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  1. Today is Patrick's last day of High School!!
  2. i'm off...
  3. I'll be out of town for a few days......
  4. DH is going to be whisking me away for the weekend
  5. This day has finally arrived
  6. Check this out - Graduation treats
  7. Uh-Oh...did a bad thing...
  8. Colored my hair...
  9. Meeting Caboverde1/Tonii Today
  10. I think I'm getting sick :(
  11. moose sighting!
  12. Back from my cruise!
  13. Updates for Nancy F 5/16/09 - 5/23/09
  14. 3 really bad thunderstorms
  15. So, what have you all done this weekend so far?
  16. Ever have computer problems?
  17. Ant Update
  18. Let the Graduation Craziness Begin!!
  19. Itunes gift card HELP ME!!!
  20. Michelle (Emmcee) is coming over tonight after work
  21. I'm back!!!
  22. Football (could be) over as quick as it started!! LOL
  23. Off to Chicago!
  24. Over 2,000 now! :>
  25. Graduation party at the Thacker's in 2 weeks ...
  26. Did you miss me? Oh please say you did! LOL
  27. Spring fawns being born
  28. Job interview follow up letter
  29. wow, I have a crazy day at work tomorrow!
  30. We got an offer on our house!!!
  31. Varnished teeth!!!!
  32. Cindi?????
  33. Haven't been online much ... been sick all week ... lots of last minute
  34. Today was my last day of work
  35. Just got an email from someone here
  36. Flowers in my garden
  37. Help! I'm in the middle of nowhere!
  38. 2 weeks UNPAID!
  39. Had a moron moment last night!
  40. Going Roller Skating Today!
  41. It is 90 degrees today!!!
  42. Should I attend a funeral??
  43. I will be at the Mass stamp show 1 week from today!
  44. Vent....(please don't read if you're not in the mood)
  45. A long overdue (but none-the-less heartfelt and sincere) THANK YOU!!
  46. Why its smart to use the bathroom b4 u leave the house
  47. I was a totallly immature baby today....
  48. I got some stamping in today and it felt great!
  49. So Cute Party Dress Goodie Bag
  50. It's awfully quiet around here.....
  51. Starting Zumba and Pilates
  52. The Girls Powder Puff game was great last night!!
  53. Another action packed day planned for me ...
  54. Shipping issues, help
  55. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having company
  56. Patrick and his best friend (Courtney~and, yes, it's a boy) left this morning
  57. I'm going to meet Tricia, gotcats?, next Tuesday!!
  58. Blue Jay HELP Pleeeeeease?????!!!!
  59. Zumba and the Bootie
  60. My day judging senior projects ...
  61. Soccer season is officially over for the season
  62. 1 week from today and school will be out!!
  63. Im back !!!!!
  64. How are our Shack Sistas in England?
  65. Do U remember alot of details about your "younger years?"
  66. Who made the diaper cake recently?
  67. West Springfield stamp show girls..
  68. The economy must be picking up!
  69. I got into an arguement with a neighbor
  70. hello from West Springfield!!!
  71. ISO a website that sells personalized t-shirts
  72. 1 week from today and we will have the graduation party here
  73. It's hard work being an Aunt!!!
  74. Sorry I have not been around much
  75. remember the issue:
  76. Riley moose is coming to Ohio!
  77. I'm back home in Maine..with loot!
  78. never say never :)
  79. hi there!
  80. I just ordered 875 photo prints!
  81. shackies meet in mass
  82. everyone must check out Tracey's loot
  83. Fun times at my house!
  84. My first day of "unemployment"
  85. Hi everyone!
  86. Finally got promoted to the next level supervisor position...
  87. household cleanng tip: removing nailpolish from carpet
  88. California, Here I Come.....
  89. I met some SHACKIES today!
  90. Good manners?
  91. Lessons from the Bootie (Zumba class #2)
  92. The Shack has another RN in da house!
  93. St. Jude's Golf Classic -- we didn't go!!!
  94. Update from Ethel
  95. Christmas already!
  96. This is our bedroom
  97. Hemming curtains
  98. summer reading - recommendations
  99. Shackie visits Fairbanks!
  100. Dance Recital this weekend...
  101. Only one more year until my degree.....
  102. I'm looking for recipes or ideas for food for the boat
  103. Is anyone interested in a free online 2-week photo editing class?
  104. Guess who has poison ivy!!
  105. Don't forget Choc Relief
  106. We are finally in the clear
  107. what's everyone up to this friday night?
  108. How about a Shackie HOLLOS gathering in July?
  109. Leaving or Stamp Camp
  110. We've arrived in Niceville, Florida
  111. Good Luck today Sherri!!
  112. I ran a 5k today!
  113. Question for our Aussie ladies
  114. Grad party went off without a hitch yesterday
  115. Michaels Coupon
  116. share your homemade salad dressing recipes here
  117. Where the Heck is Everyone?
  118. Sick But good now
  119. hmm..something seems wrong with this picture!
  120. We have a date night tonight
  121. Can I just set the record straight and say how much I "HATE" fundraisers?
  122. Don't you hate it when stuff doesn't work like it's suppose to!
  123. Sometimes when you make cards MONTHS IN ADVANCE ....
  124. And you all think I am the most organized person on the planet???
  125. Whoo-Hoo!!!!
  126. Sorry gals, no Zumba tonight!
  127. Can I have some cheese with my whine?
  128. Woke up with even MORE poison ivy ALL OVER
  129. I placed a very small order with addicted to rubberstamps this morning
  130. Going on vacation to California with the High School Band!
  131. Leaving for vacation
  132. Questions for ladies with ETSY stores?
  133. I hate feet!
  134. really bizarre question...
  135. I have a poll about recipe cards!
  136. Does NE1 have a free shipping code for Joann.com?
  137. I'll be gone for a couple of days.
  138. Today is national flip flop day.
  139. Joanie, I see your back ...
  140. Did I just shoot myself in the foot?
  141. I am still alive!
  142. What color copic markers do you use the most?
  143. I think I'm insulted!
  144. LONG & Personal so ignore if you don't want to know!
  145. you never know whjen your knowledge of inks, markers, & papers will come in handy
  146. I've got the jitters now!
  147. *DH* forgot our anniversary!!!!!!!
  148. I don't want to jinx it but I think my poison ivy is less itchy
  149. I was almost in the dog house BIG TIME!
  150. Happy First Day of Summer!
  151. Shampoo Recommendations for Colored Hair
  152. Hobby Lobby has their single sheets of paper 50% off this week
  153. Look what is ripening out in our "woods"
  154. Looking for advice - Not Stamp Related
  155. Post performance high!
  156. Free Photoshop Editing Class
  157. Neat Photography/bow tip
  158. Unbelieveably Fast Customer Service
  159. Ed McMahon passed away
  160. Strawberry picking
  161. Bootie and the Beast (Zumba class again)
  162. I Can't Believe Sherri hasn't said anything!
  163. Any dream interpreters in Shackie Land?
  164. Emily got her senior high school schedule and I think she will do great....
  165. Has anyone heard that peacocks will be the next "big thing" in stamps?
  166. Don't forget free chocolate coupon today!
  167. I bought my first pair of flipflops!
  168. Oh boy, we have been given tickets to a concert.
  169. A Friday Funny from my MOTHER! LOL!
  170. the shrug my sister chrocheted for me
  171. We survived the birthday sleepover last night!!!
  172. Why was the Michael Jackson thread closed????
  173. This is a week of firsts for me!
  174. Just got home from a week in California!
  175. Commercial poll?
  176. School tomorrow - Saturday!
  177. Free paint
  178. Baby christening etiquette?
  179. Discoveries while riding with grandchildren
  180. I went driving around Concord today taking pretty photos
  181. Anyone heard of Fried Pickles?
  182. Does anyone here mediatate?
  183. what a great day...
  184. Went to Best Buy
  185. An Update and Thank You ...
  186. what's everyone working on this Monday
  187. storage question for non-stamp stuff
  188. I, Nancy Freeman, am going to go stamp...
  189. Our recent visitor!
  190. Anyone live close to Orlando, FL
  191. busy summer!
  192. Help needed re: facebook and twitter
  193. wierdest/scariest night ever...
  194. Expecting !!!!!!
  195. Grocery coupons
  196. Hey, Cindi, Did you see the blue sky???
  197. Hey...Cindi...do you remember?
  198. Oh, phooey!
  199. Kid Rock concert is tonight
  200. I need help for my membership
  201. This is exciting!!!
  202. Lesson in life: the 'art' of diplomacy
  203. Month from today we leave for Colorado!
  204. Moving to Baltimore??
  205. Jean/micemom's sister says thank you
  206. Hey, Angie, just wondering how last night went...
  207. Kid Rock Concert Review
  208. Happy Canada Day to our Canadian Shackies!
  209. Going camping
  210. what do you think of this?
  211. Again today, Oh, phooey!
  212. Gave my quitting notice this morning
  213. Lili....
  214. what's up today?
  215. Washer leaking and dryer won't turn on
  216. anyone want to help me?
  217. No more Slim Jims???
  218. a very productive day!
  219. Free chocolate today!
  220. Happy 4th of July!
  221. Would you take the time to read this letter I have for the senior project? UPDATED
  222. Camping and 105 degree weather
  223. IE 8 users
  224. Shackies from Maine!
  225. Did those who signed up for the free Photoshop Editing
  226. I love Emily's senior pictures!!
  227. what is your fave early summer meal ?
  228. I need to get a new cuttlebug C plate, where';s the best place?
  229. Home from the Science Center
  230. One more thing NOT to eat before Zumba...
  231. Funny stamping story
  232. American Idol Concert Tour Review
  233. Has anyone seen Grouch Marx glasses (the big nose glasses) lately?
  234. Does anyone sell close to my heart?
  235. What should we do?! *UPDATE July 13ht*
  236. camp update...
  237. Have you ever seen a blond raccoon??
  238. California vacation pictures posted
  239. Poem "I'm Too Blessed To Be Stressed"
  240. I'm in a happy mood today
  241. help! A C moores printable coupon needed
  242. Why do kids grow so fast Arrg!
  243. I love free stuff!!!!!
  244. E mail suggestion
  245. need an opinion...
  246. Never argue with a woman
  247. I saw a snapping turtle today!
  248. Is there a good message board for travel information??
  249. Has anyone heard anything from Julie (Stampcrazyjulie)?
  250. I smell like a stinky dog!