you take notes for me?
  204. Has anyone done Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover?
  205. The day has finally come!!
  206. FREE CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAYS on Fridays!!!!
  207. Happy Friday!!!!
  208. I'm walking in Relay for Life event tonight
  209. I am in a contest..will you help me?** update page 8**
  210. I know I said no garden this year but guess what we just did!!
  211. WE are home from Cornwall (long)
  212. Could you help just a little?
  213. Emily made cheerleading!!
  214. yoo hoo Sherri
  215. Going to see the Detroit Tigers play the Oakland A's tonight!
  216. Easter Stage...
  217. Help! I have ants!!
  218. Brett Favre has me wondering about retirement
  219. Question about swaps...
  220. eurovison song contest
  221. I just received the nicest phone call!!!
  222. those who attened that Mass stamp show last year
  223. nice inspirational day...
  224. Does anyone know what time shuggy is
  225. Wanna see my cheerleader punched out?
  226. quit stalking!!
  227. Has anyone downloaded Skype on their computer?
  228. I took a few pics at the game last night....
  229. Ants in my pants!! ICKO!! YUCKO!!!!
  230. something to make you go "hmmmm"...
  231. Taking tempory Leave of absence
  232. No more damp bedroom ...
  233. Voteing Time Again
  234. Serendipity Stamps Design Team Call
  235. An Anniversary Giggle
  236. Help!!! Does anyone know where I can reorder
  237. 38 degrees this morning ... where is Spring?
  238. This cheerleading thing has already taken over ...
  239. It's 6am here and I'm dressed and ready to go!
  240. Effective January 2, 2010 no smoking in NC in restaurants and bars
  241. If you color your hair...
  242. Too "Punny"
  243. Its official .. I am FINALLY a NC resident ..
  244. I have a question
  245. I have a question about graduation ...
  246. How on earth do you craft with nails!!!!!
  247. Games...
  248. 25 Reasons I owe my Mother - Nancy A asked me to post this
  249. Have you heard of a home party company called
  250. In NC, the seniors have a senior project to do