View Full Version : Pat, Suzi, Angie, Pam, Sherri, Debbie!!

02-26-2007, 08:42 PM
Oh my word. so many thank you's from last week and today!

Pat - Thank you for the SU images I asked for. You sent way too many ;)

Suzi - I got your card last friday!! It totally made my day. Thank you

Angie - As you already know, I got the chick stamp today. You rock.

Pam - I looooooveeee what you did with the Bella. Thanks for the stamped images you included.

Sherri - As you already know, I got the cuttlebug samples... but I had to thank you again cuz you rock.

Debbie - last but oh my word. definitely not least! I finally got my fairy stamp! Thank you so much for the flourishes.... and of course your card!!! Its beautiful. I am so astounded by your colouring talent. Ive admired your work from the gallery and blog, but wow... the up close and personal is just WOW. lol

Ok, once again thank you all for being so generous.