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  1. And check out this cup of hot cocoa. I made it my background on my computer
  2. Question for all of you crafty people...
  3. I think I'm getting sick..........
  4. Shuggy (Angie) is not trendy, she is PRE TREND!
  5. Hi Everyone!
  6. Baby, its cold outside!!!
  7. Lincoln Video
  8. What is he thinking?
  9. Good Morning, All!
  10. Its warmer in Anchorage, Alaska than it is here. WOW!!
  11. Does anyone remember where the bagalope video is?
  12. Please help me... and help each other at the same time!
  13. my christmas tree
  14. 50% Off sale at shoebox trims
  15. Holy Cow! Is this just normal when you have kids?
  16. How is everyone coming along with their Christmas shopping?
  17. Thanks Mindy and Becky B
  18. Check out my new gallery postings!
  19. Erin K, your box arrived!
  20. Just checking in...
  21. I decided to dress up our guinea pig and dog with their Santa hats on
  22. Just back from the Dr
  23. I'm so excited!
  24. Mary - TOAO
  25. I won't make it to the ball but I will get to ride in a carriage of sorts
  26. A new way to make glass ornaments all cute
  27. Found a great use for my transparent bulbs
  28. Another awesome thrift store find...
  29. Finally got my tree today!
  30. Question about gallery postings.
  31. Jennifer - YOO HOO!
  32. Poll....Do you have any....
  33. I had a really big scare!
  34. Grammastamper
  35. Who needs bagalope instructions?
  36. I am seeing snowflakes this morning ... on my screen
  37. Thanks for the snowflakes!
  38. Loooong night, he's even worse
  39. Today is parent's 50th Anniversary party!
  40. Wish me luck....
  41. the coolest thing!!
  42. Cindi - My moose garland has landed in Concord !!!
  43. My DD's high school is in the state playoffs today and so far they are ahead 21-7
  44. I did it! I bought the "BLUE TRIMMER" Hurray me!
  45. Is this cute or so cute it's goofy
  46. Look At My New Craft Room/area.!!!
  47. where did everyone go?
  48. The Snow Ball looks like it was a great time!
  49. Guess What???
  50. Thank you all for playing in the first Snow Ball!
  51. Good Morning Girls......I survived.
  52. Snowball Question
  53. Has anyone had carpal tunnel, had the surgery and gotten it back?
  54. I missed the fun last night
  55. Christmas Ornament Ideas
  56. Has anyone made candy before?
  57. Check out the home page. Sherry is now accepting applications
  58. Christmas Cards
  59. Anyone wanna chat?
  60. My spa treatment
  61. sherri's hot cocoa
  62. My Christmas Tree
  63. Dahle Trimmer 507
  64. Stephen seems better some
  65. I have stayed out of chat all day and my hands are better. HA HA
  66. Fred in his new Santa hat...
  67. gift card holders...
  68. Any Stamp Shack member from Newfoundland?
  69. Ichiro hates his holiday Sweater....
  70. Good morning Ladies!
  71. I finally finished the challenges!
  72. My DS team won the Alabama 6A title
  73. Update on parents' 50th Anniversary Party
  74. I'm in Orlando for 3 days for business :-(
  75. Christmas card poll
  76. Thanks - Debbie/1of2shoes
  77. Anybody read....
  78. I did it!!
  79. Emmabella - WELCOME!
  80. Sherri / iloveflipflops
  81. Does anyone know what the SU special is
  82. Did you hear Erin's in the chat room?
  83. chatty cathies!!!
  84. I've got to get off of here and get ready for work!
  85. White Christmas?
  86. Good morning Everyone!
  87. Great Gallery postings!
  88. Oh, Erin! Where are you?
  89. Ice and other Holiday photos...
  90. My order had free stamps
  91. “food For Thought”
  92. Christmas Card Thanks to:
  93. Tami - I received "Big Stone Gap" in the book pass along today!
  94. While shopping at Target this morning, I noticed something ...
  95. Wahhhh, I need a nap!
  96. My DH and I are in a disagreement about something so I want to see what you all think
  97. Can someone please PM me Joe Adelaars address?
  98. Need Fund Raising ideas
  99. Oh no I think I got the flu/cold from the boys
  100. Sherri, did you see...
  101. Went to SU Workshop last night.
  102. Listen to this delivery story!
  103. What Photoshop Software would you recommend?
  104. Recall Announcement....
  105. Along the same lines as Sherri's cell phone
  106. We had a scare with our dog, Ladybug last night ...
  107. Have any of you ever made or received...
  108. Attention Santa~
  109. Sherri, here's the link again...
  110. Poll: Do you like or dislike to wrap presents?
  111. To those with school age kids, do your kids go all next week?
  112. My poor doggie Mickey was just diagnosed
  113. Dh bought my Christmas present today
  114. UPS man came just now
  115. Warning about Internet 7
  116. This Sunday we are having friends over for brunch.
  117. Stampcrazyjulie! YOO HOO!
  118. Paper trimmer, cell phones and cameras...
  119. Why I love the Stamp Shack ...
  120. Sherry can we post pics of..
  121. I gotta go, sniff, sniffle
  122. I had to p this cause I wanted you all to see it....
  123. just stuff...
  124. Cindi
  125. Thursday plans..
  126. Here's a little Christmas FUN for you.
  127. Sherry, my DS thinks your dog is very cute
  128. Christmas card thanks to...
  129. My take on "THE" cutter
  130. Prismacolor pencils
  131. It's here! The blue trimmer is here
  132. A few thank yous
  133. Oh Jennifer (inkinupstamps)??
  134. Thank you Traci Gentry!
  135. Well that flashing envelope got my attention!
  136. Looking for the choclate bar fudge poem that Sherri
  137. I fianlly gave in....
  138. Erin K..Thanks
  139. Cutting you paper to 8 x 8 with the Dahle 507
  140. I made a cocktails recipe book today
  141. Cindi--the chocolate covered Peppermint Sticks
  142. Came across this cute quick gift idea someone made
  143. Jennifer / inkinupstamps ~ HELLO!
  144. family and friend gift for this year
  145. I bought Tori 3 SU sets for Christmas.
  146. oh tami...
  147. I fell asleep last night at like 7 pm. I hope I'm not getting sick.
  148. Naming our Dahle 507 trimmers is a great idea!
  149. Mary / toao
  150. Isn't this the sweetest photo????
  151. Online Bunco
  152. I have a little holiday Bizaar tonight and I am so nervous!
  153. OK I have to share the COOLEST NEWS EVER!!!
  154. My hands have been numb off and on most of the day...
  155. OMG.....I've just found out that......
  156. I got my hair colored today
  157. My Dh said how his Star wars
  158. 'Twas the Week Before Christmas poem ...
  159. My trimmer came today...
  160. Found this really neat sentiment website ...
  161. Cute New Valentine Paper
  162. Suggestions for making Gift Card Holders?
  163. what was i thinking??
  164. definately not slimming stamp sistas!!!
  165. strange question
  166. One Flaw in Women
  167. Cookie swap was a success!
  168. Son is constantly streaking around
  169. Both kids are gone so I made a trip to the stamp store ...
  170. On the lookout for a new job
  171. Going on 3 days with no power
  172. Sometimes when the wind is blowing just right, we can smell coffee outside ...
  173. Is it too early to start on NEXT YEAR's Christmas cards? HA
  174. My mailbox is overflowing with beautiful handmade stamped cards this year
  175. I am closing in on post 2,000 and no one is here to chat with ...
  176. I get my haircut highlighted and trimmed on Monday
  177. Having my godchild and her family over for brunch tomorrow and my menu is very simple
  178. {congrats to sherri!!}
  179. Just wanted to drop in a say Hey!
  180. I must confess...the guilt is killing me!
  181. Testing avatar.....
  182. Have you seen this site?
  183. Just posted 3 more cards I made this afternoon after my stamp store run :)
  184. Posted Hunter's Birthday invite....
  185. This has not been the best week
  186. Looking for a peanutbutter ball recipe......got one?
  187. I made that soda cake... and my day...
  188. I didn't want to clog up the G with duplicate photos...
  189. I'm so bummed, I"m missing Christmas at Church. :(
  190. Oh so when I cleaned my craft area. (patting my own back here..)
  191. Does anyone watch "Little People, Big World"?
  192. I went to Big Lots today
  193. We are alive in the Pacific Northwest!!
  194. WW meals / recipes
  195. Did anyone see The DaVinci Code?
  196. Girls, thanks for all your support
  197. I'm curious about your thoughts on handmade cards
  198. Christmas postcards
  199. Did the Starbook card
  200. Just wanted to say THANK YOU...
  201. One of my Vintage Christmas Postcards
  202. Is anyone giving their mailman or UPS delivery guy a holiday gift?
  203. At the risk of exhausting this topic...
  204. What is everyone doing today?
  205. Made my own CandyCane cocoa
  206. I'm in the home stretch of my Christmas cards...
  207. car accidents and snowstorms (may be lengthy)
  208. I need a baking measurement conversion...HELP
  209. My shoulder is falling apart......
  210. Our brunch is over and everything was great.
  211. I really like how my Hershey Nugget boxes turned out.
  212. Candy making did not go well- Long one!
  213. Oh cooking gurus, need your help
  214. I am making my sister 40 cards for her 40th birthday next year.
  215. Here's my 8 yo godchild Mindy who is proudly showing off the outfit
  216. ATTN Rusty! aka trimmer guy
  217. I went to Archivers for the very first time today!
  218. Chocolate covered pretzels..YUMMY!
  219. did you's see the sad news??
  220. Are we gonna talk about Survivor (Possible spoilers)
  221. odd...possible thief?
  222. iloveflipflops
  223. Its going to be near 80 degrees today, am I back in FL?
  224. Good Morning All
  225. Yippee! Lincoln is finally housebroken!
  226. I'm starting to get the swapping itch!
  227. Special Thanks to Working4Stamps
  228. Sold my first cards and a mini scrapbook
  229. DH and I are going to see TWO movies on Friday!
  230. Cooking help!!
  231. I changed my avatar
  232. OK I try to not let the little things bother me! Ever....
  233. My good deed.
  234. What to do with the STORE bought Christmas cards you receive
  235. new car help.
  236. Christmas Card Thank You..
  237. My hunky UPS guy..
  238. Christmas Card thanks to.....
  239. RAK thanks (for Brenda) to....(and an update)
  240. toao (Mary R.)
  241. The balls turned out huge...peanutbutter that is
  242. Got all my wrapping done.
  243. Wanted to share this recipe I found
  244. Thank you for my Christmas Cards
  245. Let's play a terribly difficult game. It's fun!
  246. Photos of my cards, my favorite ornament, and....
  247. Meatball recipe - thanks!
  248. Need some help!
  249. Ever seen Sand Art?
  250. Let's CHAT...