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08-18-2007, 02:11 PM
I was thinking of holding off on my thank you's until close to the end of the month, but I am seriously being "flooded" with all these cards!!

Ladies, thank you so much your kindness and thinking of me on my special days.

I will be adding more thank you's as they come in, so if youre wondering if I have received your card yet, always check this thread. Ahem, that is not to say that I expect more... its just a grateful assumption *wink* Without further ado:

August 9
Anita(Buggainok) - My first card from the Shack!!! Your birthday card arrived solo and it completely made my day. I recently bought that little bird as well, its so cute!

August 13
Shirley(shurlyjean) - That smiley face makes me giggle. Love the sage/olive combination you used for my grad card.

Lidia(midweststamper) - I rarely ever make birthday purple cards, so it's so nice to receive one and I love that sentiment on the inside of the card. Who is it by??

Joanie(ccstampin12) - A birthday AND graduation card on the same day! Double whammy. I really enjoyed seeing that big blossom in person.

Mary(mahodgman) - I love the earth tones you used on my grad card, Mary. What line of pp does that come from?

August 14
Barb(grammastamper) - I think I remember seeing that grad card in the gallery and I admired it then and love it more now that it's mine. LOL

Nancy(directmailscrapper) - That image is gorgeous. I love your colouring job on my bday card!!

Ethel(vintagegal) - Dearest Ethel! I was so surprised to receive a thinking of you card most. Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words in a tough time for me. The graduation card was beautiful and now you really got me wanting to try alcohol inks! lol

August 17
Barb(grammastamper) - Oh my!!! That Bella bday card did become mine after all! Its so much more gorgeous in person!

Beth(canadian, eh) - Is that an alcohol ink bg?? I have recently discovered a love for pink and orange and it was such a delight to receive your bday card!

Pam(smileycollector) - I am so astonished. This grad card is absolutely adorable. I admired it on your blog and now its mine *mwahahah* Alll mine. I love Penny Black hedgies and extra thanks to Nancy who sent the image. <3

Myrna(myrnabs) - Your little bday Bella card is so petite and cute! Love those punch? flowers!

Sally(firefly) - I love this aqua colour cs for my bday card!!! And you used that stardust glitter pen didnt you? Its become a "used all the time tool" on my list.

August 20
Sherri(iloveflipflops) - Ooooh. Sherri, I remember seeing this bday card in the gallery. Its so much cuter and brighter in person. TY!

Beth(canadian, eh) - Another card!!! Thank you so much for my grad card. Love that winobella!

August 21
Tami(teabear) - "hippie birthday!" ahahaha this card was so cute and funky. <3

Kim (hutchink) - Love that cupcake card you made me! They look so real with the liquid applique applied as the frosting!

Stacy(JBgreendawn) - Ahhh. Tinkerbella wishes. I love the bday card, so bright and bold.

August 23
Jennifer(inkinupstamps) - JJ cupcakes!!!! I adore the sprinkles and the glaze Jennifer. They really looked edible, I was tempted to lick my card. LOL

August 24
Kelly(Swanie78) - OMG Kelly that card on your blog was MY birthday card. I cant believe you took the time to sew on it!! Thank you soo much.

August 27
Jan(FarNorth) - WOWSERS. That bday card is absolutely stunning, I have always loved that Stampendous??? stamp!!! and JAN!!!! You shouldnt have sent me that extra glitter stack and stamp set!!! You spoiled me :) It was such a nice extra little surprise, thank you, thank you!

08-18-2007, 05:36 PM
If I remember correctly, the card I sent you was made from a SU Simply Scrappin kit called Tickets and Tokens. Glad you liked it!

08-18-2007, 05:38 PM
Thanh, graduation from college is quite an accomplishment! Congrats! I'm glad we could all make you feel special!


Far North
08-18-2007, 06:15 PM
Looks like tons of good thoughts and happy wishes are coming your way ...AND it is still 1 1/2 weeks before your birthday!

08-18-2007, 08:03 PM
Awww, I'm so happy that you are getting flooded!! You deserve it! BTW, I'm really proud of you for graduating that is a tremendous achievement!! You rock Thanh!!


**BTW, don't worry about sending out a thank you note to me, this is more than enough for me!

08-20-2007, 04:41 PM
New thanks added for Beth and Sherri.

08-22-2007, 08:46 PM
More thanks to Stacy, Kim and Tami

08-31-2007, 01:17 PM
BUMP - More thanks added - Kelly, Jennifer, Jan.