View Full Version : Maya Road Goodies

10-17-2006, 10:15 PM
Today I bought a few goodies at the LSS from Maya Road. I bought the Coffee Table Chipboard Book & some cool new Mega Bottlecaps. The Bottlecaps come in quantities of 10 and are 2" across and come in the cute little tin. I bought 2. I made my DH use a 40% off coupon and buy a second one...I had to make him think that I wouldn't buy it unless it was on Sale, so he had to help me....;)

Anyways, I was thinking of makeing the Bottlecaps into photo magnets, or stamp on a sheet of paper & then use a circle cutter & attach to the Bottlecap & make all sorts of fridge magnets. Another idea I was thinking about was stamping them & drilling a hole in the top & making Christmas Ornaments.

Has anybody else seen these Bottlecaps that I am talking about? Or the Board Books? They all look so fun!