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  1. Have you started your back to school shopping yet?
  2. I need some ideas!!!!
  3. Temp jobs
  4. My dream house is going up for sale and its just around the corner
  5. Sherri--Proof the house issue could work out
  6. Sherri ~~ Thank you
  7. Another Shackie Meetup
  8. Where is Cathy/seaside rose?
  9. I have decided to do my first craft show on Oct 2nd
  10. Yes, the tears have started ....
  11. Been gone too long
  12. Have you ever sold the cards you make?
  13. More photos of the college life!!
  14. Back from Savanna and also I finished the quilt top!
  15. Funny Story
  16. Can't help that that's the way my mind works
  17. The first week of college life ...
  18. Today is the first day of Kindergarden
  19. VERY busy day today!!!
  20. Turkey, anyone?
  21. It's Offical.....
  22. Anyone been reading Suzanne Collins' Trilogy? Hunger Games/Catching Fire/Mockingjay?
  23. First day of high school for Nicholas
  24. Just Checking in....... Hello to all......
  25. Did you know
  26. DD is starting high school...mom is nervous :)
  27. Are we allowed to talk about Etsy?
  28. Now its my turn to look at new cars
  29. I'm going to need some hugs today!
  30. Freebie Digital Stamps
  31. Cindi - hair coloring question
  32. Heading out for vacation Sat am
  33. My hair! OOPS...very dark!!!
  34. Have I said how much I HATE NEW CAR SHOPPING?
  35. My son Andrew's classes in Norway
  36. Meet the newest addition to the family LOL UPDATED PHOTO ON PAGE 2
  37. Emily goes back to college ...
  38. Just wanted to say hi!!!!
  39. I just changed my avatar - to a Halloween one
  40. Got haircut!
  41. what do you think of this necklace.. {no stamping involved}
  42. Hey, We're still 'UP!"
  43. I saw this at Splitcoast this morning and it gave me a laugh ...
  44. Joannie - ccstampin
  45. Covering a book with a paperbag - Chuckle
  46. Earl 1, Jeffers 0
  47. Have I ever shared my sister's candy corn addiction with all of you?
  48. How did HeatherJ's boat fare? Any update?
  49. Sherri _ I found this candy corn necklace on Etsy
  50. Angie and Joanne--couldn't help but notice
  51. Is Oct 8th too early for a Halloween party?
  52. Back from NC........
  53. Notes taken for Paula 8/29-9/7 - WELCOME BACK PAULA
  54. Too bad I don't sew!
  55. glue dots design team...
  56. holy mail day, batman!!
  57. Emily came home for the weekend
  58. Corey's coming home today
  59. Not a good day for me and my new car :(
  60. Has anyone tried the new drink craze -- Bubble Tea?
  61. my prim sewn owls
  62. I've made a big decision
  63. Have you seen these cool envelopes?
  64. Exciting news!!!
  65. 2 more owls
  66. I missed you!
  67. holy crap..are we up????
  68. Punched lobster
  69. My Baby shower food
  70. Has anyone been able to post in the gallery since the upgrade?
  71. Any advice for me and Michelle at the craft fair (that's this Saturday)
  72. oh look! we're back again...
  73. My printer won't print!
  74. How are you celebrating "World Cardmaking day"?
  75. Time for a new avatar/profile pic...
  76. Surgery Update
  77. Ch-ch-ch-changes!!
  78. some fall pics from maine
  79. I am an old dog...
  80. Martha Stewart is on Oprah today
  81. Finally able to get onto the MB!
  82. Happy Friday! I'm heading out of town....
  83. I heard from Jan Stinnette (Logcabincreations) this week
  84. Woe is I!!!!
  85. We have a Super Moderator??
  86. wow, it's so quiet here right now..
  87. I just got an exciting message!
  88. Walked a Race today!
  89. The sorority sisters came into the night and left in the dark ... lol
  90. In case some of you are wondering, only 75 days till Christmas ha ha ha
  91. Time for a new pic!
  92. Am I doing something wrong?
  93. Day is nearly over but
  94. Hey, Christie!!!! Guess what???
  95. Help with business question--nsr
  96. Sherri and smiley 397hug
  97. There was frost on the pumpkins...
  98. Our tree is gone!!
  99. Winter Storm Warning
  100. Toga party anyone?
  101. My face was so puffed up this morning as one big hive
  102. HOLY COW!! I went to buy a pound of butter today
  103. went for a ride yesterday...
  104. How do you cook butternut squash?
  105. Christmas Card Question....
  106. Went to movies today!
  107. What are your thoughts on the Michael's Reward card???
  108. Guess what? I am doing ANOTHER craft fair this Saturday 9-2
  109. Addy's in member profile please
  110. The Greatest Halloween Card Ever!
  111. Why do these people bother?
  112. Thank you
  113. I met a woman today at the big craft fair in town who wants to buy my necklaces
  114. Craft fair success
  115. my craft fair today..
  116. Crazy Busy and Stampin' Up! Regionals in Portland, OR
  117. I have a silly question...
  118. I booked my VACATION!!
  119. Are there tricks to using the gallery?
  120. Ever seen an Aussie Flamingo?
  121. what???
  122. Its October 25th -- 2 months until Christmas!!!
  123. It's that sad time of year....
  124. My "Total Stranger" is perfect. ( Update)
  125. I'm looking for a crossword puzzle background paper...
  126. Check out our own SHUGGY here:
  127. yoo hoo, Shelley
  128. snow, glorious snow! (note the sarcasm there...)
  129. Who needs a Mrs. Santa Clause digi stamp?
  130. Good morning
  131. I'm getting really excited!
  132. *sigh* Packing for retreat.
  133. Question for you all
  134. Me and Tracey
  135. Question about Shack Plus Membership
  136. Happy Halloween!
  137. Ick, It's snowing out!!
  138. So my hives had stopped for 4 days
  139. No New Posts in SIX HOURS???
  140. Autumn at the SHACK???
  141. Resizing pictures?
  142. Did I mention....
  143. found a little snow in the woods today
  144. Paper Crafts Magazine
  145. Hey Ya'll, how's it going?
  146. Old Thread's
  147. Just wanted to let you know...
  148. How to shop for free - for those watching their pennies
  149. Day 2 of Palooza
  150. For those athat change their clocks - Don't forget it's Daylight Savings Time !
  151. In class today...
  152. I am home!
  153. Check out this fun website for coloring pages
  154. i'm having a baby!
  155. I'm Back!!!
  156. I'm BAAAACCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  157. Keurig customer service
  158. Enjoying my day off.
  159. Expensive day today, and never left the house!!!
  160. Thank You
  161. wish me luck tomorrow ladies
  162. Where do I find Kohl's Coupons????
  163. After driving for 30+ years, I have never had a speeding ticket ... until
  164. Hello BellsHil
  165. a small success!
  166. My daughter went to the Semi Formal last night!!
  167. Having hysterectomy on Wednesday!
  168. Skype Phone Calling
  169. a few pics from the craft fair weekend
  170. Can someone make me a cute owl?
  171. When we bought the new van, I thought my car troubles were over....
  172. Off to Keene, NH
  173. can some one give me the link to find that owl pattern...
  174. The latest on my reckless driving ticket
  175. Here we go again ladys... Very long but please read...
  176. 35 days till Christmas!!
  177. What's everyone making this year for Christmas gifts? Any stamped items?
  178. super excited I'm Copic certified!
  179. Hair Frustration!
  180. Hair...
  181. Freaky computer moment
  182. And what did you do today?
  183. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!
  184. I want to say THANKS to Shelley/jazzypurple853
  185. Been so busy but so good too
  186. So it's not really funny, but I'm sure it will be someday.
  187. Fall foliage in western Tennessee
  188. Are you cooking for Thanksgiving?
  189. I need help by ebay!!!!!!
  190. Cindi and I are headed for our LSS!
  191. Need help finding one of the most coveted toys this Christmas
  192. Jennifer McQuire teaching class in Kettering, Ohio
  193. only me and the shackhost here...
  194. Neighborly goodness
  195. yay! we are back!
  196. Chritsmas Tags received
  197. Sarah/loobylou
  198. Check out this Stamp room!
  199. Wonderful YouTube video of Hallelujah Chorus performed in a Mall
  200. Tracey & I are off to big lots
  201. Anyone interested in a free digital "Inspiration Everywhere" class w/Jessica Sprague?
  202. a few pics from my wood ride today
  203. OK Joanie, the mystery is solved!!!
  204. I met 'kimmyqtgirl' today!
  205. Back to work.....
  206. I need 'new computer' advice
  207. Where does one find a sock monkey?
  208. Did you know you can see who is temporarily suspended when you click here????
  209. Be sure your address is correct on your Profile
  210. I'm looking for red & white bakers twine
  211. Thank you Mrs. Fence :)
  212. My son is getting married Dec. 4
  213. We made it!! (long)
  214. Sock monkey found!
  215. Cindi, you need to clean out your pm box
  216. In case you miss me for a few days,
  217. Does anyone have my chicken tortilla soup recipe???
  218. Anyone have one of those one cup coffee makers?
  219. Hysterectomy update!
  220. Weekend plans?
  221. You all talked me into it.....
  222. Christmas Cards...
  223. I'm all packed and ready to go.
  224. Anyone heard of Hershey Kisses candycane?
  225. Cupcake Box for Washer Necklaces
  226. I'm going on an Alaskan Cruise!
  227. I need a paper trimmer replacement part ...
  228. It is 12 degrees
  229. Hello. Did ya miss me?
  230. Christmas is only 16 days away - how are your cards coming along?
  231. Anyone have a KINDLE?
  232. I found some bakers twine, now what do I do with it?
  233. Need an Angel to take my place
  234. My NEW COMPUTER!!!!!
  235. Going to see "A Klingon Christmas Carol" tonight! Yes, those kind of Klingons!
  236. UPDATE Shackie Meet Up Tonight in Long Beach, California
  237. OMG, what have I done???/
  238. Need a gift? Really cool t shirts
  239. YEAH!! We have snow this am- a couple of inches already!
  240. Wow it's snowing in Collierville, TN
  241. Long Time Ladies
  242. What's on your menu for Christmas Dinner?
  243. We have 5 inches or so of SNOW!
  244. Does anyone know how Tricia (Got Cats) is doing?
  245. We're Back!
  246. Update on my diet and my hives (which i no longer have)
  247. Flooding here in maine...
  248. ok, am I the only one this happened to - shack related
  249. Why can't I see Mike's Avatar?????
  250. My NEW computer just arrived!!!!!!!