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bubblegum girl
10-17-2006, 09:14 PM
and i had a rather interesting weekend. you see we were going to a wedding near calgary when my mom finds out my Gpa is in the hospital (he has pancreatic cancer but lately has been have high calcium levels)so we head down to lethbridge to go see gpa and thus i miss the wedding. i was gone but not forgotten because i had neumerous text's and phone calls from my friends (including my bf Kelly. yest on the way home we drove in a snowstorm! honest, we saw about 5 cars go in the ditch in a 6km stretch. and today me and my mom went to the city for eye exams. enough blabbing for now.~Chelsey

lost luggage
10-17-2006, 09:23 PM
Good to see you back online, Chelsey! (and glad you made it through the snow safely!) :)

10-17-2006, 09:53 PM
Welcome Chelsey,

Hope you are doing well.

10-17-2006, 10:02 PM
First off I love your signature line....totally me! :) Sounds like you had a very eventful last few days! I am glad that everything went OK & that you are back with us chatting! :)

10-18-2006, 03:22 PM
Glad to see you. Seems like you have been gone for a long time.:)

Whoopsie Daisy!
10-18-2006, 03:41 PM
Glad you made it back safely.