View Full Version : Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

02-16-2007, 09:22 PM
Oh my goodness! The kindness and generousity of The Stamp Shack community is busting at the seams! Thank you to EVERYONE for the kind emails, PM's, and words of encouragement. They mean a great deal to me and I am doing my best to get the replies out as fast as I can.

Also, THANK YOU to everyone who has generously dontated money towards our new server! Wowsers!!!

In case I haven't updated you via PM, here is the scoop. I have been receiving hundreds and hundreds of database errors over the past two days and CWI is checking into this to see if the problem is caused by our website and it's load on the server although we're pretty sure it is. This is the reason you all get royally booted from the website every so often. Everytime the site goes down, you get booted and I receive 100 (or more) database error emails. I have also given the consent for CWI to go ahead and get us set up on the dedicated server. I am currently awaiting the fax agreement form and then will sign my life away. Hopefully, this will be a painless transition with little or no down time. I have decided to pay them for one months service just to see if the server is going to meet, and hopefully exceed, our needs. If, after switching to the dedicated server for one month, we do not see an improvement in site performance, I will cancel the server plan and will refund your donations.

You can keep track of our donation totals via the main page of the website. Thank you all so very much for your continued support!! It means the world to me :)