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  1. I just read on Erin's blog that she is 12-13 weeks pregnant
  2. I made the last of my ATC's yesterday and I am already thinking
  3. Good but very stressful day yesterday
  4. Opinions please needed (long story)
  5. 25 reasons why i owe my mother
  6. New!!!!
  7. All stamping addicts can identify with this!
  8. Im done here at the shack
  9. My oven broke!!!
  10. Bon Voyage! I'm goin' cruisin!
  11. My Swan Song, of sorts
  12. met up with a shackie today!
  13. Missed yall
  14. I'm all packed and ready to head north tomorrow!
  15. swap angel anyone?
  16. More snow!
  17. I would like to introduce you all to my new stove!!!
  18. For my Birthday
  19. Scor-Pal
  20. I'm off to swim with Whalesharks !!!
  21. Need an opinion - moms with kids am I being too overprotective?
  22. Having mixed feelings today and need to vent
  23. ATC's Thank you
  24. Its been an emotional day for me
  25. I received a wonderful email from a friend of Lori Adelaars today!
  26. Look at this amazing necklace
  27. happy mother's day!!
  28. Happy mothers day!
  29. Had a delightful mother's day!!
  30. I want to find energy to create!
  31. You will NOT believe what I just did to myself.
  32. There are Shackie Shirts?????
  33. I'm back... what did I miss?
  34. There's another rubber stamp expo in west springfield,ma in Oct
  35. water pills!!!!!!!!!
  36. i think...
  37. Ten year old girls! I need help/advice/suggestions
  38. My e-mail sent out some spam....
  39. We are going to try and sell this house we're in now ...
  40. Joann's coming to the mall near me...
  41. Hair UPdate
  42. Hair Coloring question...
  43. Anybody 'member Tonii???
  44. Mark your calendar
  45. Tracey & I are teaching a class tomorrow at our LSS
  46. Home from the Cruise - What did I miss?
  47. new stamping stuff!!! driving me nuts!
  48. Hey guys, gotta question for you
  49. we had our dates mixed up for the inking class at LSS
  50. You'll be reading about me in the news!!!
  51. On Splitcoast someone started a thread about their top 10 loves and 10 dislikes
  52. nestabilities questions
  53. joanns coupon
  54. For those of you who like moose!
  55. Bag for Stamp Convention
  56. Packing for home :(
  57. Google is celebrating Pac-Man!
  58. Emily and I are here in Pembroke
  59. cute font
  60. Just curious... how many of us are on Facebook regularly?
  61. Nice to be home!
  62. Stampin by the Sea!
  63. A feel good story ...
  64. My Life with Flower-Soft
  65. Woo hoo! I got picked to win.
  66. My graduation is in 11 days......
  67. email
  68. ? for those that do craft shows
  69. identity crisis of a sort
  70. new email...
  71. Random Ramblings for today
  72. baby stuff takes up a TON of space!!
  73. American Idol
  74. Time for my random ramblings ... LOL
  75. What do you think? AI!!! (Not a spoiler)
  76. For those of you growing a garden
  77. Thanks Erin
  78. Anyone Familiar with Lindy's Stamp Gang?
  79. I'm getting Copic Certified!- and I am scared!
  80. Remember that softball scrapbook I was asked to make ...
  81. I search Darcie`s Stamps
  82. stampendous sketch challenge
  83. Germany is the Winner from the Grand Prix....
  84. A little info about me...
  85. Stereo System Question....
  86. Emily found this cute kitten on the side of the road
  87. Is The Shack slow for anyone else?
  88. Happy Memorial day everyone
  89. moose sightings and more
  90. Update on my job situtation......
  91. went to HL for the first time in a couple of months.
  92. LOTS to do before graduation party on Sunday
  93. we moved!!
  94. Shelley!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE
  95. I have a new avatar, thanks to Sarah!!!!
  96. Seriously considering putting our house up for auction in FL
  97. Nicholas passed his drivers permit test today
  98. why am I up at this ungodly hour??
  99. Going to the Zoo Today
  100. Excitement! Final countdown...
  101. Pink eye in the Thacker household
  102. I think I just had a little piece of what heaven tastes like .. hee hee
  103. Just got home from a full day of work...
  104. Those traveling from the Springfield show - weather tomorrow
  105. Tracey & I are home!!!!!
  106. Graduation party is over. Countdown to graduation 5 more days!
  107. scrapbook related
  108. LOVING the weather at the beach!
  109. help needed :)
  110. a few pics from the stamp show weekend
  111. a few more pics from the Heirloom Show
  112. Summer reading
  113. So we had the realtor come over today to talk to us
  114. I planted my first vegetable garden ever
  115. My uncle continues to improve
  116. Was in the area so popping by to say Hi
  117. Quick Hello from New Brunswick!!
  118. i hate packing...
  119. Busy week...
  120. I saw a moose today
  121. I bought a kayak yesterday
  122. My puppy ate
  123. Vacation
  124. I got a full-time nursing job!!
  125. Concert: Eagles, Keith Urban, Dixie Chicks
  126. If you are the praying kind, please pray our house sells to this guy ...
  127. hoover dam
  128. It's possible you've never missed me but now the thruestory what is happening here
  129. That sore subject...the cost of our supplies
  130. Have you ever had a dream that you just did not want to wake up from?
  131. Has anyone ever used the stained glass film for their windows?
  132. Did you ever have the same dream multiple nights?
  133. Mid-West Shackies~~~~
  134. What do you have planned for Father's Day on Sunday?
  135. Perfect clouds!
  136. Blackberries galore!!
  137. I need help!!!!
  138. changed my avatar...
  139. I did the stained glass film on my window!!!!
  140. Fabric and the Big Shot
  141. Does Archivers have "new" Christmas patterned paper yet?
  142. The prize from Cards Magazine came today!
  143. This menopause is for the birds!!
  144. Woo hooo...guess who lol
  145. I got a present from my parents today
  146. Coffee Question?
  147. We put our house in NC on the market yesterday
  148. Stupid Rain!
  149. Post vacation blues
  150. new dryer
  151. Let the birthday festivities begin! Emily turns 18 tomorrow!
  152. False alarm on the house showing!!
  153. Going on a mini-vacation
  154. Telemarketers strike again
  155. I opened an ETSY shop. Check it out Yo!
  156. has anyone tried the new salads from Wendy's?
  157. Thank you....
  158. Moose
  159. Archivers here I come!!
  160. I have decided that green is impossiable to photograph!!
  161. anyone up for a little chat room visit?
  162. Cindi and I are chatting about a Shack Cruise
  163. Membership renewal......
  164. We are in ORLANDO!
  165. I am in cincinnati and have already been to Archivers
  166. Why oh why do we have to have hurricanes?
  167. True but painful
  168. I need ALL of my shackies friends help!!
  169. Update on my hair
  170. Its 4:30 am and I can't sleep!
  171. cute new pic loobylou
  172. How many of you have land lines and cell phones?
  173. Card Maker's Dream Tool!
  174. I am home
  175. Sherri, I liked your counter so much
  176. I saw a moose today
  177. So we were at the nursing home one afternoon ...
  178. what are your weekend plans?
  179. I heard from Jan Stinnette ....
  180. In my travels yesterday, I found ...
  181. Bats out during the day!
  182. We already saw some great Fireworks last night!
  183. Happy 4th of July!!!
  184. Emily got her roommate assignment and dorm room
  185. Since I've been home, I feel like crap ...
  186. Long workingweeks
  187. Happy 4th of July!!
  188. Heading back to dorm life, again!
  189. 4th of July wishes from the UK
  190. I have been cleaning for what seems like DAYS
  191. Emily decked out for the 4th!
  192. If it's not one thing it's another.....
  193. I just wanted to say THANK YOU ! ! !
  194. Rainbow Bridge
  195. I'll be working at our lss tomorrow
  196. Thank you Sherri (iloveflipflops)
  197. Does anyone here at the Shack have a Mac?
  198. WOW! It just hit me ... Emily leaves in 35 days for college
  199. Big savings at Big Lots!!!!!!
  200. I am jumping up and down
  201. Anyone watching Regis and Kelly from PEI?
  202. Hello all you lovely peeps!!
  203. Leaving for vacation tonight!
  204. The ETSY community is awesome!
  205. i am here at Winston
  206. When is the update happening?
  207. Route 40 in the eastern Tennessee area
  208. Thank you shackies for all the cards!!
  209. boo hoo...
  210. The house is just too quiet this morning now that everyone has left :(
  211. Its never good when a hubby starts the conversation off with ...
  212. My birthday cards
  213. Charlie is taking my van in for new tires
  214. Free candy bar at the Post Office!
  215. I have my days and nights mixed up............
  216. today is Gary's b-day
  217. Doing the happy dance!!
  218. Going away for a few days of vacation!
  219. Rootin' Tootin' Raccoon!
  220. Hi girls...I've missed you terribly
  221. dinner with mary...
  222. Went to the Black Eyed Peas last night
  223. Who is our Shackie friend that lives in Cape May, NJ?
  224. UGH!!! I'm getting old... {long winded ramblings}
  225. my washer necklaces
  226. Cupcake truck
  227. I need the expertise of a QuicKutz die expert!
  228. Altered flip-top shoe box
  229. So ... after 19 years of marriage, my MIL called me ...
  230. Just accepted into the BSN program...
  231. Nothing lasts forever--going home today--UPDATED
  232. Treat Cupcake Bar - don't look if you like cupcakes
  233. Cheesecake Squares
  234. wild Maine blueberries.....
  235. My hummingbirds are stocking up for the winter months coming ...
  236. Tracey & I are off to moores & joanns
  237. 2 weeks from today ... EMILY IS COLLEGE BOUND
  238. Need help finding a recipe!!!--I FOUND IT!! UPDATE!
  239. Looking for flipflop Sherri
  240. My van is dead!
  241. Just went to see Dogs and Cats!
  242. Long live the new van
  243. Check out my first sewing project!
  244. For those with kids going to college or in college?
  245. Should I or shouldn't I do this craft fair Oct 2nd?
  246. No quarters needed for laundry in college!
  247. Van/Chicago Update
  248. Anyone heard of SOLD IT ON EBAY! ?
  249. Meet Up with Lead Fiskateer - Tami
  250. Guess who came to lunch?