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  1. since the postb are slow today...
  2. Paula - Check the Fisksars facebook page - Your one of the 20 finalists!
  3. what is happening SLC Utah.....
  4. Uses for dryer lint???
  5. Heading out to work this am...
  6. Good to be back.
  7. Fiskars Show us the Possibilites Contest is over....
  8. Enjoying Thanksgiving Day
  9. Where is everyone?
  10. here is a project I made today
  11. Off to another crop weekend
  12. Another tactic to avoid housework!
  13. Good Arts and Craft Show for me this past Saturday.
  14. We had an earthquake!
  15. home made chicken noodle soup
  16. Where is everyone?
  17. Weird Weird Weird!!!
  18. Becky Tuttle
  19. So I'll be back to being a New Jersey resident soon!
  20. Is it just my computer...
  21. Tooooooooooooo much stuff
  22. We are all moved but not unpacked!
  23. Another stamp store near me has bit the dust :(
  24. Living in a small town ...
  25. my first attempt at candy corn nails
  26. Hurricane Sandy
  27. Crazy week coming up!
  28. Anyone know how to make these?
  29. Wind, rain, blowing snow and colder temps here
  30. Hurricane Sandy claims one of our tall ships - HMS Bounty
  31. And the storm goes on...
  32. Boo! Its Halloween!
  33. Just a reminder - Daylight Savings Time tomorrow night
  34. What is everyone up to for today?
  35. What I did this weekend.
  36. Penelope (Nancy) - how was your yard sale?
  37. Have you started your Christmas cards? Christmas shopping?
  38. has anyone painted bells [smaller ones] to look like snowmen?
  39. Question for Sarah
  40. I will be having a little surgical procedure Friday on my right index finger.
  41. lost my "f"
  42. wish me luck, ladies
  43. Hello!!! Does anyone have coupon code for Cut at Home
  44. Has anyone heard how Joan aka LakesLady is doing
  45. Omg>>i am scared right now!!!!
  46. Help ! About an ATC Swap
  47. Who is going to brave the crowds on Black Friday?
  48. Wouldn't these make great rubber stamps? :)
  49. here is the last news story about what happened Tuesday at out building
  50. It's Monday
  51. Christie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  52. Happy Thanksgiving....
  53. Happy Thanksgiving !
  54. Working on Black Friday
  55. My job whine......
  56. A Muse has a really good deal for becoming a consultant...
  57. Another one bites the dust......
  58. and another one gone......
  59. The Shack is decorated for Winter....
  60. hello
  61. Husbands say silly things
  62. heading out to my last craft fair of the season
  63. Nicholas got a job!!
  64. where in the woods is cindi 12-16-12
  65. Sure is quite again...
  66. Joan posted on her blog!
  67. Dee are you a winner?
  68. What's the Christmas Day weather forecast where you live?
  69. I should be thankful for the bonus but I am bummed
  70. We had about 1 inch of snow this am...
  71. My first fiddle recital today!
  72. It is Dec 23, are you ready?
  73. Crafting with my niece today
  74. Merry Christmas everybody!
  75. where in the woods is cindi 12-25-12
  76. For those not on fb, here is my holiday drama this year ...
  77. It's me again -Update
  78. Who has plans for New Year's Eve?
  79. the joys of winter in maine
  80. Happy New year!
  81. A new year, a new "do" for me!!!
  82. First of all we are ok, but our car was
  83. I can't go to Springfield!!!
  84. been away a few days but now we are home...
  85. Seems like it is always very quite here now...
  86. Remember I said I would elaborate when I had time to type it all out...
  87. Would you believe it is still raining?
  88. Stamp rates will be increasing January 27th
  89. GGGRRRRrrrrrrrr
  90. Retitled- Let's try to have some fun here again
  91. Looks like I have no more perfume job
  92. Guess what...
  93. Galllery posting - should I or shouldn't I?
  94. Snow Day!
  95. Good Morning
  96. We both got sick
  97. Did you know Antartica is in the EAST ??
  98. I have a job interview tomorrow!!!
  99. I got the job!!
  100. In case you are wondering about Traci (workin4stamps)
  101. A tiny bit of good news with all the postal increases
  102. My MIL fell on the ice and fractured her pelvis :(
  103. We have snow!!!
  104. A Muse Studio has their convention this Fri-Sun
  105. My first day at my new job!
  106. In the mail------card fronts, envelopes and tall cards--
  107. Day 2 of new job ...
  108. Are you ladies in the NE ready for the blizzard?
  109. Blizzard has hit but seems to have subsided for a bit
  110. a couple snow pics
  111. News from my house
  112. I rocked valentines day for gary
  113. Haven't been here for a couple weeks....
  114. Storm Day!
  115. This is week 3 of my new job !!
  116. I was tired of my Prima Flowers being in those little bottles
  117. A Muse conventions details
  118. A Kindle Fire question
  119. After TWO years of no snow,
  120. I guess I'm a jr member for now.
  121. the yahoo group "shackies update"
  122. Membership
  123. Work is going well. Hard to believe I've been there 3 weeks already!
  124. Did I tell you my perfume biz was sold to another company?
  125. That hit a nerve!
  126. A much needed snow day!
  127. March came in like a lion - a whole pride,I would say!
  128. Cool flower tutorial
  129. Hey Jan, what is going on in Alaska??
  130. Happy mail day!!
  131. Daylight savings time - Did you remember?
  132. Not such good news
  133. Card making done, off for a root canal
  134. Two questions for you
  135. My new job ....
  136. things that make ME go hmmmmmm.
  137. About my lost cell phone...
  138. in celebration of patty finding her cell phone
  139. for those that have a Kindle fire
  140. I also came across this holder for the kindle
  141. Storm Day was a blessing
  142. I got a new job!!
  143. What's happenin on your corner?
  144. suzi
  145. Snow Day
  146. spelling corrections- is this just happening on my PC?
  147. Snow here again today!!
  148. Mydogstinks2 & Stinkycheese's mother passed away....
  149. Missing....
  150. Is Anyone watching the Jodi Arias trial (HLN Channel?)
  151. !?!?!? Pay Cuts !?!?!?
  152. I`m back ....
  153. I search a stamp
  154. What are you doing all this weekend?
  155. I'm wired!
  156. Heading out for the weekend
  157. Scary, crazy events at Boston marathon
  158. Could not get on the Shack last pm
  159. new colors at tbe Shack....
  160. I'm Baaaaaaaaack!!!!
  161. What I accomplished at Palooza
  162. Can someone come organize my room, please?
  163. A tiny bit to make you smile
  164. Nancy aka Penelope
  165. Hey, Deborah just posted!
  166. sending hugs to our Aussie friends
  167. Yippee skipee it is Saturday....
  168. Finally getting around to uploading my cards I made in palooza...
  169. I'm Done *resolved* thank you, Guy
  170. The Relay for Life will have more meaning for me this year!
  171. Die Cut Machines.... Some Comparison Questions
  172. Can anyone relate?????????????
  173. I can't load any pics from my tablet!!
  174. Vacation is here
  175. Hello. Long time no hear from me?
  176. I made a mustache bag
  177. Patty - Are you okay?
  178. I am home...
  179. We skipped Spring and went right into summer!
  180. Would you please vote for my boss's son?
  181. Hey Ya'll...from tropical (storm) Florida
  182. sit down, ladies..I am getting married!
  183. back from Relay!
  184. What are those plastic cases called
  185. So ... hubby took the kids to Orlando and i stayed home!
  186. we have new additions to the family
  187. If you have a problem at Michael's
  188. What is everyone up to?
  189. I had a surprise 50th party Friday night
  190. Countdown is on
  191. Do y'all "mend"??
  192. Bonnie and Clyde
  193. It has been a little sad for me this week,
  194. Read this about fraud re: Happy Scrappy, or Crafty-Ann
  195. Happy canada day
  196. Happy 4th to all the US Shackies!
  197. I have some catching up to do!
  198. Let talk about privacy-what is okay to do to stamping friends?
  199. New Memory Box products
  200. Had a booth at the Balsam Arts and Craft Fair
  201. Can someone try this from outside Canada? **updated
  202. Wohoo....
  203. I search Follower
  204. Tired...
  205. hello to all :)
  206. Bula from Fiji
  207. my wedding flowers..
  208. Gas Prices near you??
  209. Cindi's big day!
  210. a few wedding pics
  211. Kitchen almost painted!
  212. Need your opinions...
  213. What a great feeling...
  214. Where is everyone?
  215. Fake Members
  216. You won't hear this from me very often!!!
  217. Kitchen paintng completed
  218. Ssort of a scary thing happened at my house yesterday
  219. Hello Dear Shack Sisters ...
  220. See you next week!
  221. hello ladies:)
  222. OH SHUGGY... CAN YOU HEAR ME??? Sweetpea...This is for you, too
  223. Its Saturday...
  224. Honey, I'm home!
  225. Our FL house has sold!!
  226. Anyone else get a cold after flying?
  227. Unity Sale...
  228. Where is everyone?
  229. Danger, Danger--step away from the craft table
  230. wow, I finally made it in!
  231. I did the local Farmer's Market again
  232. Rainy Labour Day
  233. Creating Keepsakes has folded
  234. Did you know that this week is chocolate week?
  235. Restless Legs
  236. Finally, a winner!!
  237. It's Friday....
  238. Leaf Cards Coming In
  239. Congratulations Dee!
  240. Leaf
  241. Government shutdown...
  242. Looking for a nice Train stamp
  243. Red leaves - particularly for Nancy
  244. This coming Friday is a BIG day at my house!!!
  245. Anyone getting a popup thing on the side of their window
  246. yikes! I just realized Christmas is 2 months away!
  247. Happy Halloween !
  248. Happy halloween!!!
  249. Happy Retirement firefly!!!
  250. Hotel in Fort Lauderdale.