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  1. Meatball recipe??? Where is that?
  2. I just got back from an afternoon at the mall!!!
  3. Haven't had time to use my trimmer...
  4. Teabear/Tami
  5. Stamping Bella's arrived today!
  6. finished my Christmas shopping with a Bang!!
  7. I feel like I'm really going to get some good stuff done!
  8. So what's on YOUR agenda for today?
  9. This is probably silly, but I miss...
  10. Tojoco - Joanne! Do I see Corey?
  11. What a beautiful Christmas Card, inkinupstamps!
  12. After 5 days, we have power
  13. Sherri QUICK! Jump on a plane and come here!
  14. Joanne, pack Reba's puppy booties.
  15. Hey chalk lovers.
  16. Wanna play in my Christmas Poll?
  17. What do I seee???
  18. Sherry your swap board rules
  19. I just knew it!
  20. Now I need cooking help!!!
  21. Barb.....
  22. 6 days until Christmas and I have shorts and flipflops on today
  23. my "other" addiction is jewelry
  24. Pecan Crescents - I am sure these are not WW friendly but I am making them now for
  25. I am going my post my homemade meatball recipe for Joanie
  26. I've spent all afternoon making candy
  27. Just curious, how many of us on here HAVE NOT seen a white Christmas?
  28. Some Thank You's are in order
  29. I just posted 2 cards in the gallery using my new SU Like it a Latte set
  30. Big news for me!
  31. My brother-
  32. I finally found my cook book!
  33. Miami Ink....
  34. Got most of my wrapping done and
  35. Has anyone "seen" Alli lately?
  36. I tried to create a swap.
  37. Organization...
  38. Enabler Alert Costco has the coolest tote
  39. well...i did it!!
  40. Hi, remember me??
  41. Thank you Mary Courtney for the RAK
  42. Gifts to school bus drivers?
  43. Is the post office a disaster these days?
  44. My Bella stamps arrived!! WOO HOO ....
  45. Is anyone else with AOL
  46. If you ever go to McDonalds
  47. I am not coming back here till I have made several cards with my new Bella stamps
  48. snowed in!
  49. Lots of Thanks you's for Christmas Cards
  50. Hello, all! It's really ME!
  51. I'll be a posting fool
  52. I guess
  53. Quick Bottle Cap Gift Idea
  54. here are the pictures of my new car!!
  55. After you look at Erin's Bella cards, wanna come look at mine?
  56. What's for dinner girls?
  57. Kulakid - Lisa what an adorable new avatar you added!!
  58. I got math questions about the Swap board
  59. crunched car from my accident...(with pictures...)
  60. Hi...just checking...
  61. For Sherry and Mark
  62. Oh, Boy!!! I could
  63. Kulakid (Lisa) OMG How Cute!
  64. I don't know what's come over me
  65. Just posted in the gallery
  66. I could just scream ...... DD has her big final fashion show tomorrow
  67. Sharing the Shack ATC swap posted.
  68. Who has the "Like it a Latte" SU set?
  69. Since day 1 of winter starts tomorrow (I think it does)
  70. Sherry's Tote Bag
  71. flipflops4sherri
  72. OK: I am having a brain blip....
  73. Happy first day of winter!!
  74. Joanne & Mindy - I think our High Hopes stamps are here!!
  75. Okay Mindy
  76. The gallery is smokin' hot
  77. i'm not one to usually do this...
  78. Hey there, how's your day?
  79. Merry Christmas everyone!!
  80. ok im curious
  81. I colored my hair today
  82. How did I do this?
  83. OK, this should do it!
  84. This could be fun
  85. I'm making that talipia recipe tonight
  86. Mark and Sherry!
  87. Erin...we're waiting on a fish report!!!
  88. The fashion show is over and it was real cute....
  89. Finished my second Stamp Shack Swap
  90. Does anyone else do what I do?
  91. hey
  92. linzy...
  93. 3 more days until Christmas
  94. I received the most beautiful Christmas card yesterday.
  95. Here's a pic of our tree this year.
  96. Barb...I'm thinking about making your puffy pastry
  97. I swear I have the craziest house!!
  98. "Kitty" moved in... then got kicked back out
  99. i must get off of here!!!
  100. Guess how many Christmas cards you can write with a Sakura Glaze gel pen?
  101. DH & I went to the John Deere place this morning and ordered 2 four wheelers!
  102. I have the world's BEST post office clerk!
  103. Christmas Cheer for you! Tip a reindeer
  104. Happy Solstice!
  105. I'm about to leave for my crop, see ya tomorrow
  106. Joanne & Mindy - the High Hopes Stamps have arrived and I already have them
  107. Swap Board
  108. Oh no!! A terrible thing has happened - I am all out of EZMount ... now what???
  109. Has anyone been watching this whole feud between Rosie and Donald Trump?
  110. Prayers needed
  111. Hi everyone, what's up for tonight?
  112. cooking help...
  113. I need to make more chocolates
  114. here's the recipe for spicy nuts!
  115. Girls, be leery; be very leery!
  116. Please take a look at my 2006 Christmas Tree
  117. G'd my first PC lunch tin
  118. G'd my tree too!
  119. I just now came out for a breather ... I uploaded 3 cards in the gallery
  120. An oldie but goodie ... Dear Santa letter
  121. I'm on my son's Nintendo Wii - it has internet access
  122. Has one of your kids ever said "Mom, I can't wait to get my cell phone for Christmas"
  123. 2 days before Christmas and its going to be 70 degrees in the Carolinas
  124. So what are your plans for Christmas morning/day?
  125. Who's venturing to the mall for last minute gifts?
  126. Just Julie ????
  127. Scrappammie - is that you PAM HERRICK????
  128. With the gallery down, no one can check out my cute cards from high hopes stamps
  129. If your DH or Significant Other called your LSS . . .
  130. Early Christmas Gift...
  131. I need advice!
  132. Phewww! Done!
  133. Got a wonderful Christmas call today!!
  134. Help with this argument...please!
  135. Double Movie Review.....We Are Marshall and Pursuit of Happyness
  136. merry christmas eve eve
  137. I have a movie review for The Nativity Story
  138. Thanks for all the Christmas Cheer!
  139. what happened to the gallerYY
  140. I had to run to CVS Pharmacy earlier as I remembered I had nothing for DH's stocking
  141. Questions about the Christmas Holidays?
  142. Does anyone have any 4x4 wooden blocks?
  143. Here is a possible dumb question
  144. My dd who is only 14 has a boyfriend (which I am closely monitoring these days!)
  145. It's Christmas so I treated myself
  146. Take a peek at 3 more cards I made today
  147. Have you seen Hero Arts is coming out with CLEAR number stamps????
  148. iloveflipflops -- the 4x4 wooden blocks
  149. Sound of Music
  150. Back from the movies...
  151. Rak'ing as much as I can,
  152. we had our Cmas with moms family
  153. I placed on order from High Hopes Stamps
  154. Happy holiday everyone
  155. I didn't go to the movies yesterday but I did watch a good one
  156. It's gonna be a LONG day!
  157. merry christmas eve!!
  158. I found myself a little treat at Michael's this morning...
  159. I was on another stamping website and this girl emailed me asking if I lived in NC
  160. Pea-k at the Take-Out Menu organizer I made!
  161. I get emotionally involved
  162. I wish you
  163. Haley's first Christmas.....here's a pic
  164. I get my kitties for Christmas!!
  165. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Night....
  166. Merry Christmas Eve
  167. Merry Christmas, Friends!
  168. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.
  169. Erin and Tonii...
  170. Merry Christmas To All the Shackers
  171. Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!
  172. The Official What I Got For Christmas Thread
  173. A green Christmas for us......
  174. Merry Christmas everyone...
  175. are we up & running??
  176. Yay!
  177. I took down my tree today
  178. Hey Sherri, got my High hopes stapms today
  179. its the day after Christmas and my house is a mess
  180. I can't figure out how to change my ticker..
  181. Big news for Ethan!
  182. What are your New Year's Eve Plans?
  183. Did you guys know this?
  184. I haven't been on for a few days. So
  185. Wanna see our Christmas pics?
  186. Christmas is over so I changed my avatar ...
  187. Check out my flip flop blanket I got for Christmas
  188. are you kidding me???
  189. Here is a pic of the Grey's Anatomy calendar
  190. I think Stephen has a problem with the letter "M"
  191. I have $100 saved for the MOA trip , It's still on isn't it?
  192. When I first signed on this morning, it was down for maintenance again
  193. Did anyone deal with ex-wives over the holidays?
  194. My avatar is supposed to move and its not moving ..
  195. Thank you for everything!
  196. Erin K and others
  197. thanks
  198. Tonii or anyone w/a Video Ipod
  199. Avater Challenged!
  200. Check out the Home Page of the Stamp Shack
  201. I spent my Michaels Coupon today
  202. No ex-wives, but we did have car troubles for Christmas
  203. hey Erin!
  204. If you have a minute, check this out!
  205. New animated avatar.
  206. When will the new Creative Design Team be picked?
  207. Traci Gentry (working4stamps)
  208. I posted to Joanne (Tojoco) and it's gone.
  209. I'm in love!
  210. Did everyone else get their Sell-A-Bration catalogs?
  211. anyone wanna come chat with me?
  212. Just Julie and Barb
  213. Not So Good News Today
  214. Who else got a Crop A Dile for Christmas or who already has one?
  215. Shack Withdrawls
  216. Remember me posting a note about my new stamping friend in Charlotte - well her name
  217. MORE to love!!!
  218. My Lincoln almost choked to death!
  219. Rose Bowl Parade
  220. WOW! We have alot of new people who joined today..
  221. Erin
  222. JUst talked to Alli
  223. "Like it a Latte" swap going postal...
  224. ATTN: Stampingmommy
  225. I want to throw out my new Crop-A-Dile .. unless someone can please explain to me how
  226. Does anyone watch CSI?
  227. How may stamps do you own?
  228. What's everyone up to tonight?
  229. May I share what I received for Christmas?
  230. For those who are crop-a-dile challenged, try it like this:
  231. I have no idea how I got these adorable flip flops avatar but I love them!!!
  232. hey..did anyone notice
  233. POLL: Fav Color Combo
  234. I updated my signature line
  235. My 20th Post!
  236. Mike's 50% off coupon
  237. Hey Sherry
  238. I am having one of THOSE nights....
  239. I will never ever buy a ...
  240. You girls had me question myself so . . .
  241. I forgot to tell you guess what I bought today!
  242. Does anyone live near Daytona Beach, FL?
  243. poll: are you making any craft related
  244. Hey Erin
  245. Has anyone started on Valentine or Easter cards yet?
  246. I have to share what I got for Christmas! :)
  247. poll: favorite christmas candy (and least favorite!)
  248. how nice (and an update!)
  249. The kids got the coolest game for Christmas
  250. Ok GA fans help me out