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12-20-2008, 08:05 PM
Can anyone tell me what the measurements of American cups are?
I use a set of Tupperware cups & the measurements on the base (in metric)of them are as follows:
1 teaspoon = 5ml
1 tablespoon = 20ml
1/4 cup = 60ml
1/3 cup = 84ml
1/2 cup = 125ml
2/3 cup = 167ml
3/4 cup = 188ml
1 cup = 250ml
I know that the American dry/liquid measurements are different.
The reason being i bought 2 books by Kay & Liv Hansen & have been making some of their cookie recipes but sometimes the dough turns out too soft & I have to add loads more flour which, can then upset the rest of the recipe.

12-20-2008, 08:12 PM
Hi Debbie!! I would love to try to help you, but I'm afraid I don't understand what you're asking. Sometimes my brain doesn't work quite right!!!


12-20-2008, 08:19 PM
hmm..I thin k there is a conveersion chart someplace, and I'm not sure but I think loobylou may know where it is. hopefully some one will se this and know.

12-20-2008, 08:22 PM
I guess I don't understand what you're wanting to convert it to???? You put the metric converstions up there, so what conversion is it you're looking for?

12-20-2008, 09:13 PM
Hey Deb, check out this website

12-20-2008, 09:43 PM
That's what I need Sarah, Thank you.

Thank you Traci & Cindi. I think I have got it.
The US cup of flour = 5oz whereas the Aussie cup = 6oz.
now I'm off to convert this book!

12-20-2008, 09:48 PM
happy cooking!!!

Paula Carden
12-21-2008, 07:54 AM
I haven't ever even thought about the differences in cooking before-wow as a child our teachers use to say " you will need these metrics sometime in life" I should have paid more attention-glad someone new of a table for you.