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  1. is mindy around?
  2. I'm like an elementary school child
  3. My Dh got me a laptop!
  4. Any Las Vegas watchers?
  5. Update date on DH's cousin.
  6. I feel better now...
  7. Amazing bargains at Target Greatland
  8. Instead of eating, I stamped instead :)
  9. What is the Bella website?
  10. photos of the snowstorm yesterday...
  11. I've got the 'Bug
  12. hurry!!! anyone on right now who needs prismacolor pencils...
  13. um, like, where is everyone?
  14. Got some awesome PP at Target tonight
  15. Attention: So Cal Shack gals! Store liquidation sale this weekend!
  16. Malaga, Spain
  17. Just running some numbers here...
  18. SU order
  19. I made 13 cards and an ATC today
  20. Found the site to order!
  21. Sherri - I've been movin' already this a.m.
  22. My new puppy is on my avatar
  23. Sherri T
  24. Erin, gotta have some raggedy angel images
  25. Going to stamp club this afternoon!
  26. Stuff Poll.....
  27. whatcha doing today?
  28. new poll
  29. Mmmm..new toys...
  30. Avalanche in Colorado.
  31. Becky B - are you getting slammed AGAIN with even more snow?
  32. SU party is OVER!!
  33. Here's that pattern paper from Target
  34. WOW! What awesome cards in Gallery!
  35. Went to the Dr. finally!
  36. who do you make Valentine cards for?
  37. I feel almost as blessed as Jennifer!
  38. Its been 1 year ago on Feb. 2nd that we lost our dear stamping friend Lori ...
  39. It's a dance party!
  40. I'm so tired and depressed. :(
  41. Posted my first Cuttlebug cards
  42. I need a group hug! :(
  43. Cleaning
  44. 554 members
  45. I got some great deals at Joanns!
  46. Quickutz Crew Member...
  47. Update on DD;
  48. I'm making friends!
  49. my morning so far...
  50. What exactly do you do at a crop?
  51. Mary-toao
  52. Does anyone wanna know why i had to quit the CT?
  53. My dog is rank!
  54. First meet-up with a Shacker!!!
  55. I have to cut back on the shack.
  56. Erin are you better today?
  57. Is anyone else a reality show freak as much as I am?
  58. Elvis Candy
  59. I Love New York!!
  60. Maggie is losing her hair...again... way bad!
  61. A big huge squeeze from me to you!
  62. how can I have 350 pieces of junk email just over night!!
  63. Is there a M's Coupon this week????
  64. Hi all
  65. im in the chat for teh last time
  66. What a nice surprise...!!
  67. Flyingflower's ATC Postage Stamp Swap
  68. Hey Stamping Bella!
  69. Back to school for my kids
  70. Attn: Ellie (Organization Pics)
  71. Hi girls, What's everyone up to today?
  72. Got some of those cute M's Valentine's stamps
  73. Why am I always alone on days like this!
  74. Hey Chris....about your avatar........
  75. Oh yeah, we had a puker at the party..maybe TMI
  76. Bon Voyage....almost!
  77. Look how big Ethan is sniff sniff
  78. I need a new hairstyle...HELP!
  79. quick poem
  80. Update on my Dad
  81. Do you love anything you are really bad at?
  82. Funny message on the Gallery page
  83. Online Exclusive: Chelsey's in the Chat
  84. I took the plunge!
  85. Spent the morning looking at new washers & dryers...
  86. Can't go to bed tonight!
  87. wow! did everyone get thrown out or
  88. Hey, JulieJ!!
  89. How many Twinkling H20's do you have and how do you know which ones you have?
  90. Erin's Flood swap has 49 people now!
  91. Speaking of Twinkling H20's... I just found this website saying to put your jars on a
  92. tried on another mountain of clothes
  93. Rush to Target's $1 section...
  94. Check out this website on Twinkling H20s and those who love cats . . .
  95. Congratulations New Creative Team!
  96. Oh Erin!
  97. Hot,dry and windy here today
  98. Kids say the "darnest" things and I say this coming from our 14 Year old daughter...
  99. Just wondering-
  100. Good Morning All!
  101. K&Co. Photo Cube new at QVC for $12
  102. Today's color for cards I made
  103. ok I saw Erins post about having stamps that you don't use
  104. How hard is it to set up a paypal account to recieve money?
  105. ok here's another question about this website
  106. I think I am going to cry ... my tulip bulbs are starting to poke up already ...
  107. Have you see that Discover card commercial...
  108. Erin and Tonii.... I LOve New York...
  109. Teeth dreams
  110. Plug your nose and jump in!!
  111. Is anybody around that has Inkyhands Addy?
  112. Speaking of dreams, have you ever dreamed you were back in high school and could not
  113. honestly...
  114. Where do you find those funny "old lady" stamps?
  115. Thanks guys, for yesterday! BIG HUGS!!
  116. Some just sent me this & I found it amusing
  117. I promise, after this, no more whining!!!
  118. Erin, I caved .... sort of
  119. prayer needed!!!!!!!!
  120. Hutchink how is your son???? Didja post
  121. Wicked weather here...
  122. Tried praising in the gallery, but its sooo slow!
  123. Morning all And please send up some prayers
  124. Attn Kerry
  125. My card from Polly Pocket
  126. reading writing and scrapbooking!
  127. I am going to meet another Stamp Shackie for lunch today
  128. Erin, after you sell all of your stamps, what will your hobby be then?
  129. Sherri - did you decide on the red
  130. If you bought stamps from me
  131. Definately need a FL girl meet up
  132. I love asking this question:
  133. Lunch was fun with Ellie....
  134. Chelsea -- Spredbirds
  135. More notes if you bought stamps from me
  136. Do you know how to tie a flat ribbon knot?
  137. sad morning prayers requested please :(
  138. Learn how to tie a flat ribbon knot.
  139. So should I sell more, or have we all had enough
  140. OMG! I'm so excited!
  141. erin...
  142. What about a shackabella
  143. Kulakid - how are you?
  144. So who's going to be in chat tonight?
  145. Just Jules!!!...BINGO!
  146. I heard a rumor!
  147. Sponsorship = new Bellas for me!
  148. I am prying myself off of here!
  149. Isn't it funny.........
  150. Poll......what is something you uy just for YOU!
  151. Another poll......how long before you would...
  152. Dh and I finally talked about a divorce
  153. StampcrazyJulie You may have to get a full time job by the time
  154. Speaking of me being cheap I have a tip..
  155. Tomorrow is the big geography "bee" for the 5th graders at DS's school.
  156. Jennifer you and you daughter can laugh at me
  157. Almost every day it's something... sniff sniff
  158. I'm sending my new purse back...it stinks!
  159. Snow'd in!! Stranded for 4 hours
  160. Just wanted to let everyone know...
  161. I learnt how to chat
  162. Hi everyone!
  163. I have decided that I don't like working!
  164. Poll: If you have a dog, how long did it take to housebreak them?
  165. Postage rate increases in Canada.
  166. Would anyone be willing to send my Momma a card?
  167. I need to get moving today ... anyone have any inspration at all for me!
  168. I hope I am not a bad mother - I decided to keep Nicholas home today
  169. I've gotta get busy!
  170. anyone need the ACMoore coupon?
  171. Not buying anything is kinda fun
  172. Having fun
  173. Woke up to a very scarey Phone call ;
  174. Tojoco...
  175. Got my Linguica...
  176. Happy Birthday, "just Kate"!!
  177. Whats the most you ever paid for a book??
  178. What the heck??
  179. Lets do a Poll...
  180. I'm kicking my cat out. :(
  181. Ok my pants are to tight...
  182. I'm getting a new "do" tomorrow.
  183. Well that was horrible food
  184. Sherri - Iloveflipflops
  185. Has this ever happened to you?
  186. I got my prize from Mary!
  187. This is where the magic happens...
  188. not for sherri or erin!!! (jk)
  189. Anyone have their hair chemically straightened?
  190. Erin...check this out!
  191. I need a name that goes with Fred....
  192. SU changing their catalog program.....
  193. I had to make something cute
  194. SO tell me is this just dumb or am I grumpy??
  195. I sure got alot done today since I stayed off the computer most of today
  196. FYI - Brand new Grays Anatomy on tonite
  197. Erin - Flood Swap ??
  198. My friend Robin is coming over tomorrow for lunch...
  199. Thank you Sherry!
  200. I did it! I did it!! I DID IT!!!
  201. I SHOULD get my red washer & dryer on Monday
  202. I am so proud of my DS, Corey!
  203. Found this neat contest about sending birthday cards to Oprah and Ellen Degeneres
  204. Poll to settle our weekly rant at my house
  205. Sick to my stomach :(
  206. What a day!
  207. Nice Gallery...
  208. Where's my snow?
  209. Looks like good news for us = bad news for you.
  210. Hello from the big apple!
  211. Who likes sneak peeks from CHA 2007? Lots of pp to drool over
  212. My "before" and "after" pics!
  213. Hi guys!
  214. Wow the packages came in today... and went out
  215. The funniest thing happened today --
  216. My Brown UPS ...
  217. Anyone going to the BIG game tomorrow?
  218. I think I'm gonna buy
  219. The new chat room music rocks!
  220. Help! I'm mounting my Su stamps and have an issue
  221. Shes' in the Chat, Shes in the chat...
  222. anyone listen to Bill Gaither?
  223. Gotta share a cute story!
  224. I have been working on more purple birthday cards for my sister tonite.
  225. Since I promised not to post anything
  226. Had fun shopping today.....
  227. will there be mail on Monday??
  228. I am feeling really out of it-
  229. Well an old lady called me fat today.
  230. What's a guest?
  231. With all of my Stamp buying going on.....
  232. I saw gas for $1.89 tonight!
  233. New stamp count for Erin
  234. My new SU cardstock totally freaked me out.
  235. Check out what Queen & Co has in store!
  236. UPS DOES deliver on Monday
  237. I am going to meet Shuggy this morning!
  238. Hi all Good Saturday Morning to ya....
  239. I Got my BELLAS!
  240. If you aren't tired of looking at my purple cards that i am making for my
  241. Mc Dreamy in my hometown of mansfield ohio
  242. FYI: Postage to Australia
  243. I have been away for a week,
  244. Hey Iloveflipflops!
  245. My paper trimmer is smoking!!
  246. I never thought I would be tired of the color purple but man am I getting sick of it!
  247. POLL...what would you do?
  248. JoAnn's 50% coupons--what to buy?
  249. JoAnn's 50% coupons--what to buy?
  250. Is the PO open Monday?