View Full Version : Big Huge Thank Yous are in Order

12-28-2006, 02:14 PM
And big hugs too!

I should have posted this sooner. I have already PM'd or e-mailed everyone who has sent me cards and so forth, but wanted to say a public thanks. Thank you to all my wonderful friends who sent me Christmas cards (too many to list them all - you know who you are). Also a special thanks to LinzyD and flip-flops Sherri for the uplifting 'thinking of you' cards in regard to the things I've been going through with my dad lately. Also thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts, prayers, e-mails and private messages. Finally, a special thank-you to my good friend Susan/smkymtsu who just spent three hours talking to me on the phone and making me feel sooo much better.

I really appreciate ALL of you so, so much!!