View Full Version : I seem to be doing a lot of praying lately!

09-12-2008, 09:55 AM
Yesterday it was for David's blood drawing to be successful. I guess I should clarify, he's not just having like a tube of blood drawn. When he has phlebotomy done they take a LOT, 500 cc's which is almost 17 ozs. One of his condition's is too many red blood cells and his blood gets very thick, sludge like is how I heard it referred once. He had a mediport, but had to be removed last year due to infection. It's looking like he's going to need another, he got poked 12 times one day last week, 7 on Tues this week and then another 4 yesterday before they could finally get him taken care of.
I know a medi port isn't a big deal compared to what a lot of people suffer, but he's been through so much and I know one more surgery isn't what he'd like. He suffers it all with such good grace, I would not be in the same frame of mind, I'm pretty sure.

Then there are all our hurricane people, east coast, Gulf coast, where will it land, how hard will it all be. So I'm praying for all of them too.

Now I got in to work this morning to hear that my doctor was admitted to the hospital yesterday evening. He had an apt. and I guess they didn't like his bloodwork that had been done, had more done and then admitted him. We are all very glad that his doctor is treating this seriously, he has not been feeling well lately and we've all been quite concerned about him as he is a very good guy.
So now I'm praying for my boss too!
Hopefully next week will be a better one for US ALL!!

09-12-2008, 10:10 AM
You know, Since I came to the Stamp Shack, I talk to God a LOT more often!
Maybe it's part of His plan!

Kathy, I hope everything works out for you and yours. Next week will be better for sure.

09-12-2008, 12:05 PM
I here you! I am talking with a lot more too! It must be his plan! Hope everything is going well Cathy. See you soon!!