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  1. Posted to the gallery for the first time since Christmas
  2. There are so many new users here,my head is spinning!Happy Hour tonight! Shack Lounge
  3. Holy deals at Joanns!
  4. Yet another snow day here-
  5. Still in flip flops here today and its mid-60's today.
  6. What cha' cooking for dinner tonite?
  7. A great big Thank You to my Secret Sister!!
  8. I am going to start going back to old page map diagrams for card ideas:
  9. An Update on Ms. Brenda
  10. 400 members...
  11. Finally have snow here!
  12. OMG look at my new avatar!!!!!!!!!
  13. While chatting tonight, I was multi-tasking ... I was chatting and making cards
  14. WOW! We have the most members ever on the site right now ... 89 at one time.
  15. WOW! Now we are almost at 100 ... 96 users on at this very minute
  16. Lots of new people from two peas today...
  17. As much as I would like to stay up all night and be a part of this very chatty
  18. No US mail on Tuesday.....
  19. Does anyone else ever have this problem...
  20. LOOK at what I made at crop tonight!
  21. OOOOhhhh ERRRRRrrr-rin!
  22. So what's on the agenda today?
  23. enabler alert-cricut
  24. Hi Little seaotter
  25. OK, I'm not moving very fast this morning...
  26. ACM Coupons, Coupons, Coupons
  27. Am I nuts? Don't answer! Ha ha ha!
  28. okay, okay
  29. utah girls...
  30. mydogstinks2
  31. Does anyone know what happened to Stamps N' More?
  32. My feelings about my crop-a-dile which needs a name by the way :)
  33. Suzi, you are going to Pondarosa later? I thought they all closed down! HA
  34. Has anyone got their "flood" card in the mail to Darlene yet?
  35. There are 64 users online right now and no one is answering my threads ...
  36. Who was looking for colored safety pins? I found some here at Oriental Trading
  37. It finally snowed today!
  38. About the FLOOD cards...
  39. I can't get into the gallery
  40. just call me the ragin cajun!!
  41. I think I'm going to DC tomorrow.
  42. I got a good start in my starting to put my holiday stuff put away...
  43. For those of you who have procrastinated like I did about weight loss, do you want to
  44. 3 pages of new posts??
  45. Julie...just Julie...is in the chat room..
  46. Oh Sherri Flipflops -
  47. Just Julie, don't tease us like that. What did you buy shopping today?
  48. Well, I'm off to go have drinks and
  49. Jennifer, you can see your "Bella" stamp here at Eat Cake Graphics
  50. Just Julie
  51. BR Talk(bull riding) sorry I was not chatting
  52. New Years Plans??
  53. New Year's Superstitions
  54. Stephen's new favorite game, you are playing it!
  55. Need a TAC angel please
  56. SU Watercolor Crayons
  57. Is anyone loyal to ONE stamp company?
  58. The camera and the scanner....
  59. New Year's Resolutions
  60. Any word from Mindy? Did she or did she NOT ride the bull last night?
  61. Sorry gals no bull.... but
  62. I am starting this resolution tomorrow and I am writing it down here so I will be
  63. Poll - Do you hoard your cards?
  64. yoo hoo....Sherri
  65. I need an opinion on something, DH isn't helping ...
  66. Too late for this year....
  67. New Years Eve Poll
  68. Posting items for sale
  69. What goodies are you having tonight?
  70. Any other Horror flick fans here??
  71. Its never too early to think Easter cards. HA
  72. Ok, so I think this is the deal for tonite (opionions please )
  73. My new fun game is to torture the manly men at Lowe's...
  74. Here is another neat ribbon site that I have ordered from before":
  75. It's a good thing
  76. Just wanted to wish you all an "early" Happy New Year!
  77. Movie review: DREAMGIRLS
  78. Christie, what does your MN guest think of snow back home?
  79. enabler alert! joanns
  80. Plans for Michael's 50% coupon?
  81. Movie review- The Holiday & The Prestige
  82. My Easter card is now posted ....
  83. I also posted 2 other cards using my new high hopes stamps
  84. Posted several cards
  85. Opinions please....slight vent
  86. April..this is for you
  87. is anyone going to stay up til
  88. Have you ever fell on the stairs going UP? I did tonite.
  89. My New Years Eve.....
  90. PARTY in the Chat room!1
  91. Happy New Year!
  92. I am trying so hard not to be grumpy...
  93. Happy New Year everyone.
  94. Getting a jump on a resolution.
  95. Happy New Year!
  96. This is the most Shackies I've seen on at this hour of the nite!
  97. Can you believe it???
  98. Mindy....Did you go back out last night?
  99. What the heck are you guys doing?
  100. Wow!! You guys were busy last night!!
  101. Am I the only one...
  102. Hey!
  103. Book Review Stamp in Color
  104. Gosh was I the only one who slept in this morning?
  105. Guess What?!
  106. Am I the last one with my Christmas trees still up?
  107. More on prismacolor
  108. Just Julie ~ was the parade everything you hoped for?
  109. poll: what would you buy??
  110. No Bingo For Me
  111. Holy Shack! This place is hoppin' today!
  112. Happy New Year!
  113. are you kidding me, volume 2...
  114. Ok ...My favorite poll is...
  115. About my Scatter Love card
  116. Ohhhh Errrriii-nnnn! and any other New YOrk Fans...
  117. Whats for dinner?
  118. HOW do you DO it???
  119. Who is watching the Rose Bowl?
  120. Oh Sherri - Are you sending "falling on the stairs" vibes?
  121. Veggie Couture goes Mainstream
  122. Linda ~ THANKS for the colouring tip!
  123. Wrist corsages help?
  124. Was at Target yesterday and saw their
  125. Fireworks in Jan?
  126. End of vacation blues!
  127. Wow...check out Sherry gettin' all fancy with her siggy!
  128. Sherry! You are the bestest computer wizard ever!
  129. I'm feeling like a bit jerk tonight. :(
  130. has anyone heard from mindy?
  131. Busy Beaver Today
  132. Is it just me... (swap board question)
  133. Need some Help Please...
  134. Are there any other Aussie stampers here?
  135. I got the coolest new books...
  136. Aw! Read this!
  137. Taking 4 yr for upper GI series
  138. UUggghh! The 1st day back to school
  139. Sherri - how are you feeling today? Are you
  140. Lincoln Update/Photos
  141. Welcome to Tattoolesa!
  142. I think that I broke my wrist....
  143. ladies planning on going to MOA...
  144. Hi All
  145. Could y'all please check the ISO threads...
  146. Now that I mastered adding the gallery..
  147. Let's play a fun game
  148. I found some funny phrases
  149. Do you read or subscribe to The Rubber Stamper?
  150. SHerry...thank you
  151. Has anyone seen the new $1 stamps at Michaels' for Valentines?
  152. Meet Parisbella
  153. Spin and Splash Machine?????
  154. WOW! We have 60 people on the address list... how will I keep up?
  155. Did you ladies know...
  156. holy shack, batman!!
  157. Are my eyes seeing 150 users on this site at this very minute?
  158. A confession and a question. (about the no shopping pact)
  159. I have hundreds of voices in my head!
  161. argh!!!
  162. Dang Insomnia...
  163. I may have missed this-
  164. Day 3 Quit smoking!
  165. Okay, I'm just a tad miffed...
  166. Erin K - Prismacolor question
  167. Hey ERIN K
  168. I'm actually Working today.
  169. Heading home this afternoon...so you wont see me here!
  170. Yeah, Here's how I spent my $50 gift card
  171. Is anyone else stuck in a rut????
  172. Pictures of my Dollar Tree finds on 12/1
  173. Changed my avatar
  174. Looking for DCWV Glitter Christmas Stack
  175. Tattoolesa and Erin K! You made me look!
  176. Looks like we have anothe gamsol queen among us!
  177. Any NASCAR fans?
  178. There's a rule about not buying
  179. Surprised to find at Office Depot
  180. Awesome news, I made a friend...
  181. Postal Meter/Scale
  182. I just went and bought the spin and splash...
  183. oh julie (the stampcrazyone, not the just one!)
  184. I need your help.
  185. I just found a link on two peas where there in an entire 52 weeks of card sketches
  186. Blonde's cooking diary - this cracks me up! (and i am blonde)
  187. has anyone heard from stampcrazy julie?
  188. Just got a cool Christmas gift!
  189. Enabler Alert -- great online sale
  190. This is an AMAZING story!
  191. What a bunch of junk!
  192. I finally hit post # 1000!!
  193. Play that funky music.... (Fun Game)
  194. I feel blaah this morning and its no fun feeling blaah!!
  195. wanna hear my current favorite song?
  196. Thank you Sherri/FlopFlip!
  197. You know you are getting old when...
  198. Wish me luck at the bank tomorrow!!
  199. I'm moving and organizing
  200. Interview of founders of Two Peas & tour too.
  201. Is it Snowing at your House?
  202. Please help me choose Mollie's Baby Pics...
  203. Lisa Guyon....Your a GODSEND!
  204. Caboverdel1, I need help!
  205. Warm and FUZZY! LOOK!!
  206. I am one luck girl....!
  207. Does anyone know how to access individual member's cards?
  208. I just sold my first set of cards!!
  209. Prayers Needed for oldest DD...
  210. With Blessings from Sherry!
  211. YEP! This is me!
  212. StampcrazyJulie How is your Wrist?
  213. Caboverde1
  214. breanna shreddin'!
  215. Tojoco did you get
  216. I may be in love...
  217. Pics from card club tonight (Ms. Brenda update)
  218. Long time no chat........
  219. speaking of snow...winter is...finished product.
  220. Snow All Night
  221. Anyone up for some late nite whine?
  222. I put new cards in the gallery
  223. my card wall
  224. I'm Coming Out of the Closet !
  225. Oh This is VERY strange and I need your imput.
  226. I Need to Vent and Complement The Shack
  227. Any QuicKutz fans out there?
  228. ctmhgirl
  229. Scrapbooking and crafts on HSN today
  230. I won by bid for new purse
  231. Wanna be jealous??
  232. The BIG box of Prismacolor pencils
  233. Remeber all that real estate card drama...
  234. So you know how we were saying splitcoast has a cool gallery...
  235. Another GA question...
  236. Tornado Watch
  237. Huge Enabler Alert - Check this HUGE sale out ...
  238. Bingo ?
  239. Paul is home with my pencils!
  240. Thank you Pam/Smiley
  241. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Trees
  242. Where are you Christy?? Everyone meet my new friend
  243. I finished my AI cards I'm happy now
  244. ok- What am I missing here?? Is this paper made of gold?
  245. Good news for me
  246. Who is that girl on here who likes flip flops??
  247. NY's penguin on shack
  248. Did you know that when you go to the
  249. I'm missing Barb. Anyone know where she is?
  250. Loobylou....BINGO ?