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04-04-2007, 07:04 AM
You may have noticed that we have a new toy - an MP3 Player! For those who haven't noticed, the link appears in the navigation menu.

You can upload your own MP3's provided they are already hosted on the internet somewhere.

Here is how you upload:

Click on the MP3 Player link from the navigation menu
At the bottom of the page you will see an "Add your MP3's" link. Click on it.
In the MP3 Title, add the name and artist of your song.
In the MP3 URL field, add the complete web address location for your MP3 file.
Leave the rest of the info as is.
Click "Add MP3"Please note: The web address for your MP3 file should end in .mp3
It would look similar to this


If you are familiar with the use of an FTP program, you can certainly upload a file from your computer to the Stamp-Shack server.

FTP Address: stamp-shack.com
User: guest
Password: guest

Then, to add your song to the MP3 player, simply add the following URL into the URL field as described above.


Be sure that your file name appears exactly (punctuation and spaces) as the one that you uploaded to the server.