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  1. yay!! my first day on the boat this year!!
  2. My niece!!!
  3. An apology......
  4. I'm bummed...
  5. Hey, Cindi, your dryer sheet trick worked!
  6. Perception
  7. Need some input for planning a Hawaiian Luau
  8. Who buys Watkins products?
  9. 11am and time for breakfast!
  10. I auditioned last night for the play Fiddler on the Roof
  11. Thanks & Update
  12. Help!! I need help with ants!!!
  13. Big Important News for Concord, NC
  14. My new glasses
  15. Question # 1 (nsr)
  16. Question #2 (nsr)
  17. Ivy's service dog website!
  18. Ahhhh Skink in the house!
  19. Where's the best deal on a Janome Sew Mini?
  20. Look who's in the chat room!
  21. Free chocolate Friday!
  22. Last night we met friends of DH's for dinner
  23. Croc lovers - they are going to quit making them
  24. Look at our sponsors...
  25. So Sad
  26. Funny video!!!
  27. bday/anniv./etc help plz...
  28. Is it time for another RAK ATTACK?
  29. Facebook
  30. Wienermobile crashes into a Wisconsin home...
  31. My dream room....
  32. What's your Sunday plans?
  33. Whatever possessed me....
  34. I may not be around much for a few weeks...
  35. Missing Sympathy Cards
  36. Hair Question...
  37. I got my paint!!!
  38. Look at this cute set of stamps I bought!
  39. mmmwwwaaahhhaahhhaaa... just when you thought you had gotten rid of me!!
  40. OMG - we had the worst thunderstorm last night
  41. haunted house...
  42. 100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About
  43. Our college tour today was very nice and overwhelming to say the least
  44. Remember your free chocolate bar!
  45. Car accident in my neighborhood last night
  46. what are your weekend plans?
  47. Saturday............
  48. I feel kinda guilty...
  49. I had such high hopes for a nice supper...
  50. Have you all seen the awesome wedding dance on you tube that everyone is talking
  51. 1 month from today and school starts. I'm sure it will go fast!!!
  52. I'm heading to HOLLOS!
  53. Sick of people in my house.
  54. My computer is broken :-(
  55. birthday cards thank you
  56. I've figured out watermarks!!!
  57. I got one of my new MS Halloween punches today!!!
  58. The MIL here is here visiting and the ex-wife came over to visit
  59. my pc crashed, so....
  60. A very proud mom !
  61. Got stung by a bee tonight
  62. Vacation is finally here!
  63. thank you sherri!
  64. Does anyone live near Niagara Falls, NY?
  65. watermarks...
  66. Limeyscrapper -- you are a genius!
  67. my implant is finally schld!
  68. Wow what a storm we had!
  69. Check out Peoples magazine: Aug 10 issue (More)
  70. A Friday Funny
  71. Going on vacation next week
  72. Whoo-hooooo! I'm retired!!
  73. Question for those who attended Shackapalooza
  74. I'm in Love with Archiver's!
  75. Facebook funny
  76. Salute to Scrapple
  77. I search a stamp
  78. I survived the birthday party!
  79. I just made a huge bowl of salad
  80. How do you know a kid is REALLY ready to go away to college?
  81. Update from Jan (logcabincreations)
  82. Just landed a full-time job.....
  83. awesome afternoon/evening on the boat
  84. My employer made the front page of yahoo today....
  85. For those that have blogs
  86. kids will be kids...
  87. Look at this...
  88. lunch with mary
  89. We had a substitute Zumba teacher tonight.
  90. Notes for Nancy , Jan, Mary H, Cheryl and whoever else are on vacation 8/1 8/5
  91. who has been to New york City?
  92. I didn't sleep too good last night ...
  93. So, Christie, how was your first day at work???
  94. So I went to McDonald's. . .
  95. My first day of work
  96. Joanne finally nabbed a part-time job
  97. This is the coolest summer I remember EVER!
  98. Errrr......hate it when this happens.
  99. Clocks and more Clocks
  100. ouch!! my poor back!
  101. Reminder: Put your 'real' name in your Profile if you'd like RAKS/Cards
  102. OMG!!! I love my Hubby....
  103. Emily has decided to quit cheerleading ...
  104. Going to feel like triple digits here today in the queen city... blaah!
  105. Suzi, where are my notes you were taking for me?
  106. School starts 2 weeks from tomorrow for us. Who's ready? Who's not?
  107. Was Joanie's dd getting married this last weekend?
  108. Our state sales tax goes up a whole 1% on September 1st
  109. What does it mean when one goes to a stamp store and you don't find any stamps??
  110. HELLO!!!! Did you miss me?
  111. Broke a tooth and went to the dentist.
  112. Joanne's part-time home typing job
  113. Inkinupstamps -- thank you!
  114. My computer died/ Got a new laptop!
  115. Back from vacation!
  116. Trying to get in the groove........
  117. Our internet was down all morning ... so I cleaned out my extra images
  118. Do you know Konny Reimann????
  119. I need help
  120. I decided to try something with digital
  121. Yeah i have 500 postings!!!!
  122. I can't believe school starts in less in 2 weeks
  123. Are any other "boys" not into new school clothes?
  124. Guess where I am going tonight...
  125. Boy can't be away from the Shack too long...
  126. I've just been hit by a water balloon!
  127. Oh my goodness gracious. Thank you Joan Lakeslady!
  128. Does anyone have a free shoulder?
  129. It's Friday! Any fun weekend plans?
  130. Anyone use MSN Messenger?
  131. I could not sleep last night...
  132. yipee!!
  133. I have a wonderful dh
  134. A few vacation photos
  135. Ouch
  136. I love Brad Paisley
  137. Boating today...
  138. I had the strangest phone call today ..
  139. oh happy day.
  140. I have a question for all you camera buffs.
  141. Tim Holtz told me a very interesting thing about
  142. Left my husband for Tim Holtz
  143. Thanks to you
  144. Christmas has already arrived at M's
  145. I was doing my back to school shopping at Staples minding my own business when ...
  146. just celebrated my 22nd anniversary
  147. Cindi and I are going to the beach today!
  148. AC Moore has ALL of the new Martha Stewart Halloween punches out
  149. a wonderful email to share with you all....
  150. i need help with filling an atc swap
  151. swap mania
  152. What do you think about this?
  153. Prayers please...
  154. We fired our lawn guy yesterday. We've had him for 3 years
  155. i'm going in...
  156. Who needs a laugh?
  157. Back from open house #1. We had Em's open house today. Nicholas' is tomorrow night.
  158. I'll be MIA until Sunday
  159. Sherri-art retreat idea for you
  160. Julie L's birthday card was returned to me
  161. Old computer
  162. Super-Wal-Mart no longer has a Scrapbooking section!
  163. Thanh Vo, I love your new avatar ... but are you in a jungle??
  164. Soccer season officially started today and our practice was cancelled
  165. please don't think I'm ignoring you...
  166. Computer issues...
  167. Oh No here I go Again
  168. I think my second interview went well
  169. Is there an update members list anywhere?
  170. M's coupon in PC mag...
  171. Hobby Lobby expanded their Nesties!!!!
  172. Age 17 is the pits!!
  173. Hurricane Bill on its way
  174. You guys made me smile today!
  175. Interview follow up letter #2 *updated/changed*
  176. Palooza buddies -- I found my stamps!
  177. implant results/update :)
  178. Hurricane Bill at scoodic point , Maine
  179. I need help again !!!!
  180. Trip Down Memory Lane
  181. New ATC swaps
  182. Up since 3 am!
  183. Kids are both off to school on their first day back
  184. Jury Duty???
  185. Got the estimate on the damage on my van
  186. Sleepy and bored!
  187. Got in a car accident pulling out of the garage!
  188. Hi Y'All!! I'm back...
  189. First day school photos
  190. No kids today!!
  191. Did anyone here happen to borrow my distressing tool?
  192. Very FUNNY Bumper Sticker!!! Don't be offended!!!
  193. IPod Questions
  194. Just made the Detroit free press!
  195. The critters were roaming the roads last night
  196. mmm peaches
  197. popcorn in your soup is not a good substitution for crackers
  198. I will be out of touch mostly for a few days
  199. Where is JBGreendawn???
  200. Meeting up with maxiesmom today!!
  201. Pics of maxiesmom and workin4stamps @ Tigers Game!
  202. a "caterpickle" turns into a butterfly...
  203. Hard to be at work today
  204. This is my 5000th post!
  205. Prayer request
  206. My dog, the Model! LOL
  207. Julie Lomax...I tried!!!11
  208. HELP!! how do I get rid of fruit flies???
  209. hey, Sherri
  210. Strange post on Gina K's facebook about changes in stamping...
  211. Working at the kids' school today
  212. I'm back!
  213. Sorry I have not been around
  214. Where did everybody go?
  215. Let the fun begin on Emily's senior project ...
  216. I could use a hug today
  217. Surprise mail
  218. $871.47...
  219. A Little Flaky ATC
  220. Off to more Volleyball!!
  221. Shopping site
  222. Emily has applied to at least 50 jobs and she FINALLY
  223. I'll be gone all weekend
  224. Camping and news about Jacob
  225. What is your favorite cereal?
  226. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and I just...
  227. who is doing craft fairs this fall/winter
  228. my laptop is in the shop
  229. a little piece of heaven...
  230. my sad crafting story...
  231. I am home!
  232. Autumn is in the air and that means......
  233. Oh, I'm sooo Happy!!!!
  234. Amy (scraphappy908) called me today....
  235. I stopped by Kohls today and I saw a sign that said "Now Hiring"
  236. Did you realize tomorrow is 09/09/09?
  237. today i paid for the 2 craft fairs
  238. Amy (Scraphappy908) still cannot post notes here but she called to tell me
  239. Received a card today from Lori WhoMoi
  240. Wanna see more cute punched out pumpkins?
  241. Will I ever craft again!!
  242. I am around... at least sortof...
  243. Ladies, when was the last time
  244. finally home...
  245. I am bored out of my mind today............
  246. I started thinking...
  247. lost swap suggestions
  248. I have a favor to ask
  249. Advise
  250. This community is a godsend